StaminaPro Review: Effective Active Recovery Patch for Athletes?

Did you know that muscle-related injuries are the most common occurring among athletes? Dealing with this type of injury, not only poses a concern for specialists – who have to inform athletes of the slow recovery period – but also athletes, who will have to take time away from training and competitions.

Despite the different methodologies in bringing relief to the individuals, the recurrence rate of injuries is deemed relatively high. This is where STAMINAPRO comes into play.

To ensure that athletes attain recovery, STAMINAPRO supposedly communicates with the body via its naturally owned electric field. This is necessary so that a solution to ridding inflammation can be found. Interesting isn’t it? Here’s the STAMINAPRO approach to defeating inflammation and promoting recovery:

What is StaminaPro?

StaminaPro is a patch that uses Energy Medicine Technology to promote faster recovery and better performance in athletes. Combining nearly 200 different nutrients that work in combating inflammation, the patch was allegedly designed to work before, during and after any form of activity.

What ingredients went into making StaminaPro?

The ingredients used in STAMINAPRO have been formed based on the electrons needed to communicate with the body. This communication is what transfers ingredients in the patch directly into one’s bloodstream. What’s being delivered exactly? Some of the chosen ingredients include:


A plant popular in Europe and North America, Arnica is typically used to treat bruises and muscle-related injuries. It is preferred due to its anti-inflammatory properties and therefore can be utilized for other areas of pain as well.


CoQ10 (coenzyme Q10) is a naturally occurring chemical that produces energy production in the cells. Although research on understanding the correlation between muscle soreness and CoQ10 is lacking, many have since argued that it may help in increasing muscle energy, which in turn allows for muscle contractions during an activity.


Glutathione is a type of antioxidant that works in reducing the likelihood of damage caused in cells. It is known to reduce exercise-related oxidative stress, which is crucial as it is reasoned as an important factor when it comes to performance.


The main reason why athletes (and non-athletes) experience muscle soreness is because of muscle damage. This, in turn, increases oxidative stress. The effects of damage can also be treated using MSM, which is believed to naturally speed up the healing process.

Other ingredients that went into making STAMINAPRO include amino acids, activators, adaptogens, ATP, B-Complex, BCAAs, beetroot, Bioperine, Boswellia, curcumin, enzymes, green tea extract and 100’s more.

What are the Benefits of using StaminaPro?

There are several possible benefits to bear in mind before purchasing StaminaPro. For starters, it contains over 200 naturally occurring ingredients to fight inflammation. Second, upon wearing the patch, the recovery process is expected to commence within 15 minutes of application. Third, the different patch sizes (i.e. medium, large and strip patches) are available depending on the region of pain.

Next, the patches last up to 24 hours. This implies that nutrients delivery is done sustainably – ultimately protecting athletes over a long period. Who can forget one’s ability to wear it during a bath, shower or even swimming!? Also, given that most activities induce a lot of sweating, each patch is designed to be sweat and waterproof.

On that note, for those who are captivated, STAMINAPRO is sold in variety packs, hence consumers will have access to different sizes of patches per purchase. One can choose between the 24, 48 or 96 packs, which cost $42.50, $80, and $140 respectively. To learn more about how the body interacts with STAMINAPRO, click here.

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