Top Glucosamine Supplements Of 2024 – Best Joint Health Relief?

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Being healthy is an important part of life. There are many vital body parts that contribute to our overall health and our joints are amongst them, but they are frequently overlooked. As we age, our joints can become easily inflamed and sometimes even damaged.

Arthritis is often a huge part of joint problems that contribute to our deteriorating health. It is estimated that roughly 54.5 million U.S. adults have been told by a doctor that they have some form of arthritis. Luckily, there is a supplement out there that can help you with your joint pain and inflammation.

Glucosamine plays a huge role in our joint health. It is derived from amino acids and contains the capability of reducing pain and inflammation in our joints by rebuilding the damaged cartilage in our joints as well as reducing the space between our joints as they deteriorate.

At the given moment, glucosamine is primarily used to help treat osteoarthritis, the deterioration of cartilage between our bones which can occur in middle age and onward which reduces the cushioning capabilities of the cartilage. Osteoarthritis causes stiffness and pain in the joints and can be a huge problem for anyone suffering from it.

Some people have found out that glucosamine can also help a lot with other types of joint pains besides osteoarthritis. It seems to help with the condition of your joints even if you do not suffer from serious conditions like arthritis. Because of these positive results, many have turned to glucosamine to help with any type of joint-related problems.


10 Best Glucosamine Supplements Of 2024

The issue is choosing the right type of a glucosamine supplement since most of them contain additional compounds that can also provide additional benefits. Fortunately, we have the knowledge that you need to make that decision as easy as possible. Here is the list of our top recommended glucosamine supplements that many have found to be very useful for treating their joint pain.

Keep in mind that these products aren’t listed in any particular order; they are simply the best options that we have run into that most users have tried.

1. Schiff Glucosamine

If you are looking for a large dose of glucosamine then Schiff Glucosamine tables are the choice for you. Each pill offers 1,000 milligrams of glucosamine hydrochloride with an additional 1.6 milligrams of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid has been speculated to be able to help glucosamine regenerate the damaged cartilage in our joints.

2. Made in Utah Glucosamine Chondroitin Turmeric MSM

Not all supplements are made the same way. Some companies are trying to capitalize on that fact and try to offer what they call a higher-quality product to the consumers. Made in Utah is amongst those companies. Each tablet of the Made in Utah Glucosamine Chondroitin Turmeric MSM comes with 500 milligrams of glucosamine, turmeric, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), chondroitin, and a few other extras which are less common.

Additionally, to reduce the swelling and inflammation that often occurs as you develop joint issues, Made in Utah decided to add methionine, boswellia extract, and quercetin into the supplement they are offering.

3. Nutriflair Premium Glucosamine Chondroitin Turmeric MSM

Another supplement that contains a bit more than just glucosamine in it is made by Nutriflair Premium. Besides the 500 milligrams of glucosamine, Nutriflair Premium also decided to add a mix of methionine and quercetin to reduce that swelling and inflammation even further.

Unlike other supplement makers we have mentioned, Nutriflair Premium has decided to reduce the number of filler compounds in their supplement, which might be appealing to some customers who are interested in keeping their systems as chemical-free as possible.

4. Doctor’s Best Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM

Unlike some of the other supplements we have mentioned, Doctor’s Best glucosamine supplement has a bit more packed into it than others. Some might think that the extra ingredients might be a bit too much and result in being less effective since they are designed to target joint ache through various methods. Nonetheless, it seems that this supplement is capable of delivering on its promise to alleviate all joint aches.

However, while one serving of Doctor’s Best Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM does offer the recommended 1,500 milligrams of glucosamine, the problem is that you have to take four tablets to satisfy the serving size. This requirement to take four tablets to satisfy the daily dosage is so high partially due to the additional ingredients in this supplement which make it difficult to satisfy the correct dosage with fewer pills.

5. BlueBonnet Glucosamine Chondroitin Plus MSM

While BlueBonnet does offer some of the highest quality supplements available on the market and constantly bolsters the source of their ingredients, the problem is that they offer very little actual glucosamine in each tablet, so getting the recommended dosage of it to successfully stop joint pain can be somewhat problematic.

Additionally, we noticed that because of the high-quality of ingredients and the highly praised reputation of BlueBonnet, the price for this supplement is pretty high.

6. Kirkland Signature Glucosamine With MSM

Kirkland Signature has been known for providing supplements that are pretty simple in nature and straight to the point. There is no need for additional ingredients that might or might not make the whole supplement more effective; instead, they choose to stick to what they know works: glucosamine.

The dosage in each tablet of the Kirkland Signature brand of this supplement is at 750 milligrams, which means you would have to take two pills to satisfy the daily suggested intake of glucosamine.

There are quite a few binders and fillers which are holding everything in this supplement together, but not too many to make it a concerning factor. Kirkland Signature Glucosamine with MSM is definitely worth using.

7. Vimerson Health Glucosamine Chondroitin Turmeric & MSM

Sometimes simply using glucosamine might not be enough to conquer the joint ache that you might be experiencing. This is where Vimerson Health comes into play. They have decided to add a few special ingredients which are thought to help with joint pain, inflammation, and swelling.

While this increased amount of ingredients will certainly help you reduce joint ache as much as possible, the downside is that delivering the right dosage of glucosamine has to be done by taking 3 tablets, each containing 500 milligrams of glucosamine. This might not be an issue for most users, but some do find taking extra tablets cumbersome.

8. Zenwise Advanced Strength Joint Support

If you are trying to focus on joint regeneration while relieving as much pain as possible in your joints, then Zenwise Advanced Strength Joint Support is the perfect product for you. Each tablet contains less than the desired amount of 500 milligrams of glucosamine, but it also contains the typical ingredients designed to reduce joint ache and swelling like hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, and MSM.

At the same time, you can reduce your joint inflammation even further by taking advantage of boswellia and curcumin, which are very well known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

9. NOW Glucosamine

Even though it isn’t clear from its name, NOW Glucosamine does contain the three ingredients that most joint pain relief supplement have in them: MSM, chondroitin, and glucosamine. The best news is that NOW Glucosamine doesn’t contain all those extra fillers and coloring agents, which means you will get everything that you need delivered into your system to fight joint ache while avoiding extra unnecessary ingredients.

10. Vitabreeze Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM & Turmeric

This supplement is definitely one of the more popular joint pain relief supplements we have seen on the market. However, we do have to mention that each table only delivers 400 milligrams of glucosamine and the rest is being filled up by MSM and chondroitin.

While in theory all you have to do is take more tablets to satisfy your daily recommended dosage for glucosamine, this also means you will have to purchase this supplement more frequently.

Benefits And Side Effects

In most cases, joint ache is caused by the deteriorations of the cartilage located between your joints, which is designed to absorb the impact from your bones as the joint moves. As you get older, the joints with damaged cartilage end up inflaming and swelling, thus resulting in major pain around them.

Glucosamine is an amino acid and a complex carbohydrate which reduces this pain in your joints. It essentially helps your cartilage increase water absorption, which increases the cushioning it can provide for your joints. This successfully reduces pain and irritation. Additionally, it is speculated that glucosamine might have the ability to increase the synthesis of cartilage tissue.


It was in the early 1980s that the first experiments with using glucosamine to treat joint ache surfaced. These experiments involved a relatively small amount of people. One of the first studies in 1981 by the journal Pharmatherapeutica was concluded on only 30 participants who were suffering from arthritis and used a small dosage of 400 mg of glucosamine.

The final result of their study concluded that glucosamine significantly reduces the amount of pain that the participants experienced in their joints after a few weeks of taking the supplement.

Later studies focused on larger groups of participants with osteoarthritis in attempts to prevent it or at the very least help treat it. The Lancet, a famous journal, published a study in 2001 which included 212 participants who had early stages of osteoarthritis in the knees. The group was divided into two halves, one was given the glucosamine supplement in 1500 mg dosage while the other half was given placebos and was determined to be the control group.

This study lasted 3 years and each participant was carefully monitored with x-rays to determine the progression of their osteoarthritis. When the study was concluded, it was determined that the subjects who have been taking glucosamine had no joint space narrowing, while the control group had significant narrowing in their joint space. This means that glucosamine was very successful at slowing down or perhaps even fully stopping the progression of their osteoarthritis.

The conclusions that have been made from these studies indicate that glucosamine has the ability to encourage our joint cartilage to maintain its health. Most speculate that this is due to its ability to increase water absorption by our cartilage. It is also possible that glucosamine promotes synthesis of our cartilage as well.

The latter can be attributed to a study done in 1998 by a group of Italian scientists who exposed human cartilage tissue to a solution of glucosamine sulfate, which resulted in increased production of a protein called proteoglycan. This protein happens to make up a large amount of the mass of our cartilage.

Furthermore, the production of this protein was continuously increased for a 12 day period after the exposure to glucosamine, which provides valid evidence for how glucosamine might reduce the loss of joint space.

While protecting the space between joints is vital to improving the health of our joints, the primary objective of glucosamine is to reduce aches associated with our joints. The Annals of Rheumatic Diseases published a paper on a trial that they have conducted on 600 participants that compared data between two groups of people, one that was given a placebo and one that was given a glucosamine supplement, which lasted 2 years. All of the patients suffered from osteoarthritis.

The final results indicated that similar to the other studies, the joint space was narrowed for the subjects who were taking the placebos and did not for those who were taking glucosamine. However, the study also determined that there wasn’t much of a difference between the levels of pain that each group experienced throughout the study.

Not all research regarding pain reduction in joints via the help of glucosamine produced negative results. A large meta-analysis concluded that pain levels which are re-experienced as you perform regular daily tasks while taking glucosamine supplements are in fact much lower.

Unfortunately, the reality is that glucosamine hasn’t been determined to be a provably viable supplement for joint ache that is not related to arthritis. This essentially means that there is no research proving that glucosamine is an effective supplement for other purposes.

Side Effects

Glucosamine has been around for a long time now and there have been many different trials, studies, and researches done about it. This means that there have been plenty of opportunities to discover any potential risks or side effects involving the use of glucosamine.

Major clinical trials have concluded that glucosamine is very well tolerated by our bodies and the only reported side effects weren’t much different than the reports from placebo control groups. The only potential issue is that glucosamine is actually derived from marine shells. This means that those who are allergic to shellfish should definitely stay away from any supplement that has glucosamine in it. Otherwise, feel free to enjoy this supplement to the fullest of its capabilities.

Recommended Dosage

Just like with any supplement out there, the dosage of glucosamine can drastically vary depending on each person and the state that their joints are in. Most of the studies we looked at have tested glucosamine in doses anywhere between 400 mg to 1,500mg daily. However, there haven’t been any clinical trials or research done to determine what the optimal dosage should be.

There has been a study which determined the maximum amount of glucosamine that your body can absorb. Researchers in Italy did a study on a group of volunteers who were administered single doses of glucosamine ranging from 750 mg to 3,000 mg. It was determined that blood glucosamine levels were increased up to the dosage of 1,500 mg of the supplement. Any dosage which was higher than 1,500 mg did not increase your blood glucosamine levels because your body can’t absorb much of the supplement beyond this level.

So, it seems the best amount of glucosamine to take in a supplement is 1,500 mg daily to get the most effect out of it.

Top Glucosamine Supplements Of 2024 Final Words

While there hasn’t been much evidence that glucosamine can help with join ache not related to arthritis, many are still taking this supplement for that exact reason and have submitted much feedback regarding glucosamine’s effectiveness on their aching joints.

Medically speaking, this supplement has been proven to help those who suffer from osteoarthritis and can prevent the narrowing of space between joints as our cartilages deteriorate. Some evidence also points to glucosamine’s ability to decrease pain while performing daily tasks.

Overall, judging from the feedback and studies we have researched, if you suffer from arthritis then glucosamine supplements are definitely worth trying. The chances are good that they will help you with your daily life.

If the reason for your joint ache isn’t arthritis, then it is possible that glucosamine will not help at all and the only way to determine whether it is effective is to purchase it and take it over a period of time. One thing is certain; the best dosage for glucosamine seems to be 1,500 mg of the supplement per day.

We always suggest conversing with your doctor or medical professional to determine whether taking any supplement might be beneficial for your specific case. While there are positive reviews about glucosamine around every corner, we can’t determine the effect it will have on you specifically. This is why it’s always recommended to get feedback from your doctor.

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