Snore B Gone Anti-Snoring Sleep Help Benefits: Will it Improve Rest?

Snore B Gone is a product that consumers place in their mouth to prevent snoring while sleeping, leading to deeper sleep and less noise disturbance for anyone else in the room. The product is available under an exclusive promotion on the official website.

What is Snore B Gone?

Getting a balanced night of sleep is crucial to the health of the brain and the rest of the body. When we go to sleep, the body gradually enters the REM cycle, which is a phase of sleep where the brain can repair the neurological processes that were exhausted in the daytime. Reaching this point requires at least 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep, but snoring can be a major roadblock. Rather than naturally reaching the REM cycle, the brain is interrupted by the blocked airways and frequent noise of snoring. In order to sleep better and feel more refreshed, consumers may want to consider Snore B Gone.

Snore B Gone is not a supplement, it doesn't have any hormones or vitamins that work within the brain. Instead, it is a device that goes in the mouth. The soft silicone is comfortable for users, since they will need to keep the device in their mouth for the entire night. Luckily, it is also lightweight, so the user will not feel pressure on their teeth all night. After a full night with the Snore B Gone solution in their mouth, the website claims users will wake up with more energy.

Much of the website highlights the downside of snoring, it also points out how difficult it can be for a couple to sleep together, when one snores. Without proper sleep, there are both sleep and general health disorders that can arise. Some of the most common issues that arise for someone with little sleep include sleep apnea, insomnia, heart damage, high blood pressure, and more. All of these issues are the exact reason the creators want consumers to try Snore B Gone, helping to eliminate the snoring that causes sleep deprivation.

The Science behind Snore B Gone

Rather than using a supplement like many companies would, this product is basically just a mouthpiece. It holds the jaw in place to keep the airway clear and aligned properly, while preventing the slack tongue from reverberating against the throat. This reverberation is what makes the snoring noise. By keeping everything aligned, the snoring is reduced. However, the website bounces between saying that the device helps the user stop snoring entirely or simply helps to reduce severity.

Most of the benefits, beyond the lack of snoring, are primarily just side effects of getting better sleep. By correcting the user’s sleeping position in their mouth, they also consequently experience:

  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Relaxation of the muscles
  • Better oxygen levels
  • Increased energy

No other components play a role in the success of this device. However, the only restriction may be the lack of customization for the user.

Using Snore B Gone

The directions for Snore B Gone are relatively simple – slide it on the teeth and go to sleep. From some of the content on the website, it seems that Snore B Gone involves the use of a chin strap, but there are no images online to show a user that has the device in correctly. It may be best to read through the instructions before the first night that they sleep.

If the user presently has medication or other prescribed remedies for their snoring, they may want to let their doctor know about this alternative treatment method they are trying.

Pricing for Snore B Gone

The website for Snore B Gone offers the chance to get two boxes with one of the anti-snoring straps each, which would typically retail at $250.97 total. However, there is a special promotion on the website right now that will give the user one of the boxes free. The user is still responsible for shipping and handling, which adds another $9.97 on their total, though it is still less expensive than being forced to purchase two boxes at full price.

In the event that this device does not work to eliminate the user’s snoring, then they need to get an RMA number to send back the product. Unfortunately, there is no specific number of days that the treatment still qualifies for a return.

Contacting the Creators of Snore B Gone

When it comes to sleeping better, consumers probably want to know as much as possible about the Snore B Gone before they commit to it. The customer service team offers both a phone number and email address, making it easy to reach them on weekdays.

  • Phone number: 888-317-5763
  • Email address:

The team is available from 9:00am to 5:00pm CST, except for weekends.

Snore B Gone Conclusion

Snore B Gone is meant for people who snore at night. That is the only requirement, though this device’s ability to unblock the airway makes it beneficial for consumers that sometimes have trouble breathing, like those with sleep apnea or allergies. The only way to receive the benefits is to use the device every night, since it will not gradually change the way the mouth rests while sleeping.

Even though this device can help with snoring, which improves quality of sleep, there is no guarantee that the user will start sleeping better. If the user recently begun taking medication or they went through any major life change, these issues can also impact their sleep. Consumers that have concerns beyond their snoring may want to reach out to a medical professional for further help.

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