Hemp Emu: Safe Hemp CBD Pain Relief Roll-On Gel Product?

Hemp Emu is a roll-on gel that delivers CBD to the source of pain topically. The product is available from the official website and has already been featured on Fox News, NBC, CBS, and other networks for its powerful effect that is THC-free.

What is Hemp Emu?

Pain can be an overwhelming sensation. This simple fact has created an entire industry of medications and prescription drugs that are meant to fool the brain into thinking that the individual isn’t experiencing the pain.

While some of these remedies can help the discomfort to subside, they are often filled with ingredients that can damage the liver or even cause a tolerance that requires the user to increase their dosage. There are many topical products to get to the source of the issue as it is absorbed through the skin, and products like Hemp Emu target this method of the application effectively.

Hemp Emu offers “maximum pain relief” with 400 mg of concentrated CBD. According to the website, this formula can:

The treatment targets inflammation through a transdermal application, and the emu oil has already been certified by the American Emu Association.

How Hemp Emu Works

To get the most impact from the hemp, the creators source their plants from organic providers, developing formulas from CBD isolate. The website states that other creators of these types of products typically use “hemp seed oil,” which is a sign that their products contain no CBD whatsoever. Without CBD, there are no true effects on the oil’s use, which is why this type of oil is found in food instead.

Along with hemp oil, the creators blend the formula with emu oil and menthol, offering anti-inflammatory benefits while cooling the area in pain. The use of menthol and other cold-inducing product help to stimulate receptors in the body that block pain signals from being sent.

Using the Gel

Rather than having to ingest anything, the powerful sensation of Hemp Emu can be felt with topical application. The roll-on applicator allows the user to directly rub on the gel from the bottle to the skin, acting quickly to alleviate pain. The treatment is safe to apply to the joints and muscles, including ankles, feet, hands, hips, knees, wrists, elbows, neck, back, and shoulders.

Since this treatment is topical, there should be no negative interaction with any ingestible supplements or oral medications.

Purchasing Hemp Emu

Consumers can purchase Hemp Emu from the official website in a 3-bottle bundle for $69.95. The amount of time that the gel lasts entirely depends on the user, as it is not a daily treatment.

If the user doesn’t get the desired benefits, the product comes with a 30-day return policy.

Contacting the Creators of Hemp Emu

Even with the information that is provided to consumers online, there may be other questions that need to be answered before and after purchases are made. Reach out to customer service via phone call or email.

  • Phone number: 855-223-1516
  • Email address: info@hempemu.com

Hemp Emu Pain Relief Summary

Hemp Emu is designed for consumers that want to alleviate their pain with natural ingredients, rather than synthetic products on the market today. The formula can be applied topically and offers consumers the anti-inflammatory and cooling benefits of hemp oil, emu oil, and menthol. Consumers that already treat their pain with a regimen from their doctor may want to speak with a medical professional to integrate the products.

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