ProDentim Reviews: Customer Complaints, Side Effects & Results?

ProDentim by Dr. Drew Sutton MD is an oral probiotic candy that melts in your mouth to help rebuild your teeth and gum health, but what are the real customer results, side effects and complaints?

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Dental disorders have become increasingly common today. Their rise can be attributed to poor lifestyle, diet, and hygiene. Dental conditions are unlike other conditions because they come with a lot of pain and expense. Therefore, you must take care of your teeth and gums to prevent serious diseases.

You can take care of your dental health in a lot of ways. You can visit your dentist four times in a year to make sure everything is alright. You can use good toothpaste and mouthwash twice every day to protect your teeth. Or, you can take dietary supplements that can strengthen your teeth and gums from within.

Maintaining your dental hygiene is not easy. It is because we keep eating food or drinking beverages for the most part of the day. You cannot always floss or brush your teeth to remove the remnants out of your teeth. So, taking an oral health supplement is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to take care of them.

We have found the perfect supplement for you that can take care of your oral health without compromising your other bodily functions. ProDentim, available exclusively at, is a natural supplement that contains billions of probiotic strains in its composition to enhance your oral hygiene.

It is one of the best probiotic supplements out there that is highly beneficial for treating tooth and gum diseases. ProDentim is a probiotic supplement that uses natural ingredients that are packed with oral health benefits.

This ProDentim review will cover how ProDentim works on your oral health and what you can accomplish by consuming the supplement daily. Let's cover the supplement details now.

What Is ProDentim Supplement? How Does It Work?

If you have been suffering from poor oral health and bad breath, you need to try the ProDentim supplement fast. ProDentim is an oral health supplement that uses a mix of natural elements to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in your mouth.

The supplement has been formulated to solve dental issues of people via natural means. According to the official website of the supplement, ProDentim can enhance healthy bacteria in your mouth which can kill the cavity-causing bacteria that constantly harm your mouth and prevent you from getting healthy teeth and gums.

ProDentim can deliver your mouth with a healthy dose of good bacteria that can help in the prevention of tooth and gum-related diseases.

ProDentim candies are made from fully organic ingredients in the USA. They are free from GMOs, stimulants, or any other harmful ingredients that can damage your overall health. This means you can consume the supplement daily without any risk of getting side effects.

The supplement contains 3.5 billion probiotic strains that can enhance not only your oral health but also your respiratory, digestive, and immune health. You can get a wide range of health benefits from the oral supplement.

We looked at hundreds of ProDentim customer reviews whilst preparing for this ProDentim review. Most users were satisfied with the working of the supplement and gave a favorable rating to ProDentim.

Before we delve deeper into the details of the supplement, let’s compare it with some other oral health supplements to find out about its real standing.

What Are The Core Ingredients Found In ProDentim?

ProDentim is a powerful supplement that has been designed to provide you with impeccable oral health and other benefits. The ProDentim formula comprises different probiotic strains and organic ingredients extracted from trusted sources to increase the growth of good bacteria in the mouth.

The supplement makes use of natural ingredients like inulin, malic acid, peppermint, etc., and bacterial strains to provide you with multiple health benefits. These ingredients work in synergy with each other to reduce bad breath, dry mouth, mouth cavity, bleeding gums, and yellow teeth.

Let's take a look at each of the ingredients to find out more about their contribution to the supplement.

Lactobacillus Reuteri

ProDentim is one of the best probiotic supplements on the market right now because of its strong ingredient content. One of the probiotic strains in the supplement is Lactobacillus Reuteri which is a lactic acid bacterium that can help in the prevention of tooth decay and oral cavity in the mouth.

This bacterial strain can enhance the presence of good bacteria in the mouth that can keep your oral health intact. Other benefits provided by this ingredient are improved gut health and immune health.

The ProDentim formula can support a healthy mouth environment and also help with inflammation and pain.

B.lactis BL-04®

B.lactis BL-04® is one of the key probiotic strains present in the ProDentim dietary supplement. The ingredient can improve the number of good bacteria in the mouth so that you can enjoy good teeth and gum health.

Its addition to ProDentim makes it one of the top probiotic supplements out there. Besides protecting your oral health, the supplement can also keep your immune health intact. The bacterial strain also aids in digestion by improving your gut health.

The ProDentim formula contains the best ingredients to provide you with multiple health benefits that can improve your general well-being.

Lactobacillus Paracasei

This bacterial strain can enhance the absorption of nutrients from food. It also has the ability to provide you with better oral health. It supports the other natural ingredients of the supplement by promoting the growth of good bacteria in the mouth.

It is one of the major probiotic strains in the supplement as it targets gum diseases and prevents tooth decay to a great extent.

Since you normally don't consume these strains in your food, taking them via ProDentim soft chews can positively impact your immune system and improve digestion. When your immune health remains intact, you don't get oral conditions easily.

***Urgent ProDentim Customer Update: The BLIS M-18 and BLIS K-12 probiotic strains are no longer in the dis-solvable candies as of August 1, 2022.


This ingredient can improve the presence of probiotic bacteria in your mouth so that you can enjoy fresh breath all day long. It helps in restoring the number of beneficial bacteria in your mouth and removing other dangerous bacteria that can harm your gum health.

The ProDentim supplement uses this bacterial strain to preserve the brightness and whiteness of your teeth. The ingredient helps in reducing the effect of diseases and conditions by keeping your teeth health intact.

In addition to keeping your dental health good, the dietary supplement can also boost your overall well-being by keeping your respiratory tract clean.


This strand of bacteria can enhance beneficial bacteria in your mouth that can counter the damage caused by cavity-causing demons. It is an oral probiotic that can help in promoting your gum health naturally.

With the help of this strain, the dietary supplement can improve the condition of probiotic bacteria in your mouth. It helps in getting rid of bad bacteria to keep your teeth' health intact. The addition of BLIS K-12 to the ProDentim chewable candy has made it so effective in fighting an oral cavity.

The ProDentim supplement can offer support to oral immunity by eliminating bad breath and bleeding gums. It also helps in assisting your digestive and gut health.

Malic Acid

Malic acid is found in berries and is used widely to enhance skin health. It can help in skin rejuvenation and keep the glow of the skin intact. In addition, it can also help in whitening the teeth.

ProDentim tablets contain malic acid in suitable quantities to promote your gum health. Several body functions including skin healing and salivation are related to this ingredient. It can also help in the prevention of gum diseases so that you can enjoy good oral health.

Several clinical trials have proved the oral health benefits of malic acid. ProDentim candy can really help you in taking care of your teeth and gums.


Inulin has been proven to put up a strong fight against the tooth aging process. The ingredient is extracted from local sources to complement the other elements and strains to promote your teeth' health. It also helps in regulating blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels.

ProDentim supplement helps in preventing tooth decay and gum disease with the help of inulin. ProDentim works by improving the microbiome presence in your mouth which can promote fresh breath all day long.

The ProDentim capsules can also help the users in keeping their digestive tract clean so that they can enjoy good health overall.

Tricalcium Phosphate

ProDentim candy can be consumed every day because of its safe and healthy ingredient content. Tricalcium Phosphate is also present in the ProDentim formula to enhance your oral health and provide multiple benefits. It is a salt of calcium that is considered good for your teeth.

ProDentim works by providing strength to your gums and teeth and preventing tooth decay caused due to poor diet. With the help of this mineral, the ProDentim chewable candy ensures that there is no plaque accumulation on your teeth.

It also helps in providing you with Hollywood white teeth that can make your smile look brighter.


Peppermint is considered an excellent ingredient for your overall well-being. It contains several benefits that can stop the foul-smelling bacteria in your mouth from growing. Peppermint helps the user to enjoy fresh breath for a long period of time.

It is often used in chewing gums and mouthwashes because of its ability to eliminate bad breath. As a refreshing agent, it can also help control nausea.

Peppermint is present in the ProDentim candy so that you can enjoy good taste and its cooling properties to keep your digestive health intact as well. It can preserve your gum health so that you can stay from any gum disease that can hamper your overall hygiene of the mouth.


What Is The Science Behind ProDentim?

ProDentim uses multiple probiotic strains to deliver beneficial bacteria to your mouth. By doing so, the supplement helps you to prevent cavities, oral infections, and other issues. As the supplement increases the presence of probiotic bacteria in your mouth, you can put up a strong fight against any kind of gum disease.

The makers have provided ample scientific evidence to support the working of the supplement on the user's oral health. According to the website, toxic ingredients inside certain kinds of toothpaste can destroy the microbiome in the mouth. People who have good teeth have a high amount of good bacteria.

This 2012 research study links probiotics with good oral health. They are immensely beneficial for your health and can promote microbial balance in the mouth. Probiotics can enhance the growth of healthy bacteria promoting your oral hygiene to a great extent.

Another ingredient used in the oral health supplement, Inulin, can rinse your mouth and prevent bad breath. This 2007 study proves how Inulin can help the user in maintaining the health of their gums and teeth.

According to several ProDentim customer reviews, ProDentim capsules can improve your dental health by helping in the prevention of dental issues.

What To Expect From ProDentim Supplement?

This detailed ProDentim review will remain incomplete without the mention of the benefits of this probiotic supplement. It uses a blend of natural extracts with bacterial strains to provide you with impeccable oral hygiene.

All the ingredients used in the supplement have been proven to boost oral health to a great extent. Various studies have linked the consumption of probiotics to enhancing oral health. If you ever wonder, “How does Prodentim work?” read the benefits of the supplement to clear the air around the matter.

Even if you want to start with the purchase of one bottle of the supplement, you can expect to experience the following benefits.

Helps Achieve White Teeth

The ingredients used in the ProDentim capsules can promote and improve oral health extensively. They can also help in brightening and whitening your teeth.

Many people in their customer reviews spoke about getting Hollywood white teeth after consuming the supplement daily.

This person in her ProDentim review told that she got rid of stains from coffee on her teeth after regular usage of ProDentim.

Helps Prevent Dental Health Issues

ProDentim has been developed by a healthcare professional to reduce dental issues and cases of the oral cavity in users. The ProDentim formula can help in improving gum health and overall oral health using natural ingredients.

We read several ProDentim real reviews on the website of the supplement to find out more about the effect of the supplement on dental health. Users were impressed by the quality of the supplement and its ability to improve the strength of teeth and gums.

If you are suffering from gum disease, ProDentim can help in reducing its intensity.

Boosted Oral Health

ProDentim candy can be consumed daily to experience healthy teeth and gums without investing your time in the external application of creams and pastes. It can improve oral hygiene by eliminating foul breath and reducing the risk of getting bleeding gums.

The main benefit of the probiotic supplement is that it can provide you with enhanced dental health without compromising your other bodily functions. It can help in the prevention of an oral cavity and getting any gum disease as well.

If you want to experience a boost in your oral hygiene and smell fresh all day long, you can choose to consume the ProDentim candy daily.

Supports The Respiratory Tract

According to ProDentim real reviews, the supplement also helps in keeping the health of your respiratory tract intact. All the ingredients in the supplement work in synergy with each other to promote your respiratory health.

The supplement potentially improves the health of your upper respiratory system as well.

Supports Digestive Health

The bacterial strains used in the ProDentim candy are extremely beneficial for your digestive and gut health. These ingredients support the growth of good bacteria in the gastrointestinal system to keep your tract healthy and clean.

According to ProDentim real reviews, the supplement can also help in weight loss by improving your digestive capabilities. We also read people getting improved gut health in their customer reviews after regular intake of the supplement.

Helps Maintain A Healthy Immune System

The supplement promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in your body. This helps in strengthening your immune system and keeping your immune health intact.

As the ingredients in the supplement work toward bettering your immune response, you don't catch a tooth or gum disease very easily.

Helps Reduce Inflammation

Several bacterial strains used in the ProDentim candy are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. These ingredients tend to lower the effect of local inflammation so that you don't experience much pain.

Enhances Overall Health

In addition to providing all the above benefits, the supplement helps in improving the overall well-being of individuals. It is one of the best dietary supplements that users can consume regularly to keep their general well-being good.

Apart from eliminating oral health issues, the supplement can also enhance your general wellness so that you can enjoy your day-to-day activities.

ProDentim vs Other Dental Health Supplements

In order to really truly review ProDentim and all of its potential oral health supplement benefits, its in everyone's best interest to at least see what other dental care hygiene products are on the market for a fair comparison.

Products Core Ingredients Type Of Supplement Servings Per Container Pricing Starts At Money Back Guarantee Availability Of Free Shipping
ProDentim (Best Selling) Lactobacillus Reuteri, B.lactis BL-04®, Lactobacillus Paracasei, Malic Acid, Inulin, Peppermint, etc. dissolvable candy 30 $69 60-day Yes
Steel Bite Pro Dandelion, Alfalfa, Jujube Seeds, Zinc, etc. Capsules 30 $69 60-day Yes
Dentitox Pro Magnesium, calcium, peppermint extract, etc. Liquid 30 $69 60-day Yes
G-Force Milk Thistle Extract, Beet Root Extract, Celery, Burdock Root Extract, etc. Capsules 30 $69 60-day Only on bulk orders
Denti Strength Milk Thistle, Zinc, Beet, Chicory, etc. Capsules 30 $69.95 Yes 90-day
Dentivive 100% natural Capsules 30 $69 60-day Yes

ProDentim Customer Reviews – Reading Out ProDentim Real Reviews

The official website of ProDentim candy states that the supplement has received over 95,000 ProDentim reviews. It even has statements by some of the previous users who have benefited from the regular consumption of the ProDentim capsules.

One of the ProDentim reviews tells, “I’ve always taken such good care of my teeth but it always felt like I wasn’t doing enough. Now, for the first time in decades, my teeth feel amazing.”

Another one of the ProDentim customer reviews on the official website says, “My gums have never looked better. It feels so good to not have to worry about my teeth. I simply love it!”

One of the other ProDentim reviews reads, “It’s just unbelievable how much I like ProDentim. I’m so glad my dentist recommended it to me!”

The ProDentim soft chews have helped many people to develop healthy teeth and gums using clinically-proven probiotics and ingredients. We came across several other ProDentim reviews where the users reported getting other health benefits like improved immunity, a cleaner digestive tract, and a clearer upper respiratory system.

How Safe Is ProDentim Supplement?

According to the official website of the ProDentim supplement, it does not contain any harmful ingredients or stimulants in its composition. The ProDentim candy is formed of 100% natural ingredients that are completely safe for everyday consumption.

The ProDentim soft chews are free from GMOs and are manufactured in completely safe facilities in the U.S.A. You can consume the ProDentim candy to improve the mouth microbiome.

We read multiple ProDentim dental reviews to find out about the effectiveness and quality of the ProDentim candy. We did not come across any ProDentim complaints whatsoever.

In fact, almost all the ProDentim reviews spoke in favor of the product and its working.

We are a professional product review website where we research every supplement carefully to prepare a review. All the guidelines mentioned above are gathered via both primary and secondary sources. If you have any apprehensions, consult your healthcare professional before moving on with the consumption of the supplement daily.

Where To Buy ProDentim?

ProDentim candy is available on the official website of the supplement. You can buy the ProDentim chewable candy from its site and avail of special discounts on bulk orders as well.

We suggest users to only buy the supplement from the official website as we consider it secure and authentic. Your financial details and personal information is safe on their site as the company uses high-level encryption to protect the data of its users.

When you purchase the ProDentim candy from the supplement's website, you also get a chance to get one bottle of ProDentim for as low as $49.

How Much Does ProDentim Cost?

One bottle of ProDentim costs $69 on the ProDentim official website. The website also provides an additional discount on bulk orders. If you get three bottles of the Prodentim supplement together, you get each bottle for $59 and if you get 6 of them together, you get each bottle at $49.

In addition to this, you also get free shipping on all orders across the country. If you purchase the bulk pack of the supplement, you get two bonuses for free. These are:

  • Bad Breath Gone. One Day Detox
  • Hollywood White Teeth at Home


What About A Money-Back Guarantee? Does ProDentim Offer One?

The ProDentim capsules come with a strong money-back guarantee that is valid for 60 days. If you are unsatisfied with the supplement, you can return the product to the company within 60 days of purchase.

This refund policy is applicable only on the ProDentim official website. If you buy the supplement from elsewhere, you won't get the benefit of this money-back guarantee.

Many users said in their ProDentim reviews that they purchased the bundle packs because of the strong promise of a money-back guarantee by the makers. It motivated them to purchase the supplement to develop healthy teeth and gums.

If you are unsatisfied with the product, you can claim your money back by returning the unopened bottles.

How To Take Care Of Your Oral Health Along With ProDentim Supplementation?

When you think of dental care, what comes to mind? Do you think of expensive procedures such as crowns and bridges? Or maybe you have heard about the latest advances in cosmetic dentistry, including veneers and whitening treatments.

But did you know there are ways to take good care of your smile without breaking the bank? In fact, there are several inexpensive options available today that can improve your appearance and boost your self-confidence. Here are five easy steps to take to ensure that your smile looks its best:

Floss Regularly

You already know that brushing and flossing regularly is essential to maintaining great oral health. But did you know that both activities can actually help you achieve a brighter, whiter smile? Studies show that regular brushing and flossing can reduce the amount of plaque that builds up on your teeth. And if you want to see results quickly, try using a soft-bristled toothbrush and floss made specifically for cleaning between teeth.

You should floss every day even though you brush twice daily. Flossing removes plaque buildup between teeth and around braces. Plaque buildup causes gums to recede and form tartar. Tartar build up can lead to periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is a condition where the gums and bone surrounding teeth deteriorate.

Avoid Sugar

Sugar is not only unhealthy but it is also hard on your teeth. Sugar affects the pH level of saliva. Saliva plays a vital role in keeping your mouth clean. A low pH level can cause erosion of tooth enamel. Erosion of tooth enamel is a common problem among children who chew sugar-containing candy. To prevent this problem, you need to limit the number of sweets you eat.

Use Toothpaste That Contains Fluoride (In Moderate Amounts)

Fluoride is a mineral found in nature that protects our teeth. It is added to many types of toothpaste. Fluoride works as a natural desensitizer. This means that it reduces sensitivity in teeth. Sensitivity is when your nerves become irritated due to pressure. Using fluoride toothpaste will help in protecting your teeth from decay. However, too much fluoride can be toxic. Therefore, make sure that you use toothpaste with moderate amounts of fluoride.

Brush Your Teeth After Eating Food

Food particles get stuck in your teeth after eating. These food particles are harmful for your teeth. They may irritate your gums or cause cavities. You should brush your teeth immediately after eating. Brushing helps remove these food particles. If you don’t brush your teeth right away, they could stay in your mouth for hours.

Try Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient technique used by Indian tribes. The practice involves swishing oil in your mouth for 20 minutes. The oil pulls out bacteria and toxins from your mouth. It also helps keep your mouth healthy.

Oil pulling has been shown to improve oral hygiene. It helps remove debris from your mouth. It makes your mouth feel fresh and clean.

The practice also helps prevent gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis. It also reduces bad breath.

Oil pulling also increases blood circulation in your mouth. It also stimulates the immune system. It keeps your mouth healthy.

Halitosis is caused by bacteria in your mouth. Oil pulling helps eliminate them. It also helps remove dead cells from your tongue.

To perform oil pulling, warm some coconut oil in a microwave-safe bowl. Swish the oil in your mouth for about 20 minutes. Spit out the oil into a glass jar. Rinse your mouth with water. Repeat the process once a week.

Use a Mouthwash

A daily rinse with a quality mouthwash can not only freshen your breath but also prevent bad breath. A study published in the Journal of Dental Research found that mouthwashes containing 0.12 percent chlorhexidine gluconate were more effective than those containing alcohol alone at reducing levels of Streptococcus mutans, which causes tooth decay.

Avoid Tobacco Products

If you smoke, you know how damaging tobacco products can be to your body. Now you can add them to your list of things that can harm your teeth. Smoking weakens enamel, making it easier for stains to penetrate. Plus, nicotine can affect the way your brain processes pain signals, causing you to feel less discomfort while chewing.

Eat Healthy Foods

Eating foods high in calcium and vitamin C can strengthen your teeth. Calcium binds to phosphate ions in saliva and forms insoluble compounds that protect against tooth decay. Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals produced during metabolism, helping to prevent damage to your teeth. Other foods rich in nutrients include broccoli, oranges, green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, milk, yogurt, cheese, fish, and eggs.

Visit A Dentist's Office Regularly

Your dentist will check your oral health regularly. He/she will examine your teeth and gums. The dentist will also look at any problems that might have developed. He/she will recommend treatments if necessary. Visit your dentist's office once a year.

Final Verdict On The ProDentim Review

After reading this ProDentim review, we can establish that ProDentim is a natural supplement that uses clinically-proven ingredients to improve the condition of your mouth. The supplement can bring a huge development in dental health if you follow the detailed ProDentim dosage given on the package.

Many users in their ProDentim feedback reviews spoke in favor of the supplement and its ability to provide healthy teeth and gums to the users in no time. It can alleviate the risk of getting gum disease or oral infections.

ProDentim is one of the best probiotic supplements on the market that uses natural ingredients to improve your oral health and increase good bacteria in the mouth.

To prepare this article, our team researched extensively to cover each aspect of ProDentim. From reading ProDentim customer reviews to reading studies by reputed institutes, our team left no stone unturned in uncovering the truth about the supplement.

To avoid any and all ProDentim scams, make sure you only buy from the official website at today.

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