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Calcium Carbonate is extracted from the soft, white substance between the oyster's inner and outer hard shell. It is prepared using the Trituration method, which is based on Hahnemann's Homoeopathic Proof.

Principal remedy of calcium compounds and is among the most effective of Hahnemann's inventions. This wonderful anti-psychic remedy is an excellent constitutional remedy. It is among the most effective polychrest remedies and is ranked alongside Sulphur and Lycopodium as the top of anti-psorics.

Calc Carb is a chilly treatment that combats cold at any change in weather. Patients who are seeking warmth. Excellent sensitivity towards cold temperatures. Sulfur is, in contrast, more sensitive in hot weather but is more effective in cold.

Calc Carb has cold feet, ‘as if they were damp socks on'. Sulfur, on the other hand, is known for its sweaty, hot feet.

The “sinking sensation” occurs in each of the three and is most evident in Sulphur around 11 a.m., followed by Lycopodium around 4 p.m., and finally, in Calc Carb at any moment.

Calc Carb has a psychotic and hydrogenated structure, accompanied by sensitivity to dampness and cold and a morning-time aggravation. Polys and warts might indicate this sycotic element.

The inability to absorb calcium properly causes a deficiency in the nutrition of glands, the skin, and bones; anemia might be present. Calc Carb is a definite stimulant for the periosteum.

A Calc Carb patient is fair, thin, large (or thin), floppy, sweaty, damp, cold, and sweet. Children love eggs, dirt, dirt, or other things that are hard to digest. They can be susceptible to diarrhea. Dreams of monsters, nightmares. Extreme sensitive to cold air or cold weather. The arrival of a storm, and when the weather shifts from warm to cold, it is difficult for him to stay warm.

Children are slower in their teething process, and they walk later. Children can't correctly place their feet on the ground (may walk on tip-toe or with heels that barely touch the earth). Ample-bellied children. Patients that are vulnerable to cold. Cold, moist air chills you through the entire body, taking chills quickly, particularly within the chest. Children who are sluggish, irritable, and don't want to play.

Feels breathless easily. A depressed mental or physical state because of excessive work. The thyroid or the pituitary gland is in trouble. Blood clotting factors and glandular swelling under the neck and jaw are elevated. The skin and muscles become large and floppy, and patients become heavy but not strong.

It is simple to sweat and only to the chest and head when you sleep. There is a lot of discharge, often sweat, sour stool, body odor, saliva, and so on. There is a chill and irritation from contact with water, as well as cold, clammy foot and sinking sensations, all of which the individual is more prone to. In this case, Calcarea Carbonica will most likely help.

The swelling and pain can be felt in the breasts just before menstrual flow starts (cf. Con). Treatment could be recommended if the menses are thin or absent and the calc characteristic of cold and chilly feet is clammy. Menstrual cramps are prevented by working in the water. In general, one would think this Calc Carb is indicated for women whose menstrual flow is too heavy or too long, and this is a natural consequence of her menstrual cycle coming around too early. The menstrual cycle is too soon prolonged, and a lot of. Pains from the lining of the uterus. Cysts and fibroids. Uterine and ovarian pains on the right side, stretching to the thighs, are more severe when you write or read.

Tendencies to strain joints and muscles easily. The joints that are strained turn into numbness. The tendency to develop gallstones and kidney stones. Inadequate nutrition and indigestion. Malnutrition. It is a common occurrence. Calc Carb patient generally feels better if constipated. Diarrhea tends to be more severe during the afternoon. Hoarseness in the voice is not painful; it is more severe during the day. A great weakness when climbing the stairs, walking, after talking, and from exuberance.

When epilepsy is present, the aura expands outwards from the solar gland like an animal moving up and down the epigastrium to the legs or the uterus. Abscesses in deep muscles. Exostoses and polyps. Cysts.

In the sphere of mentality there is a feeling of vulnerability. It is exhausted from working on their minds. Tired and anxious mentally. The emotions are agitated and irritable due to worry, anxiety, and form. A lack of ability to concentrate. The complaints can last for days or weeks due to the excitement of emotions. It's an excellent solution for complaints resulting from excessive worry, extended use in business, or exuberance. The patient feels exhausted of thoughts, and he believes it is a sign that his weakness, along with the inability to think and think coherently, could be causing insanity. The patient ponders over the issue. He believes that he's getting insane and that others are watching his thoughts… It lays in bed at night, thinking… The patient is unable to calculate, incapable of profound thinking, and unable to contemplate deep issues. He may be a philosopher, but he's lost his ability to formulate ideas in the realm of philosophy'.

“He can't sleep because his thoughts irritate him, and he can see every conceivable thing… The person is in bed or sits in solitude and has an ongoing conversation with anyone he's had to deal with about every possible topic. It then expands and multiplies and imagines that it's all real.

Modalities: Best from dry climates and dry weather. Laying on the painful side and on the back. Sneezing, rubbing, scratching. The hands are soothing and wiping. After breakfast, fresh air invigorates, and when fevers are present, they are revealed.

The most dangerous are cold air, fresh air, and bathing. In the bath or the pool. Cooling off, changing the weather. Walking outside in the fresh air, in cold rainy weather. Physical or mental exercise. Standing or ascending. Stooping or lifting. Dentition, milk, or concern. Puberty, menopause. Full moon, at new moon, at solstice. In the morning, after midnight, or upon waking. The pressure of clothing. Letting limbs hang down. Eye strain, light, in a fixed direction at any object while looking upwards, rotating the head.

Mind: An overwhelmed physical and mental state caused by stress or anxiety. Worrying and ruminating. Tired and overworked. The person sits down and contemplates small things. Uninterested in work or exercise. Inability to concentrate. Learns poorly. Insane. Apathetic. Afraid, more so towards evening. Depressed. Depression or moods of doubt. Anxiety, despair, and doubt about never getting better.

Unfortunate, confused, misspells words and miscommunicates. Afraid of being watched. It is easy to be scared or offended. Cautious. The fear of losing reason. Fears of disaster, misery, and insanity. Afraids triggered by news reports of horrors. Fear of misfortune, a contagious illness. A feeling of anxiety with palpitations. Wants to cry go home. Suspicious. Children are obstinate and stubborn. Children are afraid of everything they encounter. Poor sleep and nightmares. Imagine someone sleeping in their room. They fear monsters. Instinctive, cries over small things, takes trouble to borrow.

Abdomen: complex and large abdomen. It is sensitive to the most gentle pressure. Unable to bear tight clothing close to the waist. Itchy, swollen abdomen. The swollen abdomen is prone to cutting pain. Colic and a cold sensation in the legs after stopping coryza or feeling cold within the abdominal area. The umbilicus is cramped or twisted. Inguinal and mesenteric glands can be swollen and painful. Hernia umbilical.

Back pain, when sprained, may not be felt after lifting too much. Neck pain is worse after lifting. Muscle pain and breathing problems are also present. Due to back weakness, it is difficult to sit up straight in a chair. The dorsal vertebrae are curvy. The neck is stiff and rigid.

Female: Prior to menstruation, headache, colic chilliness, and leucorrhoea. Cutting pains I uterus during menses. Menstrual cycle is too erratic, excessive, too heavy, and too long, and with vertigo, toothache, and cold, damp feet. A little excitement can trigger the menstrual flow to return (cf. Ambra grisea).

Food: Poor diet and nutrition. Afraidness decreases however, once he begins to eat, he enjoys the food. A loss of appetite after being overworked. Hunger, craving cold drinks. Aversion to fat. A raging appetite. Abhorrence to milk, meat, and boiled items. Milk does not agree with it. Disapproval of hot food. Craving for eggs, ice cream, sweets, salt. It gets worse after eating smoked meats and milk. It is worse during eating fasts (unlike the Nat Mur, which is better for fasting).

Head: A hot head, mental strain, and pale face. Headache with cold feet and hands. Headache is caused by lifting too much, physical exertion, and nausea. Perspiration is a significant source of sweat. It drenches the pillow with sweat while you the night. You sweat with heart palpitations. The hair is falling off.

Lungs: Hoarseness that is painless, more frequent mornings. Breathless. Cough that tickles, like dust or a feather stuck in throat. It is more difficult to breathe, and it gets worse when the steps. Expectoration occurs only during the day. Thick yellow mucous.

Sleep: insomnia caused by anxiety. Unpleasant thoughts wake you up from an uneasy sleep. Night terrors. Children who scream at night and can't be peaceful. The nightmares of monsters. Incredible and terrifying dreams. Unforgettable visions when closing your eyes. The thoughts are crowded in her head and preventing her from sleeping. The mind is constantly alert and fears that she'll become agitated. Sleepy early in the evening. The habit of waking frequently at night.

Stomach Heartburn and loud gurgling. Belching that is frequent and sour, vomiting of milk that has curdled. The stomach is racked with cramps. Greater pressure and cold water. The epigastric region is painful to the touch. Aggravation when eating. If you drink water, even is so small, can cause nausea, but not when chilled.

Stools The stool is grey, chalky, green, and watery. It first appears hard, then pastry, and then liquid. Stools are more for drinking and eating. They are undigested stools.

Temperature: Drink a lot of water. Chills at 2 pm start with the stomach. Cold and icy feelings are felt in various areas of the body or the affected area. The fever is accompanied by sweat. Internal warmth with the outside temperature and sweat.

Tonsils: Swelling of the thrombus and submaxillary glands. There are stitches after swallowing. Hawks salted mucous. It isn't easy to swallow. The pain is stitched onto swallowing. Small ulcers extend into the palate. Uvula swollen, oedematous. Goitre. Parotid fistula.

Vertigo vertigo: Vertigo is the tendency to slide towards the left or either side and then backward. Vertigo is triggered when you turn your head. The worst is when you look upwards and then go upstairs, especially when running up. Vertigo on ascending. Vertigo is present in various diseases, the most severe being scratching your head. More frequent head scratching following epilepsy.

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