AIRZAI Care Natural Air Sanitizer: Reviewing the 2024 Research

AIRZAI Care is a natural air sanitizer spray that acts as a smart home essential oil fragrance diffuser that kills airborne viruses, bacteria and protects against germs with a fresh scent and cleans surfaces.

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As the COVID-19 virus continues to ravage many parts of the world, the need for unique and innovative sanitation devices has never been higher. A proper sanitizing device can help to eliminate germs, bacteria, and even the COVID-19 virus itself.

AIRZAI Care is an air sanitizer that claims to kill germs within 30 seconds. The product is simple to use; consumers simply spray the sanitizer at the surface or area they want to clean, and it instantly begins working to kill viruses, bacteria, and mold.

AIRZAI Care is being heavily marketed online as a preventative measure for COVID-19. The sales page at claims that they’re facing “higher than normal demand for AIRZAI Care” due to COVID-19 concerns, so consumers might want to act fast to claim their bottle of the product.

Is AIRZAI Care the real deal? Can you really use AIRZAI Care to protect your home from viruses, germs, and bacteria? Will AIRZAI Care kill the COVID-19 coronavirus? Find out everything you need to know about AIRZAI Care today in our review.

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What is AIRZAI Care?

What is AIRZAI Care?

AIRZAI Care describes itself as a natural air sanitizer. It’s priced at $20 per 60mL bottle. Each 60mL bottle contains approximately 750 spritzes.

AIRZAI Care uses essential oils and natural ingredients to provide a unique spray solution that can clean surfaces, eliminate bacteria, and protect consumers from viruses and germs.

All you do is shake the canister of AIRZAI Care, hold the canister upright, then mist. The spray purportedly kills germs within 30 seconds of contact.

You can spray AIRZAI Care around your home, car, or hotels. Each bottle is small enough to be portable.

AIRZAI Care works using just two active ingredients: basil and lemongrass. These ingredients purportedly kill germs, viruses, and bacteria.

AIRZAI Care is made by a Toronto-based company named Airzai. That company claims to be a stealth startup in the essential oil and fragrance space. AIRZAI Care is one of the company’s first notable products.

AIRZAI Care Features and Benefits

AIRZAI Care Features and Benefits

The manufacturer of AIRZAI Care advertises all of the following features and benefits:

  • Kills germs in 30 seconds
  • Naturally sanitizes the air
  • Non-aerosol
  • Non-toxic
  • Effective against viruses, bacteria, and mold
  • No alcohol or bleach
  • Made in the United States
  • Leaves a fresh, aromatic scent with hints of basil and lemongrass

Clearly, the product offers a number of things for consumers to look for. But does it live up to the hype it sets for itself? Let's explore the functional components of the product to learn more.

How Does AIRZAI Care Work?

AIRZAI Care doesn’t contain a long list of ingredients, and the first listed ingredient is water.

How Does AIRZAI Care Work?

In fact, there are just five listed ingredients. Will these simple ingredients really kill germs, bacteria, and viruses? Let’s take a look at each ingredient:

  • Water. Water functions as the base for the sanitizing product. It allows the essential oils included in this solution to be sprayed easily onto surfaces and into the air.
  • Basil. Basil can be found in certain sanitizing products. We’ve seen it in hand sanitizers, for example, and essential oil products. There’s a reason basil can be found in certain cleaning products: some studies have shown that basil oils can kill E. coli, listeria, and salmonella bacteria.
  • Lemongrass. Plenty of hand sanitizers and essential oil products contain lemongrass. Manufacturers will tell you that lemongrass has antifungal and antibacterial properties.
  • Geraniol. Geraniol is a fragrance chemical. It doesn’t clean or sanitize anything; it just gives AIRZAI Care a pleasant scent.
  • Saponin. Saponins are a class of chemical compounds found in certain plant species. They’re found in most vegetables, beans, and herbs, for example. Saponins also have foaming characteristics.

This study published in 2012 in Food Control found that sanitizers containing essential oils inhibited biofilm development on surfaces, reducing microbial colonization. Researchers concluded that a combination of sodium hydroxide and essential oils (including lemongrass) serves as “a promising tool for reducing microbial colonization of food processing surfaces.” However, the essential oils may not actually kill any viruses, germs, and bacteria. Some researchers conclude that they just make it harder for them to stick to your skin.

Ultimately, the three main ingredients in AIRZAI Care are water, basil, and lemongrass. These three ingredients may help to somewhat sanitize surfaces and air, although there’s not much evidence supporting their effectiveness.

It’s also important to note that AIRZAI Care doesn’t claim to kill any specific percentage of germs and bacteria. Many sanitizers will claim to kill 99.9% or 99.99% of germs, viruses, and bacteria. AIRZARE Care makes no such claims. Typically, alcohol-based sanitizers can make these claims, while essential oil sanitizers cannot make these claims.

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Scientific Evidence for AIRZAI Care

AIRZAI Care has never gone through any studies or clinical trials verifying its effectiveness. This is not abnormal for alternative medical cleaning solutions; clinical trials are costly and difficult. But it does mean that consumers should be cautious when using this product for themselves.

The manufacturer does not make any specific claims about what percentage of germs, viruses, and bacteria their formula will kill. The manufacturer mentions that germs will be killed in 30 seconds, although there’s little evidence for this claim.

How to Use AIRZAI Care

AIRZAI Care is straightforward to use. You just shake the bottle, then spray a spritz.

The manufacturer encourages you to use the bottle in every room in your home, in your car, in hotels, and anywhere else you need to freshen the air.

AIRZAI Care Creators

AIRZAI Care Creators

AIRZAI Care was created by a company named Airzai. That company was founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by Muneed Mushtaq (CEO and Co-Founder), Nabeel Mushtaq (CSO and Co-Founder) and John Byard (Business Development and Co-Founder.)

Mushtaq’s Wikipedia page describes Airzai as a “stealth IoT product in the home fragrance space”. The company is headquartered in downtown Toronto, although it has R&D offices in San Francisco.

The company has also reportedly raised over $5 million in seed funding. hired Fred Bould, the guy who designed Nest, GoPro, and Roku, as their Chief Designer. Fred Bould is a world-class designer based in Silicon Valley. You can learn more about him at

In addition to Airzai Care, Airzai offers various essential oil diffusers and aromatherapy devices.

You can contact Airzai via the following:

Frequently Asked Questions About AIRZAI Care

Users are correct to have a number of questions about any new cleaning product, especially given the prevalence of scams in this growing and over-saturated market. This section will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about both AIRZAI Care and the company behind it.

Q: Does AIRZAI Care Air Sanitizer Promise Guaranteed Results?

A: AIRZAI care uses essential oils and natural ingredients to eliminate bacteria. The company claims that one spritz of their formula over an infected area will eliminate germs within thirty seconds. The scientific community is split on the effectiveness of essential oils in eliminating bacteria; some researchers believe that compounds like AIRZAI Care work to make it harder for bacteria to stick to the human body but fail to kill the entities entirely. While the company asserts no guarantees, the AIRZAI Care natural air sanitizer spray is meant to lower airborne germs and viruses to effectively create cleaner air to breathe and inhale.

Q: Who created AIRZAI Care?

A: This product was created by Airzai, a Toronto-based company that has raised over $5 million in seed funding from rich capitalist investors. The company has only really released this product, so it's tough to gauge how trustworthy their organization is.

Q: How do you use AIRZAI Care?

A: Use is incredibly simple. Just point the bottle's nozzle towards the area you want to disinfect and spray. If the company behind this product is to be believed, the bacteria in the targeted area should be destroyed within thirty seconds of the initial spray.

Q: What ingredients are in AIRZAI Care?

A: Only five ingredients are included in this product. They include water, basil, lemongrass, Geraniol, and Saponin.

AIRZAI Care Pricing

AIRZAI Care is priced at $20 to $30, although bulk discounts are available as well. Purchasing options include:

60mL (2 fl oz) with 750 Spritzes

  • 1 Bottle: $19.99
  • 3 Bottles: $53.99
  • 6 Bottles: $104.99
  • 12 Bottles: $189.99

120mL (4 fl oz) with 1500 Spritzes

  • 1 Bottle: $29.99
  • 3 Bottles: $79.99
  • 6 Bottles: $149.99
  • 12 Bottles: $287.99

AIRZAI Care is much more expensive than similar options available today. Mrs. Meyer’s Basil Hand Sanitizer, which contains similar ingredients to AIRZAI Care, is priced at just $3.49 for a 2 fl oz (60mL) bottle. Similar lemongrass sanitizers can be found for $3 to $4 as well.

AIRZAI Care Refund Policy

There’s no information about a refund policy anywhere on

It seems that the manufacturer does not offer any type of refund policy on AIRZAI Care. However, you can email [email protected] to check.

Final Thoughts

AIRZAI Care has been heavily marketed online in recent weeks. As the COVID-19 outbreak worsens worldwide, people are scrambling to buy effective sanitizers. As the demand for hand sanitizers and UV light sanitizers rises, along with face masks and even survival kits, first aid kits and long term food storage solutions, one can never be too sure the air breathed is pure, clean and safe all around in heightened times of uncertainty and invisible airborne threats.

Unfortunately, there’s limited evidence that AIRZAI Care works as advertised to “kill germs within 30 seconds”. The formula only contains two sanitization ingredients: basil and lemongrass. Both ingredients have shown some ability to fight germs, although they are generally considered less effective at fighting germs than proven methods like alcohol.

AIRZAI Care also seems unusually expensive, but demand is high and having a personal air purifying sanitizer spray is a luxury good to use in a time of need and peace of mind. It’s priced at $20 per bottle, while competing lemongrass/basil sanitizer sprays cost $3 to $5. However, consumers might be interested in paying a little extra for the uniquely natural solution this product provides.

The AIRZAI Care Natural Air Sanitizer is a non-toxic, non-aerosol spray that has no alcohol or bleach and comes with a fresh essential oil scent to effectively kill germs within half a minute and limiting the exposure to viruses, mold and bacteria. In a time where lung health and strong respiratory function is vital, going the extra mile to ensure the air around you is clean and pure may be worth the effort to grab a personal care product like AIRZAI.

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