Powher: Women's Pre-Workout, Fat Burner and Sleep Support Review

Powher offers premium female-optimized pre-workout, fat burner, and sleep support formulas for women that are designed to help boost mental and physical performance.

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Powher responds to the lack of female-oriented supplement companies by creating their line of simple, safe, quality supplements to aid in female mood, weight loss, and sleep.

As the supplement industry grows, the key to staying ahead for some companies will be to find ways to expand the appeal of supplements to greater portions of the consumer population. While supplements for male enhancement have been mainstream for decades, supplements specifically targeting female customers have been relatively difficult to find.

Powher is creating a number of new and exciting supplements with quality ingredients to help the minds and bodies of women all over the world.

Let's review Powher Pre-Workout, Powher Fat Burner and Powher Sleep Support supplements and see how these female-focused products can help women maximize strength, lose weight and get re-energized after a full night of deeper rest.

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What is Powher?

The supplement industry for women is thriving right now. This should come as no surprise, especially considering the way that so many women feel pressured to slim down and improve their appearance. But most supplements either act too aggressively on the female body or contain “exotic” ingredients with little function. Powher noticed this problematic dichotomy and sought to respond with their own brand of safe and effective supplements.

Powher hasn’t created a ton of supplements; their focus has been on quality, rather than the quantity that dominates some supplement companies. Each formula is crafted using healthy ingredients with the intent to serve one of these unique functions:

  • Improve weight loss
  • Increase energy and endurance
  • Reduce struggle to get to sleep

Continue reading to learn more about the three remedies that Powher has developed, as well as how they can help. Each remedy comes with a return policy so that users can ensure they get the most out of their product.

How Does Powher Pre-Workout for Women Work?

Pre-Workout is formulated for women who want to have a more intense workout while minimizing motivation troubles in the gym. The absence of creatine in the product is intentional; this pre-workout formula is meant to prevent bulky gains. Instead, ingredients include:

  • Natural caffeine from green coffee bean, which maximizes focus/concentration at 100mg dose
  • Freeze-dried Coconut water powder (500mg), which is rich in vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes
  • Pantothenic acid / vitamin B5 (1omg), which promote a healthy metabolism and reduce both mental and physical fatigue and vitamin B6 (for metabolic function) and vitamin B12 (for red blood cell formation)
  • Enxtra is a natural caffeine amplifier that is made up of three extracts, alpinia galanga, C.Flexuous oil (LG) and G. Glabra and contains 300mg per dose of Power PreWorkout
  • Oxyjun is a Termninalia Arjuna tree bark extract that is a natural stimulant-free compound meant to provide potent antioxidant properties as a Ethanolic extractwith 400mg per scoop
  • RedNite is a fresh beetroot beta vulgaris extract (beta vulgaris) that acts as a natural nitric oxide performance enhancer, adding nitrate and high number of antioxidants at 500mg dose
  • L-Tyrosine helps stimulate neurotransmitter production as an aromatic amino acid that increases dopamine levels and is considered a mood enhancer at 500mg per serving
  • L-Citrulline Malate is another amino acid with 2g per scoop that is a popular pre-workout powder ingredient because of its association with benefiting athletic performance
  • Beta-Alanine helps with high-intensity exercise and boosts carnosine protein molecule levels which can fight fatigue during physical activity, with 1g per dose
  • Taurine is the last but certainly not least recognized ingredient, being a wildly popular ingredient in many energy drinks and is high in antioxidants at 2.5g per scoop serving

Here is a look at the full Powher Pre-Workout supplement facts label:

powher preworkout supplement facts

All the user needs is a single scoop (10 grams) in a drink, which should be blended and consumed about 30 minutes before a workout. Packages start at $45 for Powher Pre-Workout supplement for women. The female-focused exercise product is was meant to be an easy to use, low-stimulant, optimal dosing supplement with ingredients that work.

How Does Powher Fat Burner for Women Work?

The Fat Burner remedy is fairly similar, though it is more about weight loss than getting toned. Most weight loss supplements on the market don’t even make a difference for users, but this treatment is meant to help with weight loss, cravings, and a slow metabolism.

The reason that this formula is so effective is because Powher uses the right ingredients, which include (but are not limited to):

  • Konjac (glucomannan), which is a type of fiber that makes the user feel more full
  • Natural caffeine, which is meant to promote a faster metabolism
  • Choline, which can balance a normal lipid metabolism for the digestion of dietary fat
  • Chromium trace mineral is an athleteic performance enhancer known as a macronutrient metabolism aid and helps normalize blood glucose concentrations at 120mg per dose
  • Magnesium has a host of benefits associated with this mega-mineral but namely electrolyte balance and protein synthesis as well as tiredness reduction and relaxation
  • Iron helps transport oxygen around the body and is important for immune system health, as a common nutrient most are deficient in, the 18mg per serving will come in handy
  • Selenium is a powerful antioxidant known for its thyroid function benefits and appetite control along with helping gut absorption and sugar and fat breakdown effects

Here is a look at the full Powher Fat Burner women's supplement facts label:

powher fat burner for women

Consumers just need to take two capsules with all three meals a day. Packages start at $65.

How Does Powher Sleep Support for Women Work?

Sleep is much different, helping consumers to eliminate the stress of the day for a comfortable night of sleep. By taking this supplement, consumers can reduce the amount of time they spend trying to get to sleep, regulate their normal sleep cycle, and feel more relaxed when they go to sleep.

The ingredients include:

  • Melatonin, the natural hormone produced by the body to signal tiredness
  • Magnesium, which promotes normal function of the nervous system
  • I-tryptophan, which is an essential amino acid that relaxes the body with serotonin
  • Chamomile is an herbal substance that can help inflammation and muscle spasms and is rich in apigenin which can act as a natural sleep aid for those strugging to rest soundly

Here is a look at the full Powher Sleep Support supplement facts label:

powher sleep support for women

Consumers should take two capsules thirty minutes before bed for best results. Packages start at $40.

Commonly asked Powher Question and Answers

Q. How much Powher should you take at once?

A. One 10g scoop should be enough, although new users might want to start with 5g before increasing the dosage.

Q. Is it okay to take Powher pre-stack workout with other supplements?

A. Powher can be combined with a fat-burner, but should not be taken alongside another high-powered or caffeine-based supplement.

Q. Is Powher Women's Health Supplements Safe to Consume?

A. Powher uses natural ingredients and is created in an FDA approved facility, making it a relatively safe product to use.

Ordering and Contacting the Customer Service Team

The Powher formulas can only be found on the official website. Powher supplements are shipped free worldwide. For specific questions about the products or a recent purchase, the customer service team can be reached by email at [email protected]. The Ultimate Life company also makes a LeanBean supplement that is another women's fat burner.


To fill the gap left by a lack of women-tailored health and body supplements in the growing supplement industry, Powher is creating unique compounds meant to help women achieve their wellness and fitness goals. The company offers reasonable prices, free shipping, and quality ingredients in their succinct line of female boosters.

Find Powher Female Supplements Here

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