Luminas Energy Medicine Patch: Reviewing the Research

Luminas Pain Relief Patch offers consumers a new wearable energy medicine patch method for a drug-free treatment of chronic and acute pain that directly targets the source of pain and inflammation.

Full Disclosure

Luminas is an “energy medicine patch” that claims to revolutionize pain relief using a method based on Quantum Physics.

The patch is sold online through The website claims that the patch can “relieve pain within minutes and for up to 24 hours” using the Luminas Pain Relief Patch's energy medicine technology that is a FDA-registered Class I Medical Device.

You apply the patch to your skin, leave it on for up to 24 hours, then throw the patch away. A box of 24 patches is priced at around $55.

Will Luminas really relieve pain in minutes – and keep it away? Or is this another overpriced, over-hyped pain relief product backed by no scientific evidence? Let’s take a closer look at how Luminas works.


What is Luminas?

Luminas is a skin patch that, according to the manufacturer, is “proven in hundreds of tests to relieve pain within minutes and for up to 24 hours”.

The manufacturer advertises the patch as a “breakthrough in pain relief science”, claiming it can relieve pain almost instantly without harsh drugs or “any known side effects”. It also has no smells, allergic reactions, rashes, or other issues.

If you suffer from pain, then all of this sounds too good to be true. So how does Luminas actually work?

How Does Luminas Work?

Luminas is a skin patch that provides near-immediate pain relief. It claims to relieve pain for 24 hours without side effects.

The manufacturer of Luminas specifically recommends the patch to people suffering from arthritis, sciatica, lower back spasms, and other forms of chronic pain.

You apply the patch ta the source of your pain. The patch goes to work within minutes, and the pain relief benefits last for up to 24 hours.

Each Luminas patch contains the “electronic codes” of herbal and plant extracts. The patch has 200+ natural pain relieving codes, including codes for magnesium, turmeric, ginger, vitamin B12, chamomile, and white willow bark, among dozens of other extracts.

Here’s how the website explains the “electronic code” technology:

“Our proprietary technology allows us to capture these unique electric field signatures from 100s of natural remedies used to relieve pain and inflammation. These unique signatures are then modulated onto a resonant carrier wave allowing us to transfer these unique signatures onto the patch.”

Luminas claims to cool inflammation at the point of application, causing pain to disappear. Inflammation is the immune system’s response to injury. Your body detects an injury, then sends white blood cells to the area, causing the skin to turn red and body temperature to rise.

Here’s how Luminas describes how the patches work:

“Once applied to the skin, the patches are activated and energy from the 200+ remedies are released to support the body’s own innate, natural healing process. The activation results in fast acting, long lasting pain and inflammation relief without any drugs, chemicals, or known side effects.”

Overall, Luminas tosses around big words like “modulating” and “resonant carrier wave” to dazzle users. These words sound impressive, but Luminas never really explains how its patches work.

Luminas Ingredients

Luminas is just a skin patch. It doesn’t technically “contain” any ingredients. The skin patch doesn’t claim to infuse these ingredients into your skin, and it seems unlikely there’s a significant amount of any listed ingredient inside the patch.

Instead, Luminas claims to contain the “electronic codes” of each ingredient. These electronic codes are applied to your skin to relieve pain.  It’s unclear what Luminas means when it refers to “electronic codes”.

There are 200+ ingredients in total. We won’t list all ingredients here.

Key ingredients include magnesium (to improve nerve impulse function), turmeric (for anti-inflammatory properties), ginger (for nutrients and bioactive anti-inflammatories), vitamin B12 (for maintaining body functions), chamomile (to soothe inflammation), and white willow bark (which “acts a lot like aspirin”, explains the official website).

Other ingredients include acetyl-l-carnitine, amino acids, arnica, astaxanthin, B vitamins, berberis vulgaris, Bioperine, boswellia, bromelain, cinchona, chondroitin, clove, colostrum, CoQ10, cordyceps, curcumin, flower essences, frankincense, ginseng, glucosamine, glutathione, guggulu, vitamin K2, lavender, motherwort, MSM, olive leaf, omega 3 fatty acids, peony, proteolytic enzymes, polyphenols, rosemary extract, telomerase activators, vinpocetine, and vitamin D.

Again, the patch doesn’t actually seem to contain these ingredients; instead, the patch contains the electronic codes for these ingredients. It’s unclear if the electronic codes would provide the same benefits as the real ingredients.

Scientific Evidence for Luminas

Luminas claims to have performed “hundreds” of tests verifying its pain relief patches work as advertised. Luminas claims these tests show pain reduction in minutes lasting for up to 24 hours.

They publish multiple infrared images showing parts of the body before and after applying the Luminas patch. The infrared images clearly show heat reduction in the applied area.

Of course, you can get similar results using a cold cloth or a bag of ice. Both will cool the area, reducing inflammation temporarily.

Luminas claims to have conducted hundreds of tests, although they’ve only published the results of one test from August 31, 2018. That test involved just six patients. Three patients received the Luminas skin patch. The other three patients received an uncharged skin patch as a placebo.

Patients receiving the Luminas skin patch reported lower pain (decreases from 5 to 1 or 6 to 2) within 18 to 20 minutes of applying the patch. Researchers also observed changes in skin surface temperature via infrared camera. Patients in the placebo group reported no changes in pain level and infrared cameras detected no changes in temperature.

As far as we can tell, this study involving six people is the only study performed on Luminas to date. The study was published online through It was not published in any peer-reviewed journal.

Making things look worse for Luminas is that the company has been openly ridiculed online by doctors and scientific experts.

One expert described the pain relief patch technology as “quackery” and “questionable”, for example, claiming he “laughed out loud” at the product’s marketing.

Fakespot, meanwhile, reviewed Luminas and found “high deception involved”, claiming that 30% of customer reviews were “unreliable” (i.e. fake).

It’s no secret that pain and inflammation are connected. There’s a reason why experts recommend “RICE” to soothe athletic pain:

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation

These four things relieve pain and swelling and promote healing. They’re proven to work. They work because they all reduce inflammation in the targeted area. If you had an infrared camera, you would see a significant difference before and after rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

Ultimately, there’s no scientific evidence that Luminas uses “electronic codes” of herbal extracts to relieve pain. It’s possible the patches cool the skin at the point of application, but there’s no evidence they do anything more than that. You can get similar results with a cold cloth.

Luminas Pricing

Luminas is available in three box sizes:

  • 24 Patches: $54.99 + $8.95 Shipping
  • 48 Patches: $87.59 + Free Shipping
  • 72 Patches: $112.77 + Free Shipping

Each order contains an equal number of medium patches (1.5” x 2.5”) and large patches (2.75” x 4”).

Luminas Refund Policy

Luminas offers a 30 day money back guarantee. If the patches do not work for you, then you can receive a 100% refund on your purchase with no questions asked. Here’s how the company words its refund policy:

“Luminas is so confident that its patches relieve pain within minutes and for up to 24 hours that every box comes with a 30-day 100% risk-free money back guarantee. What this means is that if you feel no reduction in your pain, you haven’t gained the mobility you hoped for, or you're dissatisfied for any reason at all Luminas will refund every cent. No questions asked.”

Contact the company to initiate the refund process.

About Luminas

Luminas is a pain relief company based in Irvine, California. The company has been marketing its skin relief patches online since 2018.

There’s limited information online about who’s running the company or why they’re qualified to sell pain relief patches.

You can contact the company via the following:

Final Word

Luminas is a skin patch that makes big promises about its effectiveness yet fails to back up those promises with scientific evidence. The skin patches appear to cool the skin at the source, which could reduce inflammation and pain. However, there’s no evidence suggesting that the “electronic codes” of 200+ plant extracts provide added pain relief power.

As far as we can tell, there’s limited difference between a Luminas skin patch and traditional RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) therapy. You can get similar results with a bag of ice.

Luminas has also been criticized for its “deceptive” marketing and junk science, including seemingly fake reviews, exaggerated benefits, and an overall lack of scientific evidence.

However, despite all the harsh research out there about Luminas energy medicine pain relief patch, while some may think you’re better off soothing pain with RICE therapy than buying the ‘higher-priced' Luminas skin patches, many people have had experience with using this newer form of pain management therapy. With the rise of Kailo and Signal Relief to name a few, Luminas pain patches offer a 30-day money back guarantee to see how well the product works for you within the first month of use.

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