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FitSmoke – Smart Cigarette Packet & App Tracks Smoking Habits?


Quitting smoking is among one of the hardest addictions to kick. Many people try dozens of times to quit and spend more time thinking about it than anything else. There is a common saying about those who smoke and that is; I’ve tried to quit and I just can’t’. You see, there’s a lot to be said about that. People want to quit, but finding the motivation or the will power can be daunting.

We might even compare it to when you have an itch, you scratch it. And in the event, you can’t scratch it, that itch will be the only thing on your mind until you can scratch it. Right? Thing is, not scratching an itch won’t kill you one day – might feel like it, but no one has ever died from not being able to scratch. It is possible you take your mind somewhere else and the itch goes away.

About FitSmoke

FitSmoke is along those same lines. This application and device, are designed to help you do a few things:

  1. Track your smoking habits and allow you to set limits gradually to help decrease the amount
  2. In the secure pack, keep the safe from children and those who are always asking you for a smoke
  3. The inclusion of games to take your mind somewhere else than on the cigarette
  4. Help you reach goals with the inception of a points system that in itself can be quite addicted (a good addictive though!)
  5. Help you save money – by keeping track of how much money you are saving when not buying cigarettes
  6. The incorporation of a community that will help support you and be able to challenge each other through the different games

The Design of the FitSmoke Cigarette Pack

Described as an easy to carry and use device. It is resistant so that the cigarettes inside will not be squished and the round corners make it easy to slide into a purse or pocket. The pack itself, holds up to twenty (20) cigarettes.

This pack works with both the iOs and Android application systems and uses Bluetooth technology. The battery, will last up to three (3) months and the weight of the pack is less than 100 grams.

How Did This Concept Come About?

Andrea is a truck drive by trade and an inventor through and through. He found however that when he was driving his truck, he would light a cigarette one after the other and started losing track of how much he was in fact smoking. He knew he wanted to reduce the amount he was smoking so he started to keep track on a piece of paper. And, started keeping his pack out of reach while driving. This, is where the idea happened.

He wanted to create a way that others could do the same, but make it more technologically focused and even fun along the way.

Shortly thereafter, he put together a team to help him carry out this vision. His team is composed of a logistics expert, a legal and marketing manager, a product designed and someone to manage all the communications.

Why Kickstarter?

FitSmoke was introduced to the Kickstarter community to help get this much needed device off the ground with the help of the community and those who knew this could be the answer they are looking for to quit smoking.

The timeline for its release is March 2018 and presently they are still on schedule. To back this project, there are a few options to choose from starting with:

  • €39 (or more) you will receive a FitSmoke Packet at 51% off the retail price (quantities limited)
  • €49 (or more) you will receive a FitSmoke Packet at 38% off the retail price (quantities limited)
  • €59 (or more) you will receive a FitSmoke packet with a personalized packet.
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