Can Constipation Cause Back Pain – Review the Latest Research

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Various causes may cause back pain, and constipation is a factor in everyday life that may be a challenge. Combining both issues is not always the result of a single event. However, who would have believed that constipation could cause back discomfort?

It may surprise you to learn that constipation is the main reason for back pain that is excruciating in the lower back.

If you're constipated, your bowels become blocked. This accumulated stool places a lot of pressure on your rectum, which could lead to lower back discomfort. Lower back pain must be addressed immediately, regardless of the gravity of the problem. If constipation was the primary cause, it could suggest an issue with your digestive system. This must be addressed immediately.

How Constipation Can Cause Back Pain?

Constipation occurs when you are unable to pass stool, which causes your system's intestines to increase in size and, in some cases, makes you feel uneasy and bloated. The swelling of the intestines can cause back pain. It may be a slight ache in the beginning, but it can get worse when left untreated for long periods of time. The pain is felt in the lower back area and can spread throughout your abdomen.

There are a couple of main reasons constipation may cause back discomfort:

Fecal Impaction

If a significant amount of stool becomes stuck inside the colon and, regardless of the pressure, you can't push it out, this condition is called fecal impaction. This is a severe problem that causes irritation and back discomfort. Fecal impaction must be treated with medical attention, or else it could be a severe cause of anxiety.

If you suffer from an impaction in your feces, it can cause other signs and symptoms, not just terrible back pain. These include low or no desire to pee, a swollen stomach and low blood pressure, nausea, fever, and so on. Take immediate action if you experience difficulty breathing or are constantly feeling dizzy. The inability to recognize these problems could be fatal.

Other causes that can lead to fecal impurities other than regular constipation include medications, laxatives, lower activity levels, etc.

The most common treatment for fecal impactions is an enema or other anal suppository prescribed by your physician. Enema is a specific liquid that softens stool and is introduced into the rectum of the doctor. It provides immediate relief after the stool has softened, it begins to break down and allow you to eliminate it effortlessly.

You should never avoid a serious problem like a fecal impurity, and you should not put off seeking medical attention, especially if your lower back discomfort is moving into the lower leg.

General Constipation

Sometimes, general constipation may cause back discomfort. When you're constipated, the extra fecal matter sitting in your bowel causes the intestines to expand. This blockage of the digestive tract places enormous stress on the muscles of your body, especially your back. This causes it to hurt and eventually become painful.

Constipation refers to difficulties passing through an occasional bowel movement or having frequent stool movements. If you suffer from constipation, you may experience only 3-4 bowel movements per week. Regular bowel movements happen every once or twice an hour. The most common signs of constipation are hard stools, strain, pain while going to the bathroom, a feeling of fullness even when you have a full stomach, and many more.

Constipation causes that decrease stool movements are usually related to lifestyle habits, diet, and habits. If the issue persists and you are unable to pinpoint the issue yourself and consult a doctor, then seeking advice from a medical professional is the best choice. Finding the root of the problem yourself becomes challenging after a certain point.

Although normal constipation doesn't require medical attention since it's not as serious as fecal impaction, it shouldn't be overlooked. Simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can resolve the issue. Exercising, stretching, drinking plenty of water, and eating enough fiber are all excellent ways to treat constipation.

Backpain Causing Constipation

Sometimes, but it's reversed. The back condition is responsible for constipation. If you suffer from an underlying infection or tumor that causes too much pressure on the spinal cord, or if you've recently suffered a spinal injury or have been diagnosed with a neuro-system condition, then it is likely that your body is suffering from the condition known as neurogenic bowel. It results in extreme constipation. The problem isn't that constipation alone causes back pain; there are times when it's reversed.

Options for treating constipation as well as back pain

General constipation doesn't require medicine. It is easily treated with a few lifestyle and dietary modifications. For starters, it is possible to incorporate natural remedies into your daily routine to help keep constipation at bay. It is as simple as drinking between 3 and 4 liters of water daily and adding “p fruit' to your diet, such as papaya, prunes, and pear. They are also considered natural stool softeners and can relieve the bowel if taken regularly.

To improve your health, you can also add over-the-counter (OTC) stool-softening agents and high-fiber supplements to your diet.

If you are not able to find a solution that gives relief, then it is likely that you suffer from chronic constipation. Constipation that has been ongoing for a long time or is chronic requires medical treatment. Therefore, discussing the treatment and methods with your physician is essential.

Chronic and untreated constipation may lead to other diseases, like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and constipation. This disorder is often associated with constipation and other signs like cramping or stomach pains; the intestinal tract is also directly affected.

In rare instances, constipation is a cause of chronic pain. To reduce the discomfort, doctors recommend specific lifestyle modifications like changing your diet, for example. Constipation medications are typically the last option to stop or treat the problem.

When To See Your Doctor

Constipation is a common occurrence and isn't an illness by itself. A variety of proven home remedies reduce mild discomfort and assist in increasing the frequency of bowel movements.

But, some signs and symptoms, such as those mentioned below, are severe and must be treated immediately. If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, you should seek medical attention as soon as you can:

1. Haven't had a stool movement for 7 consecutive days

This means there is a blockage in your rectum or bowel. It is imperative to remove it immediately under the supervision of a physician. You may suffer from fecal impaction. Severe constipation can cause back pain and impact your body's functioning.

2. Stools with blood

The presence of blood in your stool is typically an indication of internal bleeding or anal fissures. They can be a sign of inflammatory bowel disorder (IBD) or, occasionally, bowel obstruction. Sometimes, it occurs because of a scratch or a tear to the intestinal lining. In rare cases, it can be a sign of ulcers or colon cancer.

3. Constant back pain

There are a lot of cases in which constipation is a cause of back pain, especially in the lower back, but it's not extreme or abrasive. It's more of a fluctuation. Whether the situation is minor or significant, it is essential to get medical attention immediately because persistent back pain may also indicate an underlying problem within the body.

4. Fever

In the beginning, there is no link between constipation and fever. However, the unidentified reason for constipation may cause you to develop a fever. Bacteria, viral or parasitic infections could cause it. To eliminate these problems, you must take medications prescribed by your physician and seek medical attention immediately.

Other Conditions That May Cause Back Pain

Yes, constipation can cause back pain, but it's not always the case. There are other symptoms, too, that could be similar and possibly be the reason. Sometimes, an unrelated issue may arise that could cause chronic discomfort. The most common ailments that can cause back pain that are not constipation include:

1. Physical inactivity is not as high

Sometimes, work requires long periods of sitting in a single place, and we don't realize that we've not moved or drank water in the past few hours. Both causes can cause chronic constipation and back discomfort. It is recommended to take short breaks and move slowly to allow your body to work more efficiently.

2. Spinal injuries

Sometimes, spinal injuries like an injured cervical disc or pelvic fracture can cause significant back discomfort. Although such injuries are rare, they can be discovered, but they're impossible to detect. Unawareness of these problems could lead to a worsening of back pain. It is possible to remain adamant about the cause of constipation. Therefore, it is suggested that you regularly check your body to detect the root of the issue and prevent it from becoming a more significant issue in the future.

3. Other issues of concern are:

  • Sleep positions that are not correct
  • Muscle tension
  • Tumor
  • Obesity

Whatever the issue, it's always best to have it checked thoroughly. This will not only save you from suffering, but also keep the problem from being a severe cause of worry in the future.

How Can the Spokane Spine Team Pain Centre Help?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of pain is felt by constipation sufferers?

The back is achy and painful because of constipation, particularly in the lower region. Many people have side pain which isn't severe but can cause great discomfort.

What are the solutions or remedies that aid in relieving constipation and back pain?

Constipation is easily treated by making a few changes in lifestyle and diet. Drinking more water, incorporating a diet rich in fiber into your routine, and exercising and walking around can help treat the issue fairly effectively. If you want quick relief, you can choose over-the-counter medicine such as stool softeners and fiber supplements.

Can prolonged constipation cause back discomfort?

Constipation for long periods is characterized by irregular bowel movements that cause obstruction and put too much pressure on organs surrounding it, specifically around veins that run through the lower back. This can lead to mild or extreme lower back discomfort. If constipation continues for over three weeks, seeking medical care is best.

Wrapping it up

Constipation is very uncomfortable, and when it is coupled with back discomfort, it can be extremely difficult to manage. The first step to finding the best solution for constipation is to discover the root cause. Correctly treating the problem at the root will aid in treating constipation and back discomfort.

Generally speaking, constipation can be addressed at home with tried-and-tested solutions. Some solutions include increased water intake, fiber-rich foods, and an active lifestyle.

If you observe bleeding from the rectum, weight loss that is not explained, or back pain that is persistent, It's time to talk with your doctor to identify the root problem.

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