NoctaLean: Review the NoctaLean Relaxation Sleep Support Aid

NoctaLean is a natural weight loss sleep support supplement that promotes deeper relaxation and fat burning metabolism using 9-ingredients formulated to enhance the body's rest cycles overnight.

Full Disclosure

NoctaLean is a high end nutritional supplement that is formulated to help you lose weight and sleep deeper naturally.

By helping induce deep sleep and relaxation, NoctaLean also aims to support “every aspect of your health” while “rejuvenating your body from the inside out”. NoctaLean helps you sleep using 9 super nutrients by increasing fat-burning at night time during the REM sleep cycle. Viewers of the NoctaLean presentation will allow learn about a 20-second ‘sleep hack' that can be used in conjunction with taking the fat burning sleep support formula nightly.

But how does NoctaLean work? Will NoctaLean really support all aspects of your health? What’s inside NoctaLean? Find out everything you need to know about this nutritional supplement today in our review.


What is NoctaLean?

NoctaLeanis a nutritional relaxation and sleep support formula found online at The supplement claims to deepen your sleep, boost immunity, revitalize your body, and enhance energy levels. Just take NoctaLean daily, and you can purportedly support every aspect of your health by helping release stubborn belly fat into the bloodstream where it can be utilized as energy by igniting your internal metabolic switch and nocturnal switch which can boost the happiness hormones and control hunger cravings naturally.

Clearly, the makers of NoctaLean are confident about the benefits of their supplement. In a 2020 sales page and video, the company behind NoctaLean claims their formula can benefit virtually every part of the body.

NoctaLean is also priced much higher than traditional sleep aid supplements, costing $50 to $70 per bottle. But with the nine super nutrient-dense ingredients found in the NoctaLean weight loss sleep aid, there is alot to unpack in regards to how this supplement works given that there is no required day-time restrictive dieting or back-breaking workout routines to follow in order to stack the odds in your favor with this unique solution for overcoming fractured sleep cycles that are at the root cause of excessive weight gain in aging individuals.

Let’s take a closer look at how NoctaLean works to see if it really provides all advertised benefits.

How Does NoctaLean Work?

You take two capsules of NoctaLean one hour before falling asleep.

The supplement contains melatonin, lemon balm extract, and other ingredients linked with deeper sleep. These ingredients go to work within one hour, helping you fall asleep more easily and stay asleep throughout the night.

NoctaLean is like a sleep aid combined with a multivitamin. The supplement claims to promote a deeper, more restful sleep. By helping you sleep, NoctaLean indirectly supports all types of benefits because of the simple fact of how vital deep sleep is to restoring the body's ecosystem and balancing the hormones responsible for nearly every metabolic function.

The makers of NoctaLean market the formula to anyone who wants to lose weight, has trouble sleeping at night, wakes up fatigued, or “suffers from debilitating conditions”.

Some of the specific advertised benefits of NoctaLean include:

  • Helps you reach a deeper sleep
  • Supports every aspect of your health while rejuvenating your body from the inside out
  • Boosts your immunity
  • Enhances energy levels
  • Perfectly safe and has no side effects

Some might argue that it is unusual for a supplement to claim to be “perfectly safe” with “no side effects”. Does that mean anyone in the world can take NoctaLean? Does that mean nobody could possible experience side effects with NoctaLean? Is NoctaLean safe for pregnant women, children, and people with serious illnesses to take? It’s also unusual to make this claim given the fact that the company has not run any clinical trials or tests on its formula – not even on animals. There’s no clear cut evidence NoctaLean is safe or effective in anyone, but in reality, having a look at the transparency and authenticity exhibited by the company and brand is very telling that they put a lot of effort and consideration into this night time sleep aid formula for losing weight overnight.

The supplement contains ingredients like melatonin to encourage you to fall asleep and stay asleep. Melatonin is a popular sleep aid found in a variety of supplements. Some studies show melatonin helps you fall asleep more easily, while other studies have found it to be no more effective than a placebo.

Obviously, a good sleep is crucial for health and wellness. But does NoctaLean really work as advertised? Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients within NoctaLean.

NoctaLean Ingredients

NoctaLean contains potent ingredients in comparison to other herbal sleep aids, although the dosages in others seem much too low to significantly affect sleep or any other aspect of health unlike the prominently featured ingredient list inside NoctaLean.

Each two capsule serving contains just 1mg of melatonin, for example. Typically, sleep aids contain doses of 2mg to 10mg. At this dose, NoctaLean many may debate that it is unlikely to significantly affect sleep in most people, but when taking the two pills per day, you reach the effective dosage amount and then have the other eight herbal nutrients to add value to the body's ability to promote relaxation and sleep support.

NoctaLean does have a high profile blend of other ingredients in dosages that significantly affect health too. The formula contains 120mg of turmeric, for example, along with 20mg of Griffonia simplicifolia seed extract, 150mg of apple cider vinegar, and 150mg of astragalus root. While the science is scarce on how these ingredients are linked with deepening sleep cycles, they have quite a decorated history in terms of scientific evidence and medical literature to support the use of them daily.

NoctaLean includes one other sleep aid: lemon balm leaf. There’s 150mg of lemon balm leaf in each serving of NoctaLean. Traditionally, lemon balm leaf was used to help people fall asleep and stay asleep. NoctaLean packages all of these active ingredients into a vegetable capsule with microcrystalline cellulose, silica, and magnesium stearate used as fillers, binders, and preservatives.

The idea behind NoctaLean, as presented by Rick Bauer, is that there is actual scientific proof showing the strong link correlation of lack of slow wave sleep and unwanted fat, which these ingredients are specifically made to target and overcome the interrupted sleep syndrome pattern that tens of millions of Americans are suffering from nightly.

Scientific Evidence for NoctaLean

As par for the course for most natural supplements, the makers of NoctaLean have not conducted any trials or studies on the formula. They have not tested the formula on animals or humans to verify its safety or efficacy in a clinical setting.

Instead, the company directs users to a reference page with 35 studies on individual ingredients within NoctaLean. Overall, these studies indicate that some ingredients in NoctaLean could help you sleep – although most dosages are much too low to work as advertised. It is also revealed that there are over 35,000 individual who have tried NoctaLean supplement with great success in losing weight and burning fat while they sleep sounder at night.

Your body produces melatonin naturally. As melatonin levels rise in the evening (based on your circadian rhythm), you start to feel sleepy. By taking melatonin, you get a shortcut to sleepiness – or at least that’s the idea.

This 2014 review study, for example, analyzed available evidence on melatonin to determine if it really promoted a healthy sleep. Researchers analyzed 35 randomized controlled trials on melatonin and sleep. Based on this evidence, researchers concluded that melatonin had a “weak” effect at improving sleep in healthy volunteers. Some studies found melatonin was effective for sleep, while others found no benefit.

As the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine explains, most people produce enough melatonin to fall asleep naturally, although some take a supplement on a short-term basis to relieve insomnia or jet lag.

As mentioned above, most people take a much larger dose of melatonin than the dose found in NoctaLean. A typical melatonin supplement uses a dose between 2mg and 5mg, with some people taking 10mg of melatonin to help with sleep. There’s 1mg of melatonin in NoctaLean per pill so this meets the suggested dosage amount of this natural sleep aid extract. This dose could help you fall asleep, especially if you’re taking melatonin for the first time, although it may not be effective for all people. And that is where the other NoctaLean ingredients start to shine through.

Lemon balm is the only other ingredient in NoctaLean linked with sleep. Studies have shown that taking lemon balm daily is linked with better sleep. Some studies also show lemon balm has anti-anxiety benefits or may boost cognitive function.

Unfortunately, most lemon balm studies use a much higher dosage than what we see in NoctaLean. Most studies use a dose of 300 to 600mg of lemon balm extract, for example, while NoctaLean contains just 150mg per serving. It’s possible this dosage could work as advertised to help you sleep, although other supplements contain higher dosages.

For most, the biggest problem with NoctaLean is the price: you can find lemon balm supplements with triple the dosage for under $10. You can find a better melatonin supplement for the same price. Since these are the only two ingredients in NoctaLean linked to sleep, it may be unclear to some why anyone would spend $50 to $70 on NoctaLean as a sleep aid. However, the compelling presentation on NoctaLean does put things into perspectiv as to why the other ingredients, combined with the two herbal extracts associated with sleeping optimally, are included.

Yes, none of the other ingredients in NoctaLean are proven to help you sleep. In fact, many of the other superfood ingredients in NoctaLean are found in dosages where they can impact human health by themselves, let alone with the other accompanying plant-based nutrients.

The company cites multiple turmeric studies as proof its formula can support sleep. These turmeric studies were mostly on rats, and they all used significantly higher dosages than what we see in NoctaLean. One cited study used a dose of 200mg per kg, for example, equivalent to a dose of 20,000mg in a 160-pound person. NoctaLean contains a tiny fraction of that dose: just 120mg of turmeric.

While there not be conclusive evidence towards the effectiveness of NoctaLean upfront, the makers of NoctaLean position their weight loss sleep aid formula can lead to a “new life transformation” and that it “rejuvenates every cell of your body.” This is because of its ability to optimize metabolic functions while you sleep deeper, allowing for the fat burning mechanisms in the body to be completely activated during the REM sleep stages per night.

The NoctaLean creators go into extensive detail about silent sleep plague lurking behind weight gain and explain exactly why this natural weight loss sleep support formula works to activate the nocturnal switch that triggers a release of the deep sleep happiness hormone overnight, referred to as nature's own appetite suppressant.

NoctaLean Pricing

As advancements in innovation, science and technology continue to penetrate the dietary supplement industry, the quality seems to rise to the top and price tags can move along side this sliding metric within a growing, yet crowded, nutritional product market.

If NoctaLean was priced at $10 per bottle, then it would be a cause for concern and raise my red flags. But given the fact that NoctaLean supplement is priced at $50 to $70 per bottle, depending on how many you order, users will quickly see just how potent and dynamic this relaxation promoting sleep support supplement actually is:

  1. 1 Bottle: $59 +$9.95 Shipping
  2. 3 Bottles: $177 + Free Shipping
  3. 6 Bottles: $294 + Free Shipping

Each bottle contains 60 capsules (30 servings), good for a 30 day supply of NoctaLean.

As part of a 2020 marketing campaign, the makers of NoctaLean bundle the supplement with two bonus eBooks, including Sleep The Fat Off and Flat Belly Smoothies.

You can only buy NoctaLean through It’s not available through any other retailers online or offline.

NoctaLean Refund Policy

NoctaLean offers a one year refund policy. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within one year. The company will not refund shipping costs. This NoctaLean refund policy is extremely generous and is one of the most attractive offers ever witness inside the supplement industry. If this is not an absolute sign of confidence towards how effective NoctaLean is at enhancing weight loss efforts and inducing deeper sleep, we don't know what is to be frank.

Who’s Behind NoctaLean?

The official video for NoctaLean has Rick Bauer showcase all of the features, functions and story lines behind this newly released supplement. As it stands, the makers of NoctaLean provide little information about themselves, where the ingredients are sourced, or where the supplement is made. However, the company does openly express that the formula is made at an FDA-approved, GMP-certified facility.

The company provides just one way of contacting them:

Email: [email protected]

Final Word

NoctaLean is a high-end sleep aid that works to support every aspect of human health, starting with sleep, appetite control and weight loss. In reality, the NoctaLean formula is not your average run of the mill supplement and should be strongly considered given its high profile ingredient lineup and rock solid 1-year refund policy on all orders, no questions asked.

There are many over-hyped melatonin and lemon balm supplements sold online at an inflated price, but with NoctaLean you get those two sleep supporting ingredients plus seven other attractive complexes all in one easy to take and use solution.

As it stands, there is only upside to gain from ordering NoctaLean today. For those looking to enhance deep sleep benefits, boost metabolism and immunity, and increase healthy  inflammation response, NoctaLean weight loss sleep support supplement is the go-to choice in 2020.

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