Herpesyl: Review the Herpes + Cold Sore Outbreak Supplement

Herpesyl is a natural herpes and cold sore outbreak support supplement using a 26-ingredient formula to work on flushing out the virus from brain cells and cleansing nerve cells for optimal health.

Full Disclosure

Herpesyl is a nutritional supplement that claims to completely eliminate herpes and cold sores.

By taking Herpesyl daily, you can purportedly stop a cold sore outbreak immediately and kill the herpes virus in weeks. Instead of taking prescription medication, you take a single nutritional supplement.

Will Herpesyl really kill the herpes virus? How does Herpesyl work? Can you really prevent cold sores and herpes with a simple nutritional supplement? Find out everything you need to know about Herpesyl today in our review.


What is Herpesyl?

Herpesyl is a nutritional supplement found online at By taking the supplement for a few weeks, you can purportedly eliminate herpes from your system – permanently.

Herpesyl is marketed online with a dramatic video presentation and marketing campaign. The makers of Herpesyl describe their formula as “the biggest breakthrough in all the recent medical history,” claiming their formula can “kill the herpes virus, in a matter of weeks” and “stop any cold sore outbreak before they even begin,” among many other powerful benefits.

The makers of Herpesyl claim the mainstream media refuse to report on their supplement because it threatens their multi-billion dollar herpes drug industry.

There’s no known cure for herpes. If you have the herpes virus, then you can expect to experience outbreaks for the rest of your life. It’s possible to manage these outbreaks with medication, and it’s possible to relieve cold sores with topical treatments. However, there’s no proof that a nutritional supplement can significantly impact symptoms of herpes.

Despite the lack of evidence, the makers of Herpesyl describe their formula as “a scientifically proven method that can stop any cold sore outbreak dead in its tracks.”

They also claim you can “put the herpes simplex virus to sleep” without using antivirals or prescription medications. In fact, you won’t even have to visit your doctor.

Clearly, the makers of Herpesyl believe in the power of their formula – so let’s take a closer look at how it works.

The Story Behind Herpesyl

Herpesyl is marketed online by BuyGoods, an ecommerce company with a reputation for making dubious health claims, publishing shady health eBooks, and selling overpriced nutritional supplements online.

BuyGoods claims to have partnered with a doctor named Dr. Adrian Kavanagh to launch Herpesyl. In a dramatic video and text presentation, BuyGoods seems to suggest Herpesyl can kill the herpes virus in weeks, stop cold sores immediately, and provide other extraordinary benefits.

Here are some of the ridiculous claims BuyGoods makes about Herpesyl:

Herpesyl is “the biggest breakthrough in all the recent medical history.” The company describes their formula as “a hack so powerful, it can stop any cold sore outbreak before they even begin and kill the herpes virus, in a matter of weeks.”

There’s no known cure for herpes, so you think Herpesyl would be a huge deal. However, BuyGoods claims the mainstream media and doctors refuse to talk about it because “it will send shockwaves through the multi-billion dollar herpes treatment industry.”

BuyGoods seems to suggest that Herpesyl can permanently cure herpes and reverse all effects of herpes. The company claims the formula will “stop it, repair any damage it has done to your body…and completely eliminate the herpes virus from your system.”

The formula purportedly works at any age, permanently removing herpes from your system whether you’re 20 or 80, regardless of whether you’ve had it for a week or your entire life.

Obviously, you should be skeptical of all of these claims. There is no known cure for the herpes virus, no matter what BuyGoods seems to suggest.

We’re also skeptical any doctor formulated Herpesyl. BuyGoods claims to have partnered with a man named Dr. Adrian Kavanagh. Unfortunately, this appears to be fake. We can only find one Dr. Adrian Kavanagh, and he’s an Assistant Professor of Geography at Maynooth University in Ireland. As far as we can tell, he played no role in the development of Herpesyl.

Let’s take a closer look at how Herpesyl works.

How Does Herpesyl Work?

Herpesyl purportedly cures herpes. The company claims their formula will “completely eliminate the herpes virus from your system” and “completely kill the herpes virus….in just a few short weeks.”

By taking Herpesyl daily, it will be “like herpes never happened,” according to the company. The Herpesyl sales page is filled with people who claim to have been “herpes free for almost a decade” or longer after taking Herpesyl.

Obviously, there’s no known cure for herpes, and supplements cannot market themselves as cures or treatments for any disease or illness – so it’s unusual to see BuyGoods make these claims about Herpesyl.

How does Herpesyl remove herpes from your system? How does Herpesyl cure herpes? The company uses a blend of 26 herbal and plant extracts. These ingredients tell your brain to “start sending herpes cleanse signals through your entire body,” permanently removing the herpes virus from your body.

Key ingredients in Herpesyl include graviola leaf extract, shiitake mushroom, vitamin C, vitamin E, and selenium.

Essentially, Herpesyl contains low doses of plant extracts, antioxidants, flavonoids, and other ingredients that purportedly relieve herpes permanently.

It’s true that certain plant extracts and antioxidants can help your immune system. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals throughout your body, reducing oxidation and inflammation. You can get antioxidants through fruits and vegetables, a multivitamin, or an ordinary diet. These antioxidants make it easier for your immune system to do its job, which could help your body fight back against viruses like the herpes virus.

BuyGoods also mentions that their formula affects a toxin in your brain. They claim this toxin is the root cause of herpes. Their formula acts within your brain to permanently relieve herpes.

While antioxidants can support your immune system, there’s no evidence that the mushroom extract or other ingredients in Herpesyl can permanently remove herpes from your body.

Herpesyl Ingredients

The makers of Herpesyl refuse to disclose the ingredients in Herpesyl upfront, making it impossible to see what’s inside the formula. We know the formula contains mushroom extract, graviola, and various vitamins, although we don’t know much beyond that.

Reputable supplement companies like to advertise their strong dosages. They’ve spent a lot of money adding lots of ingredients to their formula and they want people to know about it.

When a supplement company refuses to disclose its full list of ingredients or dosages, it shows the supplement is more of a scam than a legitimate formula.

We know Herpesyl contains the following ingredients, although we don’t know the individual dosages. There are 26 ingredients in total, although we only know the names of a few ingredients:

  • Graviola leaf
  • Shiitake mushroom
  • Burdock root
  • Red raspberry
  • Turmeric
  • Grape seed extract
  • Quercetin seeds
  • Pomegranate

All ingredients are packaged inside a proprietary formula, making it impossible to see individual dosages. Again, this is a tactic low-quality supplement companies use to hide low dosages.

Scientific Evidence for Herpesyl

The makers of Herpesyl claim their formula will “completely kill the herpes virus”, curing you of herpes within just a few weeks.

Unfortunately, there’s no evidence that Herpesyl has any effect on herpes whatsoever. There’s certainly no evidence that Herpesyl can cure herpes or permanently remove it from your system. In fact, even the most powerful prescription drugs cannot cure herpes. There’s no known cure for herpes.

The makers of Herpesyl have not tested their formula on any humans or animals. They have not published any studies or run any clinical trials on the formula.

However, it’s true that certain ingredients within Herpesyl have antiviral effects.

Herpesyl contains graviola, for example, which showed antiviral effects against herpes in two studies. In one 1999 study, researchers found graviola extract had antiviral effects against herpes simplex 2 virus (HSV-2). In a follow-up study in 2012, researchers found graviola extract had similar antiviral effects in a lab setting. These were not largescale tests on humans – these were lab tests on herpes virus cells in test tubes.

Aside from graviola, few of the other ingredients in Herpesyl have been studied for their effect on herpes in any way.

Ultimately, there’s zero evidence Herpesyl impacts the herpes virus. It’s possible some ingredients provide antioxidant effects that could support your immune system – although you can find similar antioxidants in any $10 multivitamin formula.

Herpesyl Pricing

Despite the complete lack of evidence, Herpesyl is surprisingly expensive, priced at over $70 for a single bottle:

1 Bottle: $69 + $9.95 Shipping

3 Bottles: $177 + Free Shipping

6 Bottles: $294 + Free Shipping

BuyGoods claim their formula will completely eliminate the herpes virus within weeks – so it’s unclear why anyone would need 3 or 6 bottles. If the formula completely eliminates herpes in weeks, then you should be able to buy just one bottle.

Herpesyl Refund Policy

Herpesyl comes with a 60 day refund policy. You can request a complete refund within 60 days of your purchase.

To qualify for a refund, send your bottle of Herpesyl (even if it’s empty) to the returns address below.

Returns Address: 37 Inverness Drive e Ste 100 Englewood, CO 80112

Who’s Behind Herpesyl?

Herpesyl is marketed online by a controversial company named BuyGoods, which has a reputation for selling over-hyped health eBooks and overpriced supplements.

BuyGoods claims to have partnered with a man named Dr. Adrian Kavanagh to create Herpesyl. However, there’s no evidence that Dr. Kavanagh exists or that any doctor was involved with formulating Herpesyl in any way.

BuyGoods claims to make Herpesyl in an FDA-registered and certified facility.

You can contact the makers of Herpesyl here:

Email: [email protected]

Online Form:

Mailing Address: 1201 N Orange Street Suite #7223, Wilmington, DE 19801, USA

Is Herpesyl a Scam?

Some supplement companies over-hype their benefits, but Herpesyl takes it to the next level. The company seems to suggest its formula can permanently cure herpes.

There’s no known cure for herpes. And, because Herpesyl is a supplement, it cannot advertise itself as a treatment or preventative measure for any disease or illness.

There’s no evidence Herpesyl has been tested on any animals or humans, and there’s no evidence it can “completely kill the herpes virus” or “completely eliminate the herpes virus from your system” as advertised.

The supplement’s sales page is filled with testimonials from people who claim to be “herpes free” after taking the formula.

And, making things look worse for BuyGoods, the company claims to have partnered with a fictitious doctor named Dr. Adrian Kavanagh, suggesting their formula is medically-certified to work as advertised.

It’s also important to note that Herpesyl is priced at over $70 per bottle, making it one of the costliest supplements sold online today. And, the company refuses to provide complete ingredient or dosage information.

For all of these reasons, Herpesyl is more of a scam than a legitimate supplement. There’s no known cure for herpes – no matter what scammy companies like BuyGoods seem to claim.

Final Word

Herpesyl is a high-priced nutritional supplement that makes ridiculous claims about its effectiveness. By taking Herpesyl daily, you can purportedly eliminate herpes and prevent cold sore outbreaks within just weeks.

Although supplements cannot advertise themselves as cures, the company behind Herpesyl claims their formula will “completely kill the herpes virus” and “eliminate the herpes virus from your system.”

There’s no known cure for herpes, and there’s no evidence to suggest that Herpesyl has any effect on herpes whatsoever. It’s an overpriced formula backed by zero scientific evidence.

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