Hiya Vitamins: Review Hiya MultiVitamin Nutrients for Kids

Hiya Health Products feature the Hiya Vitamins that provide essential super nutrients for kids formulated by caring nutritionists and pediatricians for full-body nourishment with at home delivery.

Full Disclosure

Hiya is a kids multivitamin supplement formulated by pediatricians. Adults take a multivitamin – so why shouldn’t kids?

Found online at HiyaHealth.com, Hiya wants to reimagine multivitamins for kids, delivering essential vitamins and nutrients to support various benefits.

What is Hiya? How does Hiya work? What makes the supplements better than other vitamins for kids? Find out everything you need to know about Hiya today in our review.


What is Hiya?

Hiya is a vitamin supplement for kids. The supplement aims to provide children with the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals they need to support health.

Formulated by pediatricians, Hiya is marketed as “essential super nutrients for kids”. They come in colorful, eco-friendly, refillable packaging. You can subscribe to Hiya to receive regular supplement deliveries fresh to your door every month.

As part of a 2020 marketing campaign, Hiya is battling against conventional vitamin supplements for kids, which they describe as “sugar monsters”. These vitamins for kids are marketed as healthy solutions, but they contain so much sugar that they counteract any benefits.

The average multivitamin supplement for kids contains about 5g of added sugar, which is approximately the same amount of sugar as an Oreo cookie.

Here’s how Hiya describes the dangers of conventional vitamins for kids:

“As a precaution, millions of parents give their kids vitamins. But look closely and you’ll see these “vitamins” are filled with sugar, preservatives, chemicals, and other synthetic gummy junk kids should never eat.”

Hiya supplements are naturally sweetened with monk fruit and mannitol – not sugar. They’re also filled with fruit and vegetable ingredients. Because of these features, Hiya claims to be more effective than the “sugar monster” vitamins we normally give to children.

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How Does Hiya Work?

Hiya is formulated by pediatricians and contains 15 essential vitamins and minerals. Hiya claims these nutrients are “known to support immunity, growth, and development among kids”.

You subscribe to Hiya online today for around $30 per bottle, then receive a 30-day supply of fresh vitamins in a pouch every month. Kids are encouraged to decorate and keep the glass bottle, and subscribers receive eco-friendly refill pouches with a new supply of vitamins each month.

As mentioned above, Hiya emphasizes natural ingredients, plants, and vegetables. The vitamins are sweetened with monk fruit – not sugar. Like other sugar-free supplements, Hiya claims to deliver the sweetness of sugar without the downsides.

The 15 vitamins and minerals are sourced from 12 organic fruits and vegetables. Hiya claims to source these ingredients “fresh from farms”, blending them together into one super-powered chewable to fulfill a child’s nutritional needs.

Hiya Ingredients

Hiya emphasizes only the vitamins and minerals kids need – with no added junk, sweeteners, or filler ingredients.

The 15 vitamins and minerals in Hiya include:

Vitamin A: Hiya contains 360mcg of vitamin A, which purportedly supports immunity, healthy eyes, and cells. You get vitamin A from kale, carrots, and squash, among other sources. There are two important types of vitamin A, and Hiya contains both types.

Vitamin C: Hiya contains 40mcg of vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid. Hiya claims their vitamin C could support the immune system. Kids cannot produce vitamin C on their own, so they depend on outside sources.

Vitamin D: Hiya contains 25mcg of vitamin D, which supports the immune system and bone development. Hiya’s pediatricians claim 40% of children are deficient in vitamin D, and kids living in cold climates, obese kids, and picky eaters are all at a higher risk.

Vitamin E: Hiya contains 3.5mg of vitamin E in the form of D-alpha tocopherol. Vitamin E supports eyesight, the heart, and the immune system. You can get vitamin E from spinach, almonds, and avocados.

Vitamin B1: Hiya contains 0.5mg of vitamin B1 (thiamin) to support concentration, sleep, and general mood.

Riboflavin: Hiya contains 0.6mcg of riboflavin, which is found naturally in spinach, bananas, and asparagus. Riboflavin could support eyesight, energy, and cell growth.

Vitamin B9: Hiya contains 300mcg of vitamin B9 (folate), which is found naturally in broccoli, avocado, and Brussels sprouts. It supports energy and cellular growth, among other benefits.

Vitamin B12: Hiya contains 2mcg of methylcobalamin (vitamin B12), which is surprisingly uncommon in other children’s health supplements. It’s known to support sleep and other benefits.

Vitamin B7: Hiya contains 25mcg of vitamin B7 (biotin) to support cellular growth and healthy skin.

Vitamin B5: Hiya contains 2.5mcg of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), which supports energy, sleep, and focus, among other benefits.

Calcium: There are 20mcg of calcium carbonate in Hiya, which has been shown to support healthy bones and development.

Iodine: There are 50mcg of potassium iodide in Hiya, which has been shown to support thyroid function and is often overlooked in other children’s vitamin supplements.

Zinc: Hiya has 3mg of zinc, which supports immunity and helps with infections, among other benefits.

Selenium: Hiya uses selenium to support sleep, mood, and inflammation, among other benefits. There are 15mcg of selenium in Hiya.

Manganese: Hiya has 1.5mcg of manganese, which supports inflammation and metabolism. Manganese is found naturally in tofu, potatoes, and chickpeas.

What is Monk Fruit Extract?

Hiya makes a big deal out of the fact that it uses monk fruit extract for sweetness – not sugar. But what is monk fruit extract?

Monk fruit is a tropical melon 100 times sweeter than sugar. The fruit is also known as luo han guo or “Buddha fruit”. It grows naturally in Southeast Asia, and it looks like a small, round fruit.

Monk fruit has been around for decades, but it has surged to popularity in recent years as people search for alternatives to sugar. In 2010, the United States Food and Drug Administration approved monk fruit extract as a sweetener.

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners have used monk fruit for centuries. Some even describe monk fruit as a superfood because of its antioxidant properties.

Monk fruit contains natural sugars like fructose and glucose. However, these sugars are found at a significantly higher concentration, which means even a small amount of monk fruit extract can sweeten a small supplement like Hiya.

Monk fruit extract has not been extensively studied. However, it has been used for centuries with no reported side effects. Overall, it should work as advertised to sweeten Hiya with no harmful side effects.

To enhance sweetness further, Hiya contains an ingredient called mannitol, which they describe as “an all-natural sweetener found in strawberries and pumpkins”.

Mannitol, also known as manna sugar, is a colorless, sweet sugar alcohol produced by plants. The Food and Drug Administration has approved mannitol has a diuretic and as a sweetener for diabetics and other sugar-intolerant people. It’s also used as a surgical cleansing agent. Mannitol, like monk fruit extract, should work as advertised to safely sweeten Hiya.

Hiya Pricing

Hiya is priced at $30 per bottle per month. Parents with multiple children can get a discount by ordering multiple bottles at once.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 1 Kid: $30 per bottle
  • 2 Kids: $28 per bottle
  • 3 Kids: $25 per bottle
  • 4 Kids: $24 per bottle

All prices include shipping. Currently, Hiya only ships to addresses in the United States.

As part of a recent promotion, Hiya drops prices 50% on your first order, which means you pay $11.50 to $15 per bottle for your first month.

After ordering Hiya, you will receive an initial glass bottle with a 30-day supply of vitamins. Then, every 30 days thereafter, you will receive a refill bag. You pour the refill bag vitamins into the glass jar.

You can cancel your Hiya subscription at any time.

Hiya Refund Policy

Hiya offers a refund on all purchases with no return required. You can request a refund on Hiya at any point, although the company reserves the right to deny certain refunds.

About Hiya Health Products, LLC

Hiya’s founders were disappointed with traditional children’s supplements. They wanted to find a multivitamin that “wasn’t basically candy”. The founders spent three years curating top pediatricians, nutritionists, scientists, and parents to formulate their chewable Hiya supplement.

You can contact Hiya via the following:

  • Phone: 844-388-4492
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Mailing Address: 1501 Haines Street, Jacksonville, FL 32206

Final Word

Hiya was founded based on the idea that traditional children’s multivitamins are “basically candy in disguise”. That’s why Hiya launched its own children’s multivitamin supplement. Hiya is a multivitamin for children sweetened with monk fruit extract and mannitol – not sugar.

Priced at $30 for a one-month supply, Hiya is significantly more expensive than a traditional multivitamin. However, the company emphasizes easy deliveries, convenient service, and healthier kids.

To learn more about Hiya and how the supplement works, visit online today at HiyaHealth.com.

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