VitaSleep PM: Sleep Aid Formula Works Fast & Improves Quality?

Vita Sleep PM is a supplement that includes multiple ingredients to ease the user into a relaxed state of mind that mimics the natural release of chemicals that occurs while falling asleep. The treatment is exclusively offered through the official website, and no prescription is required for use.

What Is VitaSleep PM?

Every person needs sleep. Even the most active and busy people simply cannot go without reaching the right number of hours in their night, or they will experience a wealth of frustration the next day. While most people only associate sleep deprivation as something that makes them tired, there is so much more that happens.

The body cannot repair the connections that may have been damaged the day before, and the immune system cannot function at its highest capacity. Reaction time becomes so erratic that some studies indicate that lacking sleep is equivalent to driving drunk. If someone wants some help getting better rest at night, Vita Sleep PM might help.

Vita Sleep PM primarily works to help the user get to sleep, but it also helps them remain that way. By slowly making the body tired around the same time every night, users create a mental habit that will naturally help them sleep after several weeks of use.

According to the claims made by the website, this treatment should:

  • Help the user fall asleep more quickly than without a supplement
  • Enhance the depth and satisfaction of each night of sleep
  • Promote better energy levels during the daytime

Sleeping pills are among the most over-prescribed and easily-abused treatments out there, often leading to addiction and sometimes overdose. These treatments involve chemicals that force the body to sleep instead of providing a relaxing environment, which can result in a cloudy feeling like a hangover. Even though the body ends up getting the required amount of sleep for the average person, it is also difficult to rouse someone that has taken this pill if it is within those hours.

The only way to effectively change the sleep cycle is to use a treatment that naturally creates a relaxing and calm atmosphere to train the brain to be prepared for sleep at a certain time. Read on below to learn about how the Vita Sleep PM may work for consumers.

How VitaSleep PM Sleep Aid Formula Works

Despite the substantial responsibility that Vita Sleep PM takes on when consumers add it to their bedtime routine, there is not much inside. In fact, consumers can attribute the benefits to just three ingredients – 5HTP, lemon balm extract, and valerian root extract.

5HTP is known for a few ways that help with the sleep cycle. The primary function is to support the right production of melatonin, which is a chemical that the brain naturally creates when the body needs sleep. However, some studies show that this ingredient can help make the body feel full to promote weight loss, increase serotonin levels to alleviate a depressive state, and reduce migraines.

Lemon balm extract is a common ingredient in many holistic medicines. It has a calming effect on the body, which is why so many people add it to their routine to reduce anxiety. However, this tranquil state is also helpful for consumers that are restless at night or just have general difficulty sleeping.

Valerian root is something that many doctors will recommend chewing to help consumers get some rest. It naturally promotes sleep with either dry or soaked leaves, though there are many sources that recommend consuming it in its natural state for no more than four weeks. Consumers that use valerian root may also experience soothing for their anxiety, less stress, better focus, healthier heart rate, less severe menopausal symptoms, and less bouts of dizziness.

Though all of these substances are helpful in helping the body to sleep, there is no information about potency. Consumers may have varied reactions as their body adjusts, but any negative impact should be reported to the company.

Using VitaSleep PM

Specific directions are not provided online about the use of Vita Sleep PM. Under the assumption that each bottle lasts for a month, the standard dosage should be two capsules nightly. Most remedies like this one require the user to take the treatment within 30 minutes of their desired bedtime, but the full directions should be included with the purchase.

If the user already is taking medication for this issue, or they have any adverse reaction, they should consult with their doctor as soon as possible.

VitaSleep PM Pricing

The total cost of a single, 60-capsule bottle of Vita Sleep PM is $73.00, though this is a markdown from the original $89.00 price tag. For consumers that want to go a little longer between orders, there are two bundle options.

The first bundle offers two of the same size bottles of Vita Sleep PM for $118.00, saving the user $14.00 (about 19%) from the already-discounted price for each bottle. The best deal is the second bundle with three bottles of Vita Sleep PM for $143.00, saving a total of approximately $25.33 (about 35%) for each bottle from the discounted price.

If the user finds that these products do not help with their sleep in the way that they had hoped, they will have up to 30 days from the original date of purchase to claim a refund.

Contacting The Creators Of VitaSleep PM

Despite the information online, consumers are bound to have more questions, especially considering the large role that this supplement could have in their routine. The customer service team is available seven days a week from 8:00am to 4:00pm PST to respond to inquiries by phone or email.

  • Phone number: 844-853-1456
  • Email address:

VitaSleep PM Conclusion

Vita Sleep PM is meant for consumers that just want better rest naturally. The formula is condensed into capsules to make it easier to get the right dose every time. Consumers that have had difficulty sleeping with other symptoms may want to reach out to their doctor to find out if their insomnia is due to something else in their routine. However, Vita Sleep PM should be able to help them rest regardless.

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