Hormonal Harmony HB-5: Reviewing the Advanced Hormone Balance Support

Hormonal Harmony HB-5 is an advanced hormone balance support supplement that is to be used with a 30-second trick to accelerate the fat burning weight loss process to unclog 5 hormonal blocks.

Full Disclosure

HB-5 is a nutritional supplement from Hormonal Harmony. The company claims that this supplement can help to balance your hormones and provide you with advanced hormonal support.

By taking HB-5 daily, you can purportedly solve estrogen problems, known as “weight loss resistance” by improving your weight loss results, and enjoy other major benefits in the body.

Does HB-5 really work to promote hormonal harmony? Can a nutritional supplement balance your hormones and make weight loss more effectively? Today, we’re highlighting everything you need to know about Hormonal Harmony’s new supplement HB-5 in our comprehensive product review.

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What is Hormonal Harmony HB-5?

What is Hormonal Harmony HB-5?

Hormonal Harmony HB-5 is a nutritional supplement that some claim can balance female hormones like estrogen, relieving various physical and cognitive symptoms. Imbalance in the hormones can cause a number of issues in women, and improving balance and estrogen content can go a long way in helping improve general wellness and relieve certain symptoms of this inbalance.

The HB5 supplement particularly claims to help with weight loss. If you have struggled to lose weight, then it could be due to hormones. Some women have imbalanced hormones, and these hormones could inhibit weight loss results. If you feel like you exercise and eat right – but can’t lose weight – then HB-5 may be the right supplement for you.

HB-5 is being heavily promoted online in June 2020. You can exclusively buy the supplement through, where it’s priced between $50 and $70 per bottle.

How Does Hormonal Harmony HB-5 Work?

How Does Hormonal Harmony HB-5 Work?

HB-5 works by targeting something they call the ‘5 hormonal blocks’. These hormonal blocks can lead to a sluggish metabolism, excessive fat in your cells, and mood swings, among other effects.

The 5 hormonal blocks include issues with your thyroid, estrogen, cortisol, insulin, and leptin levels.

The first hormonal block involves thyroid hormones like T3 and T4. Your thyroid plays a crucial role in metabolism. When your metabolism is functioning normally, it turns calories and fat into energy, sending energy to your cells. When you have a thyroid problem, it can cause an imbalance in your T3 and T4 hormones, which impacts your metabolism, making it more difficult for your body to lose weight.

The second hormonal block is related to cortisol. You have two adrenal glands above your kidneys. These glands produce cortisol, known as the stress hormone. If your body produces too much cortisol, then it makes it difficult to lose weight. The stress hormone tells your body to preserve fat – not burn it. It shuts down your metabolism and digestion.

The third hormonal block is related to estrogen. When estrogen levels are too high or too low, it can lead to physical and cognitive symptoms. The makers of HB-5 claim that women start experiencing erratic estrogen problems in their mid-30s, and these problems continue before, during, and after menopause. Erratic estrogen can lead to weight issues, mood swings, and other symptoms.

The fourth hormonal block is linked with insulin. Your pancreas produces insulin to manage blood sugar. Excess insulin can lead to weight gain, and imbalanced insulin can confuse your metabolism and cause other issues.

The fifth hormonal block is related to leptin. Your body produces leptin when you’ve had enough to eat. When hormones are balanced, your body produces leptin after a meal, and you feel satisfied and full. When hormones are imbalanced, however, your body can develop leptin-resistance. It’s harder to feel satisfied or full, which means you overeat.

These 5 hormonal blocks can make it difficult to lose weight. They can cause physical and cognitive symptoms, and they can confuse your body’s natural processes.

HB-5 claims to solve these hormonal imbalances, restoring your body to its optimal function. HB-5 claims to support thyroid function, for example, solve excess cortisol issues, balance your estrogen, and support other hormones.

Can a nutritional supplement really balance your hormones? Can a simple capsule change your hormone levels, making it easier to lose weight? What ingredients does HB-5 use to change your hormones?

HB-5 uses specific ingredients to target all five hormonal blocks listed above, including:

Thyroid Balance: Kelp, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, vitamin B12, and bladderwrack

Cortisol Balance: Rhodiola rosea extract and red ginseng

Insulin Balance: Cinnamon

Leptin Balance: African mango

Estrogen Balance: DIM (Diindolylmethane)

HB-5 Ingredients

The biggest part of the formula is the thyroid balance component, which claims to balance thyroid hormones using seaweed extract and certain vitamins. If you are deficient in iodine, then your thyroid will not properly function.

Most people are not deficient in iodine, and iodine deficiency is rare in the developed world. However, if you believe you have thyroid issues, and you don’t get enough iodine in your diet, then a supplement like Hormonal Harmony HB-5 could support thyroid function.

HB-5 Ingredients

Hormonal Harmony HB-5 Ingredients

Oddly, the manufacturer of HB-5 does not publish the full list of ingredients or dosages upfront. We don’t know the dosage of any ingredient in HB-5.

That’s a problem. Typically, when manufacturers don’t share ingredient labels, it means they’re hiding weak dosages. The manufacturer might use the right ingredients – but the dosages are too low to have any significant effect on the body.

In any case, each serving of HB-5 contains some dosage of the following ingredients:

Kelp, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, vitamin B12, bladderwrack, Rhodiola rosea extract, red ginseng, cinnamon, African mango, and DIM

The sales page for HB-5 mentions the dosage of some ingredients but not others. We know there’s 500mg of cinnamon, 600mg of Rhodiola rosea, and 150mg of African mango, for example.

The lack of dosage information makes it impossible to compare HB-5 to clinical trials, scientific studies, or competing supplements.

Some studies have found that taking 500mg of cinnamon per day can help balance insulin levels, for example. It seems there’s a similar dosage in HB-5, although we don’t know the dosage of most other listed ingredients.

When you’re paying $50 for a single bottle of a supplement, you expect to see transparent ingredient information. The lack of dosage information in HB-5 is unusual.

About Harmony Health Labs

hb 5 logo

HB-5 is created by a company called Harmony Health Labs, which sells HB-5 under the Hormonal Harmony label.

There’s an Anaheim, California-based supplement company named Harmony Health Labs that makes a range of different supplements, although it’s unclear if this is the same Harmony Health Labs behind HB-5, as the website does not mention HB-5.

You can contact the makers of HB-5 via the following:

Phone: 855-633-7301

Email: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions About Hormonal Harmony HB-5

Hormone supplements are only recently gaining major traction in the supplement industry. This section will keep you informed as we answer some most of the most commonly asked questions about Hormonal Harmony HB-5.

Q: Who manufactures Hormonal Harmony HB-5?

A: This is actually relatively hard to say. This hormone supplement might be one of the products made by Harmony Health Labs, a supplement producer from California. But the official website for Harmony Health Labs does not mention this specific product, so it might be the case that an unknown company is using the name of Harmony Health to improve their chances of making sales.

Q: How do you take Hormonal Harmony HB-5?

A: It isn't entirely clear from the official product website how many supplement pills you're supposed to take per day. We recommend that consumers who purchase this product carefully review the back label to ensure that they follow dosing instructions appropriately.

Q: What ingredients are in Hormonal Harmony HB-5?

A: Unfortunately, this company is extremely unclear about the exact ingredients included in their trademark supplement. We do know that there’s 500mg of cinnamon, 600mg of Rhodiola rosea, and 150mg of African mango in the supplement, but it's hard to find any information beyond this. We recommend consulting the customer service team for more information before purchasing this supplement.

Q: Can supplements balance the hormones?

A: The jury is still out on this important question. On one hand, it is very clear that diet and intake of certain vitamins, minerals, and chemicals can demonstrative impact hormonal balance in men and women alike. But the scientific community has not definitively concluded that any one supplement can improve hormonal balance on its own.

Purchasing Hormonal Harmony HB-5

Purchasing Hormonal Harmony HB-5

HB-5 is exclusively available online through, where it’s priced between $50 and $70 per bottle, depending on how many you order. Purchasing packages presently include:

  • 1 Bottle: $49
  • 3 Bottles: $177
  • 6 Bottles: $294

All prices include shipping.

HB-5 Refund Policy

HB-5 has a 180 day refund policy. You have 6 months to request a complete refund on your purchase.

To qualify for a refund, contact the company, then ship your empty or partially used bottles back. You will receive a refund on your purchase, minus shipping costs.

Final Thoughts

Hormonal Harmony HB-5 is a nutritional supplement that claims to balance 5 different hormones, preventing hormonal blocks and making it easier to lose weight. The supplement is marketed primarily to women, particularly those with hormonal imbalances in their 40s and beyond.

HB-5 seems to contain certain ingredients that could support hormone balances. However, the company has not disclosed its full list of ingredients or dosages, making it difficult to compare HB-5 to scientific studies, clinical trials, and competing supplements. HB-5 could work as advertised to balance hormones. Or, it might be mostly ineffective.

If you’re spending $50 on a hormone balance supplement, then you can find a formula with better transparency, ingredients, and dosages than Hormonal Harmony HB-5.

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