Xalm: Reviewing the Weighted Blanket for Sleep Benefits Research

Xalm weighted blankets by Eddy Barrett can help users to decrease anxiety and get a better night's sleep with simple, quality materials and a patented design that may help with losing weight overnight.

Full Disclosure

Xalm is a blanket that claims to relieve anxiety while helping you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

The blanket is sold online through The UK-based manufacturer of Xalm claims the blanket can “revolutionize the way you sleep”.

The manufacturer makes another bold claims about Xalm. Xalm claims to raise oxytocin levels in the brain, for example, elevating mood. It even claims to “significantly increase chances of weight loss” – which is a health benefit I’ve never seen advertised by a blanket. This is a much different approach than a deep sleep support formula like the Resurge supplement, but what does the research say?

What’s the secret power behind Xalm? Can a simple blanket really revolutionize your life? Let’s take a closer look at how Xalm works.

Find the Lowest Price on Xalm Weighted Blanket


What is Xalm?

Xalm is a weighted blanket sold online through, Amazon, and other retailers.

The blanket comes with a soft, grey cover. It’s approximately the size of a double bed. The blanket has a plush “Minky” cover that makes it very comfortable to the touch.

Xalm is available in multiple weights, including 10, 15, and 20 pound options. A typical weighted blanket is 8 to 15 pounds, although different people prefer different weights. Based on scientific research, Xalm recommends buying a weighted blanket that’s approximately 10% of your body weight.

The bottom of the blanket has a zip fastener. You can easily remove the cover and wash the fabric.

Xalm recommends using the blanket for just a few hours at the beginning. Then, as your body gets used to the blanket, you can sleep with it all night long. Other people, of course, will be okay with jumping right in.

Today, Xalm is being heavily promoted online by a network of “mommy bloggers” around the world, including Katie Wells of, Danette May of, and many others. Some parents use the Xalm blanket themselves. Others use the weighted blankets to soothe children – including children with autism or ADHD.

Xalm Features and Benefits

Xalm advertises all of the following features and benefits:

Size of a Double Bed: Each Xalm blanket is 60” x 80”, or approximately the size of one double bed.

Multiple Weight Options: The Xalm blanket has multiple weight options, including 10 pounds, 15 pounds, and 20 pounds (4.5kg, 6.8kg, and 9kg). Typically, bigger people want a heavier weighted blanket, while smaller people want a lighter blanket. Xalm recommends choosing a blanket that’s about 10% of your weight, which is the weight used in most blanket studies.

Reduce Brain Fog: Xalm claims to reduce brain fog by helping you get a better sleep. “When you get enough sleep you can think clearer and memory is improved,” explains the official website.

Improve Mood and Wellbeing: Xalm claims to boost your mood by raising levels of oxytocin, enhancing your sense of wellbeing. “Fix your sleep and you could feel less stressed and less anxiety,” explains

Reduce Inflammation: Xalm claims to lower inflammation. Your body produces anti-inflammatories while you sleep.

Reduce Risk of Disease: Xalm claims to reduce the risk of disease. When your body gets sufficient sleep, it produces high levels of cytokines, which are proteins that target infection and inflammation. “Get better sleep and see your immune system improve,” mentions

Lose Weight: Xalm is the only blanket in the world that advertises weight loss as a benefit. Xalm claims people who use the blanket can expect to lose weight because “individuals who get more than 6 hours sleep per night are twice as likely to be a healthy weight”.

Reduce Risk of Cancer: Xalm is also the only blanket in the world that claims to lower your risk of cancer. As proof, Xalm cites a study of 34,350 women which found that women who didn’t get enough sleep had a higher risk of cancer.

Reduce Risk of Heart Disease: Xalm is also the only blanket in the world that claims to improve cardiovascular health. As proof, Xalm cites a study from the UK that found people who sleep 6 to 9 hours per night had a 20% lower risk of a heart attack.

Improve Skin Quality: A single night of bad sleep can degrade the quality of your skin. A good sleep is linked with clear, beautiful skin.

Improve Insulin Sensitivity: Xalm may reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The blanket claims to improve insulin sensitivity because “poor quality sleep significantly reduces insulin sensitivity”.

Obviously, all of these benefits are directly connected to a better sleep. These benefits are also extremely misleading: when you sleep better, you tend to be healthier. Simply using a weighted blanket will not lower your risk of cancer or help you lose weight.

How Does Xalm Work?

Xalm makes a big deal out of its seven layer design:

  • Layer 1) Less fiber fill than an ordinary blanket, making Xalm “perfect for body temperature control”
  • Layer 2) Weighted insert with six loops “to ensure your weighted blanket stays in place”
  • Layer 3) Breathable, lightweight fabric surrounding the beads for maximum comfort
  • Layer 4) Glass beats that are hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, and odorless
  • Layer 5) Inner pockets that allow for even distribution and perfect adaptation to your body
  • Layer 6) New sewing technology that helps the blanket stay durable and last a long time
  • Layer 7) The same fiber fill used in layer 1

Xalm describes its glass beads as “nano-beads”, which suggests that they’re the size of nanoparticles. In reality, the beads are large enough to easily be felt with your hands – just like any normal weighted blanket.

Does Xalm Really Improve Sleep? Scientific Evidence for Xalm

Xalm claims to reduce the risk of cancer, lower your risk of disease, improve heart health, and encourage weight loss, among many other optimistic benefits. Is there any scientific evidence for these benefits?

All of Xalm’s advertised benefits are linked to sleep quality. When you get enough sleep, you tend to be healthier than someone who did not get a good night’s sleep. That’s not a medical secret.

Is Xalm scientifically proven to help you sleep better at night? It certainly doesn’t seem to be. The manufacturer cites no studies or trials involving Xalm. The company does not appear to have invested in any research to verify the blanket’s bold health claims.

What about other weighted blankets? Have normal weighted blankets been proven to encourage a better sleep?

There have been few major, large scale studies on weighted blankets.

This study on individuals with ADHD, however, found that weighted ball blankets reduced sleep onset time and the number of nighttime awakenings. A similar study from 2014 on individuals with autism found that weighted blankets reduced sleep issues.

Weighted blankets also seem to reduce anxiety in some people. This study, for example, found that the deep pressure stimulation of a weighted blanket can help reduce autonomic arousal, which is responsible for symptoms of anxiety like an increased heart rate. In a study involving 32 adults, weighted blankets reduced anxiety in 33% of people.

Weighted blankets may also reduce anxiety in people undergoing surgery. This study from 2016 showed that weighted blankets could reduce anxiety in patients undergoing wisdom tooth extraction, for example.

In most of these studies, scientists used a weighted blanket that was 10% of the individual’s body weight. A 150-pound person would use a 15-pound weighted blanket, for example, while a 200-poud person would use a 20-poud weighted blanket.

Ultimately, some studies have found that people sleep better with weighted blankets, while other studies have been less supportive. Xalm itself has never been studied, although other weighted blankets with similar weights have gone through small studies to verify certain benefits.

Xalm Pricing

Xalm is one of the more expensive weighted blankets available online today:

  • 1 x 10lb Xalm Blanket: $149 + Free Shipping
  • 1 x 15lb Xalm Blanket: $159 + Free Shipping
  • 1 x 20lb Xalm Blanket: $159 + Free Shipping

All purchases come with the weighted blanket itself and the Minky cover. You can also add $59 to your order to add a separate bamboo cover to your order.

For comparison, the highest-rated weighted blankets on Amazon are priced between $60 and $125.

Xalm claims to deliver your blanket within 1 to 3 business days to any address in the United States.

Xalm Refund Policy

Xalm claims to offer free shipping and returns. The manufacturer also claims that there’s zero risk with your purchase. Here’s how the company describes its refund policy:

“We guarantee that you'll absolutely love our Xalm™ Blankets. Give one a try for 100 nights, if you don't love them simply let us know. We'll arrange a return and refund you the total amount you spent with us!”

Email [email protected] at any point within 100 days of your purchase to start the refund process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Xalm

Weighted blankets have existed for quite some time, but it is only recently that they have taken off in mainstream circles. Xalm is one of many types of weighted blankets on the growing market, and users likely have quite a few questions about Xalm and other similar product types. This section will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about weighted blankets, and especially about the Xalm product.

Q: Who created Xalm?

A: Xalm was created by entrepreneur Eddy Barrett, who created the blanket to help his father, a sufferer of mesothelioma, obtain a better night's sleep. After Eddy saw the success that the blanket had in helping his dad sleep, he worked to make the solution available to consumers all over the world.

Q: What are the benefits of Xalm weighted blankets?

A: Weighted blankets come with a number of benefits. For one, weighted blankets have been shown to significantly improve the quality of sleep for users. The blankets should be proportional to body weight and provide comfort without making the user feel uncomfortable or hurt. Weighted blankets can help to decrease anxiety, stress, PTSD symptoms, and even panic attacks.

Q: How heavy should your weighted blanket be?

A: Weighted blankets should be weighted proportional to the body weight of the user. Typically, professionals recommend that users look for blankets that weight 10% of their total body weight. However, needs vary, and consumers who feel pain or discomfort using their weighted blanket should consider a lighter model.

Q: How do you use Xalm weighted blankets?

A: The use of weighted blankets is relatively simple; consumers just use the blankets as they would any other covering, putting it over their bodies as they sleep.

Q: Do weighted blankets have clinical support?

A: Studies have found that weighted blankets can sometimes significantly improve sleep and decrease anxiety in select patients. However, some studies have found results that are less-than-ideal for sufferers of sleep problems or anxiety. Ultimately, results vary based on the individual and research should be done by users before investing in a weighted blanket for themselves.

Who Made Xalm?

Xalm was made by a guy named Eddie Barrett.

Eddy was encouraged to create the Xalm blanket after his dad was diagnosed with mesothelioma. After receiving treatment for the disease, Eddy’s dad had trouble sleeping. Eddy created the blanket to help his dad sleep.

Xalm blankets are sold by a UK-based company named Otley Creations Limited. According to, Otley Creations Limited was incorporated in February 2014. The company is headquartered at 141 Bunning Way in London. There are two active people involved with the company, including Edward George Barrett (we assume this is the “Eddy” mentioned above) and David Robert Barrett.

Otley Creations Limited has a very strong rating on its Amazon seller profile, including a 98% positive lifetime rating with 540+ total ratings. The few complaints are from people who have not experienced better sleep from the Xalm weighted blanket.

You can contact Otley Creations Limited via the following:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Mailing Address (USA): 2260 S Cole Rd #110, Boise, ID 83709
  • Registered Address (UK): 141 Bunning Way, London, N7 9UW

Final Thoughts

Xalm is a weighted blanket that seems similar to any other weighted blanket. The main difference is that Xalm is backed by legions of mommy bloggers online. The blanket makes bold claims about its health benefits: it claims to reduce your risk of cancer, encourage weight loss, and lower inflammation, for example.

There’s some evidence that weighted blankets improve sleep and reduce anxiety in certain people, both of which can lead to significant health benefits. However, weighted blankets are not a proven solution for everyone.

Nevertheless, if you want to try a weighted blanket and don’t mind paying a premium for Xalm, then Xalm may be the right weighted blanket for you.

Find the Lowest Price on Xalm Weighted Blanket

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