Queal: Quick Meal Replacement On The Go Powder & Shaker Cup?

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Queal is a company that creates multiple flavors of meal replacement shakes to help consumers get balanced nutrition throughout the day, while maintaining a certain calorie count. The remedy is available as part of a subscription service to ensure that the user constantly has a supply available.

What Is Queal Go Powder & Shaker Cup?

The body needs a certain amount of nutrients to cater to its needs every day. Most people do their best to prepare meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but the ability to actually get in the kitchen is not always a possibility. Unfortunately, this is how many people end up at a fast food restaurant to satiate their appetite, adding way too many calories with tons of saturated fat. With the right meal supplement, consumers can get all of the healthy ingredients they need without breaking the bank. With the Queal shakes, consumers will not even have to leave the office.

Queal shakes have enough nutritional value to be considered complete meals. They can be inserted into anyone’s diet during the day, replacing any meal that they need to cover. There are assorted flavors to cater to the varying preferences of consumers, and they only take a minute to prepare wherever the user is. Just fill up the included shaker bottle with water before leaving home and bring along a shake powder to prepare when hunger strikes.

Queal Ingredients Meal Replacement

Even though consumers will be able to get different flavors, there are three ingredients that the formula uses to help consumers feel full and satisfied. Those ingredients are oats, whey protein, and soy flour.

Oats have an elevated level of iron and is healthy for red blood cells. It also gives plenty of fiber to maintain healthy digestion. Whey protein has an abundant amount of amino acids, which help the muscles form and grow in a healthy way. Soy flour comes from soy beans, and also provides the body with amino acids.

About The Taste Tester

The Taste Tester is a package that offers 21 complete meals, with three servings of each flavor that the company makes. The package only costs $59, which means that the meals come out to less than $3 for a meal. Each one is 400 calories, and consumers will receive:

  • Awesome Apple Pie
  • Cool Chocolate
  • Funky Forest
  • Super Strawberry
  • Smooth Vanilla
  • Banana Mania
  • Chocolate Hazelnut

If consumers find one or more flavors that appeals to them the most, they can sign up for a subscription service with a monthly shipment each time. The shipment will be sent out each month, and they will be able to alter the subscription at any time.

How To Make A Queal Shake

The biggest appeal of the Queal shake is that consumers can make it quickly with just a little water. Mix together the powder of the user’s choice and water, according to the package directions. Since the first order provides the user with a shaker cup, consumers should use this container to get the best blending with the powder and water.

Users should not replace every meal with the Queal shakes. It is important to still keep up a consistently healthy diet for the best results.

Contacting The Customer Service Team For Queal

Even though the website has plenty of information within the content and FAQ on the website, consumers may still have questions that they want to get answers to. The customer service team offers a form on the website at: us.queal.com/contact.

The consumer can also send an email to [email protected] for general questions, or to [email protected] for customer service.

Queal Conclusion

Queal is a suitable replacement for meals, but it appears that the remedy is geared towards adults, rather than children and teenagers. There are many flavors, but every single meal has been perfectly balanced to equal exactly 400 calories in every serving, meeting the requirement that adults consume a minimum number of 1200 calories daily. There are plenty of ways to integrate this remedy into someone’s everyday life, but this treatment does not appear to be a weight-loss treatment. Instead, consumers should add this to their schedule to support their current diet.

Despite claims from the company that consumers can and should use the shakes for all three meals a day, consumers require a certain amount of fresh produce and proteins for a healthy body. Consumers looking to replace a significant amount of their meals with Queal may want to reach out to a medical professional for other information.

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