Nutrisystem Personal Plans: 2020 Weight Loss Diet Program Review

New Nutrisystem Personal Plan is starting the new 2020 year off with a bang as the triple-matched weight loss system caters to individuals body type, food preferences and wellness goals.

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Nutrisystem's New Personal 2020 Weight Loss Plans Are “Triple-Matched” For You

  • The new ‘Your Body, Your Plan' Personal Plan by Nutrisystem includes the addition of 41 new foods.
  • Consumers can access the program from the new NuMi app, which is available for smartphones and tablets.
  • The Personal Plan Triple-Matched is about customizable body types, food preferences and weight loss goals

The new Nutrisystem Personal Plan program is setting the 2020 diet season year off right. At the start of every new year, dieting is at the top of everyone's personal wish list to do better and live more optimally in accordance with a healthy lifestyle via daily nutritional choices and dietary habits.

Let's review the new Nutrisystem personal weight loss plans in 2020 and see how their customized meal recipe program looks to help everyone no matter what body type, weight loss goals or food taste preferences you may have individually.


What is Nutrisystem Personal Plan All About?

As the new 2020 year begins, one of the most popular efforts of almost any person is to start on a fitness regimen and meal plan to prepare for the summertime. These types of resolutions have led companies like Nutrisystem to come out with new options to entice consumers to be themselves with a uniquely yours line of products. They have become a popular brand for their highly successful weight loss regimens that are fairly easy to follow and recently released their new Personal Plans. While the health and wellness brand owned by Tivity Health has consistently provided opportunities for consumers, the start of the year is a perfect opportunity for them to introduce new plans that are “triple-matched to you.”

With the new programs, Nutrisystem targets three main efforts, meeting the user’s goals, factoring in their body type, and providing them with foods that they love. Nutrisystem focuses on the unique nature of every person, addressing these concerns by offering custom macronutrients that can offer the best weight loss results. All of the details on these plans can be directly delivered to consumers through the use of the NuMi app, which is entirely free for customers to download. The wellness goal behind the Nutrisystem Personal Plan program is to help users lose up to 18 pounds and 10 inches from your waist in the first two months.

Nutrisystem is a brand operated by Tivity Health. Tivity Health’s President of the Nutrition Business Unit, Keira Krausz, recently commented on the Personal Plan launch. Krausz explained,

“We recognize that we're all different, and Nutrisystem embraces and celebrates that individuality with its ‘one size does not fit all’ approach to weight loss and maintenance. Our new, personalized methodology is a monumental evolution for the brand as we continue to listen and respond to our customers' needs.”

The system is successful because of the proprietary algorithm used to calculate the recommendations. The algorithm considers the customer’s body type, their food preferences, their weight loss goals, and their typical amount of physical activity. The plan goes straight to the door of the customer, which supplies the user with half of the necessary calories for the program. The rest of the calories they will need comes from the user’s own grocery shopping for fresh food, which also means that the customer has some flexibility in what they eat. This flexibility is enough for consumers to have the weight loss they are working towards, but without becoming bored through the routine.

The NuMi app is designed to work with the Nutrisystem weight management program. By signing in, the user is able to access their meal plan, grocery guide, and other content from any location, which means that consumers can take the lists to the store with them to shop sales, reducing costs.

Every personalized meal plan comes with scientific support for the macronutrient breakdown that shows the correlation between the distribution of body fat and the metabolism’s role. Furthermore, Nutrisystem has found that personal health plans are often more effective that if a consumer was to follow a plan that had been laid out for general use. Krausz remarked,

“The personal program is Nutrisystem’s most innovative and effective. We’re please to be a leader among our top competitors in weight loss efficacy and clinical-based results. And, of course, we have millions of customers who’ve reached their goals with Nutrisystem.”

New Foods for Nutrisystem's Personal Plans

Along with the new plans available for this year, Nutrisystem, has also added 41 new menu items, which is the biggest collection of items to be added in many years for the brand. Some of the foods include cream-filled dessert cupcakes and plant-based grain and vegetable bowls for lunches.

Sharon Tate, the Senior Vice President of Supply Chain and Food Development for Nutrisystem, said,

“We're extremely proud to debut more healthy and delicious choices than ever before. The introduction of additional menu items is instrumental to the personal program, which tailors each customer's plan to their health needs and personal tastes. Our commitment to providing the healthiest and highest-quality ingredients for our customers continues as we diversify our menu options.”

Nutrisystem Personal Plans TV Commercial

Once the Nutrisystem Personal Plan system debuted, the company released a few different TV commercials airing on major television stations and shows to promote its official launch.

Here is a list of all the TV commercials made for the new Personal Plans by Nutrisystem:

  • You Get to Be You with Diana Lorenzon
  • People Are Different: One Month Free' Featuring Marie Osmond
  • Hear Their Stories
  • Big Deal: BOGO' Featuring Marie Osmond

You can call the Nutrisystem weight loss brand at 1-877-592-FIT8 and all 4-week Personal Plans come with a 14-day money back guarantee. There is even a limited time special offer to buy one month and get one free.

Trying the New Personal Nutrisystem Plans

Tried and true, and definitely tested, Nutrisystem's Personal Plan options seem to be performing well in the marketplace early in the 2020 decade. Each of the regimens covers a four-week plan, starting with the Basic Plan for $8.10 a day and going up to the Uniquely Yours Ultimate plan at $11.68 a day. As mentioned, all of the purchases are covered by a two week money-back guarantee.

The plans and information on Nutrisystem are so well-detailed on the website, but there’s always questions that may arise. To reach out to the customer service team, consumers can reach out on any day of the week by phone (1-800-585-5483) or email [email protected].

The new year is an opportunity to start off right with healthy eating and a healthy physique. The opportunity hasn’t been ignored by Nutrisystem, which is putting an emphasis on you with their Personal Plan offer to help customize options directly for you as there is no one size/diet/meal plan that fits all. Just like when the System 20 diet plan launched earlier in 2020 by Dr Oz, there seems to be a concerted effort to helping people out individually as that is what it takes for sustained healthy living (unless you want to intermittent fast). When you add in the new foods and compatible app, Nutrisystem is doing what it takes to stay relevant and trending in 2020 and beyond.

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