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Amazon Elements Lysine Complex With Vitamin C – Immune Support?


We only get one body, so treating the one we have is important. Among one of the main functions of our bodies, our immune system is often overlooked. We are quick to treat ailments or problems in a reactionary way versus a preventative way. The Lysine Complex was designed using Vitamin C to help support a healthy immune function, and L-lysine – an essential amino acid that helps support good health and contributes to the formation of collagen.

Now, it should be noted that not all supplements are created equally. So, knowing where and how your supplements are manufactured should be a priority when seeking one to add to your daily regimen. The goal is to help you feel better, prevent ailments and achieve long-term wellness – don’t jeopardize that with just any supplement.

The Lysine Complex Manufacturer

The manufacturer for Amazon Elements Lysine Complex With Vitamin C are Arizona Nutritional Supplements (ANS). They were chosen based on their twenty (20) years of experience in the supplement industry. They have been evaluated for quality standards and through careful evaluation of ingredients at every stage of production.

What this means is that the quality, purity, potency, and other factors are researched as early as the growing and harvesting stages right through to when the product reaches the consumer. Arizona Nutritional Supplements have demonstrated a great track record over the course of two decades with the help of their rigorous program to ensure the highest quality, unadulterated product that you can trust and feel good about consuming.

Key Ingredients in Amazon Elements Lysine Complex With Vitamin C

There are thirteen (13) ingredients found in this supplement. The five (5) that we will touch upon are found in the greatest volume in the product and their primary functions are included below.

Vitamin C

This vitamin C is the product of something called fermentation that involves a sugar alcohol and a corn steep liquor. This is an active ingredient that has been sourced from China. It is also a concentrate of amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

Deodorized Garlic Bulb

This is an extracted garlic bulb from Alluim sativum. This too was sourced from China and is an active ingredient.

Licorice Root Extract

The extract found here is sourced from a variety of countries including; China, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey and others. It is from the plant rhizomes also referred to as the roots.

Echinacea Purpurea Aerial Parts Extract

This ingredient is probably among the most familiar ones to people who are conscious of their immune systems. This extract is derived from parts of the Echinacea plant and it is used as an active ingredient.

Bee Propolis

This ingredient is sourced from China and is carefully taken from bees and blended with a carrier to ensure that there is an even distribution of the ingredient throughout the supplement.

Other ingredients not mentioned above include:

  • Croscarmellose Sodium (increases the disintegration rate of the tablet)
  • Vegetable Coating (reduces the brittleness and allows for flexibility)
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose (helps maintain a consistent tablet weight)
  • Silicon Dioxide (prevents the ingredients from sticking to the machinery)
  • Stearic Acid (fatty acid that helps to decrease clumping)
  • Magnesium Stearate (aids to the lubrication)

As you may have noticed, many of the ingredients included in Lysine Complex by Amazon Elements are sourced from China. And, although this may worry some people, what is important to know is that in China, they follow the same safety standards required by law in the United States. So, sourcing from there not only ensures the same safety measures are considered but allows for the ability to source the purest form of the ingredients.

To view more about the safety standards and testing that this product underwent before being manufactured for distribution, you can view the results on the website where you order the product.

Amazon Elements Lysine Complex With Vitamin C Reviews

There are dozens of reviews on the website from verified customers of the Lysine Complex. Most people have commented on how they found they were staying healthier especially through cold and flu season. Other comments indicated that they found improvements in their workouts specifically in weight training.

How to Order Amazon Elements Lysine Complex With Vitamin C

Amazon Elements Lysine Complex With Vitamin C can be ordered on Amazon for $12.99. This container will provide you with the two (2) month supply.

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