What is NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) – Review the Latest Research

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When taken in specific amounts, NMN supplements may help increase the sensitivity of insulin and heart function, reducing fatigue with a few side adverse effects. It's still a good idea to consult with your doctor before trying the supplement.

If you're interested in aging-related and longevity-related innovations, you've probably heard of NMN, which is nicotinamide mononucleotide.

It's a chemical your body naturally produces, but certain people consider it an added benefit. Researchers, such as Harvard University professor and longevity expert David Sinclair, are currently studying its potential benefits in a range of different aspects of health, such as:

  • Longevity
  • Diabetes
  • Conditions affecting the liver
  • brain health
  • Heart health
  • exercise training
  • Sleep

The research on the impacts of NMN supplements is still in the beginning, and further investigation is required.

We've teamed up in partnership with Wonderfeel(r). This organization specializes in bioscience and wellness, with its headquarters in San Francisco, California, to provide you with a brief overview of NMN along with the scientific research conducted to date on the potential advantages, best dosage, possible side effects, and safety.

What is nicotinamide monnucleotide (NMN)?

Simply put, NMN is a naturally found molecule that assists in powering your body.

NMN is a specific type of molecule known as a nucleotide. Nucleotides are involved in a variety of functions within the body and are the DNA's building blocks.

In your body's cells, NMN is converted into another molecule called NAD, which stands for nicotinamide (NAD). Your body requires NAD for a myriad of functions involved in metabolism and energy generation.

You may imagine NMN as a raw material or NAD as the more refined form you utilize.

The amount of NAD the body produces is contingent on the amount of NMN present within your body.

Benefits of NMN

Every cell in your body utilizes NAD and, consequently, requires NMN, which is its precursor, to function correctly. NAD assists cells in regulating several vital functions to keep your cells functioning smoothly, which include:

  • energy metabolism
  • DNA repair
  • gene expression
  • Cellular stress responses

Your cells must have enough NMN to make enough NAD for these functions.

Your NMN levels naturally decrease over time. As a result, the levels of NAD decrease as well. This can be the cause of some of the health problems that you could experience with aging.

For instance, studies have revealed that individuals suffering from various chronic conditions of aging, such as liver and diabetes, might have lower levels of NMN or NAD.

Studies in the test tube and on animals indicate that NMN could be involved in aging-related issues, including brain and heart health.

NMN against. NR

If you've seen NMN, you may have also heard of nicotinamide-riboside (NR). NR is a different molecule similar to NMN that is taken to help maintain healthy old age.

The evidence indicates that our bodies convert NR into NMN and then transform it into NAD.

Potential advantages of NAD

As taking NMN can assist your body in producing more NAD, it's crucial to think about the scientific research that supports its advantages. Research studies on NAD have shed light on its potential benefits.

  • It can improve endurance. In your cells, NAD is activated by a set of proteins known as sirtuins, which aid in repairing your DNA. The sirtuins' activity is related to longevity. On the other hand, low levels of NAD are related to aging-related diseases.
  • It could protect the brain. NAD is thought to regulate the creation of proteins, which helps protect cells from impairment of mitochondrial function and an increase in oxidative stress. The cellular stressors mentioned above are linked to a variety of neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer's disease.
  • It can help decrease the risk of heart disease. Research in mice has revealed that high NAD levels in blood reverse the damage to arterial arteries caused by age and could help protect against heart disease.
  • It could help protect against the development of cancer. Elevated NAD levels can help protect cells from DNA damage and oxidative stress, which can be linked to cancer growth.
  • It could help reduce jet time lag. Research suggests NAD can help adjust your internal clock, possibly aiding in the reduction of jet lag and other circadian rhythm issues.
  • It can help with older muscles. Studies in older mice have demonstrated that high levels of NAD in the blood improved muscle function, endurance, and strength in these mice.

It is important to remember that these advantages were observed in NAD but not for NMN specifically. Further research on the advantages of NMN and NAD is required.

Recent research has revealed that using NAD for various reasons can't provide the same benefits; however, using NMN may.

“The most significant breakthrough that took place in the last few years was our understanding of how we can bring NAD levels more in line with those of our children,” says Professor Andrew Salzman, MD, a Harvard Medical School alumni and an acclaimed drug inventor who's currently leading NAD as well as NMN study in Wonderfeel(r).

“We have now discovered that it isn't possible to do this by administering NAD either by oral route or via IV because NAD can't get into the cell.

“However, it is achieved by providing the base substance that is the basis for NAD. It is NMN. Cells have developed to have a receptor for NMN. It's a specific protein found outside cells that binds to NMN and then shuttles to the cells. After entering the cell, NMN transforms into cell enzymes to make NAD.”

Benefits of consuming an NMN supplement

With its numerous benefits for human health, some experts consider that using an NMN supplement could help slow the aging process. Many even assert that NMN is a “fountain of youth,” at the very least, as demonstrated by animal studies.

This article reviews the human research on NMN supplementation, including the potential benefits, risks to safety, and data available regarding the most effective dose.

Does NMN supplementation work?

Animal studies, including mice, show that NMN supplements may provide various advantages, such as reversing the aging process and enhancing cognitive health.

But does NMN supplementation perform on humans?

This is tough to answer right now. The research on how to effect NMN supplementation in humans is relatively new, and only a few clinical studies (the gold standard to prove the clinical benefits) have been published.

A study investigated the effect of consuming 250 milligrams (mg) of NMN each day for a period of 10 weeks in postmenopausal women suffering from prediabetes, weight gain, or obesity. People who were taking NMN showed an increase in insulin sensitivity and signaling.

Notably, Two of the researchers the study identified as inventors on patents that use NMN.

Another study recently examined the effects of taking NMN in amateur exercisers. For this research, 48 runners aged 27-50 used oral NMN supplements of 300, 800, 600, or 1200 mg daily for 6 weeks or a placebo.

After six weeks, people who took NMN in addition to their usual exercise routine had an increased aerobic capacity compared to those who took placebo. The more powerful doses resulted in a more significant increase. Researchers suggested that this could be due to increased levels of oxygen consumption.

A different study has examined the effects of taking NMN on sleep quality among Japanese people aged 65 or over. The participants in the study were given 250 mg of the NMN supplement or a placebo over 12 weeks.

While the use of NMN supplements didn't appear as a way to increase sleep however, they did notice improvement in general drowsiness as well as muscles' responsiveness among those who took NMN during the late afternoon when compared to the placebo study group or people who received supplements in the early morning.

Does it aid in aging?

NMN and NAD levels naturally decline as we age, which is why numerous researchers have suggested that taking NMN supplements can help with health issues related to age.

A study of 10 Japanese men showed an increase in blood pressure when taking NMN (100, 250, 300, or 500 mg) increased the levels of NMN byproducts in the blood, which included NAD.

The development of insulin resistance is common in older people and is among the reasons diabetes is more common among elderly people. While studies haven't looked specifically at the impact of using NMN supplements, the evidence indicates that they could aid in maintaining or restoring insulin sensitivity as time passes.

Further research on the effects on humans is needed to determine the benefits that could be derived from this.

It is believed that taking NMN supplements has been proven to lower drowsiness, increase the ability of muscles to respond in older people and improve mental and physical health with age.

Wonderfeel(r) Youngr(tm) The patented NMN is the first patent-protected NMN formula with potent antioxidants such as resveratrol and ergothioneine. It is designed to reduce the mental and physical effects of the aging process.

How can I improve my natural NMN?

NMN is naturally found in many foods. Some NMN-rich dietary sources include:

  • avocados — 0.36 to 1.60 mg per 100 grams
  • broccoli broccoli 0.25 to 1.12 mg for 100 grams
  • cabbage — as high as 0.9 mg for 100 grams
  • tomatoes 0.26 to 0.30 mg/100 grams
  • raw beef – 0.06 up to 0.42 mg for 100 grams

A small amount of NMN can also be present in cow's milk, cucumbers, and edamame.

Research in mice has revealed that the digestive tract absorbs NMN quickly. However, more research is needed to determine how consuming food sources rich in NMN could boost NAD levels within the cells.

Are NMN completely safe? Are there any negative side effects?

NMN is a fantastic supplement for increasing NAD levels since it is well-tolerated and has shown very few adverse reactions in both animal and human studies.

Human studies have shown that doses as high as 1,200 mg daily are safe to consume.


The lack of data regarding NMN supplementation makes it hard to figure out the right dosage. Studies have shown health benefits even at doses as low as 250 milligrams of NMN every day and as high as 1,200 mg per day.

Three studies, including the ones mentioned above, have examined the impact of taking NMN supplements in multiple doses. It is important to note that safety is not apparent between different doses of NMN employed.

In the study involving running enthusiasts, advantages associated with NMN supplementation were more pronounced with higher doses (1,200 mg) compared to smaller amounts (300 mg). However, there was no difference in the effects experienced at a higher dose compared to a moderate dose (600 mg).


A lot of people, including experts, have suggested using NMN supplements could offer a range of different health advantages. Although animal studies have shown that supplementation reverses several ailments associated with age, research on humans is minimal.

Recent studies suggest that using NMN supplements in levels of up to 1,200 mg daily can bring health benefits related to oxygen sensitivity, insulin sensitivity and fatigue, with minimal risk of adverse unwanted side effects.

Before incorporating any supplements into your diet, you need to consult a medical specialist about your particular situation and the dangers and benefits you must consider.

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