Essential Oils Revolution

The Essential Oils Revolution is a Natural Living Family presentation and Essential Oils for Abundant Living wellness program by Dr. Zielinski about using aromatherapy as a healthy healing protocol.

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Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their therapeutic benefits, and they have become rather trendy for consumers today to use for their own health. They are touted as solutions to the immune system, for sleep, to balance out blood sugar, to keep a good mood, and even to act as a cleaning product. Consumers will have the chance to learn even more about what essential oils can do for them directly at an upcoming event called the Essential Oils Revolution.

Essential Oils Revolution Review

Immediately upon registration, consumers will be able to access several free gifts, which includes:

  • Women’s Health Series: Libido and PMS by Eric Zielinski, DC
  • DIY Healing Skin Serum by Eric Zielinski, DC
  • Essential Oils on a Budget by Tiffany Terczak
  • Coronavirus Support Series from both Dr. Eric Zielinski and Wendy Myers FDN-P

As health problems continue to arise for the general public, there are many answers available, and it is hard to know where to turn. Essential oils have consistently offered a powerful option for consumers, especially as an alternative medicine. To ensure that consumers understand the right ways to combine these remedies, Zielinski has developed a guide in a PDF format that includes the ways to diluted essential oils and much more.

Through this event, consumers will see 49 different presentations that show evidence, discussions, and advice from the experts that know this type of product so well. The event will also include a women’s health video series, interviews with the experts and additional training.


What Will Consumers Learn at the Essential Oils Revolution?

What Will Consumers Learn at the Essential Oils Revolution?

The whole point of this event is to bring further awareness to the use of essential oils and the way that they can change consumers. Through the program, consumers will learn:

  • Important details and facts about aromatherapy as a science.
  • Practical ways that essential oils can be used by humans and pets alike.
  • How to use aromatherapy to support the needs of the immune system.
  • How to make a hand sanitizer or cleaning products from essential oils.
  • Tips on what they can do to balance hormones and regulate their blood sugar levels.
  • How to reduce pain.
  • The keys to reducing stress for better sleep.
  • How essential oils can be integrated into cooking.

As time progresses, there are many companies that have come up with essential oils that either don’t have the purity that they need to work or that lie about their effects. As counterfeit versions of these natural oils pop up, it is important to know how to discern. The Essential Oils Revolution will help consumers learn to use essential oils the right way from nearly every field that uses them, including aromatherapy, medicine, and research.

About the Women’s Health Series

About the Women’s Health Series

The Women’s Health Series is fairly self-explanatory, but it dives into multiple areas of interest surround in the female body. Over the course of 101 minutes, viewers will learn about the myths and reality of essential oils in conjunction with autoimmunity during the Autoimmunity course. It will review the oils that no user should keep on hand, along with the oils that should be in anyone’s cabinet for relief.

During the Candida & Yeast Infections segment, viewers will take 110 minutes to learn about the causes of candida overgrowth in their bodies. They’ll also learn how candida is connected to the leaky gut, and the experts will review ways to relieve a yeast infection.

On a more serious discussion, the series has a segment on Breast Cancer. At 133 minutes long, the host will break down why individuals that appear health end up getting cancer, along with what consumers can do to change their lifestyle and reduce their risk of cancer. This section will describe natural cancer treatments, though no one should forgo their current course of action with discussing the change with their oncologist.

During Libido and Premenstrual Syndrome, viewers will spend 83 minutes learning about the ways that they can naturally fix a hormonal imbalance or their struggle with PMS. It will discuss the keys to eliminate menstrual pain, improve the libido, and ease stress with essential oils.

In a 104-minute session called Perimenopause, Menopause, and Postmenopause, consumers will learn how essential oils can help them with menopausal imbalances. It will also reveal ways that consumers can get instant relief with these symptoms, using techniques they can do at home.

Pregnancy, Labor, Postpartum, and Nursing is a session that lasts 125 minutes, discussing the changes that the healthcare industry needs to make to improve the ways that they bring newborns into the world. With recommendations for essential oils that can help with pregnancy and postpartum health, this session will include a prayer for those struggling with infertility, for those who want a safe pregnancy, and for individuals regarding their birth and postpartum life.

In Abuse and Trauma, which is the longest session at 154 minutes, individuals will learn what they can do to overcome PTSD, as well as immunity issues and anxiety. They will also discuss the connection that these health concerns can have with abuse.

About the Do-It-Yourself EO Remedies and Recipes Video Series

About the Do-It-Yourself EO Remedies and Recipes Video Series

During this part of the event, consumers will learn what they need to do with the essential oils they have on hand to create healing remedies and recipes. Some of the recipes that consumers will be walked through include:

  • Mama Z’s Oil Base, a carrier oil
  • Focus and Clarity Inhaler, a blend to promote more energy and concentration
  • Candida Tampon, a blend that can clear up vaginal yeast infections
  • Healing Skin Serum, which is the most popular essential oil blend
  • Cancer-Fighting Roll On, which is meant for the user’s “healing journey”
  • Joyful Body Oil, a blend to improve the user’s mood
  • Gentle Vaginal Lubricant, a blend that can improve the user’s sex life
  • Sweet Sleep Body Oil, a blend to reduce the struggle with insomnia and sleep better
  • Arthritis Pain Ointment, which erases discomfort
  • Toxic-Free Hand Sanitizer, a blend that can be used to clean bacteria off the hands
  • Lemon Tea Tree Dish Soap, which can be used to wash dishes
  • Morning Get Up and Go Diffuser Blend, which promotes better alertness
  • Performance Booster Inhaler, for concentration and more energy

Participants will also have access to a quick guide that teaches the recipes that consumers could be using for their own health concerns.

About the Daily Interviews

About the Daily Interviews

When consumers get to the interviews, they will be hearing from many experts that have figured out ways to use essential oils to their advantage. Much of these interviews will capitalize on the ways that essential oils can improve the lives of consumers in the ways listed above.

For instance, Trudy Scott, CN will be explaining what consumers can do with essential oils if they experience panic attacks. However, speakers like Jonathan Landsman will teach on why natural remedies are important for the body and how the alternative healthcare industry is fighting to keep this sector alive and well.

Bonus Gifts of the Essential Oils Revolution

Bonus Gifts of the Essential Oils Revolution

By getting involved with this event at all, consumers will have access to multiple Early Talks that are hosted by Zielinski. However, this bonus content includes several guides that are not available for free anywhere else, including:

  • Gut Health Guide & Essential Oils Protocol
  • Truth About Essential Oils & Cancer
  • Natural Remedies for Common Health Problems
  • 25 Little-Known Anti-Aging and Longevity Tips
  • Medical Cannabis 101: A Patient's Guide
  • 7 Essential Ways to Make Your Home Safe from 5G and EMF Radiation
  • Top Supplements for Energy Enhancement
  • Stress solutions

Gut Health Guide & Essential Oils Protocol eBook shows consumers what they can do to overcome their leaky gut and regain control over their own body. Spanning across 100 pages, consumers will learn what supplements and essential oils are needed to regulate their body.

Truth About Essential Oils & Cancer eBook is a second-edition version of the best-selling guide on Amazon. It demonstrates what consumers need to do in their efforts to overcoming disease in “God’s way.”

Natural Remedies for Common Health Problems will show the ten most common health problems that consumers face today, along with the natural ways that consumers can eliminate them.

25 Little-Known Anti-Aging and Longevity Tips will reveal a trick that consumers can use in the shower to reduce their risk of disease. Among the many tips, consumers will also learn what they can do with their pillowcase to reduce their wrinkles.

Medical Cannabis 101: A Patient's Guide teaches about the health benefits to be had by using medical cannabis. With this knowledge, consumers no longer have to be afraid of what this substance can do, and they may even learn to integrate it into their routine in a way that is more effective for them.

7 Essential Ways to Make Your Home Safe from 5G and EMF Radiation is fairly self-explanatory. With this brief 19-page e-book, consumers will learn how to reduce their own EMF exposure and why it is important to do so.

Top Supplements for Energy Enhancement includes details about 25 non-stimulant compounds that can help to promote better energy levels by up to 40%. It also details the four compounds that the brain needs to improve its performance and the user’s mood.

Stress Solutions reveals ways to overcome stress and the feeling of being “burned out.” It includes recommendations on ways to change the user’s lifestyle, and it will explain how essential oils can manage stress, fight inflammation, and more.

Registering for the Essential Oils Revolution

Registering for the Essential Oils Revolution

The only thing that consumers need to do to be able to participate in the Essential Oils Revolution is sign up with their name and email address. The event will be hosted online on May 18th and will continue until May 24th. Upon registering, participants are asked to select whether they are a health professional or not.

After registering online, the attendee will be sent an email with all of the links to the content. Though the information will be free for a brief time, consumers can choose to keep their access to the information with a payment of $59.

With a $59 payment, the individual will have access to all of the training sessions, videos, transcripts, and guides included with the free event. However, they will also include additional talks and demos that are not available to individuals. There’s no requirement to make a purchase, but there are major advantages for individuals that want to invest in it.

Consumers can also upgrade to one of the other paid packages for more content, adding either online access with the complete collection of talks and demos ($99) or upgrading further to include a printed transcript of all four books ($159).

Learn More

Even with the information listed online, consumers with other questions can turn to the customer service team. They can be reached by filling in the form at


While all of this content is free for a limited time, consumers will get the greatest advantage by purchasing the Essential Oils Revolution package to keep. At a low cost, consumer will easily get their money’s worth and will better understand the advantages of essential oils and alternative medicine. Consumers that are still unsure about this package can try out the event for free first before they invest in the rest of the material for the affordable price.

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