Del Mar CeraLift: Review the Facts [Updated]

Created by a respected plastic surgeon, CeraLift uses a number of organic ingredients to enhance the production of collagen and promote healthier, more youthful skin in its users.

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Del Mar Labs and Dr. Paul Chasan's skincare beauty products feature three different supplements, ranging from their flagship CeraLift formula along with the new options HydraGlo and CollaPure.

As the skincare industry continues to expand, an over-saturation of products might make it hard for consumers to access the products they need at prices that they can afford. The anti-aging supplement industry has been among the fastest growing. Currently a $56.06 billion industry, the sector is expected to grow 18% in the next four years. With such explosive growth comes both good and bad. On the positive end, users should be excited to see the development of new products that address problems often neglected in the traditional skincare sector. But consumers should also be aware that the explosion of the market means that a number of disreputable products will attempt to grab onto their slice of the pie. Consumer vigilance is a constant necessity.

This review will focus on Del Mar, a skincare company specializing in products with anti-aging properties. The review will assess the claims made by Del Mar regarding their main solution, CeraLift, which acts as a skin fertilizer to boost your cellular factory in the fight against dermal collapse according to Dr. Paul Chasan. Ultimately, however, users should conduct their own research and reach out to multiple sources before beginning any new skincare regimens.


What is CeraLift?

CeraLift is proclaimed as a doctor-formulated dietary supplement that aims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles (up to 37%), increase the skin’s elasticity (up to 36%), and increase smoothness of the skin (up to 64%). Delivered in capsule form, the solution is 100% organic and can help users achieve clearer, more youthful skin.

CeraLift boasts a number of potential benefits to the skin, and the product was created by a licensed plastic surgeon, adding a layer of legitimacy to the product that some other skincare supplements simply cannot provide.

How Does CeraLift Work?

Rather than focusing on topical effects, CeraLift works from the inside. CeraLift works by delivering key nutrients to the epidermis, which not only spurs growth, but creates a more effective culture of growth inside this major bodily organ called the skin.

The epidermis is a layer of dead cells produced underneath the live skin cells. The layer of outer cells usually undergoes renewal by either falling off on its own or through replenishment. To ensure that the epidermis layer is well protected, work must be done from the inside, which is what CeraLift was allegedly designed to do. At its core, CeraLift seeks to maximize the efficiency of the process of replenishment to keep the cells youthful and vibrant. To better understand this notion, its ingredients need assessing.

Most users are primarily concerned with the ingredients behind any skincare product. After all, the ingredients make the product. We've got you covered; read on to find a comprehensive analysis of all main ingredients found in CeraLift.

What Ingredients are in CeraLift?

Dr. Chasan picked ten ingredients that make up the CeraLift Formula. At the center of this pyramid of helpful ingredients, however, is Ceramosides. Highly concentrated with wheat-derived phytoceramides, this founding ingredient was found to effectively glue together the epidermis during the course of two research studies; the chemical can help to make the skin tighter. It also contains an efficacy booster called digalactosyl diglycerides (DGDG), making it rich in omega fatty acids (3, 6, and 9). Additionally, the inclusion of Ceramosides is expected to produce a protein called TIMP-1, which helps to preserve the epidermis supplies of collagen, a protein which holds the skin firm and tight.

Other ingredients include:

  • MethylSulfonylMethane is an ingredient that has been found to reduce inflammation, which can damage cells and accelerate the signs of aging.
  • Trans-pterostilbene is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. A 2013 review found a number of benefits from its use, including neuro-protection, protection against hemolysis and liver disease, and metabolic function assistance. Most importantly, the producers of CeraLift claim that the ingredient can have a countering effect on the aging process, although their evidence for this claim appears minimal.
  • Turmeric is a popular spice in Indian cuisine used in the alternative medicine practice, Ayurveda. According to a 2016 review, 10 studies found a statistically significant improvement in skin disease in users who ingested turmeric regularly. Turmeric is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. However, studies are limited and readers should conduct their own research into the ingredient.
  • Vitamin D has been found to protect the skin against different agents, mainly UV radiation and free radicals, two agents known to induce aging skin. Most studies have shown that its protective effect comes from 1,25(OH)2D3, an active form of vitamin D normally produced in the kidney.
  • Vitamin C has supposedly been associated with improved skin appearance and decreases in wrinkles. A 2017 review looked at a number of things in relation to vitamin C intake. When assessing aging skin, they found that the vitamin protected skin function. Interestingly, a deficiency in vitamin C is found to have impaired skin function, which is why some consumers may be experiencing certain skin problems.
  • Copper is an essential trace mineral found in tissues. Its role involves making red blood cells and maintaining both the immune system and nerve cells. A 2014 review found that this ingredient can improve skin elasticity and reduce facial fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Manganese, like copper, is a trace mineral typically required in small amounts. It aids in the overall functioning of one’s brain and controls many of the body’s enzymes. When it comes to aging skin, it was found to reduce wrinkle formation and tensile strength.
  • Silica is the main mineral that is responsible for maintaining skin, hair and nail health. It is also known for its anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties. These benefits come from the ability of silica to increase collagen production while repairing dead skin cells. Ultimately, silica ensures that consumers’ skin strength and elasticity are improved and the skin remains youthful and beautiful.

Frequently Asked Questions About Del Mar CeraLift

Users might have a number of questions about the CeraLift solution, as well as how it functions and what it might offer to the average consumer. This section will include answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about both the product and the company behind it.

Q: Who created CeraLift?

A: The plastic surgeon behind CeraLift is Dr. Paul E Chasan. Based in Southern California, Dr. Chasan has earned a name for himself through his services in the San Diego and La Jolla areas. His selection of techniques and technology allowed him to become a nationally known figure, especially when it comes to breast surgery and facial rejuvenation work. Dr. Chasan felt it was necessary to formulate CeraLift to give those who don’t have the opportunity to meet him through his services the chance to see improvements in their own skin health and appearance.

Q: What other Skincare Products does Del Mar Laboratories Offer?

A: In addition to the CeraLift skincare supplement, Del Mar offers HydraGlo as a hyaluronic acid formula meant to help moisturize from within and CollaPure collagen supplement aimed to help boost skin elasticity and cellular hydration. All three of Del Mar Labs signature supplements were doctor-formulated by Dr. Paul Chasan who is a prominent plastic surgeon based out of Southern California.

Q: How does collagen relate to skin health?

A: The most abundant protein in the body, collagen helps to ‘glue' together the hair, skin, nails, ligaments, and bones. As we age, we begin to produce less and less collagen. Many alternative medicine experts believe that the use of collagen via supplements or other means can help to replenish the body's natural supply of the protein, increasing overall wellness and improving skin health and strength.

Q: Is Del Mar CeraLift clinically backed?

A: While the CeraLift clinical study seems to have been conducted by proponents of the supplement and should be subject to a fair bit of skepticism, the ingredients contained within the solution have been the subject of a number of trials. Users should research ingredients to ensure that they will not have a reaction to the components of this compound.

Q: How do you use CeraLift Skin Supplement?

A: Consumers should take one capsule per day with water, either before breakfast or before bed. Consistency is key, and users should expect to take the supplement at relatively the same time each day to optimize results.

Q: When will you see results using Del Mar Labs CeraLift?

A: According to the creators of CeraLift, results are noticeable consistently in “just two weeks.” As with all supplements, results can vary based on a number of factors.

Q: How much does CeraLift cost?

A: For a 30-day supply, consumers can anticipate investing roughly $49.97, which comes out to $1.67 per count. The company behind CeraLift offers a refund, although consumers should contact their customer service team for specifics.

Final Thoughts

While a healthy lifestyle and a good diet can go a long way in preventing aging signs in the skin, there's only so much that lifestyle change can do.

CeraLift offers a number of potential improvements to the health and appearance of the skin. Backed by a licensed and respected plastic surgeon, the product offers an air of legitimacy that is hard to match. As always, users should conduct their own research and consult with their physician before beginning any new skincare supplement routine.

To learn more about Del Mar’s CeraLift, click here.

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