Top 13 Best Appetite Suppressants in 2020: FAQ Benefits Research Guide

Reviewing the top 13 best appetite suppressants of 2020, plus a research guide on the most commonly asked questions about fat burning, hunger management control supplements for weight loss.

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There are many people who need help suppressing their appetite in order to lose or maintain a weight. There a plenty of appetite suppressing supplements on the market that are designed to do just that, and with proper diet and exercise, they can be part of a successful weight loss or weight management routine.

However, it’s important to note that appetite suppressants should never be used as a stand-alone method to achieve weight loss.

Top 13 Best Appetite Suppressant Supplements of 2020

Supplements that work by reducing appetite thereby decreasing food consumption and promoting weight loss, are known as appetite suppressants. The main differences between supplements like BioHarmony or Resurge as weight loss supplements, these products focus on lowering hunger cravings specifically, naturally. Here are the Top-Rated Appetite Suppressants to check your appetite and get your diet under control.

Who Are Appetite Suppressants Meant For?

An appetite suppressant usually focuses on managing the hormone levels that impact feelings of hunger, reducing cravings. This sensation is regulated with two main hormones, ghrelin and leptin. If the hormones are balanced, they signal to the brain that the individual is hungry when they should eat, while signaling that the individual is full to get them to stop, much in the same way that thirst is impacted.

These supplements, while they may have other benefits, are not mainly centered on thermogenesis, increasing the metabolism, or promoting energy levels. However, it is obviously possible that these features can be included with one of these supplements, as anyone can see from the list above.

While the effects of an appetite suppressant may seem simple, there are some side effects that consumers should still watch out for. Most of these side effects have to do specifically with the ingredients involved, like the use of caffeine (which causes jitters or heart palpitations) or garcinia cambogia (which may cause liver damage).



LeanBean is one of the most popular and trendiest options for consumers right now, promoted heavily by influencers on Instagram, like bodybuilders and models. The formula is meant primarily to promote a reduced appetite, but it also increases the speed of the metabolism with a vegan formula.

Consumers will see quite an array of helpful ingredients in LeanBean, including green tea, green coffee bean, turmeric, cayenne pepper, konjac, chromium, and garcinia cambogia. These ingredients also help to reduce inflammation in the body (turmeric) and increase the user’s energy levels, which keeps them from getting that fatigue and tiredness that often comes with a low-calorie diet.

The easiest way to purchase the LeanBean formula is through the official website, offering 180 capsules (one-month supply) for $59.00, though other packages are available to get more doses for a better price. The purchase comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, and the website is filled with happy customers. Still, the user will need to take six capsules daily to get the advertised results, broken down into three doses per day.

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PhenQ has two distinct advantages for consumers. There’s a substantial amount of caffeine and it offers a plethora of helpful ingredients to support it. Much like LeanBean, this dose of caffeine helps consumers to keep their energy up, even when they don’t have all of the calories to support it. While many appetite suppressants are designed to accommodate women, this formula is offering ingredients that can help either gender.

The big ingredient in this product is chromium picolinate, which helps the body to control their cravings for sugar and other carbohydrates. When the body consumes foods that are rich in these ingredients, the metabolism uses them for energy and leaves any unused glucose to add inches to the waistline. By avoiding these types of food in the first place, losing the weight becomes substantially easier.

Consumers can buy the PhenQ formula from the official website for $69.95 for a one-month supply. The purchase is covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee, which means that consumers don’t risk anything by getting involved with this regimen.

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Powher is another one of the supplements on this list that does a lot more than simply suppressing the appetite. While this feature is the main focus of the supplement, the remedy is designed to help with energy levels and to speed up the metabolism.

The main ingredient that gives users the appetite suppression that they desire is glucomannan, which is a fiber that comes from the konjac plant. When consumed, it expands while in the stomach to make it feel fuller, so the user won’t consume more food while drinking water.

The user will need to take two capsules with each of their meals to get the desired impact on the appetite. The Powher formula is primarily designed for women, and it can be ordered from the official website for £45, which is approximately $59.02.

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ThermoPure may seem to have selected a few too many ingredients at first glance, but in reality, their selection of each was very precise. ThermoPure offers a broad list of ingredients to support consumers in the way that they need their appetite controlled.

The ingredients involved offer much more than just appetite control, speeding up the metabolism and helping with energy levels. Some of the contributing ingredients include garcinia cambogia, gymnema sylvestre, forskolin, cayenne pepper, forskolin, and 5-HTP.

While there are many ways to support the user’s energy level, users won’t find any caffeine in this product. While some users may need the energy boost, users that are sensitive to caffeine will appreciate the lack of jitters and the ability to take this product at any time of day while still drifting off to sleep.

Consumers will get an entire one-month supply by ordering the 60-serving bottle from Amazon. However, it is presently out of stock, so users that want to start their weight loss regimen now might have to delay or choose one of the other products on this list.

This supplement also doesn’t contain any caffeine, which means you won’t be up late at night and you don’t have to worry about getting the jitters in the middle of the day. To make thing seven better, ThermoPure understands the problem with using proprietary blends and instead has opted to list the specific amounts used for each ingredient.

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Genius Diet Pills


The Genius brand is always right on the cutting edge of innovation and creativity, and they don’t disappoint when it comes to their diet pills. This product operates on two fronts by utilizing saffron as an appetite suppressant and including 5-HTP to combat cravings. This supplement combines ancient herbal medicine with scientific insight to help you control your appetite by being the master of both your body and your brain.

Genius Diet Pills keep their appetite suppressing power fairly simple, including saffron extract and 5-HTP. While saffron is known for its ability to act as an appetite suppressant to promote weight loss, 5-HTP is known for helping the body feel fuller and increasing serotonin levels so the user avoids emotional eating at all costs. It can also help with the user’s general sleep cycle by increasing melatonin, which helps consumers to reduce their risk of weight gain from over-exhaustion.

Consumers will find no caffeine at all in this supplement, as it is meant for consistent use and for the prevention of overeating. The product is presently offered on Amazon for $29.95, supplying the user with 50 veggie capsules per bottle.

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Lean XT


Lean XT offers consumers three major extracts that help them beat the appetite that can work against them when they are trying to lose weight. The first ingredient is green tea extract, which reduces the toxins in the body and can provide users with natural energy. Forskolin is the next big ingredient on the list, though it is frequently used to help with high blood pressure. The third and final main ingredient is acetyl-L-carnitine, used to help the muscles to burn fat for greater endurance and faster recovery.

Lean XT contains 3 powerful appetite suppressing ingredients that work together very well, along with black pepper extract to boost the bioavailability of each one. This makes it a top supplement for appetite control and it has been proven to work effectively.

The primary ingredient of Lean XT is green tea extract, and it also contains acetyl-L-carnitine and forskolin. These are all well-known appetite suppressants and they put this product high on the list of best appetite suppressants.

Presently, the appetite suppressant is available on Amazon for $24.99 for a one-month supply. However, consumers that want to keep up with this regimen on a daily basis can subscribe to regular shipments for a 5% discount.

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1 Body Saffron 8825

1 Body Saffron 8825

Though saffron is often a contributing ingredient in other weight loss and appetite suppressing supplements, 1 Body Saffron 8825 makes it the star. This formula offers a micro-dose of its extract, supplying the user with 88.5 mg per capsule.

Consumers can purchase 1 Body Saffron 8825 from Amazon directly for $16.50. Just like Lean XT, a subscription is available to get 5% savings on the price.

Saffron is a pretty popular spice for fine dining, and surprisingly enough it is also a pretty effective appetite suppressant. Saffron 8825 from 1 Body includes 88.5 mg of saffron extract, and the extract is only about 0.1 percent saffron.

Saffron has been used as an appetite suppressant for much longer than most other supplements, and its use can be traced back to the Middle Ages. Unfortunately, in all this time there have not been many studies to research its scientific efficacy, but this product receives extremely positive reviews and is touted for its advanced appetite control.

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FitTea 14-Day Detox

FitTea 14-Day Detox

The FitTea 14-Day Detox which focuses less on the long-term appetite suppressing features, focusing instead on effects that are needed in a more compressed period. The formula includes many ingredients that consumers have come to commonly expect from weight loss supplements as well, including green tea, matcha, ginger, and garcinia cambogia. Most of these ingredients help with the metabolism, while others help to flush out the toxins that can keep the body from losing weight effectively.

FitTea is advertised as a detox tea, but it’s just as much an appetite suppressant as it is anything else, and it contains common appetite suppressing ingredients like garcinia cambogia, ginger, matcha tea, and green tea.

Another way that the FitTea Detox separates itself from most of the other supplements on the list in the format for which it is taken. Rather than using capsules, consumers can drink the blend as a hot tea, offering no calories in any serving.

You can drink FitTea hot or cold, and you don’t have to worry about calories; there are zero calories in each serving. When you consider the specific blend of ingredients it includes, it’s not a bad product at all.

If you want to use it for more than 14 days you should be fine, but keep in mind that it was designed as a 2-week jump-start to weight loss.

FitTea is available on Amazon, offering 14 tea bags in the resealable bag for $19.98. Consumers that want to add a little more flavor can use honey or lemon.

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Atrafen offers a combination of appetite-suppressing power and the ability to burn stored fat, making it a welcome weight loss formula. Offering ingredients like African mango, green tea extract, and raspberry ketone, the formula primarily targets thermogenesis in the body. This process heats up the body as if it were working out, causing the body to burn calories like it typically would during a vigorous run or other cardio activity.

The only real downside about Atrafen is that many of the ingredients are combined into a proprietary blend. In this type of formula, consumers are unable to see exactly how much of each of these ingredients is involved in every supplement. For that reason, it is best to only take the recommended dose, which is one capsule per serving. A serving should be taken twice daily, primarily around a meal.

Atrafen is just as much a fat burner as it is an appetite suppressant, which is a common combination in the weight loss market. It packs in raspberry ketone, African mango, and green tea extract, all of which can provide benefits ranging from antioxidants to thermogenesis.

Atrafen is another product that makes use of a proprietary blend, so once again it’s impossible to know just how much you’re getting of each individual ingredient.

To purchase Atrafen, visit Amazon, which lists it for $39.99.

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HERdiet Appetite Attack

HERdiet Appetite Attack

HERdiet Appetite Attack targets the needs of women when it comes to subduing the appetite and promoting weight loss. The product includes many common weight loss ingredients, including raspberry ketone, African mango, green tea extract, apple cider vinegar, and caffeine. However, much like the supplement ahead of HERdiet Appetite Attack, this formula is made up of a proprietary blend. As good as these ingredients are at reducing the appetite, it is hard to know how much power users are getting from it.

HERdiet Appetite Attack is another supplement that is designed specifically for a woman's body. It’s actually only one on a long list, and it sits pretty near the top. Every dose is packed with almost every supplement that has been proven effective for weight loss in the last 10 years, such as caffeine, apple cider vinegar, green tea extract, African mango, and raspberry ketone.

Unfortunately, this is all wrapped up in a proprietary formula that keeps you from knowing exactly how much of each ingredient is included.

Amazon presently lists the Appetite Attack by HERdiet for $25.00, available with or without a subscription.

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Sheer Strength Appetite Suppressant for Women

Sheer Strength Appetite Suppressant for Women

The Sheer Strength Appetite Suppressant for Women brings a popular brand to the table, as well as chromium picolinate and other herbal extracts. Along with its ability to suppress the appetite and reduce cravings, it also helps to prevent the body from storing new fat.

Shear Strength has designed an appetite suppressant specifically for women, and while it’s not the best formula of the bunch, it is popular and does contain some ingredients that have been proven to be effective. The weight loss community has a special corner for chromium picolinate, as there are many who swear by it.

Aside from this, the majority of the herbal extracts in this product are no-name secondary supplements. If you have had experiences with hoodia gordonii or caralluma fimbriata, this may be the supplement for you. Otherwise, one of the other options on the list is probably a better match.

The 60-count bottle of gel capsules is available on Amazon for $17.97.

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Liporidex MAX

Liporidex MAX

Liporidex MAX offers a massive mix of ingredients to help consumers curb their appetite and lose weight. Though some consumers are unimpressed with the long list of ingredients, the product doesn’t shy away from any of the common substances included in this. Some of the ingredients are caffeine, guarana, bitter orange, bacopa, B vitamins, and many more. In fact, that list doesn’t even include half of what this formula provides users.

Every family has a black sheep, and every type of supplement has a kitchen sink product. There are the products that attempt to include every possible ingredient that might be beneficial to the need at hand, regardless of whether or not it works in their particular formula. Sometimes, this approach hits gold and works well, and other times it falls flat.

When it comes to appetite suppressants, Liporidex MAX went with the kitchen sink approach. It contains huge doses of the B complex vitamins, as well as bacopa, bitter orange, guarana, and caffeine. The list goes on and this doesn’t even cover half of the ingredients. If you’re looking for a supplement that covers all of the bases, this might be worth a try for you.

The official website for Liporidex MAX offers the supplement for $49.99.

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Metamucil Appetite Control

Metamucil Appetite Control

Metamucil is a well-known brand thanks to their various fiber supplements, but they also offer a line of drink mixes that are appetite suppressants. In reality, though, there isn’t really that much difference between their appetite suppressant formulas and their fiber supplements.

Metamucil Appetite Control markets itself to consumers as a way to help its users to feel less hungry, which means that they consume fewer calories and add less to their body. The formula doesn’t have any thermogenic effects, primarily just acting as a fiber supplement. While it is effective to help the user stop their hunger, it may not have everything the user needs to halt their cravings.

At the end of the day, they have simply relied on the fiber in these drinks to fill you up so that you won’t want to eat as much, which isn’t exactly of the mark but could certainly be considered a bit lazy. While it’s true that fiber helps to keep you full, there are some other options out there that are a bit more cutting-edge.

While usually available on Amazon, consumers may need to check back on the website to determine when it is available again.

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FAQ About Appetite Suppressant Supplementation

Let's go over all of the most commonly asked questions about using appetite suppressants and help answer all of the trending inquires about these popular fat burning products.

Q: What are appetite suppressants?

A: Appetite suppressants are any foods, beverages, supplements, pills, or other products that make you less hungry or reduce cravings.

Q: How do appetite suppressants work?

A: Most appetite suppressants work by making the body feel fuller. Fiber, for example, is an appetite suppressant because it occupies space in your stomach, tricking your body into feeling fuller, even though it passes harmlessly out of the body without being absorbed.

Q: What’s the difference between an appetite suppressant and a diet pill?

A: Most appetite suppressants can also be considered diet pills. A diet pill is any supplement that enhances the effectiveness of a diet. Appetite suppressants encourage you to eat less, which can make them effective diet pills.

Q: Can I eat whatever I want while taking appetite suppressants?

A: Not really. Appetite suppressants lower your hunger cravings, encouraging you to eat less food. They do not negate the calories you consume.

Q: How do I take an appetite suppressant?

A: Most appetite suppressants come in the form of a pill. You take the pill daily to reduce hunger cravings.

Q: When do I take appetite suppressants?

A: Many appetite suppressants are designed to be taken before a meal – say, 30 to 60 minutes before breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Q: Who should take appetite suppressants?

A: Appetite suppressants are ideal for those wanting to lose weight, especially people who struggle with hunger or cravings while dieting.

Q: Are appetite suppressants natural?

A: Appetite suppressants generally contain natural ingredients – like herbal extracts. However, some appetite suppressants may use synthetic ingredients, artificial colors or flavors, and other non-natural ingredients.

Q: What is glucomannan?

A: Glucomannan is one of the most popular appetite suppressants available today. Glucomannan is a soluble fiber that has been connected to weight loss in multiple studies. Glucomannan enters the body, absorbs water, and becomes a viscous well, letting it bypass the digestion process and reach the colon relatively unchanged.

Q: Is garcinia cambogia an appetite suppressant?

A: Garcinia cambogia is an herbal extract that has been trendy in recent years. It’s made from the peel of a fruit called Garcinia gummi-gutta. The peel of the fruit contains high levels of hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is proven to have weight loss properties. HCA may suppress the appetite by raising serotonin levels, signalling to the brain that the body is full. However, more studies are needed to confirm these effects.

Q: Is forskolin an appetite suppressant?

A: Forskolin is purported to aid weight loss by reducing appetite, enhancing metabolism, and increasing fat breakdown in your body. It’s a popular appetite suppressant supplement ingredient. However, scientific evidence has been mixed: one study found that people taking 500mg of forskolin per day did not significantly reduce appetite, decrease food intake, or lose weight compared to a placebo.

Q: What are the best ways to naturally suppress appetite?

A: You don’t need to take an appetite suppressant supplement to lower your appetite. Some people achieve success by raising protein, fat, and fiber intake, drinking water before every meal, exercising before meals, drinking tea or coffee, eating bulky and low-calorie foods, and practicing mindful eating strategies, among other tips.

Q: Is apple cider vinegar an appetite suppressant?

A: Apple cider vinegar is an appetite suppressant, and the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar has been witnessed in multiple studies. By taking apple cider vinegar 30 minutes before a meal, you can increase feelings of satiety, which means you naturally eat less during the meal.

Q: What is the best appetite suppressant on the market?

A: The best appetite suppressant supplement on the market will vary based on your needs. Some people will achieve success with garcinia cambogia supplements, for example, while others will work better with natural appetite suppression strategies.

Q: Are avocados an appetite suppressant?

A: Some argue that avocados are natural appetite suppressants. Avocados are an excellent source of heart-healthy fats, and fats fill you up quickly, which can help control hunger.

Q: Are appetite suppressants safe?

A: Appetite suppressant supplements are generally safe to take. Any legal appetite suppressant supplements sold through reputable retailers will contain legal ingredients that are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA. When used in the recommended dosages, it’s unlikely that healthy adults will experience any major side effects from appetite suppressant supplements.

Q: What are the side effects of appetite suppressant supplements?

A: Most appetite suppressant supplements have minimal side effects when used in the recommended dosages by healthy adults. Some of the common side effects, however, can include increased digestive regularity, anxiety, jitters, rapid heartbeat, or headaches. Most of these side effects are linked to appetite suppressants that contain stimulants, and side effects are less common in natural supplements.

Benefits And Side Effects

If you’re having trouble losing weight despite the use of diet and exercise, it may be time to give appetite suppressants a try to help you reduce your calories.

There are a ton of different supplements that claim they can help you reduce your appetite, but not all of them are created equal. The best of the bunch should be able to not only reduce your appetite but also help you fight cravings.


At the end of the day, weight loss is a pretty straightforward process. You simply have to burn more energy than you take in so that your body needs to tap into your fat deposits to make more. This is basically an input vs. output equation, but there are a few other factors that can act as variables. One of the easier variables to manipulate involves simply taking in less food, but many people just can’t seem to get control over their appetite.

This is not uncommon at all, and getting control over what you eat can be a challenge for anyone. This is where appetite suppressants enter into the equation. These supplements can both lower the amount of food it takes to make you feel full and trick your body into thinking it is closer to that sill line than it actually is. The mechanism that is used to actually make this work depend on which supplement you are using.

There are some appetite suppressants that have a good deal of research to back them up, while some others seem to have little to no scientific proof available. If you look into a few of the more established supplemental compounds, you should be able to get a bit of knowledge to help you understand how these types of supplements work.

One very well-known appetite controlling ingredient is green tea extract. This supplement is developed from a very popular drink and offers a wide range of biological benefits. Suppressing your appetite is just one of its many abilities.

The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry published a study in 2010 that researched the specific mechanisms that made green tea extract effective for weight loss. Properties like fat oxidation aren’t directly attributed to appetite, but they work to achieve the same goal. Green tea extract seems to have the ability to adjust the way we think and can cause changes in your brain’s activity when it comes to food. It also increases fat oxidation processed in the liver, which starts a complex chain of biological events that can ultimately lead to a decrease in appetite.

These aren’t just the results of theoretical research; they have also been proven in real-world trials. Researchers in Denmark performed a study in 2007 which followed a group of overweight or obese men. The group of these men that was given green tea extract was found to have a reduced food intake by as much as 8%.

The mechanisms that are used by every appetite suppressant can be placed into 1 of 2 categories; either it works to make the body think it needs to less food or it works to reduce cravings and decrease hunger levels in the brain.

5-HTP is a good example of this. This is a chemical that enters the brain and is used to produce a variety of neurotransmitters, which signal the brain to perform all of its activities. Everything about you, from your favorite food to your feelings, is controlled by these neurotransmitters.

There have been a number of studies that have linked 5-HTP to appetite suppression. One such study was published in Current Drug Targets in 2005, and it goes into great detail about all of the uses and functions of 5-HTP in your body.

These researchers proved that 5-HTP was able to decrease the appetite both before meals and after them. The study used meals that had controlled calorie contents in order to prove that the effects were caused by the neurotransmitters and not by the food itself.

One of the most obvious benefits of using appetite suppressants is the subsequent benefit of achieving weight loss, along with everything that entails. Even a little weight loss can have significant benefits for your health.

Diabetes Care published a study which showed that losing as little as 5 percent of your body weight can decrease blood triglyceride levels, reduce blood pressure, and increase good cholesterol of HDL. More weight loss will obviously have even more beneficial results in most cases.

Side Effects

Every appetite suppressing supplement is different, and the specific side effects that you can expect will differ depending on the ingredients of the specific product you are using. Generally speaking, there aren’t many major side effects to be concerned with, and there are no known suppressants that can cause you to eat too little. Any possible side effects are likely to link directly to a specific product’s ingredients.

Some of these ingredients have no known side effects, and green tea extract is among them. However, there are other ingredients that commonly do come with a few downsides. Caffeine, for example, has been known to cause nausea, jitters, and even heart palpitations if the dosage is too high. Unfortunately, many supplements include caffeine in a proprietary formula so that it is impossible to tell how much is present in the end product.

Garcinia cambogia is an ingredient that is mildly controversial, and there are not yet conclusive studies on whether or not it could be dangerous to humans. Many studies have found that it had no negative side effects while others found that it can cause liver damage in animals if it is present in high enough doses. Most of the studies that focused on human subjects did not find side effects.

Recommended Dosage

Because there is such diversity in the field of appetite suppressants, each one is going to have its own recommended dosage. While some ingredients like green tea extract are well-known and have a standardized dosage, there are others that we just don’t know enough about yet. In this instance, it is always best to follow the directions that the manufacturers have included on the packaging for your specific product.

Green tea on its own can be recommended in doses in which the EGCG it contains is present at around 270 mg. 5-HTP is most effective in doses of between 300 mg and 900 mg.

The dosage recommended by the manufacturer is the best one to follow in most case, especially considering that many products use a proprietary formula and it is impossible for you to know how much of each ingredient is even contained in a given dose.

Best Appetite Suppressants Of 2020 Final Words

When you are working to lose weight through diet and exercise, sometimes you need a little boost. Appetite suppressants can often serve to be the final piece of the puzzle to help you achieve your goals.

If you select the right product for you, it can help you become the master of your mind and reduce cravings so that your weight loss efforts get better long-term results. After all, the easiest way to burn more calories than you take in so that you can achieve weight loss is to take in fewer calories to begin with.

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