TubShroom: No More Clogs Bathtub Straining Hair Catcher?

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Hair is the ultimate evil when the quality of your shower drain is in question. We go through our lives and use our showers frequently. But over time our hair ends up inside of the drains and can cause some serious clogging to occur, not to mention that it always seems to happen when you don’t have time to deal with it. So our solution is buying one of those chemically engineered liquid drain cleaning liquids or tools we find at our local supermarket.

However, even those solutions carrier problems alongside them. The drain cleaners are often made with some pretty dangerous chemical in them. The environmental side effects of using these cleaners can be pretty impactful. What if you have a family pet or a child at home that can get to where you store these cleaner? The result could be a nightmare.

The alternative is often one of those weird looking devices that have spooled up wire on a plastic harness. So you grab this “tool” and start fishing for who knows what. The final result is you spending up to an hour and removing some of the grossest stuff out of your drain that you have ever seen. Alongside cleaning your drain you also end up releasing all sorts of bacteria back into the air in addition to all the damage to could have done on those sometimes fragile pipes. The last thing you need is a leaking pipe.

Luckily there is a solution that can help you keep your drain clean longer and free of that pesky hair stuff. Unlike traditional cleaners and tool that work to solve the problem once stuff has already gotten into your pipes, the TubShroom works the opposite angle; it prevents stuff from getting into your drain in the first place.

What Is TubShroom?

The TubShroom was created by a couple out of Glen Cove, NY in 2016. Serge and Elena Karnegie have had a huge problem with clogged bath tub drains. The culprits of the problem were their two daughters and multiple pets in the family.

So they created the TubShroom, a device which goes into your drain and catches all sorts of stuff from going down the drain and inevitably clogging it up. They partnered with some of their close colleagues and decided to give life to their invention through the help of crowdfunding platforms. The mission was a success and the feedback from people who were interested in their product was overwhelming.

How TubShroom Bathtub Straining Hair Catcher Works

As we mentioned earlier, the TubShroom is a preventative device, it stops stuff from going into the drain instead of dealing with it once it’s already there and your drain is already clogged up. It a simple device that replaces your traditional, and often missing, shower drain cover.

The plastic device is inserted into the drain at the top and sticks out just half an inch above the actual drain hole. The water goes into the plastic device and out through the perforated holes in it, everything that doesn’t belong in the drain gets caught in the device. All you have to do is periodically remove everything that has been caught by the TubShroom and reinsert it into the shower drain.

TubShroom Products

There are three different products that are offered by Juka Innovations Corporation, the company started by the inventors of the TubShroom.


This is the very first product released by the company. It is designed for 1.5″ and 1.75″ bathtub drains. It stops hair from getting into your drain and ensures that your water flow is uninterrupted. This product is available in 7 different colors. The blue, gray, green, white, clear and orange TubShrooms can be purchased for $12.95, while the new Chrome Edition colored TubShroom is priced at $13.95.


Essentially this is a smaller version of the TubShroom which is designed to work in your sink. It accommodates sink drains which are sized 1″ to 1.25″. There are a few other modifications to this product which make it more fitting for your sinks. It is available in 8 different colors. The gray, clear, white, green, orange, and blue versions are priced at $12.95 while the Chrome Edition and Nickel Edition are priced at $13.95


This is the most recent product made by the company. It has the same functionality as the previous two products but is designed for stand up showers that usually have large 2″ drains. This device is also modified to work best in the shower drain and is actually designed to go completely underneath your shower cover. There are only 3 colors available for this product: gray, white and blue. All of these are priced at $12.95.

TubShroom Summary

This is a simply brilliant innovation. Every single human that has a bathtub, shower, or a sink in the bathroom has at one point or another dealt with it becoming clogged up.

Using expensive drain cleaners and buying tools that can damage your pipes is literally throwing money down the drain. This unique device is cost effective and it works great. There is absolutely no reason why we would not recommend getting any of these products.

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