Zing Electric Energy Patch: Reviewing the Smart Neurostimulation Patch

Zing Electric Energy Patch is a smart neurostimulation wearable device that offers users clean and fast energy without the jitters by boosting the greater auricular nerve and the sympathetic nervous system.

Full Disclosure

Zing is an electrical energy skin patch that claims to stimulate your body and mind. These kinds of caffeine-free patches are not particularly uncommon, and their ease-of-use makes them a popular choice for consumers who want to improve their energy levels and improve their overall wellness.

You simply apply the skin patch underneath your ear, and it begins to stimulate your nervous system and enhance your energy. Zing claims to boost energy without causing jitters or a crash, and without requiring the use of supplements. Much like innovations in using skin patches for pain relief from Kailo or Kaydia patch, the smart Zing electric energy patch is said to take only five minutes to energize for hours using the ingenious neurostimulation patch and without caffeine.

Is Zing the right choice for you? Should you use Zing to boost your energy and focus? Is it even effective or could it actually replace the need for multiple cups of coffee or pre-workout drinks? Let’s take a closer look at how Zing works in our comprehensive product review of the Zing Electric Energy Patch.


What is Zing?

Zing is a disposable skin patch that boosts your energy. The patch claims to raise energy for hours within just five minutes of applying the patch to your body.

What is Zing?

Zinc claims to work through “neurostimulation”. The patch targets your auricular nerve within your ear, stimulating your nervous system and enhancing activity in the sympathetic nervous system (SNS).

You can use Zing as an all-in-one energy booster. Or, you can use Zing with coffee and other products. Zing claims to offer an immediate energy boost with no chemicals or substances and no adaptation or addiction.

There are two versions of the Zing patch, including the Original Strength and Extra Strength version. Both patches are priced at $7 per patch. You can use the patch twice, which means Zing is $3.50 per use.

Zing Features & Benefits

Zing claims to offer all of the following features and benefits:

  • Immediate energy boost
  • Hours of energy
  • Natural alertness with no chemicals or substances
  • No adaptation or addition
  • Fits in your pocket or purse
  • Raise energy without increasing anxiety levels

But can Zing actually provide these features and benefits? Let's look at how Zing works to help figure it out.

How Does Zing Work?

After applying the Zing skin patch, you will feel a tingling vibration behind your ear. The tingling provides electrical stimulation to your auricular nerve, targeting your nervous system and enhancing your sympathetic nervous system (SNS) response.

Zing claims the sensation is “nothing like you have felt before”.

Each Zing patch consists of three components, including a cotton cover, a smart circuit, and a hydrogel and flex base.

How Does Zing Work?

According to the official website, Zing relies on transdermal electrical neurosignaling (TEN) to target sympathetic physiology. The patch delivers high-frequency pulsed electrical currents to ophthalmic and maxillary divisions of the right trigeminal nerve and cervical spinal nerve afferents.

That’s a very fancy way of saying Zing sends electricity into your body, stimulating your nervous system. It uses similar technology to transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) systems. TENS uses low-voltage electricity for pain relief.

It’s not fully understood how TENS works. One theory is that electric current stimulates nerve cells that block the transmission of pain signals, modifying your perception of pain. Others believe that the nerve stimulation raises endorphin levels, which are the body’s natural pain-killing chemicals. In any case, TENS has been linked to reduced pain and other benefits.

Thync has been developing Zing’s technology since 2011. They have experimented with different frequencies and cycles, testing stimulation to ensure maximum energy boost.

Scientific Evidence for Zing

We’ve never seen a product like Zing before. So does Zing actually work as advertised to boost energy? Or is there limited evidence it works as advertised?

Thync, the creators of Zing, have published the results of one study online. You can view that 2015 study here.

Scientific Evidence for Zing

It was a double-blind, placebo-controlled study analyzing the Zing skin patch on participants. Researchers analyzed the effects of the skin patch on skin responses, mood states, heart rate variability, face temperature, anxiety, and other metrics.

Researchers found that the Zing skin patch “significantly reduces anxiety and tension compared to a sham”, and participants using Zing had a 34% reduction in anxiety scores compared to participants using the placebo.

Researchers also analyzed Zing’s effect on stress biomarkers, as measured by levels of cortisol and alpha-amylase in saliva. However, they found there was not a significant difference between the placebo patch and Zing in terms of stress levels.

Zing did, however, lead to a significant sympathetic skin response as measured by facial temperature. There was a significant change in nose, forehead, chin, and cheek temperature within 5 minutes of Zing treatment compared to a placebo, as measured by an infrared camera.

Zing also impacted heart rate variability and galvanic skin conductance during acute stress. Heart rate variability (HRV) is a common biometric of psychophysiological arousal. Researchers applied the placebo patch or active patch, then gave participants a stress test. Researchers found that patients treated with the patch had significant changes in electrodermal activity or galvanic skin conductance (GSC) compared to a placebo.

The study on Zing was published in Nature in September 2015. It was a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial – which is the gold standard of clinical trials. It was also published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, which is also good to see. It involved 45 participants, including 20 taking the placebo patch and 25 taking the Zing patch.

Who’s Behind Zing?

Zing is a product of Thync. Thync was founded with the goal of using neuroscience instead of chemicals to improve lives. They wanted to create a product that boosted energy without flooding your body with weird ingredients or dangerous stimulants.

Thync was founded by Isy Goldwassser in 2011. The company is based in Los Gatos, California.

You can contact Thync using the email contact form here:

Frequently Asked Questions About Zing

Energy patches are typically a bit patchy when it comes to the science backing their efficiency. Naturally, this leads to consumer questions. This section should help by answering many of the most commonly asked questions about the Zing patch.

Q: How do you use Zing?

A: This product is straightforward with its use instructions. Just stick the patch underneath your ear and leave it to get the potential energy effects of Zing. It is now clear how long you need to leave the patch under your ear, so you might want to consult the product instructions before use to be sure.

Q: What benefits does Zing offer?

A: The main benefit offered by Zing is that it helps to increase your energy. According to the company behind the Zing patch, patches like Zing can help to provide energy for hours at a time without the crash of energy drinks or coffee. Improved energy can improve your life in a number of ways, giving you a happier disposition and a better work ethic.

Q: Who created Zing?

A: Zing was manufactured by Thync, a California-based company that claims to use neuroscience to improve the lives of consumers. From what we can tell, the company has won variable praise from consumers, and they appear to use a pretty transparent and clean manufacturing process.

Q: Is Zing scientifically supported?

A: We are impressed by the quality of the scientific studies presented on the official product website of Zing. It appears that multiple studies have substantiated the claim that Zing can improve general energy levels in users.

Zing Pricing

Zing is priced at $7 per patch or $3.50 per use. There are two versions of the patch available, including the Original and Extra Strength versions:

Zing Pricing

  • Original Strength: $6.99 per patch ($3.50 per use)
  • Extra Strength: $6.99 per patch ($3.50 per use)

You can buy Zing online through Each patch can be used two times, and then it’s disposable.

Final Thoughts

Zing is a unique skin patch that boosts your energy through electrical stimulation. You place the patch underneath your ear, and the patch provides a noticeable boost of energy within 5 minutes. The patch was proven to work in a small clinical trial, and it appears to genuinely raise your energy without the use of chemicals or any ingredients. It’s natural stimulation that feels like tingling, giving you an energy boost that lasts for hours.

To learn more about the Zing electric energy patch and how it works, visit online today.

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