Glucose Factor: 2024 Blood Sugar Product Review Research

Science Natural Supplements Glucose Factor formulated by Dr. Zane Sterling is a product designed to support healthy blood sugar levels and help fight the ongoing Diabetes War naturally.

Full Disclosure

Glucose Factor is a dietary supplement formulated by Dr. Zane Sterling that claims to support healthy blood sugar by a natural breakthrough called ‘cellular reversal' and is made by Science Natural Supplements.

Glucose Factor is created for diabetics who want help controlling their blood sugar levels and are tired of sticking scary needles in their body or dealing with daily insulin shots. Science Natural Supplements claims that by taking Glucose Factor daily, you can reduce your dependence on insulin, blood testing, and pharmaceuticals all together using a natural doctor-formulated supplement.

Science Natural Supplements just launched a new online awareness campaign for Glucose Factor called “The Diabetes War”. The consumer-conscious campaign describes how the pharmaceutical industry and $245 billion ‘Diabetes Industry' are using diabetics as pawns in “The Diabetes War” while counting their stacks of money and profits being made on people dealing with high blood glucose sugar levels in the body.

The idea behind “The Diabetes War” awareness campaign is that big pharmaceutical companies aren’t interested in developing a cure for diabetes. It’s more profitable for them to continue selling insulin at inflated prices to “lifetime customers”. Diabetics are just a pawn in this game and Dr. Sterling formulated Glucose Factor as a natural means to help provide a solution to this glaring, growing problem.

Science Natural Supplements claims that “erratic blood sugar isn’t triggered by a bad diet and a lack of exercise”. Instead, it’s triggered by outside factors that prevent your body from processing sugar correctly.

The company has developed a “cellular reversal solution” that has been “scientifically verified” to manage blood sugar levels for diabetics. By taking this supplement daily, you can stabilize your blood sugar without changing your diet or exercise. As many people who have Type II Diabetes or even Pre-Diabetes, it is vital to your health and well-being to be 100% focused on maintaining healthy blood sugar levels which is what Science Natural Supplements made Glucose Factor to help with.

Can Glucose Factor really provide relief for your diabetes? Or is this just another over-hyped supplement backed by little scientific evidence like so many blood sugar formulas are online? Let’s take a closer look at what Glucose Factor is and how it works in our Glucose Factor review.

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What is Glucose Factor?

Glucose Factor is a blood sugar support supplement that comes in a capsule. You take one capsule per day to support healthy blood sugar levels.

Many diabetics struggle to get erratic blood sugar levels under control. Glucose Factor, however, claims to offer a “27-second solution” that “has the power to give you your life back” because it addresses the root cause of why our bodies get high blood sugar. Dr. Zane reveals why glucose levels spike in the body is mainly due to outside factors that prevent cells from processing sugars optimally.

The formula consists of vitamins and minerals mixed with a handful of herbal extracts. There are also ingredients like L-taurine and alpha-lipoic acid.

A bottle of Glucose Factor is priced between $30 and $50, depending on how many bottles you buy. Each bottle contains 60 capsules or a one month supply.

Like other high quality reputable supplements sold by Science Natural Supplements, Glucose Factor comes with a 180-day money-back guarantee. If you’re unhappy with the supplement for any reason, you can return it.

How Does Glucose Factor Work?

Can a nutritional supplement really reduce your symptoms of diabetes? How does Glucose Factor work?

The Glucose Factor supplement is based on the idea of cellular rejuvenation. Essentially, Science Natural Supplements argues that damaged “zombie cells” become “collection points” for toxins and free radicals. These damaged cells cause chaos throughout the body. They impact blood pressure, blood sugar, and other crucial functions and often lead to a nightmare game of ‘Diabetes Roulette'.

The food we eat and the air we breathe purportedly causes environmental stress to the body. The toxins build up in zombie cells until the body is overwhelmed which can lead to a number of less than desirable side effects like diarrhea, fatigue, strange muscle pains and even increased physical weakness.

“It’s like a rotten apple poisoning the whole bunch,” explains the official Glucose Factor website dramatically. Despite the dreaded outcome of having blood sugar levels all over the place, this can further lead to a chain reaction of high triglycerides and high “bad” cholesterol levels (LDL) symptoms. But even more than those, it can lead to metabolic syndrome which is cluster of conditions that can lead to heart disease, increased blood pressure or strokes.

Glucose Factor claims to use special ingredients that wipe out zombie cells and rejuvenate your body by taking these ingredients daily. Dr. Zane even alludes to how you can remove zombie cells from your body, flush environmental toxins away, and avoid chronic disease while strengthening your immune system and avoid long-term damage if dealt with in a timely manner.

The formula contains dozens of ingredients designed specifically to target this benefit – including cinnamon, a woody vine called ‘gurmar’, and various vitamins and minerals.

It’s a good story – but is any of this stuff supported by science? Let’s take a closer look at some of the evidence behind Glucose Factor and see if these ‘zombie hunters' can provide the kind of bodily defense and protection needed to win the battle against the Diabetes War.

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Scientific Evidence for Glucose Factor

Right off the bat, it is important to note that Glucose Factor has not been studied in any clinical trials. Science Natural Supplements has not invested in any type of formal research for its formula. However, the ingredients inside Glucose Factor have been studied by science. Glucose Factor cites a number of studies to support its stated benefits for helping regulate blood sugar levels.

First, we have cinnamon. The manufacturer claims cassia cinnamon “helps at the cellular level as a powerful antioxidant”, helping to remove environmental toxins that are wreaking havoc on your cells. The manufacturer cites one study where humans took 250mg of cinnamon per 12 weeks and improved antioxidant values by “up to 23%”. All of these antioxidants also helped decrease fasting glucose levels.

Another study published in 2004 by the University of California Santa Barbara was titled, “Cinnamon May Help to Alleviate Diabetes”. Researchers based their findings on cellular and molecular studies that showed cinnamon could function as an insulin substitute in type II diabetics.

Glucose Factor also includes an ingredient called gurmar, which is a woody vine that grows in Australia, Africa, and India. Gurmar is formally known as Gymnema sylvestre. The name ‘gurmar’ actually means “sugar destroyer” in Hindi. The plant purportedly fights cellular damage at the source by acting as an anti-inflammatory, giving your cells the chance they need to rejuvenate. One study also linked gurmar to significant decreases in body weight and body mass index, reducing the amount of glucose and unhealthy fats in the bloodstream.

Glucose Factor also contains a tropical fruit called bitter melon. Science Natural Supplements claims bitter melon “has a proven track record at battling inflammation at the cellular level” while also providing “powerful blood sugar support”. Thanks to bitter melon, your cells process glucose into energy, moving it to your liver so it doesn’t collect in the bloodstream. One study found that middle-aged adults taking bitter melon for three months had their metabolic syndrome indicators drop significantly.

The fourth key ingredient in Glucose Factor is called Banaba leaf. Banaba is a plant native to the Philippines and Southeast Asia. The plant contains corosolic acid that can decrease blood sugar levels in humans within 60 minutes of consumption.

Science Natural Supplements calls these four ingredients its “anti-zombie complex” for their ability to tackle “zombie cells”. All four ingredients work in a similar way: they act as antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, helping your body in multiple ways – including by helping your body regulate blood sugar.

Other crucial ingredients that also act as anti-inflammatories and blood sugar regulators include vitamin C, vitamin E, white mulberry leaf powder, zinc oxide, and alpha lipoic acid. Each of these ingredients is found in Glucose Factor.

Glucose Factor Ingredients

Science Natural Supplements is transparent with its list of ingredients in Glucose Factor. The company publishes the full list of ingredients online. There are no proprietary formulas or hidden ingredient dosages which is a nice nod of confidence that speaks volumes to the reputation both SNS and Dr. Zane Sterling carry together.

glucose factor supplement facts label for ingredients

As you can see, Glucose Factor contains small amounts (10mg to 50mg) of the herbs listed above along with approximately half of your recommended Daily Value (DV) of vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, manganese, and chromium.

Altogether, these ingredients make up the “anti-zombie complex” in Glucose Factor.

How Much Does Glucose Factor Cost?

Glucose Factor is priced between $30 and $50. The more bottles you buy, the more you save. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 1 Month Supply (60 Capsules): $49 Per Bottle + Free Shipping
  • 3 Month Supply (180 Capsules): $117 ($39 Per Bottle) + Free Shipping
  • 6 Month Supply (360 Capsules): $174 ($29 Per Bottle) + Free Shipping

Science Natural Supplements recommends that you start by taking one capsule per day before gradually raising your dose to two capsules per day.

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Glucose Factor Refund Policy

Glucose Factor has a surprisingly generous refund policy. Science Natural Supplements will give you a full refund immediately if you have any complaints about Glucose Factor within 180 days of buying it. You don’t even have to return the bottles. All you need to do is email Glucose Factor’s customer service team. You’ll get your money back with no questions asked.

Here’s how the company explains its refund policy:

“…you’ll get a full refund immediately…With zero hassles and zero questions asked…Plus you don’t even have to return your bottles of Glucose Factor either…”

It’s hard to argue against a generous refund policy like that.

About Science Natural Supplements

Science Natural Supplements is a Las Vegas, Nevada-based supplement manufacturer.

The company offers a lineup of trendy nutritional supplements, including Ageless-T, BioHarmony, Turmeric with Ginger, Acai Max Detox, and several turmeric-based supplements.

Science Natural Supplements was launched by Cody Bramlett, a former gym owner who discovered ingredients like turmeric while researching and traveling the world. He was impressed by the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of ingredients like turmeric, so he decided to launch a lineup of supplements based around turmeric and other ingredients.

The sales page for Glucose Factor also mentions a doctor named Dr. Zane Sterling of course. Dr. Sterling is said to have founded natural health care clinics in San Diego, Sun Valley, and Boise. However, it’s unclear what position he holds with the company aside from being the lead formulator for almost all of their products.

You can contact Science Natural Supplements via the following:

  • Phone: (800) 305-1445
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 304 S. Jones Blvd #1878 Las Vegas, NV 89107

Final Word

Glucose Factor is a nutritional supplement that makes bold claims about its ability to defeat diabetes and help anyone manage blood sugar. In reality, Glucose Factor contains a range of anti-inflammatories and antioxidants that could have various benefits throughout your body – but are certainly not proven to defeat diabetes.

There is no known cure for diabetes, and you should not replace your insulin with a supplement unless directed by a doctor. However, if you’re interested in taking a supplement to help manage certain diabetes symptoms, then it’s possible Glucose Factor may work as advertised. The refund policy is also surprisingly generous, and Science Natural Supplements clearly stands behind its product.

Whether or not Science Natural Supplements Glucose Factor can help you win the Diabetes War remains to be seen, but given all of the research out in front of us and the compelling insights provided by Dr. Zane Sterling, the product is all-natural and carries the biggest benefit of helping maintain healthy blood sugar levels which is vital to the overall wellness of the body.

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