Volumil: Reviewing the Amish Hearing Loss Formula Research

Volumil is a natural hearing loss supplement by John Miller that supports the restoration of ear health optimally with a sound-boosting Amish ingredient formula and a 60 second water ritual solution.

Full Disclosure

Volumil is a nutritional supplement that claims to fix hearing loss by restoring auditory nerve health

By taking one capsule of Volumil hearing loss support formula per day, you can reportedly reverse hearing loss, fixing your hearing problems without the need for expensive medications or surgery using a secret Amish community-inspired formula and a 60-second water ritual restoration solution that will help flush out a deadly toxin responsible for hearing loss side effects.

Found at, the Volumil hearing formula from John Miller is based on a hidden Amish-community recipe and supplement solution that contains 29 nutrients and vitamins and has been a secret for many years on how to tackle the root cause of hearing loss once and for all no matter whether you are in your late 20s or early 70s.

What is Volumil?

That sounds too good to be true. So does John Miller's Volumil work as advertised to reverse hearing loss? How does Volumil work? What’s inside Volumil? Find out everything you need to know about this unique nutritional supplement today in our review.


What is Volumil?

Volumil is a anti-hearing loss restoration supplement that claims to fix the ability to stop losing the sense of hearing using natural and safe ingredients. You take the supplement daily, and the ingredients remove toxins from your body, helping your body restore its hearing and recover hearing loss by working on auditory nerve cellular regeneration.

The supplement is marketed online with an interesting story. In a video and sales page, a man named John Miller explains how a brain scan uncovered “the real root cause of hearing loss and how to fix it”. A doctor told John he was losing his hearing. The doctor told him nothing could be done to fix the hearing loss.

John did not want to take drugs or undergo expensive surgery, so he turned to an unlikely source: an Amish community in Colorado. According to John, this Amish community is the only group in the world that knows how to fix the root cause of hearing loss:

“Using this hidden 60 second “water ritual,”; which you're about to discover in this presentation, known only by a small Amish community from Colorado, you can flush out this deadly toxin and stop it from damaging your ears. And once you follow this simple program, you'll be able to repair the damage this chemical has done inside your brain, and quickly restore your hearing.”

John claims big pharmaceutical companies and medical organizations are fighting to remove his cure from the internet. He claims the method is “so incredible, it was banned by the multi-billion dollar hearing industry, whose only purpose is to drain every last penny out of your pockets”.

Clearly, John believes in the power of his formula to work as advertised to reverse hearing loss. Let’s take a closer look at how Volumil works – if it works at all.

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How Does Volumil Work?

Volumil is based on the idea of flushing a toxin from your system. This toxin causes hearing loss. By removing this toxin from your body, you reduce the risk of hearing loss.

The company also claims that removing the toxin leads to other benefits. You’ll significantly lower your risk of brain disorders like memory loss, for example, and fix tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

John, the man featured in the Volumil sales page, claim the formula reversed his hearing loss “in just a few weeks”. John claims there were no traces of his hearing problem on a follow-up testing, which means he fully cured his hearing problem using this formula.

Volumil purportedly works in a two step process. Here’s how the manufacturer (vaguely) describes the process:

Step 1) Nutrients enter your bloodstream and nourish your brain. Volumil contains 29 ingredients that “give your brain full power to regenerate and get revitalized”. Your brain immediately begins “the hearing restoration process” because it has been deprived of these ingredients for so many years.

Step 2) Your brain gets revitalized, and your hearing starts to repair itself. The formula purportedly regrows your hair cells and cleanses your auditory nerves.

Volumil claims to work like magic: you don’t need to change your exercise or diet. You don’t need to do any therapies. All you need to do is take Volumil once per day. That’s it. You can expect to reverse hearing loss within weeks, according to the manufacturer.

Volumil Ingredients

Volumil makes a big deal out of its 29 ingredients. The formula seems to consist mostly of a multivitamin mixed with herbal extracts.

Key ingredients include vitamins B1, B2, B6, for example, along with minerals like calcium and zinc. There are also herbal extracts like Rhodiola rosea, L-theanine, Griffonia simplicifolia, skullcap, hawthorn, and mucuna pruriens.

Volumil Ingredients

All of these ingredients purportedly target the ABP neurotoxin, which fixes your hearing loss and boosts cognition, among other benefits.

There are significant problems with this ingredient label. The big problem is that we don’t know the dosage of most ingredients. The company does not disclose the dosage of the proprietary blend. There could be 500mg of a proprietary blend – or there could be 5mg. The ingredient label is incomplete.

Volumil Supplement Facts

Plus, with a proprietary blend, it’s impossible to determine individual ingredient dosages. We don’t know if there’s a significant amount of passion flower extract, for example, or not.

The only listed dosages on the supplement label are for vitamins and minerals. The manufacturer has provided specific dosage information for these ingredients (as required by law). The dosages and ingredients seem similar to any multivitamin.

Overall, Volumil makes enormous claims about its ingredients and effectiveness, yet does not disclose much ingredient information to back up these claims.

Scientific Evidence for Volumil

The manufacturer of Volumil claims to have performed a study “on our first 1,228 amazed volunteers”. However, the company has not published the results of that study or shared that study online.

Even the world’s biggest and best nutritional supplements cannot afford to run clinical trials – not to mention a clinical trial with 1,200+ people. We’re extremely skeptical this study ever took place.

Making things look worse for Volumil is that the company cites just two studies on its ‘Research & Citations’ page, and neither study proves Volumil works as advertised.

The company cites this 2010 study, for example, showing that accumulation of a specific amyloid was linked with Alzheimer’s disease. That study focused exclusively on Alzheimer’s disease, and there was no apparent connection between the amyloid and hearing loss.

Next, the company cites this 2019 news article from University College London. The article explains that researchers just launched a trial on a new hearing drug. Researchers were testing the drug on 15 patients. The story was a big deal because there are no drugs to treat hearing loss. The proposed drug is injected into patients via the ear to treat mild to moderate hearing loss.

The makers of Volumil do not link to a follow-up article explaining the results of that study, but it doesn’t matter: the study involved just 15 people and focused on an injectable drug – not a nutritional supplement.

The other ingredients in Volumil contain unlisted dosages, making it impossible to connect these dosages to any scientific studies.

Overall, there’s zero scientific evidence Volumil works as advertised to fix hearing loss. There’s no evidence that any food, beverage, or vitamin can reverse hearing loss.

Volumil Pricing

Volumil is priced at $50 to $70 per bottle, depending on how many bottles you order. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

Volumil Pricing

1 Bottle: $69

3 Bottles: $177

6 Bottles: $294

All prices include shipping to the United States.

Volumil Refund Policy

Volumil has a 60-day refund policy. You can request a complete refund within 60 days and get your money back. You need to pay your own return shipping costs.

To qualify for a refund, contact the company at [email protected], then send your empty or partially empty bottles to the following returns address:

37 Inverness Drive E Ste 100 Englewood, CO 80112

Who’s Behind Volumil?

The manufacturer of Volumil provides limited information about itself online. There’s only one listed way to contact the company (via email). The supplement is sold through BuyGoods, an ecommerce platform similar to Clickbank, specializing in guides and nutritional supplements.

You can contact the makers of Volumil via the following:

Email: [email protected]

Final Word

Volumil is a anti-hearing loss support formula from John Miller that claims to reverse hearing loss with just one pill per day. The supplement company makes a compelling argument for why this secret Amish community 60-second water ritual and Volumil supplement work so well for ear and sound health.

Volumil is formulated to reverse hearing loss naturally using almost 30 different herbal ingredients and extracts that all have been linked to many different health benefits within the body when supplied regularly. While Volumil ingredients are not completely disclosed as far as the dosages and amounts of each individual extract, the proprietary formula does contain many desirable elements to ensure are taking daily to ensure proper hearing health is established. John Miller and the Volumil company reveals they have performed a study on 1,200+ volunteers to verify the safety and efficacy of that supplement, but not have published the actual results or performance of the trial.

Overall, John Miller and his hidden Amish community based hearing loss formula may be an optimal natural solution to restoring hearing and improving ear health safely. Make sure to watch the video and read the story about Volumil hearing loss supplement for more information today.

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