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Quick N Straight Hair Brush: Shiny & Damage Free Without Frizz?


Quick N Straight Hair Brush is a hair-styling tool that easily eliminates the curls from the user’s hair, leaving them with straight and silky strands. The device only takes three minutes to complete the hairstyle, which makes it easier to maintain punctuality in the morning.

What is Quick N Straight Hair Brush?

Curly hair tends to be a little wild and unruly for a lot of consumers, especially if their hair is long. When tending to this kind of hair, there are few options. The easiest thing for most people is to just leave their hair in its curly state, but there are times when straight hair just seems easier and more versatile for certain looks. Unfortunately, a straightening iron poses a lot of risks, and can end up drying out hair unhealthily. By using the Quick N Straight brush, the entire process becomes a lot simpler.

The Quick N Straight Hair Brush offers three services in one device – the ability to brush, straighten, and eliminate frizz from hair. The website does not show if this brush can be used on wet or dry hair, but those instructions should be listed within the package.

How It Works

The reason that this brush works so well is due to both ceramic and ionic technology that heats up the brush but keeps the surface from getting so hot that it damages the hair. The gentle heat helps to break down tangles as it straightens, so consumers can still keep the softness and health of their hair. The website does not say if there are any restrictions on who should be able to use it, but the website shows women of multiple ethnicities succeeding with the use of the brush.

Realistically, everyone has different tangles in their hair, and has varying thicknesses that make it difficult to say exactly the amount of time it takes to use this type of product. However, according to the website, consumers can go from frizzy and curly to totally straight within just three minutes. The brush is heated through a power cord, so consumers will need to remember to turn off the device and unplug it to maintain the integrity.


To buy the Quick N Straight Hair Brush, the total cost is $79.99. The website offers a free upgrade to priority shipping, so consumers will not need to factor in that cost.

If this brush does not work for the user’s hair texture or other goals, then they have up to 60 days to bring up the issue with customer service. However, there is no guarantee on the website that the company will issue a refund.

Contacting the Creators of Quick N Straight

Even though most people will have an easy time using this device, some people need a little more help to get them through the use of the tool. If there is any reason that someone needs to reach the customer service team, they can send an email to perfecttv50@gmail.com.

Quick N Straight Hair Brush Conclusion

The Quick N Straight Hair Brush helps women to reduce the time they waste and the damage their hair sustains for the sake of straighter hair. The product is efficient in the reduction of tangles in curly hair but removes them without making the hair look frizzier in the process.

If either men or women want to keep their hair straight during their morning routine, this is probably one of the safest and gentlest product available to do so.

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