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Z Pure Life Omega 3 Ultra: EPA & DHA Fatty Acid Fish Oil Vitamin?


Benefitting cardiovascular, cognitive, and joint health, Omega 3 Ultra delivers essential fatty acids to the body for improved blood pressure and memory, as well as healthier hair and skin.

What Is Omega 3 Ultra?

Nutritional deficiencies are common with a modern diet characterized by convenience rather than health. Omega 3 fatty acids are typically low in most diets even though they are essential to the body’s daily functioning.

Omega 3 Ultra from Zpure Life is a daily dietary supplement that delivers these acids, derived from fish oil, to improve cardiovascular, brain, and joint health.

Specific benefits of essential fatty acids include lowered blood pressure, improved cholesterol, decreased risk of heart attack, improved memory and overall cognitive function, reduced inflammation, improved cellular cushioning of joints and organs, and more youthful hair, skin, and nails.

Zpure Life promises that this product is free of mercury and purified through molecular distillation. Moreover, it is made in a facility that is both GMP and FDA certified to insure that each product meets the highest standards of quality.

How Does Omega 3 Ultra Fatty Acid Fish Oil Work?

Unless instructed otherwise by a healthcare practitioner, adults should take one capsule once or twice daily with food.

Omega 3 Ultra Ingredients


Offering 120 mg per serving, DHA is best known for its role in fetal development of the brain and skeletal structure. For this reason, it is an important supplement for pregnant or breastfeeding women who wish to support their child’s development.

Similarly, DHA levels decrease with age, which can contribute to skeletal weakening or neurological decline. Increasing DHA levels might ward off these conditions for improved overall wellbeing and longevity.


With a more active role in daily functioning than DHA, EPA provides the cardiovascular and joint benefits by lubricating and nourishing cells throughout the body. Omega 3 acids deliver the phospholipids that are the foundation for many soft tissues, thereby strengthening the body from the inside out.

These molecules also hydrate hair, skin, and nail cells for improved vitality and youthfulness. By delivering beneficial fat compounds, EPA improves cholesterol levels by increasing healthy cholesterol, which in turn contributes to improved blood pressure and cardiovascular function. Each serving contains 180 mg.

Omega 3 Ultra Pricing

For $21.94, one bottle of Omega 3 Ultra containing 120 capsules can be found through Zpure Life website.

Should You Use Omega 3 Ultra?

Omega 3 acids derived from fish oil are a highly utilized and respected supplement in the nutrition industry.

However, most manufacturers provide more information about the quality of the fish harvested including where the fish come from and if they are wild-caught. Without this information, consumers might find it difficult to choose this product over others.

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