Lemon Verbena Leaf Extract Benefits: Muscle Strength & Recovery?

What Is Lemon Verbena Leaf Extract?

This globally available plant is native to South America and possesses a plethora of benefits to your health. Scientifically it is known as Aloysia Cotrodora and more recently known as Lemon Beebrush. As the name would suggest, it holds a strong lemon scent which gets stronger when it is touched or bruised. This perennial plant grows in excess of two to three meters high and blooms small purple and white flowers.

Traditionally, it has been used in flavoring dishes while cooking and more recently this plant has been recognized on a medicinal level – despite it being used for hundreds of years is seeing a new trend. Likely, given new studies and attention to say the very least.

Lemon Verbena Leaf Extract Muscle Strength & Recovery Benefits

There are eight (8) primary medicinal uses for this plant;

  1. Weight loss
  2. Muscle strengthening
  3. Reduce inflammation
  4. Immunity booster
  5. Digestive aid
  6. Fever reducer
  7. Relief of Anxiety
  8. Ability to treat congestion due to colds/allergies

You can imagine why each of these benefits even individually, are reasons that this plant has become more common in its mainstream uses.

Weight Loss & Digestion

Herbal teas not only aid in proper hydration, but they help in areas of appetite suppressants, boosting metabolism and helping our bodies digest foods and convert them to energy instead of storing them. More commonly green tea has been the recommended tea for these areas, however, the lemon verbena benefits are moving in.

When used as a tea, it contains only two (2) calories per serving and is a great addition between meals to suppress those hard to resist cravings, etc. When it comes to digestion, it has been known to help prevent and eliminate cramping or upset stomach, alleviate stomach difficulties due to gastrointestinal difficulties and acts as a calming herb to both relax the stomach and optimize the metabolic processes.

Muscle Strengthening & Inflammation

Because of the antioxidant properties of the lemon verbena plant, it has been proven effective in supporting and strengthening the muscles. Described as the perfect pre-workout partner due to its proven abilities to reduce additional stress on the muscles that can be experienced during a workout. As a result, the muscle recovery aspect is also expected to be elevated.

This helps not only restore the muscles but protect the joints as well. Much of this, can be attributed to the anti-inflammatory properties of this herb as well. Because our muscles and joints are in constant use, providing the right support can not only help with recovery but prevent injury too. As we know, most pain in our bodies is caused by inflammation, so consider adding the lemon verbena plant to your daily regimen.

Immunity Booster

Free radical damage and oxidative stress is real. When it is overly present in the body including the organs, this weakens the immune system and can add to chronic ailments and diseases. The lemon verbena plant has been linked to studies that show its ability to lower oxidative stress in the body and in turn, boost immunity.

Relief Anxiety

Although there is limited research and proven studies documented to support this benefit, there has been enough attention on the hormonal role this plant plays in the world of anxiety. It has been described to calm those who suffer from extreme nervousness of anxiety and ease the mind and/or negative thoughts that are experienced. This is proven to be effective when consumed as a warm tea versus an oral supplement.

Using Lemon Verbena Leaf Extract

Presently, this plant has been proven more versatile than originally anticipated. In addition to being steeped in a hot cup of water, it can also be used directly in salads or mixed with vegetables, essential oils, and more recently is available via capsules from a health food store.

Because its medicinal properties are still under discovery in terms of documented uses, those who are pregnant, or breast feeding should consult their physician. Lastly, there have been cases of minor allergic reactions by way of skin rashes with its use. Consider using only a small amount to see how your body may or may not react.

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