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Vimana: Smart Device To Monitor Kids Online Experience?


Our world has shrunk; this digital age affords us knowledge at our fingertips. One is always connected to the world. A few hours offline feels like an eternity. In this fast moving internet world, the hazards and addictions of being connected cannot be understated. Children and young adults are most at risk. Recent studies at the Boston institute of Technology have concluded that children are becoming net literate at an early age. The same study has also warned that people spend an alarming 400 percent time more online, compared to a decade ago. With such alarming statistics, parents have a very real and valid concern about what their wards are accessing. This is where Vimana comes in.

What Is Vimana?

Vimana is a combination of a smart home device and mobile app that helps parents manage their children’s digital experience and create a healthy relationship with technology.

It is not about knowing the latest Internet or technology fads. This device is an enabler for better parenting. It allows parents to set boundaries in the digital world.

Vimana Smart Device To Monitor Kids Online Experience Features

The notable features of this device are:

Device Management

This single piece of hardware is to be used to manage all devices on the go and at home. Its management works in two specific manners:

  • Manage the screen time of a particular device
  • Monitor social media and online activity of a particular login profile

While it provides an umbrella protection to all devices within the network, it does so without affecting the internet speeds. 

Content Analysis

Vimana allows for deep analytics for content being viewed by individual devices on different profiles. The idea is to not spy but protect. To this end, information about what is being viewed and how social interactions are developing, are important. Another important thing to keep in mind is that this device informs parents of what their children like. Knowing their interests allows parents to better reinforce positive behavior and discourage negative habits.

Category Based Blocking

Allowing a multi-faceted and informative setup lets the administrator disbar users on multiple levels. Be it for accidental adult material or excessive gaming, Vimana allows deep and varied categories to customize from.

How Does Vimana Work?

The digital landscape is a frightening prospect for most parents. Vimana helps create a healthy balance of screen time and family time. Its Intelligent Internet Monitoring lets parents better understand their childs’ online interests. Finally, this device makes parents aware of potential negative online behaviors and helps protect from cyber threats.

Setting up Vimana is easy. One needs to simply:

  • Connect the device to the router: Simply connect the hardware supplied to one of the ports on the modem.
  • Download the dashboard application to the administrator mobile: Install the companion application on any device to setup admin access.
  • Select the subscription as per the household need: Choose what sort of subscription is needed depending on the devices being used at home.
  • Customize profile for parental control: Setup individual profiles for different users.
  • Download to all devices: Install the app to all devices in the house.
  • Check the dashboard for updates: login to the admin dashboard for details about the usage pattern and other user data.

Who Is Behind Vimana?

Vimana is the brain child of three friends, Sada Malladi, Pravin Bathija and Sundeep Jaswal. Together they have expertise in a wide range of IT fields. Ranging from mobile and cloud to embedded and wireless systems.

Vimana Conclusion

The future is here, and it is not about being restrictive. Parents need to understand their childs online presence to protect them, as well guide them better. Vimana looks to help the family find a healthy balance of screen time & family time.

The hardware is priced at $69 with a monthly subscription for 10 devices at $4.99 per month. Various subscriptions and more details are available at the indigogo page at indiegogo.com/projects/vimana-the-only-screen-time-solution-you-need-family#/


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