NutriGold Women’s 40+ Multi Gold – Whole-food Multivitamin?

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As women age their body needs a different amount of nutrients to help it stay healthy and strong. NutriGold offers a wide variety of whole food vitamins in different formulas based on the specific needs of people depending on gender and age.

Please read below to learn more about this vegan friendly supplement for women in their forties.

What Is NutriGold Women’s 40+ Multi Gold?

NutriGold Women’s 40+ Multi Gold is a plant based whole food vitamin formulated for the specific dietary support needed by women in middle age. While getting nutrients from a healthy, well-balanced diet is best, a supplement can offer an easy way to ensure the body is getting the best nutritional support even on days when diet may be lacking.

How Does Women’s 40+ Multi Gold Work?

NutriGold offers this supplement as a once daily option for women who want to help supplement their diet with a daily multivitamin. Unlike other vitamins this product is made using only whole food ingredients making it more bioavailable by the body helping lead to better supplemental support.

Women who are tired of the metallic aftertaste caused by some multivitamins will appreciate that NutriGold guarantees this supplement is gentle on the stomach and does not cause a metallic taste.

If consumers are not satisfied with their purchase NutriGold offers a money back satisfaction guarantee however specific details are unclear.

Ingredients in NutriGold Women’s 40+ Multi Gold

Each capsule combines seven minerals and thirteen different vitamins per serving. NutriGold Women’s 40+ Multi Gold is formulated for the dietary support needed by women in their forties and offers over 100% of the daily recommended value of fourteen different nutrients.

Unlike many multivitamins NutriGold uses only whole food sources for their ingredients. In addition to vitamins and minerals this multivitamin blends an 844 milligram whole food blend which improves bioavailability and boost nutritional support in a once daily pill.

This supplement is suitable for vegans and vegetarians as well as consumers who follow a kosher diet. NutriGold ensures each ingredient is certified organic.


Interested consumers have three different online vendors to choose from when purchasing this multivitamin.

The lowest price is available through Vitacost at $29.99 for each ninety capsule bottle. Vitacost also offers Women’s 40+ Multi Gold as part of their auto delivery program. For a slightly higher price of $32.66 consumers can also choose to purchase through Swanson’s Vitamins.

The highest price is available through Mother Earth Natural Health at nearly $40.00 per bottle. Amazon has previously carried Women’s 40+ Multi Gold but it is currently unavailable.

Should You Use NutriGold Women’s 40+ Multi Gold?

Consumers who are looking to start taking a multivitamin or make a switch from a current brand may want to consider giving this product by NutriGold a try. Since it is made using only plant sourced ingredients consumers can feel good about what they are taking and know that it is not made with artificial ingredients.

Full nutritional information is available through the product listing at

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