Carbo Vegetabilis – Latest Research Included

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Carbo Vegetabilis is carbon. It is a vital component of all cells within our body. It helps maintain the vitality and health of all tissues and organs of the human body.

Carbo Vegetabilis is the most significant treatment that works on a vein system in which there is a lack of blueness, oxidation, ecchymosis and hemorrhagic passive bleeding which result in a deficiency of capillary circulation.

Carbo Vegetabilis is a great solution for the first and second childhood, and when the body's resistance is low and incapable of adapting to the external surroundings.

Carbo Vegetabilis Constitution/Personality

Carbo Vegetabilis is a treatment ideal for people who are in advanced years or women who are at the turning point of their lives, and people who are young.

It is a good choice for patients with hemorrhagic diathesis and bleeding from dark and black blood throughout the body.

The most obvious signs of Carbo Veg

Carbo Veg is one of the most effective remedies for ailments caused by the deficiency of essential fluids such as mercury, salt meats, salted, and from the misuse of quinine, particularly suppressed chills and fever for those who haven't fully recovered from the adverse effects of a previous illness.

Carbo vegetable is among the most effective treatments for weak digestion. patients crave things that cause him to feel sick, and he craves whisky as well as brandy.

The digestion is fragile that food doesn't even agree with it and causes excessive flatulence. The stomach is stuffed with gas to the point of bursting particularly in the upper region that is prone to loosening clothing in the abdominal area. The stomach is constantly runcid and sour and eructation.

Carbo veg can be found in situations where there is a lack of oxygenation, which causes deficient circulation, which can cause blueness of the skin, and coldness of the extremities.

Carbo Veg is indicated where the patient is extremely vital and is suffering from the loss of vital fluids, in the final stage of any illness that causes frequent cold sweats, a loss of voice, cold tongue this treatment could be able to save the life of a patient.

Carbo Veg is used when a sick person is constantly being swiftly fanned at a distance from nearly all complaints.

This is a fantastic treatment for disorders of the blood circulation system that have the tendency to bleed passively that is, the surface of our body becomes cold particularly between knees and feet, and the pulse is variable thin and invisible.

It is also a fantastic hemorrhagic treatment, which is used to treat blood clots from the bladder, lung stomach, uterus ulcers that result from weakening circulation.

Carbo Vegetabilis Uses

In this article, we will go over head to toe every part of the complaints of the body.

Mind-related symptoms

A Carbo Vegs patient suffers from the inability to think clearly The patient is shy and unresponsive to thoughts and all mental symptoms become worse when you wake up in the morning.

Carbo Veg can be useful for treating anxiety, as there is a fear of darkness and imagining ghosts, especially late at night, between 6 and 8 after 4-6.

Carbo Veg is used to treat sleep disorders in which the patient exhibits an inclination to stay asleep during the day, to sleep in the morning or in the evening, and then have sleeplessness in the night.

Head symptoms

Carbo Veg is an excellent treatment for vertigo that can be taken when you make even the slightest movement of the head or after sleeping or slept, and also after walking and bending.

It is used to treat headaches that cause pressure pain that is caused by being overheated and having tear-filled eyes; it is painful when you move them with a an aching jaw.

It is prescribed to treat headaches that occur at night that causes cramp-like tension in the brain or a sensation like a contraction. It is also known as the heavyness of the and vertex. This happens particularly in the evening or following a meal.

Carbo vegetabilis is a term used in treating hair loss in cases of discomfort of the scalp that is hairy to pressure from outside, for example, the pressure of the hat.

The sensitivity and itching of the scalp are worsened during the evening and in the afternoon, and also after eating.

Eyes symptoms

Carbo vegetabilis is helpful to treat pains in the eyes due to excessive use of the eyes, fine work, or discomforts in the muscles around the eyes when looking up.

There is itching, irritation as well as pressure, heat and burning pains in the eyes, especially in the eye's corners and agglutination on the eyelids.

Carbo vegetabilis is a treatment for bleeding in the eyes typically with a strong congestion of the head, shaking of the eyelids. There are dark, smoky spots in front of the eyes, as well as pupils that are insensible.

Ear symptoms

Carbo vegetabilis can be a beneficial treatment for ear pain. Otalgia in the evening. there's a feeling of heat and redness of the right ear.

Carbo Vegetabilis can be used for treating tinnitus that causes Vertigo with nausea, a buzzing in the ear, or losing consciousness. there is the flow of feces fluid from the ear's inner with a buzzing and tingling sensation within the ear.

Nose symptoms

Carbo Vegetabilis is a potent treatment for rhinitis that is itching on the nose, accompanied by tickling and tingling sensations in the nostrils. It also causes redness around the tip and scabs on the tip on the tip of your nose.

Carbo Vegetabilis is indicated when there is a blockage of the nose particularly in the evening or violent coryza. It is characterized by an earache and roughness of the chest, as well as a tingling sensation in the nostrils, and the ineffective tendency to sneeze.

Carbo Vegetabilis is indicated in epistaxis in the evening and in the morning with a pale face or after having stooped.

Mouth signs

It is believed that the Carbo Vegetabilis patient often complains of aphthous ulcers within the mouth, a foul odor emanating from the mouth, gums bleeding, and at times bleeding salivary glands from mouth can be observed.

Carbo Vegetabilis is utilized in mouth conditions in which the lips are swelling and cracked. There are a number of purulent blisters on the lips. They also have fractures in the lips of those with ulcers.

Face symptoms

Carbo Vegetabilis is indicated in the final stages of disease therefore, there is a slight blemish on the face. It is an Hippocratic facial expression.

The cheeks and the face are affected by painful tracts sharp pullings, piercings, or burning discomforts in the facial bones.

Throat symptoms

Carbo Vegetabilis is a sign of the throat sore from internal swelling. Alongside constriction sensations in the throat. There is a buzzing sound, and burning pain radiating at the throat area, the mouth and the gullet.

Carbo Vegetabilisis is a sign of more advanced stage of throat soreness. there is pain and irritation in the throat upon coughing, blowing the nose, and swallowing.

The patient is likely to sway from the buildup of phlegm inside the throat. It is easily loosened, causing cough and swelling and inflammation as well as ulcers of the uvula that are treated with stitches inside the throat.

Carbo Vegetabilisis can be used to treat hoarseness that has been recurring for a long time, loss of voice mostly in the morning and at night and is aggravated by long conversations and cold, damp weather.

Chest symptoms

Carbo Vegetabilisis can be used to treat bronchitis and the feeling of excoriation wheezing in the chest, soreness and pain that is ulcerative in the pharynx and larynx. The bronchitis cough is characterized caused by cramps, nauseating the throat and vomiting of brownish, yellowish bloody, sour and offensive mucus. It occurs between midnight and evening when you move, as well as when walking in cold, open air.

Carbo Vegetabilisis is a treatment for treating whooping cough with hollow, spasmodic cough that can last for up to five or six attacks per day that are caused by tingling in the larynx and the appearance of greenish mucus or yellowish pus.

Heart problems

Carbo Vegetabilisis is a sign of heart diseases, such as the first stage of angina in which there is compression and constriction of the heart region like a raging and irregular palpitation that causes shaking of the legs.

The patient experiences difficulty in breathing and breathing problems, and as they walk, there is a burning discomfort in the heart area as well as a violent palpitation of the heart.

Carbo Vegetabilisis helps for rheumatic ailments of the heart that frequently seeks an invigorating breath, and there is burning pain in the area of the heart.

Stomach symptoms

Carbo Vegetabilisis is a powerful treatment for advanced levels of acid reflux diseases that cause frequent sour eructations and heavyness and fullness of the stomach, and gas, causing it to be anxious.

Carbo Vegetabilisis is a treatment used by a variety of homeopaths to treat waterbrash. It is the condition where there is an unpleasant or sour taste after eating and hiccoughs after every move as well as a continuous nausea the flow of saliva that is excessive during the night.

Carbo Vegetabilisis is a condition that can be seen in gastralgia, stomach ulcers and vomiting of blood, food, and in the evening with a feeling of heaviness, fulness and stomach tightness. There are stomach cramps and an accumulation of flatus and extreme sensitivity in the stomach pit.

The stomach pains tend to be worsened or aggravated through fear, anger following a meal or during the night, especially after taking meals that are flat, and also breastfeeding infants.

Aden and Rectum symptoms

Carbo vegetabilis is among the most sought-after treatments for gastric disorders. In these, there is an excessive gas production, which can cause pain in the hypochondria, similar to the pain of a wound, and particularly in the hepatic area most often when it's placed in contact with.

There is pain shooting beneath the ribs. It is also a source of tension tension, shootings within the hepatic area, and shootings within the spleen.

Carbo vegetabilis is the cure to treat flatulence and borborygmi and gas movements in the abdomen. This can lead to the excessive discharge of flatus and an unpleasant smell.

The abdominal pains tend to be followed by tears and anxiety as he can't wear any restrictive clothing around his waist or abdomen since it's filled by gas.

Carbo vegetabilis is a vital solution to treat abdominal colic resulted from lifting a heavy weight caused by dislocation or from the movement of a car that causes the sensation of burning and pressure, with a great ache in the abdomen, and cramps.

Carbo vegetabilis is used for treating diarrhea in older patients, particularly in the stage of collapse in cholera The stools are often and involuntary. They are cadaverous-smelling, sour, and are followed by burning in the recto, soft stools which are then discarded with difficulty. This results in an Hippocratic facial appearance where the cheeks and eyes are shaded, and have an earthy skin tone.

Urinary symptoms

Carbo vegetabilis can be identified by the decrease of urine secretion and the urine turns deep red and extremely dark like it was mixed with blood.

Carbo vegetabilis may be prescribed when a patient is suffering from diabetes when there is abundant urine, with clear yellow hue, or white and thick and makes the patient feel anxious and likely to undergo frequent and urgent urination throughout the throughout the day and night. There is a constriction of the urethra during the morning.

Carbo vegetabilis is commonly used to treat bedwetting among elderly bedridden patients. The urine is deep red with a dark, cloudy appearance.

Urine is more frequent than normal with burning micturition during the early morning. Urine is yellowish with white sediments.

Male symptoms

The male patients with carbo vegetabilis have an unusual high levels of sexually ferocious thoughts and fantasies, causing frequent polluting.

Carbo vegetabilis can be identified when the patient has a rapid emission of coition and then roaring within the head. There are red, smooth, and bleeding spots on the glans penis.

Carbo vegetabilis can be useful for treating male genital problems like prostatic discharge. fluid during stooling, there is itching and moist in the thigh area, close to the scrotum, with pressure in the tests.

Female symptoms

Carbo vegetabilis is a fantastic effect on the genitals females. It helps in those who suffer from miscarriages or various female-related issues.

Carbo vegetabilis can be seen in menstrual disorders; it is excessive and uncontrollable menstrual bleeding; or in some cases, it is too weak with dark blood. In the days before menstruation begin, there is a feeling of abdominal cramps and headaches. In the menses, there is nausea as well as pains and discomforts around the mouth or head, the abdomen, and loins. There is also irritation from the mammae.

Carbo vegetabilis is helpful in treating leucorrhoea prior to the menses. It is thick, white and greenish with yellowish and corrosive discharge that comes from the vagina, causing burning, itching, exoriation ulcers, swelling in the vaginal vulva.

Hand and leg symptoms

Carbo vegetabilis is an excellent remedy for pulling and sharp drawing discomforts in the forearms wrists, legs, as well as fingers. The body relaxes the muscles in the hands and arms, upon laughter.

Carbo vegetabilis can be a wonderful solution for paralytic weakness wrists and fingers, specifically when gripping something, you will experience the sensation of hands becoming cold and icy.

Carbo vegetabilis is an essential treatment to treat paralytic and drawing pains that result from sensitization of the legs and feet. There is an acute pull, burning pains and drawing in the knees and hips.

Back pain symptoms

Carbo vegetabilis can be seen by stiffness, heaviness in the neck, and back pain spinal cord, and paralysis of the spine causing weakness as well as lameness of muscles in the spine.

Carbo vegetabilis is a treatment for an aneurism in the hamstrings which is characterized by pulsation and tensive pain. there is a strong strain and cramp-like symptoms throughout the back, extending to the cox-femoral joint, the thighs, as well as the knees.

Skin conditions

Carbo vegetabilis is effective in treating dermatitis caused by acid sweat, which causes itching sensation the skin and all over the body. Itching is common in the evening, as well as being warm in bed and burning sensations in various parts on the body.

Carbo vegetabilis is a wonderful treatment for painless, painful, fetid ulcers that cause burning pains. The discharge is a bloody pus that forms in the fingers' extremities and toes.

Carbo Vegetalis is a fantastic solution to treat varicose veins. vein plexus are caused by dilation of capillary vessels with a massive hemorrhage after the slightest trauma. The lymphatic system is swollen, that causes burning pains and suppuration in the lower extremities.

Carbo vegetabilis can be a fantastic treatment for gangrenous spots which can develop from sleeping in bed; or for wounds that have been heated and flare-ups that are referred to as recurring wounds or ulcers.

The symptoms of a fever

Carbo vegetabilis is an essential treatment for certain forms of fever that is intermittent, with the febrile shaking in the evening and in the night, then followed by a state of temporary heat.

Carbo vegetabilis is a sign of fever and thirst in the cold stage alone or when there is intense sweating and shivering. often found when malarial diseases are present.

Carbo vegetabilis manifests in fever states with somnolence and comatoseness. You may notice cool sweat on the face as well as at the extremities. The pulse is tiny and weak. It is not noticeable and it is uneven.


Modalities are factors that can either cause or reduce the severity of complaints for a patient.

They are classified as aggravating and ameliorating factors.

A number of factors can make the severity of the disease worse The amelioration aspect helps make the disease improve.

It could be any time, day or part in the day time of year or position, as well as any application, etc.

Aggravated By

It is known that the condition of carbo vegetabilis is more severe in the evening, and at night, and in outdoors, or during warm, damp weather.

The gastric symptoms of carbo vegetabilis are made worse by fast food and coffee, butter milk.

Amelioration By

The carbo vegetabilis conditions improve with eructation and due to close airflow.

Relationship to Other Medicine

Complementary Medicines

This treatment completes the cure process which was initiated with the first medication given.

The solutions that complement carbohydrates are China; Kali carb; Drosera.

Similar Medicines

They share a lot in the way they work, however they are distinct in their origins, meaning the base from which the remedy originates is different.

The remedies that are similar to carbo vegetabilis include Carbo ani.


These are the treatments which can be combined.

Carbo vegetablebilis can be used in conjunction and works well with Acid Phos, Aconite, Lycopodium, Nux vomica, Pulsatilla and Sulphur.

Incompatible to

The treatments that are not compatible with Carbo vegetabilis include Kreosote.

The remedy to Carbo Vegetabilis

Carbo vegetabilis can be counteracted by Camphor, Arsenic, Lachesis, Camphora, Ferrum metal.

It antidotes

Carbo vegetabilis counteracts Spirits niter's effect camphor Ambra. grisea; Arsenicum.

Carbo Vegetabilis Dosage & Potencies

The strength and dosage of the drug depend on the specific situation.

Carbo Veg 30 Uses

The lower potency of the medicine is indicated when the symptoms of the patient are in line with the medication, and assist the physician only in diagnosing the condition.

This power requires regular repetition, about 3-4 times per day, until the desired results are observed.

Carbo Veg 200 Uses

This is thought to be more potent; it's at the time that the majority of the physical and mental symptoms of carbo vegetabilis are in line.

Higher potencies should not be repeated frequently because they have longer periods of time which is why the second dose should be repeated every seven days or every 15 days for a total of.

Carbo Veg 1M Uses

It is extremely potent. It should be administered only after careful analysis of the case in which all the manifestations of Carbo vegetabilis as well as the symptoms reported by the patient are identical.

It is not recommended to repeat the 1M power. It is administered for 30 days at a time and then wait for the symptoms to go away.

Carbo Vegetabilis Q (Mother Tincture) Uses

This is the mother-tincture Carbo vegetabilis is utilized by numerous homeopaths to ease gastric and flatulence symptoms caused by it.

It is mostly used to treat patients suffering from gastralgia. It is best used when all the signs of the condition are in line to the symptoms of the patient.

Use 10 drops of the mother tincture mixed into half one cup of water three times per day until the improvement begins to show.

Carbo Veg 3X/6X Uses

This lowers the potency of carbo vegetabilis. It can be used to treat diseases such as diarrhea, and Cholera and also has an effect of therapeutic treatment for patients with debilitation.

Do 2 drops of the solution directly on your tongue daily for three months.

Clinical Indication of Carbo Vegetabilis

  • Acidity
  • Angina pectoris
  • Vertigo
  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Cholera
  • Constipation
  • Debility
  • Diarrhea
  • Dysentry
  • Eructations
  • Fevers
  • Flatulence
  • Gangrene
  • Haemorrhages
  • Headaches
  • Stomach disorders
  • Skin affections
  • Tinnitus

Carbo Vegetabilis Side Effects

Homeopathic remedies are prepared through infusion where the curative power of the medicine is activated. Therefore, homeopathic remedies have no adverse effects.

If any negative side effects from carbo vegetabilis is observed, it could be treated with Arsenicum, camphor.sccc

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