Longevity Premier Nutraceuticals: Review Health Supplements

Longevity Premier Nutraceuticals is a nutritional supplement company that offers complete health and wellness formulas featuring high quality ingredients and superfood extracts worthy of buying.

Full Disclosure

Longevity Premier Nutraceuticals is a nutritional supplement company offering a range of products targeting different health goals.

Some Longevity Premier supplements target blood pressure. Others target aging, detoxification, anti-aging, immunity, or blood sugar.

Is Longevity Premier Nutraceuticals a good supplement company? Find out everything you need to know about Longevity Premier Nutraceuticals and how they work today in our review.


About Longevity Premier Nutraceuticals

Longevity Premier Nutraceuticals is a Philadelphia-based supplement company found online at

The company offers supplements with various natural ingredients targeting different health and wellness goals.

Customers can sort Longevity Premier supplements by health interest (like immune support, blood pressure support, or joint health) or by ingredient (like astaxanthin, turmeric, and elderberry).

In addition to selling supplements online through its official website, Longevity Premier Nutraceuticals sells supplements through Amazon.

Some of the best-known Longevity Premier Nutraceuticals supplements available today include Blood Pressure Formula, Complete Detox, Glucose Formula, and Immune Natural Support Formula.

Longevity Premier Nutraceuticals also publishes eBooks online explaining how natural supplements could help various conditions. Notable eBooks include High Blood Pressure 101, An Introduction to DASH Diet, and Detox: A Definitive Guide. The eBooks discuss conventional treatments while also mentioning natural supplements and solutions.

Longevity Premier provides limited information about its medical team, formulation specialists, or background. We assume the company manufactures supplements in the Philadelphia area, although the returns address is in Huntington Beach, California – so the manufacturing location may be there.

Let’s take a closer look at Longevity Premier’s supplements and how they work.

Longevity Premier Nutraceuticals Supplements

Longevity Premier Nutraceuticals offers over a dozen nutritional supplements marketed to people seeking relief from various symptoms.

We’ll review each Longevity Premier Nutraceuticals supplement below, including how it works, what it does, and how much it costs when ordered through

Blood Pressure Formula

Longevity Premier Nutraceuticals sells a supplement called Blood Pressure Formula through Amazon and other retailers. It’s the company’s best-known formula. The supplement uses ingredients like garlic to support healthy blood pressure. Studies show garlic could support cardiovascular health in various ways. By taking garlic and other natural ingredients regularly, you could support cardiovascular health. At just $16 for a 90 capsule (45 servings / 45 day supply) bottle, Blood Pressure Formula is surprisingly cost-effective. Key ingredients include hawthorn berry extract, odorless garlic extract, algae extract, radish seed extract, and other natural herbal extracts.

Price: $15.99 (45 Servings)

Blood Pressure Vitamins

Longevity Premier sells a separate blood pressure support supplement called Blood Pressure Vitamins. The supplement claims to support circulatory health using important vitamins and herbal extracts. There are similar ingredients to Blood Pressure Formula, including garlic extract, hawthorn extract, olive leaf, and hibiscus flower. At the same discounted price of $15 for 90 capsules, Blood Pressure Vitamins is another popular heart health supplement.

Price: $14.99 (90 Servings)

Longevity Daily Probiotics

Longevity’s probiotic supplement is called Longevity Daily Probiotics, also known simply as Probiotic. The supplement features 40 billion colony forming units (CFUs) of active bacteria. Longevity Premier makes a big deal out of its use of “Bi-Pass Technology,” which allows the living bacteria to bypass your destructive stomach acid and reach your digestive tract. That means more of the active ingredients get to where they need to go.

Price: $14.99 (60 Servings)

Bel-Air Garlic Extract

Longevity Premier sells a standardized garlic extract supplement under the Bel-Air Nutrition Corp brand name. The supplement contains odorless garlic extract mixed with parsley seed oil. You take it daily to boost your immune system and support heart health, among other benefits.

Price: $12.99 (60 Servings)


Astaxanthin is one of the most popular antioxidant supplement ingredients available today. You can find plenty of astaxanthin supplements sold online, although Longevity Premier’s astaxanthin delivers a high dose at an affordable price. For just $16, you get 30 servings with 12mg of astaxanthin per serving. That doesn’t sound like a large dose of astaxanthin, but competing supplements have anywhere from 2mg to 6mg of astaxanthin per serving. Astaxanthin is linked with anti-aging, heart health, joint health, vision, and immunity, among other benefits.

Price: $16 (30 Servings)

Longevity Immune Formula

Longevity Premier’s Immune Natural Support Formula is a nutritional supplement that blends a range of popular immune boosters together. The supplement contains a hefty dose (4.8 billion CFUs) of probiotics along with vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, elderberry, vitamin B6, and herbal antioxidants. A growing number of immune supplements contain probiotics to support digestion because digestion plays a crucial role in immunity. In fact, over half of your immune system is found in your gut.

Price: $15.99 (30 Servings)

Green Tea Extract

Longevity Premier sells a green tea extract supplement under the Bel-Air Nutrition Corp label. The supplement claims to boost metabolism and support cardiovascular health while providing 100% antioxidant protection. Green tea extract is one of the most popular – and most-used – natural supplement ingredients available today, and many people take green tea extract daily for health and wellness.

Price: $17.99 (60 Servings)

D3 + K2

Longevity Premier’s D3 + K2 supplement provides 2-in-1 wellness support using two of the most popular immune-supporting ingredients available today. Longevity Premier’s D3 + K2 claims to support wellness, promote bone and heart health, and provide other benefits. You get a substantial dose of vitamin D3 (125mcg of 5,000 IU) and vitamin K2 (100mcg) in each serving.

Price: $15.99 (30 Servings)

Elderberry Immune Support

Longevity Premier sells its Elderberry Immune Support supplement under the Bel-Air Nutrition Corp label. That supplement gives you a substantial dose (1,200mg) of elderberry extract in each serving. Elderberry extract is one of the most popular and longest-used immune-supporting ingredients available today. It’s been used for centuries for health and wellness, and modern research shows elderberry is rich with vitamin C and antioxidants, helping support immunity and other benefits.

Price: $16.99 (30 Servings)

Glucose Formula

Longevity Premier’s Glucose Formula uses bitter melon and berberine to support glucose metabolism. Some people with diabetes take Glucose Formula (or similar supplements) daily to support blood sugar. With 1,100mg of formula in each serving, Glucose Formula claims to support glucose metabolism and blood sugar in various ways. You get 1,100mg of bitter melon extract, cinnamon extract, and berberine in each serving, all packaged into a vegetable capsule.

Price: $16.99 (30 Servings)

Berberine Formula

Longevity Premier’s Berberine Formula claims to support metabolism and cardiovascular health using 1,200mg of active ingredients in each serving. The supplement primarily contains berberine, a natural ingredient linked with metabolism and heart health. Some studies have linked berberine specifically to blood sugar management, while other studies show it targets metabolism.

Price: $16.99 (30 Servings)

Cinnamon Formula

Many people with diabetes take cinnamon extract supplements daily to support blood sugar and metabolism. Cinnamon Formula is primarily marketed towards diabetics, pre-diabetics, and others who want help supporting healthy blood sugar. The supplement contains 1,000mg of cinnamon extract and bitter melon extract in each serving, giving you a strong dose of two of the most popular blood sugar support ingredients available in the supplement space today.

Price: $16.99 (60 Servings)


CoQ-10 is a popular ingredient found in many anti-aging and cardiovascular health supplements. Longevity Premier’s CoQ-10 supplement contains 200mg of coenzyme Q-10 (ubiquinone) in each serving, giving you a substantial dose of the popular anti-aging molecule. Some studies suggest CoQ10 can support cellular energy, and that’s why Longevity Premier uses CoQ-10 as a cardiovascular health and overall energy supplement.

Price: $17.99 (30 Servings)

Cholesterol Formula

Longevity Premier sells its Cholesterol Formula under the Doctor Schuhmacher brand. The supplement uses 10 herbal extracts to provide “100% preventive nutrition,” according to the label. Key cholesterol supporting ingredients in Cholesterol Formula include plant sterols, curcumin, red yeast rice, and garlic extract. Overall, Cholesterol Formula's ingredients have been shown to support cardiovascular health in terms of both blood pressure and cholesterol, targeting your heart from multiple angles.

Price: $19.99 (30 Servings)


Longevity Premier sells a testosterone support supplement called Formula-T under its Bel-Air Nutrition Corp brand. The supplement claims to support balanced testosterone levels, helping with strength and performance as men age. Men lose 1% of their testosterone every year after 30. Formula-T claims to support testosterone using natural herbs like Tribulus Terrestris, ginseng extract, L-arginine, Tongkat Ali extract, and asparagus extract, among other ingredients.

Price: $19.99 (45 Servings)

Natural Post Cycle Therapy (Natural PCT)

Longevity Premier sells a Natural PCT supplement to support the male body after a cycle of testosterone supplements or testosterone drugs (like steroids). Like other post cycle therapy supplements, Natural PCT uses herbal extracts to support your liver and other parts of your body that may have been affected by your higher testosterone levels. Key ingredients in Natural PCT include an estrogen control blend (with chrysin and resveratrol), a testosterone support blend (with fenugreek extract and Tongkat Ali), and a liver performance blend (with milk thistle extract).

Price: $17.99 (30 Servings)


Longevity Premier sells a conjugated linoleic acid supplement called CLA. The supplement contains CLA with 80% concentration. This CLA comes from safflower oil, and the supplement could boost metabolism, fat burning, skin health, lean muscle, and more. Many people take CLA supplements daily for all of these benefits.

Price: $14.99 (60 Servings)


Longevity Premier’s Turmeric supplement contains turmeric, ginger, and black pepper extract (BioPerine), similar to the ingredients in other turmeric supplements. While other popular turmeric supplements are priced at $30 or higher, Longevity Premier’s Turmeric is priced at just $16 for 30 servings. Each serving contains 500mg of turmeric root extract, 100mg of ginger extract, and 50mg of turmeric with 95% curcuminoids, along with 5mg of BioPerine black pepper extract to boost absorption. In terms of dollar per dosage, Longevity Premier’s Turmeric is one of the better options available today.

Price: $15.99 (60 Servings)

Turmeric Curcumin

Longevity Premier also sells a supplement called Turmeric Curcumin under the Doctor Chastain and Bel-Air Nutrition Corp label. The supplement contains a higher dose of turmeric and bonus ingredients like oyster extract and resveratrol. The goal is to give your body the antioxidant support it needs using various natural extracts and herbs.

Price: $17.99 (60 Servings)

Collagen Complex

Collagen supplements are more popular than ever, and Longevity Premier offers a Collagen Complex supplement under its Bel-Air Nutrition Corp label. The supplement contains types I, II, III, V, and X of collagen protein. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, and some people take collagen supplements daily to support hair, skin, nail, joint, and bone health. Others take collagen supplements for overall anti-aging effects.

Price: $19.99 (45 Servings)

Ultra Joint Formula

Ultra Joint Formula promotes joint health and comfort, supports healthy cartilage, and provides other joint-related effects using glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin. Like other Longevity Premier supplements, Ultra Joint Formula contains similar ingredients to another joint formula – but at a surprisingly powerful dosage and a very reasonable price. The supplement also contains small dosages of turmeric, quercetin, and bromelain for added joint protection.

Price: $17.99 (20 Servings)

Complete Detox

Complete Detox is sold under the Doctor Bonhomme label. The supplement claims to detoxify, cleanse, and purify your body by supporting your liver, kidney, and brain. To do that, Complete Detox contains ingredients like cassia seed extract, dandelion extract, goji extract, green tea extract, and a range of herbal blends.

Price: $16.99 (30 Servings)

Complete Detox PM

Longevity’s Complete Detox PM is sold under the Doctor Schuhmacher label. The supplement contains 12 herbal extracts that detoxify your body overnight, providing support for your liver, colon, lymph nodes, and kidney. The ingredients also help your body relax, making it easier to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Each serving of Complete Detox PM contains goji berry, asparagus extract, curcumin, jujube, and milk thistle, among other natural ingredients.

Price: $17.99 (30 Servings)

Longevity Slim Formula

Longevity Slim Formula is a weight loss supplement that comes in the form of a capsule. Each two capsule serving contains a significant dose of three trendy weight loss ingredients, including green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketones, and garcinia Cambogia. There’s also a significant caffeine dose: 130mg of caffeine per serving or about 1 cup of coffee. These ingredients could support weight loss in various ways, boosting your metabolism, energizing your body, and suppressing your appetite.

Price: $14.99 (60 Servings)

Liver Formula

Longevity Premier’s Liver Formula supports liver function and liver detoxification. Your liver is the most important organ for detoxifying your body. A normally-functioning liver cleanses toxins from your body, supporting health and wellness throughout your body. Liver Formula contains zinc, milk thistle extract, beetroot, artichoke extract, and dandelion, among other natural ingredients, to support liver health.

Price: $17.99 (30 Servings)

Digestive Enzyme Plus

Many people take digestive enzyme supplements daily to help the body digest various foods and ingredients. Your body needs digestive enzymes to break down the foods you eat. Longevity Premier’s Digestive Enzyme Plus contains multiple digestive enzymes and probiotics to support digestion in various ways.

Price: $17.99 (60 Servings)

Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed is an herbal blend that assists digestive enzymes in supporting libido in men and women. The supplement also claims to support healthy cholesterol – so it’s like a cardiovascular, sexual, and digestive supplement rolled into one. Many sexual performance supplements contain horny goat weed, and the plant has been used for centuries for sexual function (hence the name).

Price: $13.99 (30 Servings)


Max-V is a sexual health supplement marketed towards males. The supplement claims to support libido and stamina in the bedroom using natural herbs. Notable ingredients in Max-V include horny goat weed extract, Tongkat Ali extract, maca extract, and Tribulus extract. You take 3 to 4 vegetable capsules per serving, and there are just 5 to 7 servings per container – but many men swear Max-V works to support testosterone and male performance in various ways.

Price: $18.99 (5 to 7 Servings)

Prostate Formula

Longevity Premier’s Prostate Formula contains nutrients to support prostate health. The supplement contains ingredients like saw palmetto berries, phytosterols, and malt extract to support prostate health.

Price: $19.99 (45 Servings)

Herbal PM Formula

Herbal PM Formula is a sleep aid that claims to help you wake up feeling refreshed without using habit-forming ingredients or high-powered ingredients found in other sleep aids. The supplement contains tryptophan, valerian, goji, chamomile, lemon balm, passionflower, and other common ingredients found in other sleep aids. Just take two capsules before bed.

Price: $18.99 (30 Servings)

Super Keto

The keto diet has never been more popular, and Super Keto aims to help make your keto diet more successful. Super Keto contains green coffee bean extract and garcinia Cambogia, two of the most popular diet pill ingredients available today. The formula also contains raspberry ketones, green tea extract, caffeine, and green coffee bean extract. Although none of these ingredients specifically help your body enter ketosis, they could support weight loss in various ways.

Price: $14.99 (60 Servings)

Adrenal Support

Adrenal Support claims to support stamina, help maintain energy levels, and strengthen your immune system, among other benefits. The supplement supports your adrenal glands using ingredients like ginseng extract, yam extract, Tongkat Ali extract, horny goat weed extract, and fenugreek, among other herbal extracts.

Price: $21.99 (45 Servings)

Neuro Recharge

Neuro Recharge is a brain supporting supplement that claims to support memory, focus, and a healthy brain. Like nootropic supplements, Neuro Recharge contains ingredients like DMAE bitartrate, grape seed extract, Gaba, Huperzine A, and phosphatidylserine, among other popular brain supporting ingredients. You take two supplements daily to support brain health.

Price: $17.99 (30 Servings)

Longevity Premier Nutraceuticals eBooks

Longevity Premier Nutraceuticals sells three eBooks online through You can download an abbreviated version of each eBook for free. Or, you can pay for a full digital copy.

While some supplement companies list the authors' names, Longevity Premier’s eBooks are written by the American Health and Medical Research Association.

The three eBooks include:

High Blood Pressure 101

This eBook discusses hypertension (high blood pressure) and how it works. The author describes the health risks of high blood pressure, the causes of high blood pressure, and common prescription drugs used to treat high blood pressure.

Price: $7.99

An Introduction to DASH Diet

The DASH diet is one of the most research-backed diets available today. Many doctors recommend the DASH diet for offering proven weight loss and health results. This eBook introduces you to the DASH diet and explains how the diet could help you regain your health. It explains the simple changes you can make to your day-to-day life to start following the DASH diet, including practical foods to eat while on the DASH diet.

Price: Free (Abbreviated Edition)

Detox: A Definitive Guide

Going on a detox is trendier than ever. Many people regularly detoxify, using supplements and other ingredients to cleanse their liver and refresh their bodies. This eBook discusses a simple, 10-day plan for refreshing your liver, including how to clean out your liver, lungs, kidneys, intestines, skin, how long to detox for, and maintain motivation throughout your detox.

Price: Free (Abbreviated Version)

Longevity Premier Refund Policy

Longevity Premier offers a 30-day refund policy on all products.

You can request a complete refund within 30 days of your original purchase date. You must return the supplement bottle, and at least half the supplement needs to be remaining in the bottle to qualify for a refund.

Returns Address: PO Box 3821, Huntington Beach, CA 92605

Contact Longevity Premier

Longevity Premier is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

You can contact the company via the following:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1-877-529-1118

Text Message: 1-877-529-1118

Mailing Address: 325 Chestnut Street, 8th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Final Word

Longevity Premier is a Philadelphia-based nutritional supplement company that offers dozens of formulas targeting different health and wellness goals.

The company is known for selling supplements with transparent dosages and strong value. In fact, Longevity Premier’s price-per-dosage is among the best in the industry, and the company sells plenty of trendy supplements at cheaper prices (and stronger doses) than competing supplement companies on Amazon.

To learn more about Longevity Premier Nutraceuticals and its supplements, visit online today at

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