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Yoga has been around for more than five thousand years. Unlike other workout fads that come and go with the trend, yoga has been around for what feels like, forever. Yoga can be defined as a full body and mind experience (or workout) that does more than simply burn calories. It combines stretching and strengthening through poses, deep breathing, meditation and relaxation.

What’s interesting is that yoga is one of those full body workouts that on the outside looking in, almost looks too easy to give you any kind of workout. That is of course until you attend a yoga class and find it is in fact a whole lot harder than one would imagine.

And, it isn’t only about the hard work and sweating – yoga offers so much more than that. It is a great place to escape while you tune in deep to your breathing. It is also a great opportunity to improve things like your posture, confidence and peace of mind.

Who Benefits From MyYogaWorks?

MyYogaWorks is for everyone. Men and women alike. It is an ideal way to explore the world of yoga, or refine the poses, routines and skills of even the experienced yogi. My Yoga Works only requires a place to play the videos – on a laptop or tablet for example, and space to do so.

If you want, bring your favorite yoga mat too!

More About the MyYogaWorks Program

To date, there are more than one thousand (1000) premium classes online through the My Yoga Works online program. You can search the classes by teacher, duration and style. This is a great way to help you find exactly what you want and/or need.

Classes range from beginner as in brand new, all the way to advanced levels.

The My yoga Works classes can help you learn a new pose or help you target a specific area of the body that you would like to work on. This is especially helpful for instances of where a great stretch is necessary, or areas of the body that receive the most pressure or irritation even.

Benefits of Yoga

There are a wide variety of benefits that yoga provides. They can range from weight loss to strengthening muscles. The relaxation techniques involved with yoga can help lessen chronic pain, reduce the pain of arthritis, carpal tunnel and even help lower blood pressure and reduce insomnia.

Physical benefits you can expect from yoga are flexibility, agility, strength and toner shape.

The intensity levels with yoga can vary, and as a result the depth of your yoga routine can too. There are a variety of different yoga techniques and with a platform like My Yoga Works it really gives you the opportunity to explore different kinds, intensities and even instructors.

The primary area that yoga targets is the core. The core, is not only the place your tummy and/or love handles live but it is what helps you with posture, back strength and stability, your abdominal muscles, and much more. Having a strong core, often translates to great balance.

Your arms, are also targeted through yoga by using your own body weight during different poses and stretches They may include things like planks where your weight is distributed through both your arms and your legs. Lastly, let’s talk about those glutes for a moment! They too can benefit from yoga – the goal here, to help give you a more sculpted backside.

The benefits of a yoga routine are that you aren’t tied to a gym, or frankly even the indoors.

With the My Yoga Works platform, you can virtually bring yoga wherever you are. Inside, outside, while travelling, at work, etc. Because it does not require any equipment outside of your mobile device, setting up a spot to do yoga has never been easier. Picture this; you are at work, it’s lunchtime after a stressful morning. You are in your office and you can take some time out to get in a few stretches to help you release.

One of the beauties of the My Yoga Works program is that you can also choose which yoga routines to choose based on time. So, let’s say you only have 15 minutes – select a video that requires only 10-15 minutes to complete from start to finish. And, there you have it.

Yoga is a great way to be physically active, help you release the stressors of the everyday, work out those tight muscles that we sometimes create on our own – and ultimately give you an outlet to visit whenever you need to.

How to Gain Access to MyYogaWorks

MyYogaWorks is available for only $15.00 per month, but before you commit to that – give them a test drive for 14 days at absolutely no cost to you. They are confident you will fall in love with their program the way others have!

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