KoreTrak: Reviewing the Smart Body Fitness Tracker

KoreTrak is a smart fitness tracker wristband by KoreHealth that helps track vital sign body activity with intuitive one-touch controls via a handy smartwatch band for monitoring heart rate and sleep.

Full Disclosure

KoreTrak is a fitness tracking smartwatch that aims to improve your wellbeing by giving you health insights. In terms of other popular smartwatches, KoreTrak functions similarly to the Apple Watch or the Fitbit. All of these devices help users improve their health and wellness by providing statistical insights into their fitness progress.

By wearing KoreTrak daily, you can monitor your heart rate, track your sleep, check your activity, and get smartphone notifications. The watch is exclusively sold online through the official product website.

But there has been an influx of ineffective and cheap smartwatches on the market in the past few years. It can be hard for consumers to find a product that's both cost-effective and technologically advanced. We advise users to be cautious about who they do business with in this ever-expanding market.

What is KoreTrak? Is this smartwatch worth the price? Find out everything you need to know about this lesser-known fitness tracker today in our review.

What is KoreTrak?

KoreTrak is a smartwatch that tracks fitness, heartrate, and activity by KoreHealth. You wear the device on your wrist, and it gives insight into your exercise, wellbeing, health, heartrate, and more. The watch also displays smartphone notifications and monitors your sleep – similar to other smartwatches.

There are plenty of well-known names in the smartwatch space, including FitBit and the Apple Watch. KoreTrak, however, is not one of the best-known names. The smartwatch just launched online in 2020. There’s limited information about the technical specifications of the watch or where the watch is made. It’s also difficult to find unbiased reviews of KoreTrak online.

Does KoreTrak compete with some of the better-known smartwatches and fitness trackers available today? Let’s take a closer look at how KoreTrak works.

How Does KoreTrak Work?

KoreTrak works similar to other fitness trackers. You charge the device, wear it on your wrist, then connect it to your smartphone. The smartwatch uses a combination of on-board sensors and phone sensors to track your health and wellness data.

KoreTrak doesn’t have its own GPS, so it uses your phone’s GPS to track your location and movement. However, the watch does seem to have a heartrate monitor, which means it can track your heartrate without relying on your phone’s sensors.

After charging KoreTrak, you download the KoreTrak app to your Android or iPhone smartphone. The app is similar to other health tracking apps, giving you crucial insight into your health and wellness. You can view daily and weekly progress via the app, for example, and track your sleep.

Key features on KoreTrak include:

  • Real time exercise states
  • Health and heart monitoring
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Sleep tracking

The goal of KoreTrak is to provide instant information about your health and fitness. Just glance at your wrist to see how many steps you’ve walked, for example. Or, check your KoreTrak after a run to view calorie burning, heartrate information, and distance, among other metrics.

KoreTrak tracks multiple sports and activities, which means the phone adjusts its tracking whether you’re running, walking, cycling, or engaged in other activities.

KoreTrak is also waterproof, which means you can wear it while swimming or in the shower. The makers of KoreTrak claim their smartwatch has an IP67 rating, which means it can withstand submersion in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. That should allow KoreTrak to survive swimming, showering, running in the rain, and other wet activities.

The makers of KoreTrak provide limited information about the device and how it works. However, we assume KoreTrak connects to your phone via Bluetooth LE, which means it has an onboard Bluetooth sensor. As long as your Android or iPhone has Bluetooth, you should be able to connect to KoreTrak.

The device claims to track heart rate (which is standard for cheaper smartwatches) and blood oxygen levels (which is found on some smartwatches but not others).

Overall, the manufacturer shares basic features of KoreTrak, although it’s unclear how the device works or what kind of features are onboard. The lack of transparency about the device’s features and technology is unusual, and it makes it impossible to compare KoreTrak to other, better-known fitness trackers.

Learn More About the KoreTrak Fitness Tracking Smartwatch

KoreTrak Technical Specifications

Oddly, the makers of KoreTrak provide virtually no information about the technical specifications of their fitness tracker.

We know the durability rating (IP67), although we know little else. It’s unclear what sensors are onboard the device, what type of battery is inside, or what the screen resolution is, for example.

We also don’t know how long KoreTrak lasts per charge. Some fitness trackers last one week on a single charge. Others last just 6 to 8 hours.

Typically, you want to know all of these technical specifications before buying a smartwatch. Without these tech specs, it’s difficult to compare KoreTrak to other units.

KoreTrak Features & Benefits

The makers of KoreTrak advertise all of the following features and benefits:

Adaptable: KoreTrak is adaptable to your activities. It tracks multiple activities (like running, cycling, and walking).

Comfortable: KoreTrak has pliable yet durable comfort bands similar to other waterproof watches.

Durable: KoreTrak is IP67 certified, which means it’s been independently rated to survive submersion under 1 meter of water for up to 30 seconds without damage.

Mobile App: KoreTrak has a mobile app for iOS or Android. You can download the mobile app for free after purchasing KoreTrak.

Sleep Tracking: You can use KoreTrak to track your sleep. When worn on your wrist overnight, KoreTrak tracks the duration and quality of your sleep. If the wristwatch notices frequent movement, for example, then it assumes you had a lower-quality sleep.

Heart Health Tracking: KoreTrak claims to track your, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels in under 10 seconds.

Who’s Behind KoreTrak?

KoreTrak is marketed online by a Hong Kong-based ecommerce company called Strong Current Hong Kong.

We have reviewed many other products from Strong Current in recent months. Out of all the smart fitness tracker wristbands and watches to buy in 2020, this company seems to really pour a lot of effort into the highlighting of their products. Unlike the many ‘competitors' selling knockoffs or cheap products sourced from Chinese factories, selling those products online at higher prices, KoreHealth is not a one product company and has over half a bakers dozen of health and wellness fitness products available. You may be able to find similar smartwatches to KoreTrak sold on various platforms like Alibaba for under $10 per unit, but having a forward facing company to get in touch with and management all customer support is a very big bonus on top of ensuring getting the brand's authentic smart body tracker.

You can contact KoreTrak via the following:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone (US & Canada): 609-414-7087
  • Phone (UK & Ireland): 08708 200084
  • Phone (Australia & New Zealand): (02) 8607 8316
  • Mailing Address: Suite 2201, 21/F Chinachem Century Tower, 178 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Frequently Asked Questions About KoreTrak

As we explained above, KoreTrak has begun marketing itself in the middle of an industry rife with scams and cheap products. This section will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about KoreTrak.

Q: How is KoreTrak used?

A: After the device is charged for the first time out of the box, use is relatively straightforward. Consumers just connect the watch to their cell phone after downloading the official KoreTrak app. Information collected by the watch over time is consolidated within the app, giving users access to information over an extended period of time.

Q: What can KoreTrak track?

A: The creators of KoreTrak claim that the smartwatch can track blood oxygen levels, and heart rate. When this information is tracked over an extended period of time, it can provide important insights into the wellness of consumers.

Q: Who created KoreTrak?

A: This product is being manufactured and marketed by Strong Current Enterprises, a tech and gadget company based out of Hong Kong. This organization has produced a number of products in the health and wellness industry. It has a pretty solid reputation among consumers, although some users may prefer a company based in the USA.

Q: Can KoreTrak make users healthier?

A: No smartwatch can make someone healthier or fitter by itself. However, this device can provide essential insights into how consumers' bodies respond to workouts, diets, and more. This can be incredibly helpful for users who need more information on their body as they continue along the path to wellness and fitness.

KoreTrak Pricing

KoreTrak is priced similarly to other low-end fitness trackers at around $50 per unit. You can exclusively order KoreTrak online through KoreTrak.com, where it’s priced at:

  • 1 Fitness Tracker: $49.95 + $8.95 Shipping
  • 2 Fitness Trackers: $99.90 + $9.95 Shipping
  • 3 Fitness Trackers: $112.39 + $10.95 Shipping (low as $37 per smartwatch band)

You can pay online using PayPal or credit card.

The sales page has an upsell for lifetime protection ($9.99 to $22.48, depending on how many fitness trackers you’re buying). This is an extended warranty that covers your fitness tracker for life.

KoreTrak Refund Policy

KoreTrak has a 30-day refund policy, although it only applies to unopened, unused smartwatches in their original packaging.

If you have opened your smartwatch packaging, then you cannot request a refund – even if you did not actually use the smartwatch.

Overall, KoreTrak has an unusually strict refund policy compared to other electronics. However, you can request a refund by contacting the manufacturer today.

Final Thoughts

KoreTrak is a trendy new smartwatch fitness tracker that makes bold claims about its features of monitoring vital sign body activity levels from sleep to heart rate or calories burned. The KoreHealth KoreTrak smart fitness tracking wristwatch band purportedly monitors heart rate and blood oxygen levels, for example, but as of right now the technical specs are limited, making it unclear how it tracks these and other bodily vital sign metrics.

The lack of a refund policy is also unusual, but this is likely in light of COVID and shipping back of used products. KoreTrak does not offer refunds on any opened smartwatches. This means once opening your KoreTrak smart watch fitness tracker band, start using it for 10 minutes, and for whatever reason didn’t like it, then you cannot request a refund. This may be an unusually strict refund policy, and while some might try to say it suggests the manufacturer isn’t confident in its product, it could also be tied to a number of sanitary issues or even shipping it back after initial use and exposure. It is wise to contact KoreHealth and ask about the KoreTrak Smart Body Tracker if there is any concerns about this.

Overall, if you’re spending $50 on a smartwatch and fitness tracker, the popular KoreTrakis competitively priced and affordable for most to gain more insights to individual health and wellness activity tracking. The KoreTrak is available to order online today for $50 and has a mission to help users lose weight and get in shape by getting access to the best tools for advanced fitness tracking & smartwatch connectivity at a relatively affordable price.

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