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About Alpha-GPC

There is a drug that is believed to be able to treat mental disease related to dementia such as the Alzheimer’s disease. The precursor to this drug is choline, which is primarily sourced from alpha-GPC, a compound you can find in the brain naturally.

The drug we are talking about is acetylcholine. Alpha-GPC plays a huge role in being able to use acetylcholine and all of its benefits because it helps choline get through the blood-brain barrier. Since choline is a precursor to acetylcholine, getting it through the barrier is absolutely vital.

Acetylcholine is slowly becoming recognized across the world as a very powerful nonprescription drug. At the moment, it is obtainable in the United States and is part of the GRAS, an acronym for Generally Recognized As Safe, group. This means it is deemed to be generally safe for consumption.

Usually, Alpha-GPC can be made from common soy lecithin, a fatty compound which carries the before-mentioned choline and other derivatives in it. In most cases, the method used to prepare Alpha-GPC is known as deacetylation chemical reaction, which separates the acetyl group from the compounds which are present in Alpha-GPC. Soya that has been enriched is what’s used as the main material from which Alpha-GPC is separated through chromatography, a technique used in a lab to separate mixtures.

Alpha-GPC Clinical Stuides

There have been many different trials and studies performed to figure out a use for alpha-GPC. Most of these studies focus on its speculated ability to treat diseases and disorders related to our cognitive functions.

A big clinical study was performed in Italy on over 2,000 stroke patients. For the first month of the trial, each subject was given 1,000 mg of alpha-GPC per day. After the initial month, the treatment continued at 400 mg dosage, which was given to the patients 3 times per day.

Three different significance scales out of 4 showed that alpha-GPC is actually effective. This suggested that alpha-GPC is very capable of enhancing cognitive recovery significantly amongst patients who have previously suffered from mental stress such as a stroke.

Alpha-GPC is actually very absorptive when in its natural state. It can absorb huge amounts of moisture that is the air. Pure Alpha-GPC is so hygroscopic that it can quickly become a gel if it is exposed to the surrounding environment for just a few minutes. This means that alpha-GPC has to be stored properly for a long duration of time. The best way to ensure that this substance doesn’t turn into gel is to place it into a freezer while keeping it in a vacuum sealed bag.

Most people who take Alpha-GPC usually only keep about one month’s worth of the substance out at a time while keeping the rest safely stored away. The same should be observed by you if you intend on taking alpha-GPC. Our recommendation is to order only 1 month’s supply worth and continue ordering it every month as needed.

For those of you who might have accidentally left alpha-GPC out on the counter or didn’t seal it properly, keep in mind that hygroscopy doesn’t mean that the compound is degraded in any way once it turns into gel. If this happened to your alpha-GPC, you can still continue taking it in gel form, the only issues you will experience is with weighing small doses.

Benefits of Alpha-GPC

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of different speculated benefits that this drug has to offer. However, there is currently a lack of studies surrounding all of the benefits of alpha-GPC and more research needs to be done in order to solidify some of the claims being made in the science world about this drug.

Alpha-GPC has recently become very well-known for its possible positive effects on the cognitive abilities of patients who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease because of multiple research studies that were conducted. Most of the studies show that the advised dosage for these patients is about 1,200 mg of alpha-GPC split into 3 daily doses.

Besides helping Alzheimer’s patients, alpha-GPC also has other therapeutic values which can be taken advantage of by those who suffer from dementia. Studies show that injections of the drug can drastically improve not only cognitive function buy also overall behavior in patients.

Alpha-GPC has quickly become the number one go-to drug to give to patients who have recently suffered a stroke. Studies have shown that recovery time can be greatly reduced through the use of alpha-GPC. Most of the early research is pointing to about a 6-month treatment for stroke victims with alpha-GPC.

Alpha-GPC has also been speculated to be an excellent supplement that can be taken orally that can delivery many nootropic benefits that you can take advantage of. It seems to work best when used alongside other methods that can improve your overall cognitive function.

There has been quite a bit of attention circling around alpha-GPC from athletes who are seeking advantages in the gym or on the field. The primary reason why alpha-GPC is beneficial to athletes is that it stimulates the growth of some hormones which can greatly improve physical capabilities. The long-term effects of this have not been validated yet and only short-term hormonal spikes have been observed which seem to drop after the supplement is no longer being used.

Alpha-GPC doesn’t work very well alongside scopolamine. The reason being this is that alpha-GPC actually improves the production of acetylcholine in your body while scopolamine does the opposite and inhibits it. Consuming both of these can cause opposite reactions that work to cancel each other out.

Your body can easily absorb alpha-GPC as long as it is taken with dietary fatty acids from sources like salmon, eggs, almonds and walnuts, olive oil, and whole grain foods. The main reason why alpha-GPC can be easily absorbed with fatty acids is that structurally it’s a phospholipid.

So, according to much of the research that has already been done, alpha-GPC can improve cognitive functions, but more scientific studies need to be concluded to establish and solidify this fact.

Side Effects Of Alpha-GPC

At the given moment there hasn’t been any evidence that shows alpha-GPC to be toxic in any way. The most important aspect of taking this drug is to ensure that you do not exceed dosages higher than 1,200 mg per day.

The only mild side effects that have been reported by some people were a sense of confusion, experiencing dizziness, and feeling a headache. All of these side effects are associated with most brain function-enhancing drugs. In rare cases, some users were said to have experienced heartburn and a skin rash.

Alpha-GPC is also capable of producing insomnia-like effects. However, this only occurs if the dosage is exceeded and shouldn’t be a problem as long as you maintain the right dose.

Unfortunately, because of lack of research, side effects associated with pregnancy and taking alpha-GPC aren’t yet well-known. We suggest that you avoid taking alpha-GPC is you are pregnant.

How To Take Alpha-GPC

Most people choose to take alpha-GPC orally, although taking it through injections is also possible. In the United States, alpha-GPC is generally given to patients alongside other dietary supplements in an attempt to improve memory and cognitive function.

At the moment, there is no defined standard dosage for alpha-GPC. This is mainly due to it being regarded as a food supplement.

The dosages which are observed in the United States range between 300 mg and 1,200 mg daily. It is strongly suggested that you determine the correct dosage of alpha-GPC by talking to your doctor.

Alpha-GPC Summary

Even though the research is still young and there are few studies that support alpha-GPC’s benefits, the research that is already available points to this drug as an excellent nootropic supplement.

Patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia can benefit the greatest from taking alpha-GPC as long as correct dosage is observed. People who have suffered strokes can also expect a faster recovery if taking advantage of alpha-GPC.

The drug is still new and a standard dosage has not yet been established. This is why it’s absolutely vital that you talk to your medical professional if you are considering taking alpha-GPC. They know your medical history and only they will be able to determine what amount of alpha-GPC will benefit you the most.

Remember, they are a professional and they possess the knowledge of your personal needs necessary to help you make the right decision. While alpha-GPC isn’t a prescription drug, we still recommend taking your doctor’s advice into consideration before deciding to take this powerful drug.

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