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Life isn’t only short, but it is unexpected as well. Those who say to “live life to the fullest” do know what they are talking about. For those who are actually interested in heeding their advice, but who have trouble finding an easy and effective way to find experiences to try may want to learn more about a new platform and membership opportunity called Liv List Experiences.

This platform and membership is an opportunity that features an online collection of one-of-a-kind experiences so that men and women can truly start living life to the fullest and can create memories that will last them a lifetime.

What is Liv?

Liv is a collection of one-of-a-kind experiences that the platform’s members can tap into to create the kind of lifestyle that they are hoping for. This type of program is exclusive and is not found anywhere else, making Liv List Experiences truly a unique opportunity that is worth trying. Those who use this system will be able to not only help themselves experience a better lifestyle, but a portion of the proceeds goes to Liv2Giv “voluntourism” to help inspire community development efforts around the world.

Liv List Experiences Membership

Those who are interested in joining this flourishing community will need to receive membership first. Membership gives individuals the opportunity to reach certain levels in the community and to earn incentives as well.

Here are the three monthly membership packages so that individuals know what to expect:

The Access Package

The first package available through this program is the Access Package. This is the cheapest package and it provides users with the basics of the program – which are all great as well.

For example, those who are a part of this package option receive a membership card, a list of experiences, a personal memory cloud, a travel portal with 110% best price promise and complimentary travel insurance, local daily discounts, the marketplace, Liv Free program access, and 24/7 members support.

The Premier Package

The second and intermediate package of this program is the Premier Package. Here. Individuals will receive access to a number of additional resources to those mentioned above. For instance, the Premier Package also comes with Liv Assist Liv Travel, insider deals on hotels and vacation rentals, crowd perks, and liv list leaderboard perks. With all of these additional resources, individuals can truly cultivate a stellar experience no matter where they go or what they do.

The VIP Package

The final package available with this program is the VIP package. In addition to receiving all of the perks mentioned in the first and second program, those who are a part of the VIP system will receive additional personal cloud memory space, complimentary shipments of new Liv products, Liv rewards boost, and Liv List VIP Only experiences.

The pricing for these packages is reasonable as well. The first option costs $75 to activate and $25 a month thereafter. The intermediate program costs $150 to activate and $50 a month thereafter, and finally the final option costs $250 a month and $100 a month thereafter. The company accepts credit card and payment is issued through the online portal.

The Liv Rewards Program

Another great quality of this program is that it comes with an incentive option in the form of rewards. For example, those who use this system will have access to the Rewards Program, which enables them to collect  Liv Credits on a monthly basis. Every Liv Credit is equal to $1, which can be applied to the list of experiences and the marketplace.

This is one of the most positive incentives of this program and it gives users the opportunity to enjoy an array of experiences, without exactly spending real dollars for them. Further, the credits can be applied to almost any experience.

The Benefits of Liv

There are many benefits to be had when one adds LivList to their lifestyle. By adopting this type of system into one’s lifestyle, individuals can enjoy from a number of high-end experiences that leave them feeling happier, more excited about life, and rejuvenated. The day to day activities will no longer seem as such and instead, will be transformed by the new activities that one has adopted.

Here are the main advantages of this program so individuals know what to look forward to:

Liv Media

First, all of one’s experiences can be easily stored in a digital storage system that one receives when they sign up for membership. The cloud device will store photos, videos, and more through the personal memory cloud. In addition, the memory cloud can be accessed at any time and from anywhere so that individuals don’t lose a thing.

Liv Travel

Second, those who are part of this system will also receive access to better travel. That is to say, members will be able to open their travel portal and there, the best prices will be available. In addition, members will receive complimentary travel insurance and insider deals that they certainly wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere.

Liv Local

Third, individuals will also receive discounts to brands and businesses in their local area. This can make going out less expensive and much more enjoyable. Better yet, it enables individuals to cultivate even more experiences that they can be proud of.

Liv Assistant

Fourth, members also receive access to their own personal assistant that can be used 24/7. The assistant makes it easier for individuals to get the support that they need so that they can go on with their experiences with an easy mind and without the stress of having issues.

Liv Launch

Fifth, this system also comes with what is called Liv Launch. This is an all-exclusive opportunity that gives members access to new and innovative products that are just being put on the market. Therefore, individuals can get some neat items that not even their friends and family have yet.

Liv Marketplace

Finally, this unique and interesting program gives individuals access to the Liv Marketplace. This marketplace provides access to timeless products that are favored by Liv Members. Thus, those who use this resource will gain access to items that they can use and truly enjoy from.

Clearly, there are many great benefits to be had when one adds Liv List Experiences to their lifestyle. This is a unique opportunity that cannot be found elsewhere and is most likely one of the first of its kind being offered. Those who are looking to have better experiences in their life and who want to always go home with a good story will appreciate Liv List.

Liv Inspiration

Additionally, another great opportunity through Live List Experiences is that there is a resource that individuals can use to inspire others to have the best journey in their life as well. Those who end up loving Liv List Experiences and who may want to use it for more can become one of the program’s promoters.

The promoter opportunity offers a monetary incentive as well, which includes getting paid up to 5 times a month, weekly bonuses, and residual monthly commissions. Individuals can work remotely from anywhere and can be their own boss.

Liv List Experiences Review Summary

Ultimately, Liv is a great way to make more out of life by having experiences that last a lifetime. Those who are ready to adopt a whole new way of approaching life and who want to joint an upbeat community may want to give Liv List Experiences a chance.

To get started, simply visit the brand’s website and go to the membership page. There, individuals can sign up within a matter of minutes. Further, those who would like to be a promoter can do the same, but simply go to the promoter page instead and register for the opportunity.

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