Synergy Science: Reviewing the Product Research

Synergy Science is a health and wellness energy company that specializes in hydrogen-enriched Echo H2 Water machines, infrared synergy sauna detoxification and Qi EMF radiation blocking shields.

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As wellness movements all over the world continue to stress the importance of water consumption, an enormous global market has sprung up around water filtration and health technologies. But as the movement continues to grow and consumers reject bottled water in exchange for new solutions to their hydration needs, it can be hard to figure out what you need and how to get it.

Synergy Science, Inc. is a health and wellness company best-known for its Echo H2 Water. The company produces a number of different products, specializing in technologies to help users revolutionize their water usage and consumption practices.

Found online on their official company website, the company aims to create products and machines that empower individuals. The company is fueling “the H2 revolution” with its Echo H2 Water. Today, you can buy the company’s Echo H2 Machine to make your own Echo H2 Water at home.

Today, Synergy Science claims to be the worldwide leader in hydrogen health technology. The company continues to release new products in the niche, and it has cultivated a hearty following of customers who enjoy their unique products and technologies.

Our research will cover many of the core aspects of Synergy Science, answering many of the questions consumers might have about the organization and the technologies they continue to produce.

Let's review Synergy Science ECHO Hydrogen Enriched Water, Synergy Sauna and Qi EMF radiation blocking protection devices, as well as the healthy drops, tablets  and Chetox Oral Chelation

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What is Synergy Science?

synergy science products

Synergy Science is a health product company that offers a range of trendy products. The company is best-known for its Echo Water Machines, Echo H2 Water, and Qi EMF Protection devices, although they also make supplements, saunas, faucets, and more.

Synergy Science was founded by husband and wife Paul and Jacqueline Barattiero.

The two were motivated to launch a water company after going on a cruise with another couple. That couple brought eight gallons of water with them on the cruise because they didn’t want to drink the cruise ship’s water. During the cruise, the couple discovered that Jacqueline’s health problems were clearing up from drinking the water. Jacqueline claimed she felt better and better each day from drinking it.

To make a long story short, Paul and Jacqueline were impressed by the other couple’s special hydrogen-enriched water. They decided to create their own water at home, eventually producing their hydrogen-rich water filtration system to sell to others.

“When you drink hydrogen rich water, you are stopping cell-damaging oxidative stress on the cellular level, inside the body,” explains the official Synergy Science website.

“Echo H2 Water gives the proper bacteria the right environment to be able to quickly create hydrogen as it breaks down the right foods. Echo Hydrogen Water is the ultimate solution for you.”

Features and Benefits of Echo H2 Water

What is Synergy Science

Synergy Science claims that its Echo H2 Water and Hydrogen Water Machine can produce special water, and that this water can promote a number of potential health benefits in those who drink it. These proposed benefits include:

  • Better fat loss
  • Improved energy levels
  • Increased strength
  • Better mood and focus
  • Improved sleep

synergy science echo h2 water

By drinking Echo H2 Water daily, or by making your own hydrogen rich water via the Hydrogen Water Machine, this company claims that you can obtain several benefits, including those listed above.

Read on for information on the specific products and devices listed and sold by the Synergy Science company.

Echo H2 Machine

Echo H2 Machine

The Echo H2 Machine is Synergy Science’s flagship product. Priced at $2,800, the machine will create hydrogen enriched water at home.

Synergy Science describes it as “the newest and most advanced counter top machine on the market”, offering the best performance, reliability, quality and support. The machine will create water with a neutral pH level with molecular hydrogen, regardless of where the source water comes from.

This machine adds the “Echo” hydrogen atom to your water. Some research shows that this “hydrogen rich water” is linked with health benefits.

Adding a hydrogen atom to water is easy: all you need to do is use an electrolysis system, which is a fancy way of saying “zap your water with electric current.” That’s it. The machine zaps your water with electric current to create the additional hydrogen atom, and then you drink the hydrogen-rich water.

Some of the specific benefits of the Echo H2 Machine, according to Synergy Science, include:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • antioxidant properties
  • Improved cognitive function
  • Anti-allergic properties
  • Lowered cholesterol
  • Decreased aging signs in the brain
  • Immune system optimization 
  • Metabolic boost

The machine is backed with a five year warranty. It contains patented technology, including the Echo 9 filter which works to removes sediment and chlorine. The Echo 9 filter removes virtually anything from the water, including chlorine, chemicals, pesticides, glyphosate, water soluble metals, pharmaceutical drugs, algae, and bacteria.

After your water runs through the filter, you can enjoy “clean crisp hydrogen water in every glass”, explains the official website. The water tastes smooth and light.

You can buy the Synergy Science Echo H2 Machine from, then install it at home yourself. All you need is an existing water line and an electrical outlet. It’s easy to install on an ordinary kitchen countertop.

Alternatively, Synergy Science offers free basic installation to anyone in the United States.

Price: $2795

Echo H2 Server

Echo H2 Server

The Echo H2 Server is an under-sink device designed to fit inside cupboards. It does not have a filter, which is why you need to connect it to an existing filtration system to work. Synergy Science specifically recommends connecting it to a reverse osmosis system or other whole house filtration system.

The Echo H2 Server comes with the proprietary Echo hydrogen molecule. It adds an extra hydrogen atom to your water. As mentioned above, Synergy Science claims this water is linked with significant health benefits, including reduced oxidative stress and inflammation, improved cognitive function, and higher physical energy, among other benefits.

Installing the Echo H2 Server is straightforward. You need to drill a hole in your sink (if you don’t already have a hole), then install the device underneath your sink by connecting it to a faucet. As with the Echo H2 Machine, installation is included in the price.

As with other Synergy Science hydrogen rich water systems, the Echo H2 Server works by running electrical current through your water to create an additional hydrogen atom, resulting in hydrogen rich water.

Price: $2,500

Echo Neutral Hydrogen Machine

Echo Neutral Hydrogen Machine

Synergy Science’s Echo Neutral Hydrogen Machine is like the Keurig of hydrogen rich water. You place the device on your countertop, and it dispenses great-tasting, filtered hydrogen-rich water.

The Echo Neutral Hydrogen Machine contains a dual filtration system along with the proprietary Echo self-cleaning electrolysis chamber. It produces one liter of water per minute, creating water with a neutral pH and molecular hydrogen.

Like the other Synergy Science hydrogen rich water machines listed above, the Echo Neutral Hydrogen Machine works using an electrolysis system: the machine runs an electric current through your water to give the water an extra hydrogen atom.

Price: $2,200

Echo H2 Pitcher

Echo H2 PitcherFinally, we have Synergy Science’s fourth popular device: the $1,200 Echo H2 Pitcher. The pitcher is like the Brita of hydrogen rich water. You fill the pitcher with purified or filtered water, then turn on the pitcher for 10 to 20 minutes. After ten minutes, the pitcher generates 1 million parts per million (PPM) of molecular hydrogen. After 20 minutes, it generates 2 million PPM.

The pitcher comes with a USB-C charging code, allowing you to make hydrogen water while charging or on-the-go. Maintenance is easy: just turn on the pitcher’s self-cleaning setting, let the cycle run, and the pitcher is ready to handle another load.

Price: $1,200

Qi EMF Protection

Qi EMF Protection

Synergy Science is best-known for its Echo hydrogen enriched water products. However, the company has also recently branched into the EMF protection space, launching a lineup of products under the “Qi” brand name.

The company’s Qi EMF Protection products include:

  • Qi Shield Nickel Plated
  • Qi Shield EMF Protection
  • Qi Me EMF Protection
  • Qi Home Cell EMF Protection
  • Qi Max EMF Protection

Synergy Science claims their Qi Technology is “the only proven technology in the world to protect you completely from the radiation in EMF fields”. The company claims this EMF radiation is harmful. By carrying the Qi devices with you everywhere you go, you can stay protected from EMF radiation in the world around you.

The Qi Me EMF Protection products, for example, are priced at $550 apiece. You buy it and hold it in your pocket to protect your health against harmful EMF radiation.

The Qi Max EMF Protection device, meanwhile, is priced at $6,500 and designed to protect your home. The Qi Max, according to Synergy Science, “creates an extremely large torus field size” as large as 328×328 feet and 100 feet up and down, which means you can protect a home or office building from radiation.

You don’t need to do anything to “use” these Qi devices. You just lay them down flat or hold them in your pocket. The devices purportedly create their own field “of vital energy” and produce “free electrons”, neutralizing radiation and free radicals.

Some of the potential effects of this device, according to its manufacturers, may include:

  • Generate vital energy
  • Reduce inflammation by neutralizing free radicals inside and outside the body
  • Energy water within the Qi healing field
  • Improve the quality of indoor air
  • Reduce pesticides, fungus, and mold spores on groceries

Protect against “all harmful radiation caused by mobile phone radiation, WiFi, wiring in the house, outside, electric smog”, and more.

To be clear, there’s no evidence that electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation from smartphones, wireless routers, or other electronics can impact human health in a significant way.

There’s also no evidence that Qi devices work as advertised to protect against radiation or “neutralize free radicals” in any way. Synergy Science has not performed any clinical trials or scientific studies on its products.

Despite the lack of evidence, the EMF protection industry is growing, and some people feel more comfortable with EMF protection devices.

Other Synergy Science Products

As of April 2020, Synergy Science sells 60 products through its online store. Other product categories include:

Synergy Science Faucets

Synergy Science Faucets

Synergy Science sells seven different faucets, including the Echo Digital Faucet in multiple styles. These faucets attach to any existing water line, dispensing hydrogen rich water. You control the faucet with a display at the top: just tap a button to choose acidic, alkaline, or hydrogen rich water.

Synergy Science Replacement Filters

Synergy Science Replacement Filters

Synergy Science sells replacement filters for many of its products, including a fluoride filter, a UHM carbon filter, and Echo replacement filters. You need to periodically replace your filter to ensure the system remains effective. The filters aren’t like normal water filters: they contain minerals that aid the electrolyzation process, allowing your Echo water system to continue making hydrogen rich water. They also filter contaminants from the water. Because they contain dual action technology, the filters are priced at $110 to $140, making them some of the most expensive water filters on the market today.

Synergy Sauna

Synergy Sauna

Synergy Science offers a unique device called the Synergy Sauna, priced at $900 to $1,000 (for the US or international version). The sauna is a canvas tent-like device that produces deep, penetrating infrared radiation that “detoxifies” the body by providing “therapeutic heat”. Synergy Science claims that the sauna will protect you from EMF and ELF radiation. The sauna is portable, and you can bring it anywhere.

Echo H2 Drops & Tablets

Echo H2 Drops and Tablets

Synergy Science offers Echo H2 drops and tablets. You can buy Echo H2 Drops or tablets for $50 per package. You can use these products to create hydrogen rich water on the go. You add one drop to three ounces of purified water, for example, to create hydrogen rich water in any bottle. Similarly, you drop the tablet into water, then let it fizz to create hydrogen rich water.

Synergy Science Testing and Cleaning Supplies

Synergy Science Testing and Cleaning Supplies

Synergy Science offers testing and cleaning supplies, including cleaning cartridges for the Echo water machines and a special cleaning kit.

Synergy Science Home Filter System

Synergy Science Home Filter System

The Synergy Science products listed above are installed in your kitchen sink or other water source. However, the company also sells home filter systems that complement your water tank, filtering all water in your house through a hydrolyzation system to create hydrogen rich water. The home filters are priced at $2,850 (no installation) or $3,300 (with installation).

Synergy Science Chetox Oral Chelation

Synergy Science Chetox Oral Chelation

Synergy Science offers two oral chelation nutritional supplements, including Chetox AM and Chetox PM. Synergy Science claims their supplements help the body reduce oxidation. The supplements contain ingredients like EDTA, which specifically targets environmental toxins in the body. You take several capsules per day (3 in the morning and 4 at night) to detoxify your body.

Synergy Science Parts

Synergy Science Parts

If you need additional tools or parts to install Synergy Science’s hydrogen water machines in your home, then you can buy those parts from the Synergy Science online store. The store sells diverter valves, top spout adapters, and hoses, among other parts, which can save you a trip to the hardware store.

Scientific Evidence for Hydrogen Water

Synergy Science claims its products are backed by 700+ studies. But is there really evidence that drinking hydrogen rich water can significantly improve your health? Or is this all just an over-hyped and over-priced phenomenon?

First, Synergy Science makes bold claims about its evidence. The company claims its products are “doctor approved”, for example, because certain doctors around the world have supported hydrogen rich water.

The company’s research page also makes bold health claims, claiming that hydrogen water is a powerful antioxidant, reduces inflammation, improves athletic performance, cuts recovery times in half, improves metabolisms, boosts cognition, and improves the immune system, among many other health benefits.

In reality, there’s some small research showing that hydrogen rich water can improve health in various ways, although other research is less conclusive. There have been no large scale human studies proving that hydrogen rich water has significant health benefits.

First, hydrogen water is simply pure water with extra hydrogen molecules added to it. A normal water molecule consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Some people believe that infusing water with additional hydrogen can increase health benefits.

The idea behind hydrogen rich water is that the extra hydrogen atoms are “free”: they’re not bound to the main water molecule (H20), which allows them to travel throughout the body providing health benefits.

That may sound good – but research on hydrogen rich water is limited. There have been no large scale human trials proving that hydrogen rich water provides any health benefits. However, some smaller trials have been promising.

In one study published in 2011, researchers took a group of 49 people receiving radiation therapy for liver cancer. Half the participants were told to drink 1,500 to 2,000mL of hydrogen rich water per day. After eight weeks, researchers found that the group consuming hydrogen rich water had lower levels of hydroperoxide (a marker of oxidative stress) and maintained greater antioxidant activity after radiation treatment compared to the control group.

A more recent study published in 2017, however, sought to replicate these results and was unsuccessful. Researchers studied a group of 26 healthy people for four weeks, asking the group to drink hydrogen rich water every day. Researchers found no difference in oxidative stress levels (including hydroperoxide levels) between the hydrogen rich water group and the control group.

Some studies have found that hydrogen rich water may impact metabolic syndrome, which is characterized by high blood sugar, increased triglyceride levels, high cholesterol, and excess belly fat.

In this 10 week study, researchers told 20 people with metabolic syndrome to drink approximately one liter of hydrogen rich water per day. At the end of the trial, participants in the hydrogen rich water group experienced significantly lower levels of “bad” (LDL) cholesterol and significantly higher levels of “good” (HDL) cholesterol. Researchers also observed greater antioxidant activity and reduced inflammation.

Other studies have shown that hydrogen rich water may improve athletic performance. This study found that male soccer players who drank 1,500mL of hydrogen rich water experienced lower levels of blood lactate and less muscle fatigue compared to placebo group. However, the study involved just 10 soccer players.

A similar study involving eight male cyclists showed that daily hydrogen rich water consumption could improve power output during sprinting exercises compared to a control group drinking regular water.

Aside from this, there are few significant studies proving the benefits of hydrogen rich water. Some early evidence is promising, although hydrogen rich water is certainly not a cure-all.

Frequently Asked Questions About Synergy Science

Despite the information available online, gaps persist in public knowledge about hydrogen water and its benefits. This section will attempt to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about both hydrogen water in general and Synergy Science as a company.

Q: What is hydrogen water?

A: As the name suggests, hydrogen water is normal water with added hydrogen. Water regularly includes two particles of hydrogen and one particle of oxygen. Hydrogen water simply contains an additional particle of hydrogen. Hydrogen-rich water has been linked to a number of potential health benefits, although research is limited and scientists are divided on the issue.

Q: How do you use hydrogen water?

A: Hydrogen water should be drank like any other kind of water. It is not generally possible to overdose on hydrogen or water, so users can drink as much of the liquid as they normally would.

Q: Who created Synergy Science?

A: Synergy Science was founded by a husband and wife, Paul and Jacqueline Barattiero. The duo came up with the idea for selling hydrogen water technologies when Jacqueline tried hydrogen-rich water on a cruise. When she saw the benefits it provided her, she knew that she had to make hydrogen water more accessible to others.

Q: How do you use Synergy Science filters?

A: The products made by Synergy Science typically just require users to fill the container with water and allow the filtration system to do its work and add hydrogen to the liquid. For detailed use instruction, always contact the manufacturer.

Q: What are the benefits of hydrogen water?

A: Proponents of hydrogen water claim that it has a number of benefits. Synergy Science claims that hydrogen water made using their products can help reduce inflammation, improve cognitive function, and more. However, the benefits of hydrogen water are contested by some researchers, so users are advised to conduct their own investigation before buying any expensive filtration or hydrogen water system.

Q: Does Synergy Science have a promo code?

A: To view all buying options, including Synergy Science promo codes, sales, and discounts, please visit this link to see which option is best for your needs.

About Synergy Science

synergy science promo code

Synergy Science is a US-based health and wellness company best-known for its hydrogen rich water products, including its faucets, water filters, pitchers, and home filtration systems.

The company was founded by husband and wife Paul and Jacqueline Barattiero.

You can contact Synergy Science via the following:

Final Thoughts

Synergy Science is a health and wellness company specializing in hydrogen rich water systems. The company sells hydrogen water filtration systems online through, then installs systems across the United States.

Lately, Synergy Science has also branched into EMF prevention devices and other markets.

To learn more about Synergy Science and how the company’s products work, visit online at

Learn More About Synergy Science Products

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