LCR Health TeloGenesis Supplement: Reviewing the Research

LCR Health TeloGenesis is an advanced cellular health and telomere longevity supplement formulated to support the body's natural telomerase enzyme production based on Harvard, Cambridge and Yale research.

Full Disclosure

TeloGenesis is a nutritional supplement that aims to provide advanced support for your cells.

TeloGenesis is made by a company called LCR Health, which describes the supplement as an “advanced formula to support optimum cellular health and longevity”. In other words, LCR Health formulated this supplement to support living longer, healthier, by giving the body an extra edge at the cellular level.

TeloGenesis contains just three active ingredients include a type of tree bark, a root extract, and an herbal extract. These three ingredients, according to LCR Health, may boost mental clarity, increase strength, and deliver youthful energy, among other benefits.

Can TeloGenesis really help you live longer? Are there real health benefits to enjoy will this telomere-lenghtening supplement? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about TeloGenesis today in our review.


What is TeloGenesis?

TeloGenesis is a nutritional supplement that comes in the form of a capsule. You take one capsule per day to support various health benefits.

The formula includes a bark extract called ac-11, astragalus root extract, and ashwagandha extract. Together, these ingredients purportedly boost your physical and mental energy while helping you live longer.

Each bottle of TeloGenesis (30 day supply / 30 capsules) is priced at around $70.

How Does LCR Health TeloGenesis Work?

TeloGenesis contains three ingredients that support telomeres. Telomeres are the compound structures at the end of a chromosome. They’re like the ‘caps’ at either end of a chromosome. Telomeres protect the chromosome from deterioration. Growing research has linked telomeres to anti-aging benefits. By supporting telomeres, you can reduce the effects of aging.

We’ll talk more about the scientific evidence of telomeres below. However, LCR Health claims the three ingredients in their formula are “the most advanced, Telomere-supported compounds known to science”.

By taking TeloGenesis daily, you can support your body’s telomeres, reducing the effects of aging and enjoying other potential benefits. You take one capsule per day.

TeloGenesis Features and Benefits

LCR Health claims their formula will support optimum cellular health and longevity, helping you live longer. Here’s the full list of advertised benefits in the supplement:

  • Improved mental clarity
  • Increased strength
  • More youthful energy
  • Smoother skin, nails, and hair
  • Reduced joint and muscle soreness
  • Better support for optimum cellular health and longevity

Overall, TeloGenesis aims to help make you feel younger. By supporting telomeres, TeloGenesis claims to reduce the effects of aging.

LCR Health also says that everyone can expect to enjoy these health benefits. “TeloGenesis is designed to work for everybody,” explains the official website.

LCR Health specifically recommends TeloGenesis for people with low energy, brain fog, joint and muscle aches, or difficulty participating in youthful activities – which covers just about anyone over the age of 40.

TeloGenesis Ingredients

TeloGenesis contains just three listed active ingredients, including ac-11 (cat’s claw extract), Astragalus membranaceus root extract, and KSM-66 ashwagandha root extract. Each capsule contains 625mg of powdered extract of these three ingredients in total.

The formula is packaged into a vegetable capsule with hypromellose, vegetable magnesium stearate, silica, and rice flour.

Does TeloGenesis Actually Work? Scientific Evidence

LCR Health does not appear to have invested in any clinical trials or scientific studies for its supplement. Instead, the company simply links to third party studies performed on the individual ingredients in TeloGenesis.

LCR Health cites six studies to prove its supplement works as advertised. Let’s take a look at each study.

First, LCR Health cites this study from 2003 where researchers first analyzed the link between telomeres and aging. Researchers found that the telomeres in rats shortened with age in the liver, lung, kidney, and pancreas, although the telomeres in the brain stayed constant with age. Researchers also found that females tend to have longer telomeres than males. LCR Health also cites this study from 2002 that analyzed the connection between telomeres and aging.

Meanwhile, this study from 2011 concluded that lifestyle factors, diet, and environmental factors can all influence the length of telomeres. Researchers confirmed earlier research showing that telomere length shortens with age, although they also found that lifestyle factors like smoking, a lack of physical activity, obesity, stress, exposure to pollution, and other factors can increase the rate of telomere shortening.

Researchers from that 2011 study also found that certain factors could reduce the rate of telomere shortening, potentially reducing the effects of aging. Researchers found that a diet with high fiber, lots of antioxidants, and lean protein, for example, reduced the rate of telomere shortening. Researchers also found that regular exercise had the same effect.

Next, LCR Health cites studies linking some of the ingredients in TeloGenesis to a reduced rate of telomere shortening.

This study, for example, analyzed Astragalus root extracts and their effects of telomeres. Researchers discussed how Astragalus root extracts have been used in traditional Chinese herbal teas for centuries. However, researchers concluded that “It stands to reason that not all Astragalus membranaceus root extracts can stimulate telomerase activity to the same degree [as three previous studies]”. Researchers studied the effects of Astragalus root extract on six cell samples and found that the extract stimulated telomerase activity in only two of six samples.

In other words, research for Astragalus extract’s effect on telomeres is mixed, and there has been no widescale human research proving the connection between Astragalus extract and telomeres.

Next, LCR Health cites this study from 2006, where researchers analyzed the effects of cat’s claw (Uncaria tomentosa) for DNA repair after UV exposure. TeloGenesis contains this extract (it’s labeled as ac-11).

Researchers found that cat’s claw “reduced skin cell death from UV exposure”, and this effect was linked to DNA repair. Researchers concluded that cat’s claw was “a natural plant extract worthy of further consideration as a sunscreen product.”

Finally, LCR Health cites this study from 2016 where researchers in India analyzed the effects of ashwagandha extract on telomeres. Like Astragalus root extract, ashwagandha extract has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Researchers found that cells, when treated with certain concentrations of Ashwagandha root extract, “showed an increase in telomerase activity”. Based on this observed effect, researchers concluded that ashwagandha extract has “anti-aging inducing potential.”

That’s it. While LCR Health specifically cites these studies of working ingredients inside TeloGenesis, there are many other supporting studies about individual extracts being linked to possibly increasing your lifespan.

On one hand, many could wonder if there are many problems with these studies. First and most importantly, none of the studies took place on humans. All studies took place on either rats or human cells in a petri dish. Second, researchers have not studied any specific dosages of these ingredients, which means we have no idea if the dosages of TeloGenesis work as advertised. However, LCR Health has likely studied and formulated this based on the scientific research and feedback as the supplement came to market.

To be clear, no large-scale human studies have showed that any of the ingredients in TeloGenesis work as advertised to increase your lifespan, reduce the effects of aging, or reduce the shortening of your telomeres. But, the synergistic effect of combining multiple ingredients is wildly-done in the nutritional supplement industry and LCR Health is a reputable company who has offered premium formulas for many years now.

TeloGenesis Pricing

TeloGenesis is available exclusively online through, where you can buy a bottle for $60 to $70, depending on how many bottles you purchase:

  • 1 Bottle: $69.95 + Free Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $188.85 + Free Shipping
  • 6 Bottles: $356.70 + Free Shipping

TeloGenesis Refund Policy

LCR Health offers a generous 90 day refund policy on TeloGenesis. You can request a complete refund within 3 months. Just contact the company ([email protected] or 800-384-8308) and ship your product back.

About LCR Health

TeloGenesis is made by a company named LCR Health. That company is a Los Angeles-based nutraceutical company that, according to the official website, is “dedicated to bringing cutting edge scientific advancements to regular people who want to optimize their mental and physical health.”

LCR Health sells a small number of high-priced supplements, all of which are focused on anti-aging. Popular products include Active Stem, Active PK, GP Slim, and Prime ATP.

You can contact the company via the following:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 800-384-8308 (5am to 7pm PST on weekdays, 6am to 430pm PST on weekends)

Final Word

TeloGenesis is a nutritional supplement that claims to reduce the effects of aging by targeting your telomeres. Your telomeres are the ‘caps’ at the end of your chromosomes. As cells age, these caps shorten in length. Some studies have shown you can take certain products – like antioxidants – to reduce the rate of shortening.

However, even though TeloGenesis hasn't been featured in any clinical trial or study (as these are often very expensive and time consuming), the ingredients are there along with many other standout scientific research points. LCR Health is a long standing company who has clearly spent time and effort into the formulations of their branded product line.

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