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Heddels Denim Wash – Plant-Based Detergent Removes Dirt & Grime?


Tired of having to spend money on replacing torn jeans? Not sure how to prevent damage while still washing jeans by machine? Unfortunately, a pair of jeans is believed to last anywhere between a couple of months to two years, depending on the number of washes and the method in which they were carried out. Some of the common concerns experienced include a rip, discoloration, shrinkage or expansion to name the least. This is where Heddels’ Denim Wash can bring a positive impact to one’s denim wear and finances!

By using Heddels’ Denim Wash, a pair of jeans can be easily cleansed of dirt, grime and odors without having to worry over damages to the color or the material itself. The purpose of this review is to provide consumers with a better insight as to how Heddels’ Denim Wash can possibly preserve the quality of any denim clothing piece. Factors like its purpose, key ingredient, directed uses and affordability will be considered.

What Is Heddels’ Denim Wash?

Heddels’ Denim Wash is a natural detergent that can safely remove dirt, toxins and other impurities from one’s denim wear without compromising its overall quality. It claims to use a naturally available ingredient that has been considered as a go-to detergent in ancient times. Most importantly, the detergent is believed to be hypoallergenic, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Heddels' Plant-Based Detergent Denim Wash Key Ingredient

The key ingredient of the Heddels’ Denim Wash is Sapindus mukorossi, which is also referred to as soap nuts extract. Soap nuts are said to contain a natural detergent called saponin. When the soap nuts’ shell is introduced to water, it absorbs it while releasing saponins, which then act as an emulsifier that eliminates impurities from clothes.

Heddels’ Denim Wash Removes Dirt & Grime

Heddels’ Denim Wash can be used when washing clothes by both hands or machine. For those who prefer to hand-wash their clothes, it is suggested to add 2 to 4 droppers of the detergent into lukewarm water. After having submerged the jeans within, it must sit for 30 minutes. When using the machine, consumers must set the machine to delicates or hand wash with the coldest water temperature option. The machine requires twice to thrice the amount of detergent compared to washing by hand.

Purchasing Heddels’ Denim Wash

For a bottle that can serve 24 washes, Heddels’ Denim Wash costs approximately $28. The price is fair given that it serves the purpose of a typical detergent, without having to worry about quality.

Heddels' Denim Wash Final Thoughts

Based on the analysis above, Heddels’ Denim Wash may have potential in maximizing the life of a pair of jeans. The foundation of its formula is a unique ingredient that can naturally serve as an emulsifier. While it is true that its price may appear to be significantly high, its ability to provide long term results can make it worthwhile. For more information, check out: shop.heddels.com/products/denim-wash

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