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Orgafini Gold – Turmeric & Reishi Infused SuperFood Powder?


Looking to wake up with a sense of positivity and joyfulness? Tired of having to frequently go through headaches, body pain and infections? According to Organifi, some of these symptoms are said to be associated with poor immune and cognitive healths. Luckily, consumers can turn to a single supplement that can strengthen various factors of one’s health and it is Organifi’s Gold.

With every cup of Organifi Gold, consumers are delivered with a rich source of antioxidants that can potentially improve one’s immune, digestive, mental and cognitive healths to name a few. In order for consumers to understand the complexity and usefulness behind Organifi’s Gold, the following review will introduce it in terms of its purpose, key ingredients, uses and overall affordability.

What is Organifi Gold?

Organifi Gold is an alternative to tea, as it has been infused with a wide range of herbal properties to maximize one’s health. It is believed to replicate milk tea in texture and color. Organifi’s aim is to ensure that consumers not only have a beverage that is beneficial, but one that is also just as tasteful. Let’s take a closer look at what induces such profound health benefits.

What is Unique About the Ingredients Used in Organifi Gold?

The key ingredients incorporated in the Organifi’s Gold have been around for centuries, as herbs and natural ingredients are believed to be its foundation. Some of the ingredients are very common in various cuisines as well. Here is a quick ingredients breakdown with respect to its individual role in the Organifi’s Gold:


While turmeric has been popularly used in South Asian cuisine, as a spice, in ancient times, it was widely used in place of medicines. Because of its bioactive compounds like curcumin, turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory agent that can enhance the body’s defense system.


Like turmeric, ginger is considered to have medicinal properties. It can come of use in times of nauseousness, constipation, morning sickness and it can be used to ease bloating, muscle pain and poor digestion. Other studies have suggested its ability to increase fat loss, but that may vary from consumer to consumer.

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi Mushrooms are said to be the most potent of the bunch. It is a staple in Japanese medicine, as it may relax one’s muscles, improve and detoxify the liver, eliminate hormonal imbalances, and may reduce the likelihood of getting infections and viruses.

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm, a plant belonging to the mint family, is helpful in bringing calming effects, as it can ease anxiety and interrupted sleep. Other benefits may include a boost in metabolism and the potential to treat wounds and scars. Ideally, it is most effective when steeped in hot water.

Turkey Tail Mycelium

Like the Reishi mushroom, the Turkey Tail Mycelium is a type of mushroom, but its role is different. It is mostly used to restore and rejuvenate one’s immune system. Other claims include the potential in preventing tumor growth and anything that requires anti-viral properties.

Black Pepper Piperine

Unlike the previously mentioned ingredients, the Black Pepper Piperine has been used to indirectly impact one’s health, as it ensures that the body fully absorbs each ingredient. By doing so, the body is provided with the necessary nutrients that help to treat, maintain and further protect one’s entire system.

Coconut Milk

The use of coconut milk is said to satisfy the body’s requirement of healthy fats. In addition, it may contain a rich source of vitamins that can increase the fat content in the bloodstream.


Like turmeric, cinnamon is a spice that is considered as a superfood. It has also been used in Ayurvedic practices to increase one’s comfort levels, especially for those who are adapting into the aging lifestyle.

Acacia Fiber Prebiotic

Acacia FIber Prebiotic, as the name implies, is food for the bacteria found in the guts. Good bacteria is crucial because it ensures that essential nutrients are delivered to the different organs of the body before getting dissolved along the way. Simply put, it helps to fight against acidity and bad bacteria that may prevent good bacteria from doing its respective task.

How Can Consumers Maximize the Organifi Gold?

To maximize the benefits of the Organifi’s Gold, consumers are suggested to take a scoop before going to bed. It might be designed this way because the body repairs itself as well as the various functions while one sleeps. Furthermore, its formula is said to contain calming properties that can easily put one to sleep.

How Much Does It Cost?

A single bottle, consisting of 30 servings may cost approximately $57.95. Bulk options are also available where consumers can either purchase 3 or 6 bottles for $149.95 and $249.95 respectively. Ideally, monthly subscriptions can save one tons of money, however for first time use, it would be best to test one bottle prior to investing in more.

Orgafini Gold Review Summary

Based on the analysis above, it is clear that the Organifi’s Gold is a multipurpose beverage that can ultimately improve different health concerns. Instead of perceiving it as a mean of treatment, consumers are advised to use it as a mean to soothe and relax one’s mind and body, while working towards elevating the key functions.

Its ability to enhance the immune system, and cognitive and digestive health can potentially give the boost one needs upon waking. Most importantly, the natural herbs incorporated can decrease side effects and other unwanted symptoms.

Lastly, its price factor may appear to be slightly high, but given that the Organifi’s Gold can relieve more than one concern, it is quite inexpensive. For more information, check out: https://www.organifi.com/1-gold-cb/.

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