Primal Life Organics: Review Natural Teeth Health Products

Primal Life Organics is a natural dental health and oral care company that offers a teeth whitening system, toothpowder, deodorant and skincare products for whole body wellness and mouth hygiene.

Full Disclosure

Primal Life Organics is a health and wellness company offering a range of products.

The company sells supplements, skincare products, oral care products, and beauty products, for example. You can find everything from teeth whitening systems to deodorant on

Is Primal Life Organics a good company? Should you buy products and supplements from Primal Life Organics? Find out everything you need to know about the company today in our review.


What are Primal Life Organics?

Primal Life Organics sells supplements, skincare products, oral care products, and other products online through

The company was founded by Trina Felber, a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) who searched for clean and natural skin care products – and was disappointed by what she found.

Trina has 29+ years of nursing experience. She also wrote a book called Beauty’s Dirty Secret. She has appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. Today, she continues to advocate for the importance of using plant-based skincare products.

Primal Life Organics is also promoted by Dave Asprey, the Founder, and Chairman of Bulletproof, who sits on the advisory board. Dr. Chris Zaino, Jim Morrison, and Charlie McMenamin also serve on the advisory board.

Primal Life Organics is based in Akron, Ohio.

Primal Life Organics Products

Primal Life Organics offers a range of products in multiple categories, including:

  • Mouth & Body
  • Face & Beauty
  • Season Skincare
  • Men's
  • Supplements

Primal Life Organics sells 100+ products, packages, and kits online, so we’ll only break down the most popular products below.

Face Sculptor

Primal Life Organics Face Sculptor claims to support ageless skin naturally. The wand lifts, moisturizes, and cleanses your skin to make you look ageless. By sculpting your facial muscles, moisturizing the tissue, and cleansing the surface, Face Sculptor restores youthful-looking skin. The wand has three modes, including Cleansing Mode (to open your pores, remove dirt and impurities, and remove aging skin cells), Lifting Mode (to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles), and Moisturizing Mode (to help increase the absorption of moisturizer into your skin). You use it daily to complement your skincare routine.

Price: $149

3-Step Weight Loss. Naturally

Primal Life Organics sells a popular weight loss supplement called 3 Step Weight Loss. Naturally. The supplement claims to support sleep, hydration, and metabolism, all of which are crucial for weight loss. Primal Life Organics claims you gain weight because of hormonal imbalance, toxic overload, overeating, too little activity, poor sleep quality, and stress. The company’s 3-step solution targets these issues by supporting metabolism (fueling your energy and brain function), hydrating (reducing bloat), and boosting sleep (helping with muscle recovery and development). The three supplements contain mostly of herbal and plant extracts.

Price: $155

Sleep. Naturally

Sleep. Naturally is a sleep aid sold by Primal Life Organics. The sleep aid claims to support deep, restful sleep, helping you regenerate muscle and recover after working out. Key ingredients in the formula include velvet antler extract sourced from the United States. Deer velvet covers the growing bones and cartilage that develops into deer antlers, and some studies show deer velvet is linked to powerful benefits. Primal Life Organics claims Sleep. Naturally leads to benefits like deep sleep, inhibition of muscle breakdown, promotion of fat loss, enhanced mood, reduced stress levels, and a healthy immune system, among other benefits.

Price: $45

Real White Teeth Whitening System

Primal Life Organics sells a popular teeth whitening system under its Real White brand. Priced at $450, the system claims to whiten your teeth using ultraviolet light visibly. Instead of using peroxide, bleach, or chemicals (like other teeth whitening systems), Real White using olive oil, diatomaceous earth, charcoal, and other ingredients that promote fresh breath and help your teeth look white and bright. Real White also uses a three-step system to whiten teeth and promote oral health, including red light to soothe gum tissue, blue light to whiten the appearance of your teeth, and peroxide-free gel to cleanse and whiten the appearance of your teeth. You wear the system for just 15 minutes per day to visibly whiten your teeth.

Price: $449

Coffee Bean Elixir

Primal Life Organics sells a supplement called Coffee Bean Elixir that claims to be 100% free of preservatives and toxins, providing a natural remedy for aging. By applying the serum daily, you can target fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles underneath your eyes, puffy eyes, and cracked or drying skin, among other issues. The supplement contains ingredients like coffee seed oil, argan oil, and collagen protein. By applying the serum regularly, you can hydrate and rejuvenate your skin, enjoy a youthful and bright appearance, and even your skin tone using nourishing ingredients.

Price: $59

Blu Berry Elixir

Blu Berry Elixir gives your skin a vitamin infusion before bed. You brighten your skin while you sleep, letting it regenerate overnight. Key ingredients in the formula include goji, acai, goldenberry, blackberries, green tea, blue tansy, camu camu, passionfruit, mango, and other fruit extracts that soften and repair as you sleep. You apply the serum to clean skin, targeting your cheek, chin, and forehead. Gently massage it into your skin. You can use the formula under your eyes, although you should avoid direct contact with the eyes.

Price: $79

Infiniti and Beyond Face Package

Primal Life Organics offers a popular package of face serums called it is Infiniti and Beyond Face Package. The package is designed for all skin types, providing powerful anti-aging and cleansing effects using natural ingredients. The package comes with four serums, including Earth Cleanser (with botanically-infused clay and herbal extracts), Infiniti Toner (with rosewater to tone the skin), Beyond Elixir (to replenish and hydrate the skin), and Beyond Moisturizer (to hydrate and feed the skin deeply). By applying the four-step system regularly, you can purportedly enjoy moisturized and balanced skin, a smooth and toned complexion, and a rejuvenated and radiant appearance using nourishing natural ingredients.

Price: $199

PLO Glow Package

Primal Life Organics sells a Glow package of four skincare products. The package includes Sweet Revenge Exfoliator, Coffee Bean Elixir, Earth Cleanser, and Blu Berry Elixir. These four skincare products purportedly target five beautiful skin elements, including blood flow, hydration, muscle tone, collagen, and elastin. By combining herbal extracts and other natural ingredients, the Glow package helps support anti-aging effects on your skin at any age.

Price: $230

Char-Glow Mask

Primal Life Organics sells a popular facemask called the Char-Glow Mask. The mask is infused with coffee and charcoal that cleanses, calms, and revives your skin. By applying the mask daily, you can purportedly detoxify and cleanse your skin, supporting your skin’s natural healing processes. By calming and reviving your skin, Char-Glow Mask supports visible anti-aging effects. Key ingredients in the formula include colloidal silver, kaolin, bentonite clay, montmorillonite, acetic acid, and activated charcoal, among other ingredients. Each jar comes with enough mud mask solution for approximately 10 masks.

Price: $55

Earth Cleanser

Earth Cleanser is a preservative and toxin-free facewash that cleanses your skin to support anti-aging benefits. The serum claims to leave your skin soft and vibrant while gently cleansing it. Key ingredients include white kaolin and French green clay, both of which gently polish your skin, leaving it looking renewed and radiant. The cleanser gently exfoliates your skin while being 100% natural and unscented, leaving your skin primed for a serum or moisturizer.

Price: $45

Banished Blemish Elixir

Primal Life Organics offers a Banished Blemish Elixir designed to target big and small breakouts. The elixir contains jojoba oil, cayenne pepper, tea tree oil, lavender oil, clove bud oil, and other herbal extracts and plant-based oils. You can buy the elixir in sizes of 0.125 oz, 0.25 oz, or 0.5 oz, starting at $24 for a small bottle.

Price: $24

Stick Up Natural Deodorant

Primal Life Organics offers a popular natural deodorant called Stick Up. Ordinary deodorants are filled with chemicals and synthetic ingredients. A growing number of people use natural deodorant instead. Stick Up claims to naturally neutralize odor and absorb wetness using a natural, vegan, organic, and cruelty-free formula. The natural deodorant comes in five varieties, including Black Rogue, Black Lavender, White Lavender, White Coconut, and Vanilla Matcha. The deodorant also comes in a cardboard sleeve – not the plastic tubes used for ordinary deodorant. Each stick ($16 per stick) should last 3 months.

Price: $16

Hand-it-izer Protector Balm

Hand-it-Kizer's Protector Balm is designed to be used between hand washings and after hand washings to keep your hands clean. The formula is alcohol-free and toxin-free. It’s also gentle on sensitive skin, leaves skin soft and healthy, and provides all-day softness without a greasy feel. The formula includes coconut oil, aloe vera leaf extract, beeswax, and other natural ingredients, protecting your hands without using synthetic ingredients or chemicals.

Price: $25

Wash-it-izer On-The-Go Hand Wash

The Wash-it-Izer On-The-Go Hand Wash makes it easy to wash and moisturize your hands wherever you are – even if you’re nowhere near a bathroom or faucet. The hand wash is made with all-natural, organic ingredients to spray away that dirty feeling on your hands. If your hands feel greasy, dirty, or unclean, then this Primal Life Organics hand wash may be the right choice. Key ingredients include coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, witch hazel water, and tea tree oil, among other natural ingredients.

Price: $12

Silver Hand-it-izer Spray, Colloidal Silver+

Colloidal silver is a trendy ingredient that could protect your body in various ways. Primal Life Organics Silver Hand-it-izer Spray contains colloidal silver and organic essential oils. The formula supports, protects, and optimizes your skin. It’s particularly designed for your hands. By spraying it on your hands daily, you can target cracks, support moisture retention, and detoxify your skin, among other benefits.

Price: $12

Dirty Mouth Toothpowder

Most people use toothpaste daily. But have you ever used toothpowder? Primal Life Organics recommends using toothpowder to help your teeth feel cleaner, stronger, and whiter. Dirty Mouth Toothpowder is available in multiple flavors, including peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, unflavored, and a cool orange, among others. You wet your toothbrush, dip the tip of the toothbrush into the powder, brush for 2 minutes, then spit and rinse your mouth, giving your mouth a clean feel without using harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients. Key ingredients include bentonite clay, white kaolin clay, baking soda, and activated charcoal – similar to the ingredients in other popular natural kinds of toothpaste available today.

Price: $21

Natural Dental Detox Kit

Primal Life Organics offers a Natural Dental Detox Kit. Each kit comes with a 60 day supply of various Primal Life Organics dental care products, including natural toothpaste, toothbrushes, toothpowders, and other oral care products. As Primal Life Organics explains, it’s like being your own dental hygienist or bringing your dentist home. Key benefits include fresh breath, a clean tongue (Via the tongue scraper), and an immediate difference in your teeth and gums.

Price: $79

Dirty Mouth Toothpaste

In addition to Toothpowder, Primal Life Organics sells Dirty Mouth Toothpaste. The Toothpaste uses natural ingredients instead of synthetic formulas or artificial ingredients. You can buy three flavors, including Black Spearmint, Peppermint, and Bubblegum. Key ingredients include colloidal silver, bentonite clay, baking soda, and essential oils. You use Dirty Mouth Toothpaste like you would use normal toothpaste, enjoying benefits like a fresh and clean mouth and more.

Price: $26

Charcoal Toothbrush

Primal Life Organics sells a Charcoal Toothbrush. If you want a natural toothbrush without the synthetic plastic and other ingredients on an ordinary toothbrush, then the Primal Life Organics Charcoal Toothbrush may be the right choice. The toothbrush consists of a bamboo handle with charcoal fibers on end, helping your mouth feel clean without an aftertaste. Activated charcoal also helps to whiten your teeth. You can also buy a Primal Life Organics Bamboo Toothbrush with a travel case, allowing you to enjoy clean teeth on-the-go.

Price: $11

Dirty Mouth Gum Serum

Need help supporting gum health? The Dirty Mouth Gum Serum claims to help promote oral health in various ways. Using the serum daily, you can purportedly enjoy pink, healthy-looking gums, fresh breath all day, and no sores or bleeding on your gums, among other powerful benefits. Key ingredients in the serum include extra virgin olive oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, spearmint oil, lemon oil, and eucalyptus oil, among other ingredients.

Price: $26

Real White Teeth Whitening Gel

Real White Teeth Whitening Gel comes in the form of a syringe. You apply the syringe to your teeth, using activated charcoal to whiten your teeth visibly. Primal Life Organics claims the formula soothes and whitens your teeth using vitamin-rich olive oil. It also uses mineral-rich bentonite clay and diatomaceous earth to detoxify your mouth, while essential oils cleanse your gums further. By pairing the Teeth Whitening Gel with the LED Teeth Whitener, you can enjoy powerful teeth whitening benefits (although you can use both devices on their own as well).

Price: $46

Happy Papillae Tongue Scraper

Many people use a tongue scraper daily to support oral health. Tongue scrapers freshen your breath, remove harmful bacteria, and give your mouth a clean feeling. If you frequently have bad taste in your mouth, then the Happy Papillae Tongue Scraper could help. You just place the copper scraper on the back of your tongue, then pull it forward gently until your tongue is clean. Rinse your mouth to complete the process.

Price: $11

Natural Body Moisturizer

Primal Life Organics sells a Natural Body Moisturizer that works like body butter, hydrating your body while being free of preservatives and toxins. You can buy the Natural Body Moisturizer in unscented or ‘Envi’ varieties. By applying the moisturizer daily, you can enjoy soft and smooth skin and hydrated skin with no harmful ingredients or oily sensation.

Price: $48

Refund Policy

Primal Life Organics lets you request a complete refund within 14 days from your original purchase date (if the item is unopened). If the item is opened, you can request an exchange within 30 days from the purchase date.

Some products (like the toothbrushes) are not eligible for refunds after they are used or opened.

You can view full details of the Primal Life Organics refund policy here.

Contact Primal Life Organics

You can contact Primal Life Organics via the following:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1-800-260-4946

Final Word

Primal Life Organics is a health and wellness company that sells over 100 products online through

The company offers a range of body care, dental care, and beauty care products, including teeth whitening systems, anti-aging skin creams, moisturizers, and more.

To learn more about Primal Life Organics and the company’s unique lineup of products, visit online today at

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