Top 25 Best Home Workouts of 2024: Online Fitness Exercise Program Reviews

Reviewing the top 25 best home workouts of 2024, plus a research guide on the most popular online fitness programs and exercise routine plans for men and women without gym equipment or weights.

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Home workouts have exploded in 2024. Online fitness programs have soared in demand.

Due to the recent economic lockdown, many men and women wellness enthusiasts are not looking to pack on the “quarantine 15” during the downtime and are reviewing which are the most popular at-home exercise plans to get started with and follow while gyms are closed or limited weights and equipment access may be an obstacle to overcome.

The fitness industry has seen significant advancements in the last few decades, and it is easier than ever to find a workout routine that works for you and satisfy your individual needs. Treadmills and free weights haven’t exactly gone out of style, but there are more options on the market now than ever before that might be able to accommodate even the busiest of schedules. With the use of online streaming, many fitness programs are available to view wherever you are.

Online fitness programs can be helpful for a number of reasons. Consumers might want to get the benefits of personal training without having to pay the high costs associated with many programs. Additionally, many fitness programs now offer a highly individualized and variable model, which can help consumers to experiment to find the program that's perfect for their needs.

But not all online fitness programs and workouts are created equal. Faulty technology, difficult interfaces, or a lack of medical backing can contribute to an inefficient or unhelpful program. Our comprehensive guide to the top picks for online fitness programs of 020 will introduce you to everything you need to know about this growing industry, including answers to some of the most commonly asked questions that many consumers have.

Top 25 Home Workouts and Online Fitness Programs

As always, we urge readers to be cautious when making purchasing decisions based on our recommendations. The products below are our top picks for the best online fitness programs in the contemporary market, but these decisions are not objective. The opinions and preferences of our writers may not reflect your own needs and wants. Use this section as a jumping-off point for your research. The list below is in no particular order.


Tone It Up Fitness App

Tone It Up Fitness App

The Tone it Up Fitness App was founded by Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott, two trainers who have already built up an empire of important fitness products for women, like protein powders, dumbbells, and resistance bands. Now, the twosome has on-demand classes available through their app, which range from 20 to 40 minutes each. The user can choose what muscle group they want to work on, like their arms or legs, or they can choose a toning session for the whole body. Plus, the app includes options for a pregnancy workout or meditation.

A monthly subscription is available for $12.99.



Mirror is a device that can be placed discreetly anywhere in the home, using various algorithms to examine the body to recommend a training routine. The price is a little high, but the savings on gym memberships could be worth it. The subscription allows consumers to access 70 new classes a week, and a trainer provides consumers with live feedback. Consumers can connect the app to Bluetooth to keep track of the heart rate and fitness goals to monitor progress.

The Mirror app is a little more interactive. While the monthly subscription is just $39 a month, participants will need to purchase the connected mirror for $1,495 as well.

Crush60 Complete Package

Crush60 Complete Package

Crush60 was founded originally by Ben Williamson, a 26-year old, providing fitness enthusiasts of all skill levels and all goals, and the program is affordable for many budgets. The app has thrived in social media, and the brand has even made it possible to offer four programs that can be used pretty much anywhere. The original package offers an instructional guide that takes consumers through 60 days of workouts, featuring video references and hand-drawn illustrations. Consumers will also have the benefits of a nutritional guide to keep healthier choices in the kitchen as well.

The total cost of Crush60 is $44.99.

Daily Burn

Daily Burn

Daily Burn offers tons of 30-minute workouts that can be done at home, and that can be taken wherever the user wants to go. The routines offer substantial variety for users, which includes a 150+ workouts in an on-demand library, which includes yoga, cardio, body training, and more. The interactive online community is helpful to participants, especially to keep up the motivation.

The total cost of Daily Burn is $14.95 per month.

Physique57 On-Demand Streaming

Physique57 On-Demand Streaming

Physique57 On-Demand Streaming is all about helping consumers get healthy muscle tone. The program includes six preset regimens, among other videos, to show consumers how to use their own body as the resistance with squats, ab workouts, or more. Consumers need to supply their own equipment, but the program shows how to effectively use them.

The program is available for $24.99 per month.

All Out Studio

All Out Studio

All Out Studio gives users access to a wealth of workouts from well-known fitness brands, like Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Prevention, and others. The workouts are compatible with all skill levels for any physique. Consumers can find kettlebell workouts and high-intensity cardio, featuring celebrity trainers.

Unlike other programs on the list, All Out Studio is available for free.

SWEAT by Kayla Itsines

SWEAT by Kayla Itsines

SWEAT by Kayla Itsines has been incredibly popular on Instagram, and even just a few videos are likely enough to entice consumers. The workouts, which even featured Itsines at nine months pregnant, are incredibly difficult, but they clearly have a following. Women of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels can use the program wherever they are, and the app even includes a weekly clean-eating meal plan, which has its own shopping lists.

SWEAT is available for a monthly payment of $19.95.

Ballet Beautiful Online Streaming

Ballet Beautiful Online Streaming

Ballet Beautiful Online Streaming was created by Mary Helen Bowers, a former professional from the New York City Ballet. The exercises combine the elegance of ballet with the intense muscle-building workouts. Though consumers don’t have to reach a professional skill level, they will have to put forth the effort to keep up. Consumers that doubt how effective this program might be would be interested to know that Mary Helen is responsible for training Natalie Portman for her ballet dancing in Black Swan.

The Ballet Beautiful Online Streaming program is available for $39.99 per month.

Body By Simone TV

Body By Simone TV

Body By Simone TV allows users to dance their weight away on a trampoline for high-intensity workouts with strength training routines. The program, which only takes about 10 to 20 minutes for each routine, helps consumers to create long, lean muscles with lightweight resistance. The practice stems from the classical ballet and Broadway experience of Simone De La Rue, and a subscription lets consumers stream the program from any device.

Body By Simone TV is available for $14.99 per month.

Nicole Winhoffer #NWChurch Monthly Subscription

Nicole Winhoffer NWChurch Monthly Subscription

The Nicole Winhoffer #NWChurch Monthly Subscription comes from a fitness artist, requiring a commitment of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 45 minutes to take a class, which is released every Sunday. The program can be done on the phone or tablet, and there have already been many celebrities to engage. Not to drop any names, but Mya and Stella McCartney are among some of the clientele that have toned their muscles with Winhoffer’s program.

The total cost of Nicole Winhoffer’s program is $60.00 per month.

DOYOUYOGA Monthly Plan

DOYOUYOGA Monthly Plan

DOYOUYOGA provides users with a major collection of yoga practices to meet the needs of anywhere from beginners to advanced yogis. The yearly plan gives consumers access to programs, videos, and other practices with teachers from around the world.

The DOYOUYOGA Monthly Plan is available for $8.00 a month.

YogaWorks Online Yoga Class

YogaWorks Online Yoga Class

With 40 instructors on hand, consumers can take their time to go through the 30 Journey Series to focus on different areas of the body, or even different poses. Users get full access to over 950 premium classes, which can be stored on any smart device. Even with a full schedule, this yoga class can be accessed whenever the user can fit it in, even with just 10 minutes to spare.

A monthly subscription of YogaWorks Online Yoga Class is available for $15.00 per month.

Alo Moves Multi-Class Series

Alo Moves Multi-Class Series

The Alo Moves program focuses on yoga and was even developed by the Alo Yoga activewear brand. The classes range from 15 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on how much time the user has, and come in a variety of intensity levels to meet the needs of any participant. Instructors offer programs that feature Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa-style yoga or users can take the time to meditate with their thoughts with guided imagery.

The multi-series classes subscription starts at $20.00 per month.

YogaGlo Meditation and Yoga Classes

YogaGlo Meditation and Yoga Classes

YogaGlo is for the dedicated consumers that want to make yoga an integral part of their day. The app features meditation, Pilates, and other programs with videos and written resources. For consumers that are unsure about this program, there’s a 15-day free trial available as well.

YogaGlo is available for $18.00 per month.

YogiApproved Classes

YogiApproved Classes

The YogiApproved program provides customized programs for healing, fitness, and even awakening the chakras. However, the big appeal of the classes are that, for every streamed class, a tree is planted by Trees for the Future and YogiApproved. The service is available from any smart device and can be used at home or in a yoga studio.

The YogiApproved classes can be accessed for $10.00, making it one of the cheaper options.

Caravan Wellness

Caravan Wellness

Caravan Wellness offers a holistic vibe but is much more cost-effective than adding a personal trainer, life coach, and nutritionist to their routine. There’s unlimited live and on-demand routines, as well as tips on how to eat right and balance the digestive system. Consumers can engage in yoga, meditation, and other programs, and professional teachers and coaches are available for help through the messaging system.

Memberships for Caravan Wellness start at $19.00 per month.

Forge Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

Forge Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

Forge Fitness and Nutrition Coaching is a little pricier than many other options on this list, but it combines fitness with personalized training and nutrition plans that work with the user’s preferences. Every month, the user is also connected directly to a video chat for a live 30-minute coaching session.

Memberships with Forge Fitness and Nutrition Coaching start at $100.00.

Peloton Digital

Peloton Digital

Peloton Digital is good for users that have a home bike or are considering one, and anyone that has to watch commercials has probably seen one from this company. The energetic classes let consumers workout at home or even while on business trips. Even apart from the cycling, there’s classes for running and outdoor routines, which are all taught by elite NYC instructors and can be streamed on any smart device.

The monthly cost of Peloton Digital is $19.49.



CycleCast is another cycling workout app, keeping participants energized with music. After choosing an instructor and the ride time, users can work out for anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. The program is already integrated into Apple Health and Google Fit.

CycleCast is available for a monthly subscription price of $9.99.



P90X has been a popular home workout program since the 1990s. In fact, you could argue it is the original home workout program. Created by Tony Horton, P90X is a 90-day home fitness program with 12 intense workouts. The program includes resistance and bodyweight training and, after 90 days, you can purportedly be in the best shape of your life. All you need is just 90 days and 45 to 60 minutes of training per day.

You can access P90X through a Beachbody subscription. Or, you can buy P90X DVDs online through Amazon and other retailers. Pricing varies widely.

Brazil Butt Lift

Brazil Butt Lift

Beachbody’s Brazil Butt Lift workout is available as a workout DVD or on-demand subscription program. If you want a firmer, more toned butt, then the Brazil Butt Lift home workout may be the right choice for you. The system implements the “TriAngle Training” method, which works all three major butt muscles. It’s a combination of Brazilian dance cardio, squats, and other lower-body sculpting moves.

Brazil Butt Lift is available through Beachbody On Demand ($10 to $15 per month) or as a DVD set.



Led by Chalene Johnson, PiYo is a combination of pilates and yoga. The program claims to give you the core-strengthening benefits of pilates combined with the flexibility of yoga. It’s a low-impact program that emphasizes fat burning. You can get started with PiYo with just 20 to 45 minutes per day.

PiYo is available through a Beachbody on Demand subscription, priced at around $10 to $15 per month.

21 Day Fix


21 Day Fix is the fourth Beachbody program on this list. It combines 30-minute workouts with a weight loss nutrition plan, letting you sculpt your body from multiple angles. 21 Day Fix emphasizes quick, effective workouts with no off days. If you want to lose weight without gaining huge amounts of muscle, then 21 Day Fix may be the three-week reset you’re looking for.

You can subscribe to Beachbody on Demand to get access to 21 Day Fix for $10 to $15 per month. Or, you can buy the DVDs and watch the program at home anytime.

Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender was created by a husband and wife team named Daniel and Kelli. At, you’ll discover a range of free workout videos targeting different parts of your body. Videos range from 15 to 90 minutes, targeting full body, lower body, upper body, core, and other areas. The longer workouts are a combination of strength training, HIIT, pilates, kickboxing, and core workouts, while shorter workouts target specific concerns.

Fitness Blender has free videos available online. They also offer multi-week training programs for $5 to $15 (along with free training programs.

Booty King Home Workout Program


The Booty King home workout plan is trending big in 2024. Designed as the perfect butt building program for women of any age or figure who want bigger glutes, the 3 month home fitness routine “Build-a-Booty” is full of proven workout exercises that are part of the booty transformation program that will transform your glutes as well as toning your upper body. The individual instructional videos are crafted to help ensure proper technique and form is held through all of the body-enhancing performance movements included.

Consumers who follow the Booty King at-home fitness plan will also get a special ab and core workout training routine that also covers a healthy diet and meal prep plan that can help accelerate the results of the program. Each Build-a-Booty workout is 50-60 minutes long, and only requires resistance bands and dumbbells to complete all of the at-home exercises. The Booty King home workout routine consists of 3 butt-boosting days, 2 upper body and core days.

The BootyKing Build-a-Booty home workout exercise workout program is a one time payment of $50.

Which Is Best Home Workout Plan to Start in 2024?

The choice of what fitness program to take on is a personal one. There’s no regimen that is a one-size-fits-all app or program, though many of the apps on this list feature various fitness levels so that anyone can do them. Whether you want to do ballet, yoga, or an intense cardio routine, one of these apps will likely give you just what you were looking for.

Who Should Follow a Home Workout Program?

Anyone can follow a home workout program for health and exercise benefits.

Some people follow home workout programs because they’re stuck at home. Maybe they have kids and find it more convenient to work out at home, for example.

Other people have unique schedules and prefer working out during the morning, evening, or night, for example, without leaving the home.

Other people are stuck at home during the quarantine. Gyms and parks are closed, leaving people no option but to work out at home.

Some people don’t like to work out at gyms. They’re self conscious or intimidated, for example. Other people don’t want to pay costly gym membership fees – especially if they only plan to workout once or twice a week.

Others work out at home because they want to lose weight or gain muscle mass. Even a basic bodyweight workout can lead to significant strength gains and weight loss.

Some just find home workouts more convenient. Instead of driving to the gym, changing into gym clothes, and using crowded machines, you can open a YouTube video in 5 seconds online from the comfort of your home.

Some of the home workouts above require equipment. Most home workouts, however, are designed to be performed without equipment – or with very basic equipment. In many cases, all you need is an empty area of your floor to get started.

As you get more advanced, consider investing in home workout equipment. Some of the intermediate and harder workouts work best with equipment – like a set of dumbbells or resistance bands.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Fitness Programs and Workouts

Misinformation is especially prevalent in the fitness community. Users need to be up-to-date on the nuanced differences between varying types of online fitness programs and workout regimens. This section should make this easier by answering some of the most commonly asked questions about online fitness programs and workouts.

Q: Do online fitness programs work?

A: Online coaches can provide ongoing support from a distance, which makes their programs an effective solution for consumers who want to improve their weight loss progress while never leaving the home. Rather than booking hour-long sessions at the gym each week, cost-effective online training memberships can make weight loss more accessible to many people.

Q: Are online fitness coaches worth it?

A: They can be. Online coaches are typically more cost-effective than physical personal trainers. And if you find just the right coach, they can support you throughout your entire weight loss journey. These programs are also often less time consuming than traditional training routes. You can schedule meetings around your daily schedule without having to even leave the house.

Q: What do fitness apps do?

A: Apps (applications) can be downloaded to any mobile device and perform various functions, allowing consumers to set fitness goals, track caloric intake, come up with workout ideas, all while remaining versatile and extremely mobile.

Q: What equipment do you need to workout at home?

A: Depending on the type of fitness program you choose to begin, helpful equipment might include resistance bands, medicine balls, sets of handheld dumbbells, balance balls, weighted arm bands, weighted jump ropes, yoga mats, exercise dice, an exercise bench, yoga straps, and more.

Q: What workout equipment is most effective?

A: Stationary bicycles, ankle weights, rowing machines, and treadmills, hand weights and resistance bands, and a number of additional equipment pieces can be helpful in promoting weight loss and strength building.

Q: What exercise machine burns the most calories?

A: Any machine that works the leg muscles can burn a solid amount of calories. Generally, any cardio exercise is also good for creating a caloric deficit. Consult with a nutritionist or your healthcare provider to figure out which weight loss programs might work best for you.

Q: What is an online fitness program?

A: An online fitness program is any workout system available over the internet. Many online fitness programs are designed to be performed from home, and most of these programs include phone applications that you can use to complete your workouts while on-the-go.

Q: What is the best online workout?

A: Popular online workouts include Peloton, All Out Studio, Mirror, and Tone It Up, and many others.

Q: How can you exercise at home?

A: You can exercise at home using any type of equipment, or even no equipment at all. Some online workout programs require basic equipment, such as a set of dumbbells. Many online workout programs, however, require no equipment at all. If you’re struggling to exercise at home, consider following an online fitness program.

Q: Where can you stream workouts?

A: You can stream workouts through Tone It Up, Mirror, All Out Studio, Peloton, and other popular home workout websites.

Q: How can you work out for free?

A: There are thousands of free workout programs available online. While some online workout programs are subscription-based, others are completely free for anyone to use. You can find home workouts for free on YouTube, for example. Searching for “free workout programs” online is always a good place to start.

Q: What is the best free exercise app?

A: Popular free exercise apps include Aaptiv, Fitbit Coach, Asana Rebel, Adidas Training, and Running by Runtastic. We won't make any claims on the objective best app, and users should do their own research to figure out which free apps might be the best for them.

Q: How do you workout online with friends?

A: You can workout online with friends using communication software like Skype, Zoom, or Facetime. Any online communication platform with video and audio capabilities might work well for this purpose. Alternatively, platforms like Spinning or Peloton offer live online running and cycling classes that you and your friends can simultaneously join.

Q: How can you exercise with friends?

A: You can exercise with friends by downloading the same online fitness programs, then starting the programs at the same time via Skype, Zoom, or Facetime. Alternatively, you can always join a live online fitness class at the same time for a shared workout experience.

Q: How do you find someone to workout with?

A: Ask around on social media for a workout partner. Given the quarantine, many people are searching for workout partners. Try sending an email or text to your more active friends. They could be looking for any excuse to start a home fitness program. Certain workout platforms give you instant access to a class of people. Peloton’s live classes, for example, let you compete against others using the leaderboard.

Q: How do you know if you had a good workout?

A: Everyone has different definitions for a good workout. Some people need to sweat to have a good workout. Others need their muscles to ache. Some people just need to feel more flexible. Anything can be a good workout: getting up and moving for a few minutes is better than sitting for a few minutes.

Q: Is it effective to workout at home?

A: Yes. Home workouts can be just as effective as gym workouts. Thanks to evolving technology, good home workouts are more accessible than ever. Some people can workout better at home than they could at a studio or gym. Home workouts also allow consumers to avoid some of the anxiety caused by working out around others.

Q: What is the best at home workout?

A: The best at home workout is a workout that helps you accomplish your health and fitness goals. Some people want an intense cardio home workout, for example, while others want to build strength. Some people want to do yoga, while others want the most intense workout of their lives.

Q: How can you get fit in 2 weeks at home?

A: The best way to get fit in two weeks from home is to start a regimented, clear home workout routine. Sign up for online fitness classes. Order some workout equipment online. Lookup free YouTube workout videos. Download a free workout app. All of these steps can help you start obtaining the quick results you need.

Q: What exercise burns the most belly fat?

A: Exercises that burn the most fat include running or walking, elliptical training, cycling, and strength training. However, it is impossible to specifically target belly fat with exercise: you’ll lose fat from all over your body, including your belly.

Q: How can you decrease your waist size?

A: You can decrease your waist size by implementing an effective diet and exercise routine. Good diet and exercise helps you lose weight, which can quickly drop inches from your waist. Running, walking, cycling, strength training, and elliptical training are all effective ways to lose weight and shrink your waist.

Q: How can you make your waist small?

A: You can make your waist small with a good diet and exercise routine. Running, walking, cycling, strength training, and elliptical training are all effective ways to lose weight and shrink your waist.

Q: What foods make your waist smaller?

A: No specific food can make your waist smaller. However, maintaining a caloric deficit (eating fewer calories than you burn) leads to weight loss, which makes your waist smaller. This is known to be one of the only effective ways to contribute to weight loss.

Q: What exercises shape your waist?

A: The best exercises for shaping your waist are oblique or abdominal exercises. Squats can also strengthen and tone the region. For specific information on shaping your waist, consult a nutritionist or personal trainer.

Q: How do you get curves fast?

A: Squats and other lower body strength training exercises can help any women get curves fast. Curves can be complicated, so consumers should consult a nutritionist to find out what might work best for their goals.

Q: How can you get curves naturally?

A: The best way to get curves naturally is to exercise. Focusing on lower body workouts, as well as practicing strength training and cardio exercises can help you get curves naturally, developing your lower body and helping you lose weight to accentuate your figure.

Q: How do you get curves in one day?

A: Weight loss and strength training aren’t significantly noticeable after one day. However, wearing the right-fitting clothing, or even shapewear, can help you get the appearance of curves in only one day.

Q: How do you lose fat but keep curves?

A: Strength training can help you lose fat but keep your curves. Strength training builds your muscles, replacing your fat with muscle mass. When done right, strength training can tone and firm up your body without impacting your curvy figure.

Q: Can you lose weight with curves?

A: Yes, you can lose weight with curves. Strength training can help you firm and tone up your body, for example, helping you lose weight while keeping your curves.

Q: How do you tone your curves?

A: You can tone your curves with strength training. Strength training can accentuate, strengthen, and firm up your curves without eliminating them.

Q: Will you lose your curves if you lose weight?

A: Losing weight does not necessarily mean losing curves. The right workout routine should include a blend of both strength training and cardio, and it can help you firm-up your curves, letting you lose weight without losing your curves.

Q: How often should you workout?

A: Some people safely work out every day. Generally, experts recommend working out 2 to 5 times per week. The answer to this question mostly depends on you and your individual needs.

Q: Should you warm up before working out at home?

A: Yes. Experts recommend warming up before any workout program. A good online fitness program includes both a warm-up and cool-down routine. If your program doesn't include these components, you might need to add your own.

Q: How long should a workout take?

A: An average workout takes 30 to 60 minutes. However, some home workout programs are designed to be completed in just 10 to 20 minutes.

Q: Should you change your workout every time?

A: The best workout routine targets your upper body, lower body, core, and full body. Make sure your workout routine is varied and targets different parts of your body to avoid imbalance. Switching between different workout programs may also be a good idea, as it exposes you to new exercises, trainers, and systems.

Q: Do you need equipment to work out at home?

A: No, you don’t need equipment to work out from home. Some workout programs recommend dumbbells, while others recommend other items – like a chair for triceps dips. You can find plenty of workout programs available online that require no equipment whatsoever.

Q: Are home workout programs easy?

A: Some home workout programs are designed for beginners, while others are designed for intermediate or expert users. Choose the program that matches your ability.

Q: Why aren't my workouts effective?

A: Diet accounts for 80 to 90% of your body transformation. Exercising is good, but you need to match it with a healthy diet to be successful. A solid combination of both diet and exercise is always preferable.

Q: Can exercising at home reduce stress?

A: Exercise is a proven way to reduce stress levels. Research has shown that regular exercise can significantly reduce stress.

Q: What are the benefits of exercising at home?

A: Exercise is linked with many benefits, including reduced stress, improved mood, a lower risk of cognitive decline, better sleep, improved energy, and a reduced risk of illness, among many other advantages.

Q: Is a sedentary lifestyle bad for you?

A: If you spend a lot of time at home, then you may have a sedentary lifestyle, which means you’re not moving very much. Sedentary lifestyles significantly increase your risk of heart attack, stroke, and many other issues. Exercising from home is linked with many health benefits.

Q: Can you start a home workout program with no experience?

A: Many home workout programs are designed for complete beginners. Even if you haven’t exercised in 20 years, or if you haven't ever worked out at all, you can find a home workout program to match your ability.

Q: How does Peloton work?

A: The Peloton bike is a high-end indoor bicycle with a Wi-Fi-enabled, 22-inch touchscreen. You pay a monthly subscription fee and can join live or on-demand classes. There’s a live leaderboard for each class, letting you match your skills with other users.

Q: What is the Peloton app?

A: The Peloton Digital app provides access to Peloton’s monthly subscription service of live or on-demand workout classes for cycling, running, yoga, and meditation. It’s priced at $13 per month and does not require any Peloton products – like the workout bike.

Q: What are body weight workouts?

A: Body weight workouts involve no additional weights – just the weight of your body. A push-up is a bodyweight workout, for example, as is a sit-up. Many home workout programs involve using only body weight.

Q: Are bodyweight exercises as effective as normal weights?

A: Yes. In fact, some research suggests bodyweight exercises are more effective than traditional weight lifting workouts, helping you develop a more natural and toned body designed to handle your body weight. You can adjust bodyweight exercises for different levels of difficulty. If a push-up is too easy, for example, then you may want to do a one-arm push-up instead.

Q: What are the best bodyweight exercises for beginners?

A: Push-ups, planks, lunges, and squats are all popular bodyweight exercises for beginners.

Q: Do I need to buy any equipment to workout at home?

A: No. Some home workout systems suggest using a set of dumbbells or other basic equipment, but many home workout programs require no equipment whatsoever.

Final Thoughts

Home workouts help you improve your health and fitness without leaving your house. A good home workout makes you sweat, lose weight, and gain strength – just like you would with a traditional workout.

We’re living in a golden age for home workouts. Streaming services have made it easier than ever to access effective home workouts.

The choice of what fitness program to take on is a highly personal and variable one. There’s no regimen that is a one-size-fits-all app or program, though many of the apps on this list feature various fitness levels so that anyone can do them. Whether you want to do ballet, yoga, or an intense cardio routine, one of these apps will likely give you just what you were looking for.

You can find plenty of free home workout programs on YouTube. Or, you can splurge on a home workout subscription service from Peloton or Beachbody.

Whatever your unique health and fitness goals may be, you can find a home workout program that matches your needs.

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