Confitrol24: New Product Highlight – Keep Bladder Leaks Under Control

Confitrol24 is a supplement that helps consumers to promote healthier bladder function. The formula is only sold by the official website, where shipping is free for any order over $100.

What is Confitrol24?

Urinary incontinence is a difficult and embarrassing problem to have to live with. The National Association for Continence states that close to 18 million women suffer from incontinence, which has left manufacturers of adult diapers rather profitable. When it comes to urinary health in general, the National Institute of Aging states that the demographic most at risk for UTIs are older women, due to the weakened state of the bladder’s muscles that make it difficult to fully empty. Rather than living in fear of an accident, infection, or worse, Confitrol24 may be a solution.

According to the website, Confitrol24 may:

  • Reduce urinary frequency
  • Decrease the urge to urinate
  • Improve the health of the urinary tract
  • Promote anti-aging effects for bladder
  • Improve overall quality of life

Ultimately, the goal of the Confitrol24 formula is to improve the toning of the bladder muscles, giving the user better control over this essential organ. The remedy offers herbal extracts that have already been researched for their ability to restore the proper functioning of the bladder.

There are many life events that can cause the bladder and pelvic floor to weaken, including childbirth, medical conditions, and other lifestyle factors. Most problems come down to two types of conditions – stress incontinence and urge incontinence. While stress incontinence is brought on by participating in physical activities that can put pressure on the abdomen and cause leaks, urge incontinence is an issue in the connection between the brain and spine, leading the bladder to empty sporadically.

Kegel exercises and stretches can be used to help exercise the muscles, but it is common for some changes in the body to never revert back to their strong state. As the muscles weaken, it can be common to urinate over 8 times a day, as the body suddenly feels the urge with little to no warning. Many women report urinating multiple times during the night, though others may even wet the bed. Leaking can be caused by anything from sexual intercourse to a mild cough, and the fear of these embarrassing moments should not be a regular part of any woman’s life.

By integrating Confitrol24 into a daily regimen, the company claims that the user will see an improvement in their urinary health within two to four weeks of use. While this is an all-natural product that boasts no side effects for the average user, consumers that presently take any kind of medication should speak with a medical professional before adding it. Read on below to learn about the ingredients that make this product powerful.

The Science

The efficiency of the Confitrol24 is in the Urox proprietary blend, developed by the creators of the supplement. This proprietary blend includes:

  • -Lindera aggregata extract (Lindera)
  • -Equisetum arvense extract (Horsetail)
  • -Crateva nurvala extract (Cratevox™ Three-leaf caper)
  • -As stated by the website, natural supplements like Confitrol24 have already been researched and reported on by medical journals around the world.

Lindera aggregata extract is an evergreen shrub, also known as spicebush, and its roots are used in Chinese medicine to relieve pain and soothe the kidneys. It is combined with other ingredients to reduce nighttime urination, but it can also help relieve pain in the abdomen and chest, in some cases. While the goal of this formula is to treat the bladder, proper kidney function is essential to regulating the urinary tract.

Equisetum arvense extract, or horsetail extract, is meant to help with fluid retention (edema), as well as kidney and bladder stones. It commonly is used to heal urinary tract infections, but the appeal of this ingredient in Confitrol24 is that has the ability to control urination. To heal infections externally, it can be found in salves as well.

Crateva nurvala extract has been reviewed by multiple medical journals for its effects on urinary disorders. According to researchers at the TERI University in India, this extract helps to prevent and treat kidney stones, to treat bladder sensitivity, and to treat prostate enlargement. However, it is rarely found in a natural environment.

How to Purchase Confitrol24

The only way to purchase a supply of Confitrol24 is by going to the official website, where Live Chat agents are available to help. There are multiple packages available to consumers, allowing them to stock up with as much of the supplement as they need. Customers that choose multi-packs receive a discount for ordering more than one bottle at a time.

Choose from:

  • -12 bottles (One-year supply): $399.99
  • -Six bottles (Six-month supply): $289.99
  • -Three bottles (Three-month supply): $154.99
  • -Two bottles (Two-month supply): $109.99
  • -One bottle (One-month supply): $59.99

The Confitrol24 formula can ship globally, but the only package that requires a separate shipping fee is the one-month supply.

If the user finds that Confitrol24 doesn’t help them with their incontinence issues, their purchase is covered by a 67-day money-back guarantee.

Contacting the Creators of Confitrol24

The website of Confitrol24 does an elaborate job of describing nearly anything that consumers may want to know about this product. However, if there are other concerns, consumers can contact customer service by calling 1-866-269-3487.

Electronic inquiries can be sent through the fill-in form on the official website at

Confitrol24 Summary

The Confitrol24 formula targets women that want to eliminate the embarrassment and discomfort that comes from a weak bladder. The product includes a proprietary blend of a few ingredients that have been praised for the effectiveness in keeping the bladder and kidneys healthy while keeping treatment straightforward and simple. Consumers can purchase this remedy with the security of a money-back guarantee, in case they need to return it.

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