ORS Hair Care: Moisturizing Olive Oil Ethnic Hair Products?

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ORS Hair Care is a brand that offers a wide range of styling products and nourishment for consumers that have especially dry or damaged hair. The treatments are geared towards African Americans, ensuring that this demographic has a brand that cares about keeping their scalp and hair healthy.

What Is ORS Hair Care?

Taking care of hair involves a lot of attention, especially when there is damage that needs healing. Some hair is more prone to dryness, but many companies separate treatments that help with both styling and healing. However, ORS Hair Care has something for every hair issue, and even supports the structure of the strands with vitamins, oils, and botanicals.

Read on below to learn more information about the products available.

ORS Hair Care Moisturizing Olive Oil Ethnic Hair Product Collection

The ORS hair care website offers plenty of ways to filter through the products for the best option. They also recognize that every person has different needs for their hair, so they created multiple collections that deal with different hair health and styling needs.

Check out a few of the available collections below to see what the company provides.

Olive Oil

The Olive Oil collection helps consumers to take care of the texture and health of their hair. Olive oil is one of the few oils that can be used on any texture, since it is completely natural and soothes the dryness of any strands. Much of this category is about keeping hair healthy, but there are styling products with olive oil as the base ingredient as well.

Some of the featured products include:

  • Edge Control™ Hair Gel ($5.99)
  • Incredibly Rich Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion™ ($5.99)
  • Glossing Hair Polisher ($6.99)
  • Nourishing Sheen Spray™ ($4.99)


HAIRestore takes hair care a little further, and it is meant to help both men and women to fight against alopecia and hair loss, which is common in 50% of adults in America alone. The treatments help the hair to thrive and grow again, supporting the needs of the scalp with essential nutrients that may be missing from the user’s diet.

Some of the featured products include:

  • Hair Mayonnaise ($10.99)
  • Fertilizing Temple Balm ($13.99)
  • Fertilizing Serum ($8.99)
  • Hair Fertilizer ($8.49)

ORS Classics

The Classics simply offer consumers the nourishment that their hair needs for maintenance. Each formula offers botanicals for a pleasant aroma and balance in the hair quality of the user.

Some of the featured products include:

  • Lock & Twist Gel ($7.99)
  • Weave Rx Ultimate Bond Remover ($5.29)
  • Tea Tree Oil Anti-Bump® Spray ($6.50)
  • Coconut Oil ($5.99)


Unlike the HAIRestore category, HAIRepair works specifically with hair that is been damaged, but for consumers without hair loss. The treatments have potent oils and plant extracts to replace the loss of moisture in each of the strands, basically rescuing hair before the damage gets even worse.

The featured products in this category include:

  • Vital Oils ($5.99)
  • Nourishing Conditioner ($5.99)
  • Anti-Breakage Conditioning Crème ($5.99)
  • Intense Moisture Crème ($5.99)

Wellness Oils

The Wellness Oils collection is exclusive to the different oils that consumers can put into their hair for styling and health benefits. Each oil is uniquely concocted, offering a quality that is higher than the average generic source.

The featured products include:

  • Coconut Oil ($4.99)
  • Tea Tree Oil ($4.99)
  • Virgin Olive Oil ($4.99)
  • Saw Palmetto Oil ($4.99)

Monoi Oil

The Monoi Oil collection features an oil that helps the hair to resist breaking, which is common for hair that is extremely dry. Some of the products are meant for styling, while others are just meant for basic healing.

Choose from some of the following featured products:

  • Edge Control Hair Gel ($8.99)
  • Fortifying Conditioner ($7.99)
  • Leave-In Conditioning Crème ($8.99)
  • Fortifying Shampoo ($7.99)

Olive Oil Girls

The Olive Oil Girls collection offers the same benefits as the Olive Oil collection, but with formulas that are meant for younger consumers that have slightly different needs for their scalps. These products make it easier to train and brush hair and includes other oils to balance the formulas.

Some of the featured products include:

  • Leave-In Conditioning Detangler ($5.99)
  • Healthy Style Hair Pudding ($5.99)
  • BUILT-IN PROTECTION PLUS Conditioning No-Lye Crème Relaxer System ($7.99)
  • Soft Curls No-Lye Crème Texture Softening System ($7.99)

Curls Unleashed

Curls Unleashed is specifically a collection of styling products, helping consumers to reduce frizz and show off the beauty of their curls. There is also a “Curlies Unleashed” collection, which is meant for children.

The featured products in this category include:

  • Aloe Vera & Honey Curl Boosting Jelly ($9.49)
  • Shea Butter & Honey Curl Defining Crème ($9.49)
  • Shea Butter & Mango Leave-In Conditioner ($9.49)
  • Natural Hold Edge Gel ($9.49)

Where To Buy ORS Hair Care Products

The easiest way to buy any of the ORS hair products is from the website directly, though there are some items that are out of stock. Unfortunately, the company does not accept returns; however, everything on the website is marked at affordable prices, so it is not expensive to figure out the best treatment for the user’s hair.

If someone wants to make a purchase locally, they can check orshaircare.com/where-to-buy/ to find the closest location to them that sells the products. However, the physical stores may not have a full range of the products, so some consumers prefer to call ahead of time to check inventory.

Contacting ORS Hair Care

The website is an excellent source of information for consumers, but there is always questions that end up arising. To get a hold of the customer service team, consumers can either call or email them.

ORS Hair Care Conclusion

ORS Hair Care is meant for consumers that want to maintain a balance between nourishment and styling. There are formulas for men, women, and children, depending on their needs. Whether you want to embrace your curls, heal alopecia, or simply nourish and strengthen hair, ORS should have a solution.

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