Koori Vision Fix Protocol: 2024 Program Review Research

The Koori Vision Fix Protocol is a comprehensive guide meant to help users increase their vision by maximizing their intake of several key nutrients linked to the protection of cells within the eyes.

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Failing eyesight can be debilitating. For many consumers, the ability to see the beauty of the world around them is an essential element of a happy quality of life. To some, losing sight is among the worst effects of age, illness, or accident. But it continues to be a plaguing problem– especially for older consumers. Around 3.3 million people over the age of 40 in the United States alone are legally blind, some sources say. This number doesn't even include Americans who have lost some sight but still fail to qualify as legally blind.

With such a large part of the population struggling with sight, the push for affordable, healthy ways to increase eyesight has never been higher. With developments in both traditional and alternative medicine, going blind is often no longer just a fact of life among the elderly and the aging. But consumers should be cautioned; not all ‘solutions' are created equal. As always, users should consult with a medical professional before trying any alternative method of curing a problem as significant as blindness.

Still, some companies continue to claim that their natural supplements can help to avoid the pitfalls of age and preserve sight. The Koori Vision Fix Protocol is one such organization; the protocol claims to allow people to regain their sight to near-perfect levels in “as little as three weeks.” According to the Koori Vision Fix Protocol, two key nutrients hold the key to increasing and maintaining vision ability. By following the protocol and increasing intake of these core nutrients, the company's founder claims that users can improve their sight significantly.

This review will cover the basics of the Koori Vision Fix Protocol. Ultimately, though, consumers are always responsible for conducting their own research and consulting with relevant physicians regarding their long-term treatment plans.

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What is the Koori Vision Fix Protocol?

For the most part, the Koori Vision Fix Protocol is composed mainly of nutritional recipes known to increase the body's intake of eight “vision antioxidants” essential to eliminating the “damaging free radicals from the eye.” The protocol gives users directions on how to prepare their new diet, how often to eat the things within it, and how to pair the diet with other foods and exercises appropriately.

The diet outlined in the Koori Vision Fix Protocol originates from the Aboriginal culture native to many parts of Australia. United States marines who trained with Aboriginal units in the Australian Outback found that the eyesight of their training partners was significant sharper than their own, and that this incredible eyesight was primarily due to their unique diet. Now, founder Jake Turner has taken this diet and used it to create the package, which includes both the original recipe book and a home eye test kit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Koori Vision Fix Protocol

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions that consumers may have about AusAir before they invest.

Q: What is included in the Koori Vision Fix Protocol?

The Koori Vision Fix Protocol is poised as a comprehensive guide to the lifestyle change that helped the Aboriginal soldiers gain access to better eyesight. More specifically, consumers will acquire knowledge on:

  • Ancient Koori tribe foods that support vision
  • Foods deemed toxic and should be excluded from one’s diet
  • How to revise one's diet to better facilitate healthy antioxidants in the eye.

In addition to this main guide, the 21-Day Protocol will also be offered. This mini-guide includes twenty-one recipes for smoothies known to enhance the presence of eight key nutrients in the body. According to the creator, these recipes not only work to improve eye health, but possibly other functions of the body as well.

Q: What key nutrients does the Koori Vision Fix Protocol emphasize?

A: The two nutrients so essential to this protocol were discovered while scientists sought to cure a condition called severe macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is an age-related eye disease that often worsens with age. As the name hints out, the wearing down of a portion of the retina called macula that causes this condition. Why is macular degeneration a concern? It turns out that it is the leading cause of permanent vision loss in most of the elderly population.

Researchers discovered that lutein and zeaxanthin were two antioxidants essential to the protection of the body from free radicals, toxic entities that develop in the eyes and damage essential cells.

It is believed that these two essential nutrients protect the eyes from high-energy blue wavelengths, which are harmful to the health of the eyes. Additionally, they help to protect and maintain the healthy cells and can help to prevent the development of macular degeneration among the elderly.

Q: How early can you expect results with Koori Vision?

A: According to the Koori Vision Fix Protocol's website, users can expect to develop 20-20 vision in as little as three weeks. Users should approach all claims of effectiveness with a grain of salt and conduct their own research into the matter. Especially with something like vision, results are always going to be highly dependent on a number of factors that producers might not be able to account for. To realistically manage expectations, you should both conduct your own independent research and consult with a medical professional about your vision problem.

Q: How Much Does Koori Vision Fix Protocol Cost?

A: Users can choose from either the basic or deluxe package.

  • The basic package includes the original Koori Vision Fix Protocol and the Koori Fix Home Eye Test Kit, which provides optometrist-level vision measurements at home. The price for the basic package is $37.
  • The deluxe version contains both the original protocol and the eye test, but also the Crystal Relaxation Audio Series and a One-Day Detox Miracle Guide. The Crystal Relaxation Audio Series helps to reduce stress, while the One-Day Detox Miracle Guide allows users to cleanse their systems of toxins while improving their eyesight. The deluxe price is $47.


The goal of the Koori Vision Fix Protocol is to help consumers improve their eye health. The approach taken by the creators’ comes from the tools and teachings of Indigenous Australians, whose unique diets allowed them an eyesight that few other cultures have obtained.

Ultimately, consumers should approach claims of effectiveness with skepticism, conducting extensive research into the science behind a solution before choosing to implement the suggested regimen into their own lives. In the case of the Koori Vision Fix Protocol, users should research the nutrients and suggestions contained within the program before using it themselves.

To learn more about the Koori Vision Fix Protocol, click here.

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