How To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat – 5 Daily Habits To Lose Weight Faster

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Don’t you think it’s about time you got rid of that stubborn belly fat that keeps you up at night? Get ready because this is going to be swift and straight to the point.

Just because you are overweight doesn’t mean that you are unhealthy. However, any excess weight on your body increases your risks of developing conditions that can lead to serious problems like diabetes and cardiovascular health related diseases.

Don’t get us wrong, you can be completely healthy while carrying a few extra pounds around your mid-section, but why risk possible illnesses if you can solve this problem? Even people who are within normal weight limits can have metabolic problems which are often associated with obesity.

If your waistline measures over 40 inches, for men, or 35 inches, for women, then you are considered as having abdominal obesity, also called central obesity. The problem is that all bodies are different which means simply measuring your midsection won’t give you any clear answer to what your body fat levels are and whether they are dangerous.

However, if you do exceed these waist number, then chances are you should at least check to see what your BMI is and see if you should hit the gym in an attempt to reduce it. There is a chance that you are simply well built and your muscles are the reason for high waist sizes.

Best Ways To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

If you aren’t one of those super fit people with an amazing metabolism and those midsection inches are coming from extra fat, then it’s time to do something about it. Here are some things you can look into, and probably should, to try and reduce that stubborn belly fat as quick as possible.

1. Eat Protein

Many people think that consuming protein will lead to more fat building up on their body; this is absolutely wrong and misleading. Protein is a necessary building block for your muscles and it provides the energy needed to function. People who lose weight steadily and efficiently consume plenty of protein on daily basis.

Protein is able to combat hunger and can reduce your cravings be nearly half. The result of reduced cravings is consuming fewer calories because you aren’t sneaking to the fridge at 3 am in the morning for a post-midnight snack because you are feeling hungry. Studies have shown that there is an average reduction of about 441 calories per day amongst people who consume a proper amount of protein. Furthermore, protein helps you keep your metabolism boosted and working as its intended to, which leads to further calorie losses.

If this wasn’t enough, protein can also help you keep the weight you lost off. In addition, most people who eat an adequate amount of protein on daily basis have far less fat around their mid-section then others. This was proven by studies and research.

Trials were concluded in Europe to determine how effective is eating animal protein when attempting to keep abdominal fat amounts low. After the trials ran for five years, the conclusion was positive and also showed that consumptions of carbs and refined vegetable oils can lead to higher fat levels around the belly. On the other hand, fruits and vegetables are capable of reducing those fat levels.

2. Consume Fiber-Rich Foods

Increasing fiber in your diet leads to positive effects when attempting to lose weight, this was determined a long time ago. However, one thing that many miss is that some fibers are more effective at diminishing your belly fat than others.

There are some special fibers out there that are capable of binding with water and forming this special type of gel that can sit in your gut and slow down your digestion rate. This means that you stay feeling full longer.

Researchers have done studies on a group of subjects which showed that consuming only 14 grams of fiber on a daily basis can even out to five pounds of lost weight over a four-month period of time. This was done without altering any other dietary habits.

Another study which was done over a period of five years points to an ability to cut your belly fat by nearly 4% by simply eating 10 grams of soluble fiber every day. Those are some concrete numbers.

Fiber is mostly found in fruits and vegetables. Legumes, some grains, and oats also contain an amazing amount of fiber in them. Make it a habit to consume one of these once or twice a day in adequate serving amounts and watch the weight start dropping.

3. Say No To Sugar

You are Superman, sugar is your kryptonite, and it’s that simple. If your intent is to ruin your metabolic system completely, feel free to eat all the sugar you want. If you are looking to make sure your metabolism is at its optimal level and you are losing weight efficiently, start cutting every single grain of sugar out of your diet right now.

The sugar we use at home consists of one-half glucose and one-half fructose. While the glucose can be pretty much used as energy by every single cell in our body, fructose is somewhat different. In order to process fructose, it has to be metabolized by our liver. When our liver cant process all the fructose in our body, it becomes converted into fat to store it in our body.

Take a guess where most of the fat that forms from fructose ends up going? That’s right, the mid-section. Fructose is the number one reason why you have belly fat. If you continue consuming high amounts of fructose and you already have plenty of belly fat, expect a variety of metabolic problems to form, one of which could be insulin resistance.

The thing is, when we eat something natural that contain sugar, our body is usually able to detect this sugar and anticipate the calorie intake we receive from it, thus telling us that we are getting full and keep us less hungry. The sugar found in liquid form, the one in soft drinks, is an absolutely ruthless killer.

Calories that enter our body through a liquid aren’t recognized as easily by our brain. So while we drink all these sweet calories, our calorie intake keeps racking up to ridiculous amounts. On average, a single soda contains about 150 calories; this is equal to a baked potato. You can make a full meal out of a baked potato, can’t do the same with a can of soda.

A study showed that children who were allowed to drink as sweetened beverages are at a 60% greater risk of developing obesity. Think about that next time you give your child a soft drink.

Soft drink and sweetened beverages aren’t the only problems. Tea and coffee are huge contributors to the problem as well. Don’t forget about those juices, energy drinks, sports drinks, all of them have the same negative effects on your body as sugary soft beverages.

Keep in mind that there no reason to completely stop eating fruits which contain fructose, nearly all of them, since the fiber which is found in these fruits is actually capable of slowing down the absorption of sugar. However, dropping all sugary drinks is going to do wonders for your body. Say bye-bye to doughnuts.

4. Watch Your Carb Intake Carefully

There have been dozens of different studies that point to the same thing: cutting out as many carbohydrates as possible leads to effective weight loss and decreased levels of appetite.

In fact, a careful analysis of data from over 20 different trials was done which led to the same conclusion; people who observe a low carbohydrate based diet are generally able to lose between two to three times the amount of weight than people who stuck to a low-fat diet. Looks like carbs are the second most important ingredient to cut from our diets to see weight loss progress.

It has even been determined that people who follow a low-carb diet are able to eat as much as they want, which results in more satiation, while people who follow low-fat diets are often hungrier and experience frequent cravings. Additionally, when you first start a low carb diet, you actually lose water weight almost instantly which has a positive effect on motivation and encourages you to continue working hard and lose even more belly fat in the process.

For most people, staying away from refined carbs which are mostly found in pasta and bread should be enough to facilitate pretty decent weight loss. Although, if you really want to drop those pounds at lightning speeds, try to stick to only 50 grams of carbs per day.

Doing this will force your body to change your metabolism drastically and you end up in ketosis. When your body goes into ketosis it’s forced to use the fat in your system as fuel for energy, since there aren’t any carbs to rely on. The result is lowered appetite and incredible weight loss. The good news is that you can have a pretty high amount of fat on this diet and adequate amounts of protein.

Keep in mind that when you are on a ketogenic diet, there is no room for error. If you are in ketosis, exceeding your carb intake will quickly result in your going back to standard metabolic mechanics and it will take you another week or two to get back into ketosis.

5. Aerobic Exercise

Most people who attempt to lose weight try and focus on cardio exercises, which is exactly what you should be doing to lose belly fat. Studies show the best progress when trying losing stubborn belly fat via the means of aerobic exercises.

One would assume that abdominal crunches should be another good method to lose belly fat, but other studies have shown that there is no difference between people who targeted their abs directly and those who did regular exercises to lose weight.

Elevating your heart rate is the key to losing weight. You need to find something that you can enjoy doing while keeping your heart rate up. Running is probably one of the best choices, but not everyone can run.

In fact, some people who are obese probably shouldn’t run since joint damage is very probable. Speed walking is a good solution, so is swimming. Hiking is a pleasant way to improve your health, raise your heart rate, and get those extra pounds off. One important part to keep in mind is that once you have dropped the weight, you should continue the habit of cardio exercise, it will help you keep it off and keep your health optimal.

Besides weight loss, there are plenty of other reasons to part take in an exercise routine. One example is how drastically your risks of developing metabolic-related complications are lowered when you exercise.

How To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat Summary

Belly fat is formed because of certain reasons. Changing your diet and working out is the best way to ensure you get rid of this stubborn fat section.

Focus on the things we have outlined here and you will certainly be on track to get rid of all that extra weight. There are plenty of reasons to keep the weight off besides just physical appearance.

If you are obese, we strongly suggest you talk to your doctor and a dietician to formulate a plan of attack. In many circumstances, the extra stress added to our heart when you start trying to lose weight the wrong way while being severely obese can lead to other issues. You will need to take it slow but steady. Besides, your doctor will do blood work to determine which vitamins you are lacking and find out which, if any, medications you should take advantage of.

Keep your chin up and don’t give up. We know you can do it; you just have to be determined to change yourself for the better. Prove to yourself that you are capable of getting rid of that belly fat.

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