LumaSlim: Reviewing the LexaPure Weight Loss Fat Burner Research

LumaSlim by LexaPure is a fat burning weight loss hormone support formula that helps men and women release trapped fat by activating the Hormone Sensitive Lipase (HSL) using natural ingredients.

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Weight loss is consistently one of the most desired personal transformations for people all over the world. Healthy weight loss can maximize your self-confidence and lower your risk of developing a number of serious negative health conditions. It only makes sense that so many men and women want nothing more than to shed a few extra pounds and improve their health and self-image.

But scientists have debated for years about the optimal way to lose weight and make progress. It is clear that creating a caloric deficit, which just means burning more calories than you consume, is among the most consistently effective ways to eliminate fat. But over the years, thousands of health and wellness professionals have come out with their own version of the perfect dieting program to help users lose weight while feeling great.

It can be hard to sift through the hundreds of new weight loss ‘revolutions' that are published every year, especially for consumers who need to lose weight urgently.

Eric Raum, author of bestselling book Adrenal Reset Diet and host of “Real Health Live,” has introduced a new supplement that he claims helps users to release trapped body fat by activating their HSL, or Hormone Sensitive Lipase. This alternative health and wellness expert makes a number of big claims concerning the effectiveness of his weight loss supplement and program using a ‘a bizarre, fat loss shortcut'.

But can the LumaSlim supplement really help you lose weight without substantial exercise? How does it work to target visceral adipose tissue, or the deep waistline belly fat? Our comprehensive review should teach readers everything they need to know about LumaSlim.


What is LumaSlim?

Getting in shape often takes a lot of hard work. Some people work for months or even years to achieve the figure they want to see in the mirror, and some consumers never achieve their ideal weight. As it turns out, the creators of LunaSlim claim to have discovered a way to shed weight and stay fit with a method first documented during Operation Enduring Freedom, a military operation in Afghanistan. Using what they learned documenting the experiences of soldiers, LexaPure has released a product called LumaSlim.

Developed by health researcher Eric Raum, LumaSlim is frequently called a “shortcut” for weight loss. Raum reveals that there’s a lie that the health industry has been broadcasting for years, and it is referred to as “Wishnofsky’s rule.” This rule states that a single pound of fat represents 3,500 calories, suggesting that the only ways to lose that pound are to eat less or exercise more.

While many doctors have supported this rule, Raum states that there are two main problems in the advocacy. First, losing fat isn’t just a matter of depriving the body of calories. Second, he maintains that consumers need to activate their HSL to properly shed weight. What is HSL? Hormone Sensitive Lipase (HSL) is sometimes explained as a one-way valve on your fat cells; fat enters the cells, but only activated HSL allows the trapped fat to leave and weight loss to stick.

The company behind LumaSlim had this to say about the HSL activation theory:

“When you activate your HSL and open this valve on your fat cells, your fat cells open up and they release all that trapped fat back into your bloodstream to be burned off as a clean source of energy.”

The reason that LumaSlim is effective is due to the ingredients used. The official website doesn’t explain toe exact contents of their plan, one ingredient we could find is arctic root. The Arctic root can be found at elevations of 9,000 feet or higher, and the creator of this product credits it with the majority of the benefits found in LumaSlim.

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A Look Inside LexaPure LumaSlim

Inside any effective weight loss fat burner will reside proven ingredients in the formula. LumaSlim has two headline components, one being ArcticRoot and the other LilyRoot. Hailed as next-generation weight loss solutions backed by scientific research, ArctricRoot (rhodiola rosea root extract) is suppose to enable the HSL activating power where the LilyRoot is a standardized Japanese Voodoo Lily extract, or 90% glucomannan from Konjac root extract, for appetite control.

Together, these create a synergistic diet-busting hunger effect that results in it being a quality hormone support formula made by LexaPure.

Here is a look at the supplement facts nutrition label for LumaSlim:

lexapure lumaslim ingredients

In addition to the two flagship ingredients, LexaPure included Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) and BioPerine black pepper extract in LumaSlim weight loss supplement.

Frequently Asked Questions About LumaSlim

This section will answer many of the most commonly asked questions about LumaSlim.

Q: What does LumaSlim do?

A: LumaSlim promotes weight loss with the use of several ingredients, including potent Arctic Root. The creators of this supplement claim that it can help users to activate the HSL, maximizing weight loss and fat burn like never before.

Q. What is Arctic root used for?

A. Rhodiola Rosea also called Arctic root or golden root. It's grown at high altitudes in the arctic regions of Asia and Europe. Rhodiola is known to improve memory, help with weight loss, increase energy levels, and boost the immune system.

Q: What is hormone-sensitive lipase?

A: As the creators of LumaSlim explain, HSL allows fat to collect on the waist, hips, arms, and other places as the body gains weight. When it is shut down, fat cannot be released, even if it doesn’t continue to collect. By activating their HSL, users are able to lose weight as fat is allowed to escape the cells.

Q: How is HSL naturally activated?

A: HSL is usually only activated when the body goes into a survival mode, but insulin naturally controls HSL to prevent fat from being released.

Q: Is LumaSlim the right option for everyone?

A: This formula primarily is helpful to consumers with stubborn fat that they’ve tried to lose to no avail. While it can help anyone, users with more significant weight problems have more to gain from the solution.

Q: How should LumaSlim be used?

A: Users should take two capsules daily in the afternoon to give them an energy boost and promote weight loss. More specific dosage requirements should be included on the packaging for the supplement.

Q: Does LumaSlim offer any bonus items?

A: Yes. Along with the purchase of LumaSlim, consumers will get a free 30-day supply of AdrenaVitals, which is a multivitamin made of various fruits. Customers will also get access to the 14-Day Weight Loss Challenge that includes recipes for every meal and snack for two straight weeks to shed pounds. The package includes “Flat Tummy Shortcut” for exercise routines that can give users a flat belly, How to Level Up Your Life to take advantage of their energy boosts.

Any other questions can be addressed with the customer service team.

Purchasing LumaSlim

On the official product website, consumers can purchase LumaSlim and its bonus products in several different quantities. Purchasing packages include:

  • One bottle: $69.95
  • Two bottles: $119.90
  • Four bottles: $179.80

If the user finds that LumaSlim doesn’t work for their needs, they have up to 90 days to get a refund by returning the product. Just send back any partial, empty or unopened bottles to receive your refund, you will then receive a full refund with the consumer paying for the return shipping costs.

Contacting Customer Service

Even with the information available on the website, consumers may want to learn other details about this product before they make an investment. The customer service team can fill in any gaps for users with a phone call to 1-855-843-3819.

The team can also be reached with an email to [email protected].

Final Thoughts

LumaSlim is meant for anyone that has struggled to lose weight from certain areas of their body for quite a while. This formula isn’t necessarily a substitute for diet and exercise, though it includes a program that will show consumers the best way to integrate these activities. Consumers can choose from one of the several packages offered, and users will get plenty of bonus content with their purchase.

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